14 Celebrities Who Married a Non-Celebrity (Is This the Key to a Lasting Hollywood Relationship?)

Vince Vaughn & Kyla Weber

Celebrity marriages are often the talk of Hollywood. From the outlandish rings, dresses, and wedding receptions, Hollywood weddings and marriages always seem to captivate everyone. In most cases, Hollywood marriages consist of two celebrities who are extremely famous and well-known: Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Brad and Angelina and so on.  However, some celebs choose to not compete for fame in their household and instead turn to high school sweethearts and everyday non-celebs for matrimony. Here are 14 celebs who married common people.


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  • Bridget212323

    I wouldn’t exactly call a CAA agent and the daughter of the chief of Universal Studios ‘real people’ they live in a world filled with celebs. As for Jessica Seinfield she was married to theatre royalty (one of the Nederlanders) when she met Jerry. I love how you avoid saying that both Jerry and Julia Roberts broke up their now partners marriages.

    • rocklesson86

      I thought Julia Roberts husband was separated from then?

    • Sarah

      You are so right!!!!! Check out my comment above about dear sweet Julia and her history with Moder. Haven’t watched a movie with her in it since that happened.

      • Pam

        Well, thank GOODNESS we have you, Sarah, to set us straight about how awful Julia Roberts is!

  • http://twitter.com/myaccesiblelife Deborah

    LOL common people. really? entertainers aren’t common people?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathryn-Stone/100000408390073 Kathryn Stone

    sorry most of the women look like high maintenance not exactly college professors

  • TexasDey

    Common people. What an unfortunate term. Wouldn’t the term normal be more accurate? Marrying someone just so you don’t have to share the limelight may be the absolute height of conceit.

  • TomB

    Laura Linney and Marc Schauer. They met when he served as her “handler” at the Telluride Film Festival.

  • the wonderer

    when did Brad and Angelina get married?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tamalamadingdongdunn Tami Dunn

    My friend Nicole married actor John McGinley (Scrubs, etc) after they met on the beach. They have 2 kids now. I think it helps if both people aren’t famous.

    • julie

      I love him! (he’s famous to me) Most underrated actor ever, I think. Glad he’s happily married.

  • sarah

    Not quite! Danny Moder was married and separated right after filming began when he and Roberts got together. Julia made a tee shirt that read “aloe Vera” (a low Vera) because his wife wouldn’t give him a speedy divorce. Roberts not only had an affair with a married man, but also mocked his wife because she didn’t act on the divorce petition quickly enough. Interesting that there was absolutely no negative publicity about her but Kristen Stewart has been called every name in the book for kissing a married man!

  • Ethel

    Exactly right. Terrible layout. That’s why I’m leaving this site and going elsewhere.