Behind the Scenes Video of Miami Rapper Rick Ross at a GQ Mag Shoot

Miami Rapper Rick Ross at GQ Magazine Shoot – See the Video Inside

Yep, if we didn’t have the video, we wouldn’t have believed it either. Either way, you have to give the man his props. From scoring the cover of Vibe to now being summoned by the Style vets at GQ, Rick Ross is definitely climbing up the mainstream totem pole in a major way. Enough with the editorializing, check out the video for yourselves. He does come across pretty ‘hood though – note the shot of him in the video smoking a blunt while he’s getting a haircut. #Nowthat’sHood!

Parting Question: StyleBlazers – at this moment, is Rick Ross the biggest thing moving in Rap Music?

  • Avenir

    Rick Ross is a big dude doing big things, I can't say hes the best rapper, but hes probably the smartest business man RIGHT NOW. Jay-Z seems outdated, Diddy isn't doing sh*t, Russell Simmons who? The Bawsssssss! ROZAAAY!