Rihanna’s Leopard Bikini: Get The Look With 6 Animal-Print Swimsuits

Rihanna seems to be on an endless vacation. Last time we checked in on her, she was floating along in Sardinia. This past weekend she was spotted hosing herself off yacht-side in Portofino, Italy. She’s also sported endless fashion looks– just how many swimsuits did this girl pack?! While we’ll probably never know the answer, we’re totally into Rihanna’s feral bikini look and were inspired to seek out the top animal-print swim looks on the market.

We’ve narrowed it down to six stunning swimsuits, all unique and sure to turn heads on the beach, by the pool, or wherever your vacations take you this summer. Check them out below.


The same bikini worn by Rihanna, The Mikaela Swimsuit by Jungle Girl $100

  • Bomb_Shell13

    she looks like monkey without makeup!

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