15 Celebrities Who Don’t Have a High School Diploma (Not Like They Need It)

Nowadays education is as important as ever. Without a high school degree, students are not able to further their education. Despite the fact that education is something that is encouraged, not everyone is able to graduate high school due to family situations, busy schedules, and many other reasons. Believe it or not there are people who can be successful without earning a high school diploma. Here are 15 celebrities who have made it big but never got the chance to walk the stage.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg


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  1. says:

    Charlie’s father was a celebrity anyway. Still, it just mystifies me that a celebrity can take his kid out of high school and into the TV.

  2. says:

    I’m lazy, next time could you guys please include the circumstances of what led them to not graduate? I really don’t feel like looking up.

  3. says:

    Keep this list handy next time you feel the need to inundate me with celebrity opinions about world events

  4. says:

    The only one in that list deserving of any consideration is Johnny Depp. The rest are typical idiot celebrities. Diploma/degree or not.

  5. says:

    AMEN brother!

  6. says:

    Bias or what? Scared- obviously beaten down and carrying the burden like good “white” folks are supposed to do.

  7. says:

    SAD, SAD, SAD, most ppl are focused on how many whites on the list and not enough black ppl… Seriously, get a life!!! I could careless what race you are, it is scary to know that the ppl making $$$ do not have education! Why not just go back to school? Let me make a few ppl happy on here, Drake should be on this list, but he is going back to school this year (ops, so he don’t need to be on this list…lol)

  8. says:

    I don’t understand why this matters. Obviously world experience should count for something. I certainly graduated with a few morons and would hope people do not assume them intelligent just because they made it through high school.

  9. says:

    And I give a rat’s pants because………

  10. says:

    Thank goodness, money and fame are all that really matter in this life. Actually, it’s no surprise that most of these folks are without a high school education education. With most of them, their public behavior, problems with addictions and up/down careers indicate a lack of education. Not true for all of them.

    • says:

      Many of them had been rap.gangsters,ghetto ,and now they are millionaires and famous ha! I prefer my college degree….many married to golddigers ha! money talks!

  11. says:

    Ummm, yeah… Lil Wayne did graduate… probably with a higher gpa then you!! lol Oh, and there was a black person in this list. But kodos to you for turning this from a story about educaton, or a lack there of, to race… Thumbs up

  12. says:

    Okay… since you “probably” have an education, lets look at the numbers. Which race has the highest percentage of Hollywood persons of interest? White… They are not counting the extra who was in the background of the Avengers movie fight scene. They are naming people who are very well known in Hollywood. Now if they did a list of rappers with no HS diploma the list would look a lot different. Either way, dont be mad at what styleblazer posted. If you feel that strongly about it, make your own website, pull in some marketing dollars and you can write whatever story you want to write and gather haters by horde as you dispoportionatly portray blacks and other minorities in a negative fashion in the stories you publish. Good luck with that.

  13. says:

    lol I love how Simon Cowell’s on there, but he’s O-levels/GSEs!! XD

  14. says:

    Oh Dear. Clearly an American author. UK students DO NOT receive a “High School Diploma” They simply “leave” school. We do not graduate High School. It’s an American obsession.
    My daughter graduated High School in the USA. An easy task since sghe was assessed as 19 months ahead of her USA peers when we moved to the USA. In the UK she was simply average. Wake up! The worls does not start and end in America.

  15. says:

    And before anyone points out my typos, I’m dyslexic and typing on a faulty PC. Thank you.

    And in ref my previous comment, why include British celebs in the list?

  16. says:

    I understand that you probably get money for clicks, but can you please have a “view on one page” option anyway? Especially if you’re article only consists of pictures and no words.

  17. says:

    Who is mar whatever, anyway? ?

  18. says:

    Actually most of them let it be know as soon as they speak without a director.

  19. says:

    Who of the celebrities have PHd’s?

    • says:

      Danaca Mckellar (winnie cooper), Miam bilac (blossom)

      • says:

        Mayim Bialik (Neuroscience), Bill Cosby (Education), James Franco (English, as well as six undergraduate degrees, and working on another Ph.D.), Dolph Lundgren (Chemical Engineering, MIT), Danica McKellar (Mathematics, has published one mathematical paper, and written Math books for girls, “Kiss My Math”, plus others).

  20. says:

    It absolutely amazes me that I can still be shocked aExceptt how incredibly stupid and self involved most people are! That a write up about celebrities without high diplomas can turn into a forum for racial bias, and a statement of cultural ignorance, is a clear display of utter HUMAN ignorance. It seems there are pitiful few of you that really get the trivial nature of this “fluff” piece. The rest of you, and I am sure you have no idea who you are, are such sad and insecure, angry people that it is little wonder that you are mostly lonely, probably friendless, petty instigators. Now that its said, I am quite done with all of you. Except Jim Child’s.. he gets it.

  21. says:

    If it would have been 14 blacks and one white you would have said its racial that way too so…

  22. says:

    How come no reality show people?

  23. says:

    She looks very masculine. U sure this isnt Axl Rose?

  24. says:

    Eat a musty cocc fucc boy. Mad that some clouds got mentioned lol yell

  25. says:

    Uhmmmmm, if they can’t do the math, or read, how do they know if their accountant is ripping them off? I’d get the education anyway just so i’m able to count all my money and where it’s going and for what!

  26. says:

    Drew Berrymore actually went to Loyola College in Maryland.

  27. says:

    Actually Lil’ Wayne is a very smart young man. He did graduate high school at the top of his class.

  28. says:

    Well not everyone needs to have one. If you find an opportunity such as they have, why bother? For the rest of us, our career paths require diplomas and degrees. Not graduating doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent.

  29. says:

    How utterly stupid. People can’t graduate from HS because of “busy schedules”? What, about one in every 10,000 are too busy to graduate from high school?

  30. says:

    You don’t need a high school diploma to suceed in life, but you have to have something else , something inside of you drive and ambition. I know people who don’t have high school diploma’s and are very sucessful just by making the right decisions in life.

  31. says:

    Why is Lil Wayne not listed?

  32. says:

    Well, one thing I see in this article is that all of those uneducated people seem to be leftists, not that that will be a shock to anyone, most idiots are. Giselle and Jessica Simpson are the only 2 I’m not sure about but the others may be rich, they may be famous, but they are all morons. You may be able to make stupid rich, but stupid is still stupid.

  33. says:

    I didn’t finish high school, I dropped out in the
    eighth grade. By 17 got tired of smoking weed and drinking everyday so joined
    the Army. After serving I used GI bill to go to college, eventually got my bachelors,
    then 10 years later I got a masters through my employer’s education
    reimbursement program. You really don’t need a high school diploma if you’re reasonably
    smart. High school graduates don’t know squat. This is America, there are books
    everywhere you can teach yourself.

  34. says:

    Dnt forget about Beyonce..

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