15 Famously Curvaceous Celebrity Figures We Can't Get Enough Of. Dangerous Curves Ahead!

15 Famously Curvaceous Celebrity Figures We Can’t Get Enough Of (Dangerous Curves Ahead!)

“Thin is in!”  “Curves are back!” You’ve probably seen these phrases on tabloid covers throughout the years, because pop culture’s perception of beauty is constantly shifting.  But we love certain celebrities that didn’t slim down or fill out in pursuit of any trend.  Yo-yo dieting can result in awkward body proportions.  But these natural, confident beauties fit right into their hourglass figures that make for unreal proportions, and that’s why they look so good!

Check out 15 famous hourglass figures that we can’t get enough of.



Wendy Williams

Okay, so Wendy Williams has had some work done. Well, a ton of work done. But, we applaud her for not only being open about it, but for being realistic about her choices. Wendy could have also slimmed down and lost her natural curves, but she wasn’t phased by all the super-skinny celebs and kept her proportions proportionate.


Mariah Carey

It’s not easy growing  from teen to woman all under the watch of the media.  As a teen singer, Mariah was slender just like the rest.  And, while most other pop singers developed eating disorders from struggling with their changing female figure, Mariah embraced her new-found curves and still rocks them today.  Plus, she wears them confidently next to a skinny boyfriend.


Christina Hendricks

If it is true that curves were out and then came back, it could be argued Christina Hendricks brought them back.  Her popular Mad Man TV series character, “Joanie,”  is admired and envied for her curves.  Men shake in their pleated slacks at the sight of her.


Nicki Minaj

We love how proud Nicki Minaj is of her itty bitty waste and huge T&A.  She has unreal, comic book hero proportions.  And she shakes them in our faces regularly.  She makes having a booty look like so much fun in a society obsessed with being thin.


Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet’s proportions may be ordinary, but her defense in the name of curvy women has been extraordinary.  After noticing that a popular magazine had photo shopped her thighs to be slimmer, she insisted the mag print a statement from her saying that those are not her legs and that she has real curves like real women.  Go Kate!


DeAnna Pappas

The women on The Bachelorette reality TV series are beginning to look more and more like Barbies.  That’s why we loved DeAnna Pappas.  She’s one of the few contestants that have represented real women!  We love her curves.  And so did the men on The Bachelorette season 4.



Another celeb that we love for “creating” a bigger body is Coco.  Coco has a naturally bigger build.  But, instead of dieting and slimming down, Coco just added curves in all the right places to fit her larger frame.



Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a trailblazer in the plus-size model world.  She’s one of the first to be featured in mainstream magazines.  She’s brought our attention to other full-figured models and made us re-think the way we see beauty.


Jennifer Hudson

"Jennifer Hudson"

We love that the face of Weight Watchers has a real body.  Not only in Jennifer Hudson inspiring women to be healthy, she got fit and still kept her curvy figure.


Kim Kardashian


Kim’s booty is so delicious, she has single-handedly repelled the once held notion that white girls don’t have big butts.  Her full chest and slim waist doesn’t hurt much either.



You must you have a killer body if after writing songs about throwing a man’s stuff out on the front lawn, and insisting guys “put a ring on it,” men still worship you.  Beyonce—bootylicious and curvaceous since…ever.


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel comes on and off our radar, but when she’s on it her fit figure and full bottom are always a topic of conversation.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer disappeared for a while after the era of Heartbreakers, and when she came back the world didn’t quite know what to make of her new body.  In fact, she got a lot of flack for it.  But, now that our eyes have adjusted, we can probably all see the beauty in this dangerously curvy figure.




Shakira is the queen of hips.  Her skin-tight, low-rise bottoms made it okay to have divinely thick thighs.  And for that, we are grateful to her.


  • saintsinno

    Please don’t get me wrong but for a website whose reason of being is “StyleBlazer is a 24/7 fashion, beauty and style website dedicated to upscale, progressive, chic and
    sophisticated African-American/black women”, I don’t know how an article about curvy women could have so many non ethnic women on the list:( If I go to any article on OMG, only the immediately, relevant, women of color make their list.

    • nicolekruex


  • Ugh

    Wendy Williams LOOKS like a MAN/TRANNY. She is not womanly. How dare you put her in that category along with Beyonce and other curvy females?

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Jessica Biel has a great figure, but I wouldn’t call her curvy. What about Janet Jackson, Erikah Badu, Traci Ellis Ross, or Toccarra? This list is slippin’.


      and Scarlett Johansson

    • Angela Jones

      You are right. Just my opinion, women with plastic surgery do not have natural curves.

  • quest

    And lets see natural REAL curves. Not the fake breast and butt implates.

  • nitrodrip

    Jessica has one round bottom. I saw her on a talk show and was really surprised.

  • BigR2

    COCO. IceT you one lucky dude.

  • NegRican24

    Mariah has also had a boob job so don’t just call out Wendy.

  • NegRican24

    There are SO many celebrity women that HAVEN’T had surgery to enhance their curves that didn’t make the list. As a shapely/ curvaceous woman i get tired of people being applauded for fake/ surgically enhanced body parts, it makes you mad. I can’t get applauded for my intelligence if i cheat off of others so why should fake be celebrated.

  • Budjga

    Please. Stop trying to say that society worships being thin. You put that as your caption for one of the pictures and that couldn’t be further from the truth, that’s just something fat girls say. If society worshiped thin people, you wouldn’t have this list, duh. And Wendy Williams doesn’t have ANY curves to speak of.

  • unknown

    I think you meant “waist” not “waste.”


    Kate Winslet – check, Jessica Biel – check, Beyonce – check, Shakira – check…..where’s Janet? How do you do an article on curves and do not include Janet Jackson? You can’t be serious? There are other Black celebs besides Beyonce that are fit, beautiful, and have curves! That is all.

  • Jai

    How long ago was this written b/c Mariah Carey now rocks her curves next to a skinny HUSBAND!!

  • herewegoagain

    I don’t think a lot of people understand what curvy means. You should have either the hourglass or pear shape, with a DEFINED waist. No one can deny Beyonce has a naturally curvy shape and she looks natural. Sorry, but once you enhance it in any way, you body never looks quite right. Also a woman needs a small amount of fat on her to look curvy. Christina also has a nice body, but if I were to add another woman not of color, you gotta include Marilyn. These women have that slightly “padded” look. If you have to buy it, it does not count.

  • thin man

    Shakira nearly has ribs showing, and a chiseled stomach. She’s beautiful, but it’s not from being the perfect representation of a curvy, voluptuous woman. All of the ladies are very attractive and not skinny, which is refreshing in today’s world of models & celebs who seem skinny to the point of being unhealthy.

  • crystal g.

    When did shakira become the ‘queen’ of hips? This list is all types of wrong. I guess whoever wrote this article is bias or just plain out ignorant #not a good look.

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    When did KIM K become a whitegirl?

  • toasty

    Whatever and yawn both at the same damn time.

  • Just me

    Wendy Williams? Is this about the curve building surgeons?

  • gman

    yeah surgical enhanced curviture “BIOTCHES”

  • Redtopp

    Did they actually use Wendy Williams and REALISTIC (choice) in the same sentence? Yea 99-DD is very Realistic — on Mars! lololololol

  • Since when is Wendy Williams proportionate? She’s got humongous breasts and no butt…that’s not proportionate!!

    • Carmen M. Rentschler

      You are so correct. She’s a dude. No doubt bout it

  • SD


  • Carl Hossli

    No Salma Hayek? No Halle Berry? No Sofia Vergara? And if you want killer curves go old school, back in the day, when they were in their prime – Julie Newmar, Nichelle Nichols, and Pam Grier. Heck, where is the love for Mariska Hargitay?

  • Phillip Mitchell

    Calling Kim Kardashian white for example. She’s Armenian. Her people have been through a lot and taking her ethnicity away from her calls attention away from their struggles.

  • Hard Boiled

    Wendy Williams shouldn’t be on there, her boobs are fake.

  • Angela Jones

    Coco added BOObs.

  • S + M SUXXX

    Christina Hendricks is admired for her curves, legs, melons and her stunning red hair, which is complemented nicely by her gray outfit. Scarlet + Gray are the colors of my university ; )

  • Carmen M. Rentschler

    Wendy Willams has NO HIPS, she tries to offset this by having those huge fake boobs. Tranny..

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