London Olympics Fashion: Kick Your Country Pride In High Gear With Flag Themed Chuck Taylors


Have you been glued to the all of the Olympics coverage, and swept up in the excitement and national pride? Converse has kicked that pride into high gear with the Country Collection of Chuck Taylors. Converse has remixed the flags and national colors of Italy, Germany, Brazil, Jamaica, The United Kingdom, China and of course, The United States. These kicks riff off the design aesthetic of each country. Jamaica’s fave animal, the lion, is awash in shades of red, green and gold. And the yellow, blue, and green of the Brazilian flag get the kaleidoscopic treatment. The Converse Country kicks retail for $75, and are available online via Converse’s website.

StyleBlazers, will you get in the Olympic spirit with these patriotic kicks?


-Deidre Dyer

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