10 Celebrities That Look Way Better Made Under

10 Celebrities Who Look Way Better Made Under

Styleblazers, you know we are all for the over the top glam, but sometimes certain stars take it too far. Imagine the most over the top stars toned down, softened up even at the biggest red carpet event. The following ten celebrities have become known for the “over the topnness” however, we’d like to believe that they could be just as fabulous when they’re simple and chic too. Not to take away from their exuberance, but we prefer their low key looks far better when it comes to their make up game.

Lil Kim


  • Blessed

    I agree with this list especially about Adrian who I love watching on empire girls. She tries to hard when it comes to fashion. Sometimes I just want to take some of her makeup and accessories off.

  • Shylap

    I loved lil Kim before all the surgery. Junior Mafia Kim. I hope she stop all the surgery.

    • Eachie

      what lil kim has done to her face is truly tragic…smh. And her make up artist does nothing to help the situation

      • RedbelleATL

        She looks horrid. That much unnecessary work is a cry for attention and or help just my two cents.

  • Aly

    all these effing pages, just invest in a new web deginers, cheap arses

    • Siegret Chappell

      I think they do it on purpose for the revenue from ads

      • Aly

        whatever the reason, its so annoying…..grrrrrr

  • lady gaga is still ugly………

  • What the hell is wrong with Katy Perry’s chest?

  • Mel

    joseline looks better calm! n without the bag a makeup

  • deja

    and who the hell does her makeup? its like a blind person does it……cant they see it looks atroshious!!!!!

  • stephanie

    what have you done

  • Adam Curry

    I gave up right away on this, there’s no reason to have to click on 19 links to see this.

  • You said 10, yet there’s 20 pages. You guys ALWAYS put WAAAAAY too many pages on here! eff it Lil’ Kim was the greatest transition lol