15 Of The Hottest Male Olympians On Team USA (Ryan Lochte Is Just The Beginning!)

15 Of The Hottest Male Olympians On Team USA (Ryan Lochte Is Just The Beginning!)

The Summer Olympics are in full swing, and we are rooting for Team USA to bring home all the gold! It’s always awe-inspiring to watch these world class athletes do what they do best. It also doesn’t hurt that their bodies are absolute works of art! Most recently, it seems like swimmer Ryan Lochte has captured the hearts of women across the world with his winning streak and bad boy edge. But Lochte and the hot swim team are only the beginning. We’ve put together our own dream teams in swimming, gymnastics, basketball, and track and field. What can we say? We’re suckers for killer abs and extraordinary superhuman abilities.

 Check out 15 of the hottest male Olympians on Team USA.

Ryan Lochte

  • Getittogether

    David Oliver should have been number 1 on this list

    • Monica

      David Oliver didn’t make the Olympic team.

    • nikkibaby

      I was so upset when he lost at the Olympic trials. He is so. Yummy.

  • GoodheartandsouL

    I just want Danell Leyva to wrap those strong arms around me.

  • Raregem23

    Where’s Kevin Durant?

  • nikkibaby

    Could have left Phelps and Legot off and replaced them with Kevin Durant and Tyson Gaye.

  • Miss D

    Lebron James? Alrighty then.

  • femmenaija

    It’s Nathan Adrian, not Adrian Nathan.

  • robyn williams

    Why is LeBron on there but not Kevin Durant! KD is better looking and a better baller.

  • swimgurl

    Good God Style Watch. Stick with ‘style’ and stay out of sports. You mislabeled Michael Phelps as Nathan Adrain and even got Nathan’s name wrong! WHat the Hell??? WHo did this article…..an 8 year old intern?