7 Celeb Women Who Traded Up After The Breakup (Talk About a Rebound Guy)

  • Superman

    I don’t think saying Jen Anniston has been with several Hollywood men is the same as her trading up

  • needaname

    Super Cute – Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria !!!

  • Tina

    I don’t know if Jennifer Aniston traded-up. But I do like Justin Theroux and I think she’s finally with someone that she’s happy with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    Ahahaha, you think Kanye is an upgrade!?!? Ahahahaha.
    Sorry, Brad Pitt upgraded with Angelina.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Hamari/100000076759308 Melissa Hamari

    Brad didn’t cheat, he broke it off with Jen far before he started things up with Angelina. seriously.

    • CC

      When Angelina was on Oprah show she told everything and apologized to Jennifer Anniston for committing adultery with Brad Pitt during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Your still married until you get the divorce nullification papers. Same thing she did with Billy Bob Thornton.

  • kmama

    Taylor Kinney is with THAT?! She looks like a man and is a Madonna want to be!

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