20 Celebrities Who Seem Better Off Single

20 Celebrities Who Seem Better Off Single

Love is a battlefield and relationships are hard work, built for the strong only. When you add trust issues, greed, money, insecurities, and all those negative distractions, putting off a relationship for some self-work time can be best, however, love is needed by everyone and sometimes we all can be a sucker for it. Only because these 15 celebrities are in the public eye and often show-off their relationship a bit too much, we had a thought that maybe they shouldn’t even be in relationships at all, until they’ve matured or sought out serious counseling. But hey, who are we to judge? However, we will carry on with our keen observations mercilessly.

Chris Brown

It’s not just the Rihanna incident that concerns us about Chris. It’s his ability to be in a monogamous relationship at this stage that worries us. All the women that are linked to him make us believe he’d be better off as a young bachelor.


  • baddvixentype

    im gonna just say it…if evelyn WASNT in the public eye she would NOT be divorcing Chad! lets just be real here!

  • angelfaceash1234

    I agree with Chris and with Kim she is better off with kanye noe evilyn no comment

  • News Flash—-QUINCY JONES is Gay~~

  • Hes silly He one of the very few to get to see what a mistake it would be to marry a colossal train wreck..smh…