"How I Made It" Season 3: Episode 3 - Alexis Phifer

Designer and Stylist Alexis Phifer: “How I Made It” Season 3 – Episode 3

Hey StyleBlazers, welcome to Season 3 – Episode 3 of our exclusive web series, How I Made It.

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About This Episode

She is stylish, creative and lover of fashion. Having first been introduced to fashion when her grandmother used to take her to fashion shows at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, Alexis Phifer’s curiosity was piqued and from then on she sought to define on her own terms what it meant to be a fashion designer. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Ms. Phifer debuted her women’s clothing line, Ghita in the fall of 2005. Her line has been featured at New York Fashion Week, Howard University, and by EssenceGhita has been worn by such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Keyshia Cole, Solange Knowles, Rihanna, Kelis, Cassie, and many more.

Branching out even further in the fashion world as an image consultant, Alexis Phifer currently works as a stylist with The Vanity Group. A true creative being, find out how Ms. Phifer made it.
  • MzApple

    #cosign I loved them together

    • Ghita has been worn by such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Keyshia Cole, Solange Knowles, Rihanna, Kelis, Cassie, and many more...Madeafortune.blogspot.com

  • Soul Touch

    So nice to see she is still doing her thing. I follow her line, but had no idea that she was consulting.
    Such a classy beautiful woman, and lady.

  • SiaraS

    OK Im convinced that Kanye is unable to handle an INDEPENDENT CLASSY WOMAN such as this lady…cuz we see what type of women he prefers on his arms now …. I wish you much success Ms Phifer !

  • I concur

  • Remember when Kanye loved Black women! Kanye’s mom wanted him to marry her and he probably would have had his mom not died. Then he started messing with straight up trash! I am still hoping Kanye will turn it around.

    • Ablackwoman

      Alex is half white

  • ProBl@q

    rappers deesrve the lowest!!! Kim and Kanye are a good fit!!!!

  • ProBl@q

    ypical ignorant black man. Kanye had a SMART, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT
    BLACK QUEEN .. and he choose a str!pper (amber)then a p-0rn star (Kim got
    paid $5mil for her tape).

  • vanuatu

    kanye used her for her knowledge of fashion. he’s a lost jerk! he can’t handle an educated and independent, beautiful and real woman who happens to be black. #teamalexis!!!! she’s still doing her thing with style and class. never thirsty like kanye and kim.

    • black_907

      Well alexis mother is white

      Alexis is a good human being and i think something is wrong with kanye after alexis hes been with 2 useless women kim and amber

  • Karla

    I am very proud of where Alexis is now. I also remember that “Prom” outfit. It definitely was different, but she wore it and wore it well. I know you will continue to go far and Kanye lost a great lady; now he’s just settling. Keep your smile, your classy ways, and keep reaching for the success you so much deserve.