StyleBlazer Giveaway: Want A Shot At Scoring A Tasty Pair Of Pastry Sneakers? Find Out How To Win Inside (3 Pairs To Pick From!)

For our very first giveaway, six StyleBlazer readers won the tropical-themed spring/summer Essie nail polish collections. This time, since you ladies are all about fashion, we’re shifting the focus back to clothing and accessories. We’ve been digging Pastry, Angela and Vanessa Simmons’ ultra-feminine sneaker line, since it debuted in 2007. And season-by-season, Pastry has evolved by adorning classic streetwear kicks with high-fashion embellishments. Keep reading to find out how to enter our contest for a chance to win a sweet pair Pastry kicks.




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  1. says:

    How do I win? I want the black ones!

  2. says:

    yeah the black ones are cool,i only wear sneakers this would be great

  3. says:

    I have never seen anyone wear Patries shoes. I have never even seen them in a store. Just asking… Who wears them?

  4. says:

    lololololololol…I’m sorry, this is just too funny!

  5. says:

    People still aren’t checkin for those donut cake shoes even if they were throwing, I mean giving them away. I think girls in elementary school wear these when they don’t want to get their school shoes dirty.

  6. says:

    They have to give those things away, lol.

  7. says:

    they are cute for kids

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