Can You Recognize These Stars In Their School Photos?

From Dork To Diva: Do You Recognize These Stars As Kids?

"Avril Lavigne as a teen"


Very few people just have it going on from the day they are born. We all had to go through horrendous haircuts, misshapen clothing, endless acne medication and glasses that we thought looked cool before we finally figured out what worked for us. There are beautiful faces hiding behind misguided makeup and wardrobe attempts everywhere you look. So it should be no surprise that even your favorite stars were the ones being teased and shunned at one point. Check out these dorky photos of these celebs before they became divas.


"Charlize Theron as a kid"


These giant glasses are eating up a face that we all love to gaze on today. This adorably dorky teen went on to play a lesbian prostitute and murderer and a super hero alongside Will Smith.


Charlize Theron

"Charlize Theron"

Monster wasn’t the only time in Charlize’s life that she wasn’t a total bombshell! But when Charlize came out of her shell (and those glasses) and lightened up those tresses she became the sex symbol we love and envy today.


"Young Nicole Richie"

Before she was running around on a farm in stilettos with an heiress, this now fashion icon was just a plain Jane that blended in with the walls. Clearly her rockstar father just wanted his baby girl to look “normal.”


Nicole Richie

"Nicole Richie"


We bet the popular girls on the playground never guessed they’d be taking style tips from Nicole today!


"Sandra Bullock as a kid"

Now we see why it’s so easy for this actress to pull off the quintessential dork turned diva role in her films about a cop turned beauty queen. This little girl probably only dreamed of acting along side a dreamy British actor, or the star of The Matrix.



Sandra Bullock

"Sandra Bullock"

Today, Sandra really could be a beauty queen. But she maintains her down to earth, lovable air.


"Pamela Anderson as a kid"

Want to see this shiny-faced teen bouncing around in a red bikini? How about naked? Well, you have…she’s just made a few “tweaks” to her appearance and persona since this picture was taken.



Pamela Anderson

"Pamela Anderson"

Pamela Anderson

From the playground to Playboy, Pamela Anderson came a long way.


Avril Lavigne

"Avril Lavigne as a kid"

Believe it or not, this adorable nerd grew up to be very angsty! If only the skin product she so avidly promotes had been around back then!


"Avril Lavigne"

At least now we know the glasses are real, and not just that no-prescription hipster trend. But she’s still struggling with her hair.



Michelle Pfeiffer
"Michelle Pfeiffer as a kid"

This perky cheerleader probably never guessed that she’d be acting along side Hollywood’s dark and twisted actors in a vampire film, or that she’d get to “marry” Harrison Ford only to have to kill him in a thriller.


"Michelle Pfeiffer"

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle’s always been a babe. This wasn’t really a dork turned diva story, we just love her.



Heather Graham

"Young Heather Graham"

This innocent face went on to grace stripper poles and pay-by-the-hour motel rooms in her acting roles.


"Heather Graham"

Heather Graham

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face after a Hangover?


Mariah Carey

"Young Mariah Carey"

These sweet eyes belong to a woman now notorious for making assistants hold her straw as she sips, taking her dog to therapy, and making Christmas very sexy.


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  • Pamela Anderson looked WAY WAY WAY better in the ‘before’.

  • Karenindixie

    I should have known tht Michelle Pfeiffer was always beautiful….

    • She was and probably will always be gorgeous. Plus, she was a cheerleader and very popular in high school;hardly my idea of a dork.

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    It would be so much more challenging to identify the “before” pictures if most of them didn’t have the frickin’ NAME of the person directly above them.

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