StyleBlazer Survey: Keyshia Cole At 106 & Park In Leopard Print & Jimmy Choo Feather Sandals (Blazin’ Or Blasé)

R&B superstar Keyshia Cole recently stopped by 106 & Park where she chatted it up with Terrence J about her latest video “Enough of No Love” and new album. She wore an asymmetrical black and white leopard print crop top with matching skirt by Chargrels Couture, paired with satin Jimmy Choo feather sandals. But let’s take a second to address Keyshia’s platinum blonde locks and black roots. Her new do kind of  reminds us of  Cruella Deville. There is definitely too much going with this look. Quick, someone call the fashion police!

Take a good look at Keyshia’s 106 & Park look.



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  1. says:

    That outfit is all wrong for those shoes!

  2. says:


    • says:

      And since when CHOOS are that great..they are just shoes that you walk on the ground with like all other shoes..Oh..let me guess, CHOOS are suppose to be what high class! GTFOH..All CHOO see is CHA CHING! Shoes made for $4 and sell it to niccas for hundreds!

  3. says:

    LOVE IT!!! She looks GREAT!

  4. says:

    LOVe the outfit and I love Chargrels Couture!!! Fly girls make their own style!!

  5. says:

    who ever like this outfit….smh at u…

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