14 Celebrities Who Took A Tumble & Fell On Stage. They've Recovered But We Hit Rewind! Watch Inside

14 Celebrities Who Took A Tumble & Fell On Stage (They’ve Recovered But We Hit Rewind! Watch Inside)

Whether you admit it or not, seeing someone unexpectedly take a tumble and fall can be…a little funny at times. Let’s be honest.  It can be even funnier when the person falling is a glamorous, decked-out celebrity who doesn’t see it coming.  Hollywood is known to operate on the phrase “the show must go on,” but some celebs have really pushed the ticket!  Thankfully all of the celebs recovered from their spills, but the moment is forever immortalized in video.

Here are 15 celebrity falls and bloopers caught on video.




Drake falls and doesn’t get up. His fall caused him to tear his ACL and fracture a bone.

  • tami

    Rihanna fell while performing what’s my name

  • NickiBaby

    lol, happens to everyone. I’ve had EPIC falls, trips, stumbles in my day

  • DA

    Loool the funniest was Michelles. Bey and Kelly just gave her a dirty look. Lil waynes was funny too.

    • noyfb6

      lol yea it was and kelly was looking like “bytch how dare you try to bring me down witchu” bey was like oh well the show must go on

      • Beckers

        Haha the Michelle got up like “I didn’t even fall though”

  • jaci

    haha rick was not getting up by himself, that guy lifted him like he was lifting a truck….

  • Beckers

    Rihanna was performing what’s my name not man down come two totally different songs

  • Beckers

    Lol at Alicia keys “did she finna do that”

  • Beckers

    Oh god what if Rick fell on the crowd-the headline “millions found dead under Rick Ross”

    • KalifaWilliams

      hahahahahahahahahaaa….. *dead*