14 Extreme Before and After Airbrushed Celebrity Pictures

14 Most Airbrushed Celebrity Pictures

airbrushed celebrities

It’s almost impossible to look as perfect as some of these celebrities look in photos. Heck, some of the celebrities don’t even look like their own images thanks to heavy Photoshopping. Some of it is getting a little ridiculous and you have to think about the young, impressionable children who could happen upon these pictures.

To help give you some sense of reality, we present 14 of the most airbrushed celebrity pictures.

Kim Kardashian

airbrushed celebrity

Photo: Pinterest

Kim is known for her killer curves but here you’ll notice her waist is more defined and her thighs have been slimmed out.

Jessica Alba

airbrushed celebrity

Photo: Pinterest

Despite having a body most women would die for photo editors gave Jessica perkier boobs, a more defined collarbone, and a smoother silhouette.



Photo: Pinterest

Nice try but they clearly shaved about 20 years off Madonna by softening her skin, straightening her hairline and erasing her wrinkles. Even the Material Girl has flaws.

Britney Spears


 Photo: Pinterest

The picture says it all!

Eva Longoria

Photo: Pinterest

Okay, this one isn’t that bad to start with but look closely and you’ll notice Eva got a more defined waistline, perkier booty, and a brighter face with smoldering eyes.

Kiera Knightley

Photo: Pinterest

What didn’t they do to Kiera in this photo? Her breasts are about two sizes larger, her skin has been smoothed out and she’s tan.


beyonce-going-lighter airbrushed celebrity

Photo: Pinterest

No comment on this, really.

Penelope Cruz

airbrushed celebrity

Photo: Pinterest

Penelope got so much Photoshop that it looks like she didn’t even have to get makeup and hair done before the shoot.

Kourtney Kardashian


Photo: Pinterest

Not only is the dress a completely different color but how about the fact that her belly is completely gone! At least they left the baby alone…barely!


fergie airbrushed celebrity

Photo: Pinterest

No that’s not Jessica Simpson on the right, Fergie’s lips have been thinned out, her makeup subdued, and all flaws from her skin have been removed.

Bethenny Frankel

 Photo: Pinterest

Bethenny is already super skinny so to have Photoshopped her even further is pretty preposterous.


Megan Fox

Photo: Pinterest

Talk about an airbrushed celebrity, Megan doesn’t even look real in the second photo.

Faith Hill


Photo: Pinterest

All of the quirkiness and wisdom in Faith’s face has been removed. So have her arm and back, which have been whittled away.


Mariah Carey

airbrushed celenrity

Photo: Pinterest

They basically carbon-copied 20-year-old Mariah for this picture. Not buying it!

  • Look ma no photo shop here 😉

    • Martin Bennett

      these are two different photos of Madonna not the same one look at her mouth stupid look at her mouth they are simply different photos leave her alone she is a goddess you fools leave her alone . We are not worthy to be on the same planet as Madonna now just leave her alone please thank you and goodnoghit

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    Maybe I’m being extreme, but I feel like this should be illegal. People that don’t know any better…namely young people…think these images are actually attainable. Young girls are starving themselves and doing all sorts of unhealthy things because of these images.

    • Ty

      Saying it should be illegal is way extreme…i agree that the images can be dangerous but overall the entertainment industry is a business and a business aims to make money despite the alteration of the truth…its the parents responsibility to install self-esteem into their kids…not celebrities…saying these images should be illegal is like saying an attractive female should be arrested and jailed because she looks better than other women and makes them feel bad about themselves…

      • WhatMoreCanISay

        But these females don’t actually look much better than average women, if at all. I guess that’s where I was coming from. I didn’t mean that pictures of beautiful women should be illegal. These women look fine in the before pictures in my opinion…they look realistic. I just think the industry could be a little more responsible in showing what these women actually look like. What’s wrong with showing what they actually look like? What’s the point of making a woman that’s clearly a size 5 look like she’s a 0? If I’m not mistaken it is actually illegal in some countries. It would never happen in the U.S. of course.

        • Kimberly

          kim kardashion looks WAY better than the average woman. they didnt make her look like a size 0. its advertising its not that damn serious. are you really obese and ugly or something?

          • Dee Dee

            AGREED! Thank you. Some people are brainwashed, insecure and deluded. Have you seen Kar-trash-ian without make up too? Tragic. The idol-ism of useless and artificial celebrities is pitiful!

          • Victoria

            I think that the media should stop instilling the idea that girls and women have to be beautiful to have worth. When “your ugly” or “your fat” becomes the most insulting thing that one could say to a woman, things are very, very wrong.

          • On what planet? She has had more work done to her face and body than women twice her age.

          • Bill Souder

            Kim Kardashion is trash and she looks trashy.

      • EasyNow

        @Ty don’t be ignorant, false advertising is not good business its lying to consumers. Esteem should be instilled by parents but society has its role too. And furthermore the b4 pics prove that these so called Celebs are just as normal looking as non celebs.

      • K

        I don’t think making it illegal is extreme. This is clearly false advertising. Other marketed items have to be what they are purported to be by law. The other option is to require by law that photoshopped photos be clearly labeled as such.

        • Jane

          No, it is not false advertising because they are not advertising/selling the celebrity… they are advertising/selling the watch she is wearing or the film she is in, not the actual woman’s breasts themselves or her body. False advertising is the falsification of the product the advertiser is selling in attempt to increase sales… the woman is not the product.

      • Tracy

        Your response is utter madness. The celebrities DO NOT look better than average women, a “falsely created image” of them often looks better than average women, so you cannot compare that to wanting to jail attractive females. Attractive females are attractive in person, most of these celebs are NOT. This is just a culture of lies. I could careless because I look better or an equal footing with most of these celebs altered selves, but I feel bad for american youngsters who are being brainwashed into thinking they need to starve and work out 24-7s to measure up, not realizing they are measuring themselves against a “fantasy”, a fantasy which the celebs themselves can never achieve.

    • Samantha

      I agree with everything you said it should be illegal.. parents tell their kids things all the time to boost their children’s self-esteem. Just like I try and tell my sisters but it doesn’t work. They see all these “fake'” images and what I tell them goes right out their heads.

    • Aquarius_Girl

      I was thinking the same thing. Most of the photos are fake. Beyonce and Jessica Alba are the only ones who look the same.

      • WhatMoreCanISay

        That’s true. Beyonce is almost flawless. I actually think she’s one of the ones that are prettier toned down without all the make-up and lion’s mane…lol

        • they clearly made her 20 shades lighter

          • WhatMoreCanISay

            I thought that was weird. Looks like they change her complexion according to the look of the people in the country the magazine is for or something.

          • Jty

            They made her skin tone darker dumbo….do you not know the difference between before and after?

          • WhatMoreCanISay

            Which is exactly what I said. Anyone can see that, but clearly everyone can’t comprehend. I said they changed her complexion which us the exact same thing as lightening our darkening her skin. Dumbo? Are these adults on here talking? Smh.

          • flower

            they didnt make her lighter they actually made her darker lol …the pictures to the right are airbrushed

          • Beyonce is already light, what they did was make her darker.

          • britney robinson

            Her skin was darkened not lightened that color isn’t natural looking and she has never been that dark.

          • the light pic is Beyonce. they darken the pic. She is light skinned. She has never been had a dark complexion unless she has a tan.

          • then its still not that dark.

        • BEyonce is beautiful. Both were spanish mags. so why darken her so much? lol

          • Niki Cox

            I think you mean Russian or Slavic. That’s definitely not Spanish language on either cover. 😉

      • beachykeen

        Not even, look at Jessica Alba’s pic again. Compare the outline of her shorts, her left knee, and her hair. Then look at her face again. So airbrushed…

      • Beyonce’s skin color was different. You should look at Jessica Alba again. They made her way too thin. She looked great before.

    • But it will never even come CLOSE to being illegal. The elite tell and spread lies ALL THE TIME to ensure the success of various agendas they may have. Why do you think small lies such as “enhanced photos” to ensure the sell of images to the world will suddenly be the exception or “straw that breaks the camel’s back” in a world driven by lies and deceit? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you 100%, but it’s not going to ever happen.

      • WhatMoreCanISay

        I agree. There’s obviously a reason they do it, and that’s not going to change.

      • sunshyne298

        It’s too bad there can’t be a warning label on celebrity pictures like there are on cigarette packages. The warning label should read *this image has been altered for advertising purposes*. Too many young people look at these celebrity images and put their health in danger trying to become someone that doesn’t even exist. It is an unfortunate fact of life that young people worship celebrities. It is also an unfortunate fact of life that there are few celebrities willing to show who they truly are to these young people. It sickens me that celebrities are treated like they are so much more than what they are; typical human beings who are no better and no worse than the rest of us. We have a very warped view of what is beautiful in this country and it is killing our kids.

    • Vincent

      I wouldn’t make it illegal, that’d be a tad extreme … but I think the “before and after” images need to be plastered all over schools, perhaps a demonstration in class of how the editing is done (I do this, I’d be happy to demonstrate). Bottom line, make kids fully aware of what they’re actually looking at, especially the girls, who are more often the ones most often dealing with self-image and perceptions. They also need to know that the editing process is quite time-consuming. It can take many, many hours to get it “right,” at which point you’re trying to satisfy the art director’s particular taste or needs (and they’re happy to have you start over!)

      • WhatMoreCanISay

        That’s an awesome idea! That seems like someone would have to get legislation passed to get it into school curriculums though. But it’s certainly a great idea.

      • I AGREE!

      • That is my point exactly…young girls try to look like these stars when the stars themself don’t look like some of their “airbrushed” selfs. Young girls please just be yourself and don’t try to be like stars in “airbrushed” pics.

    • Wrong, you shouldn’t be bothering the law system with this stupid bullshit, that’s opening a huge can of worms for government control and censorship. What we should be doing is campaigning to shame the companies that ascribe to the practice of false beauty. You need a change in culture, not new laws.

      • This is true, a change is culture is always preferable but a ban on photoshopping images of people and reproducing them as real is actually the reverse of censorship. You are forcing the truth to be printed, not the lies the magazines want to/feel the need to sell. Typically consumer crusades against such crude behaviour only lasts so long and there are plenty of people knowingly buying these magazines despite their adjusted content, to justify it continuation despite regular public outcries. A law against such adjustments in fashion and celebrity magazines would be suitably restricted, so as not to threaten the rights of the free press at large. If a publication wants to print such images then they need to be clearly sign posted. It’s hardly draconian and strikes the necessary balance against unrestrained image manipulations and outright lies.

        • C’mon Son

          yo its not that serious man, the government has enough on their hands there’s no need to bother them with this. the idea of airbrushing being banned is like saying we should ban electronic processing on traditional instruments. i know the former isn’t as bad as airbrushing but its essentially the same idea. just campaign against these companies. thats all

          • C’mon Son


        • ‘Photoshopping is, of course, is just a popularized way of saying image manipulation. It’s done to make images more enjoyable to a larger audience. If it’s done correctly, the untrained eye would never even know. It’s an art. It’s the one’s who don’t know what they’re doing and go too far that bring the field to the attention of the media watching masses. Leave the art alone, but attack those doing it wrong, not as though they are doing a bad thing, but as they are doing it with poor skill and ethics.

      • ssds

        They only do it because you buy it. Trust me, if magazines thought their customers truly wanted before shots, they would sell them. A magazine will do anything to sell more copies.

    • lucascott

      I agree but only in regards to those shots that changed the woman’s body, whether it was to make her bustier or skinner.
      The rest are just a matter for education. Teach both girls and boys that photos are fantasy but there are things they do to look better. Like staying out of the sun which can cause wrinkles. Drinking water and eating well.

    • darkjadis

      they are attainable. u simply need a plastic surgeon and a make up artist. like the majority of public people.

    • John

      I’ve never understood people who want to look like someone else. I assume this is a first world problem.

    • Jane

      I can’t speak for every young person in the world… but, as someone who’s suffered from Anorexia for 10 years, I’ve come in to contact with 100+ other eating disorder sufferers in group therapies, online, etc… and I can tell you this much: out of the 100+, not ONE SINGLE person has said their disorder was caused and/or influenced by these images. Someone who has never seen a magazine, celebrity, or movie in their life could get an E.D… people who live in areas where curvier women are the “ideal” (urban communities, pacific islands, Hispanic areas, African areas, etc) still get Anorexia. I’ve asked so many other sufferers, therapists, nutritionists, etc and they’ve all said the same thing, basically “People saying my E.D. is caused/influenced by models/photoshop/magazines/thin images/etc do not know what they’re talking about. Eating Disorders are caused solely by emotional imbalances such as depression, abuse/rape, childhood neglect, family issues, etc.”

      • CLX

        Sorry that you have suffered, but I disagree. There is a tremendous amount of research suggesting that pictures of too-thin models are not the cause of anorexia, but they can be a trigger, a contributor. Several European countries have banned pictures of too-thin models as a result. And models themselves engage in horrible, mutilating behavior just to stay thin and keep up with what is perceived as attractive.

        You are also discounting the countless teens who are not anorexic but who engage in unhealthy practices in an attempt to look like these fake pictures.

    • CLX

      A disclaimer maybe? It would be great for folks to realize that a pic has been photoshopped, although most pics are adjusted for light, framing and other technical issues.

  • Mariah Carey doesn’t even have on the same bathing suit, this may be completely different time.

    • Ella

      I think it’s the same swimsuit edited. Where the ring should be on the edited photo looks a little unnatural. I am a graphic design artist and just by looking at it, it looks like they cut it out. Probably to help her cleavage out.

    • KJ23

      I noticed the exact same thing. It’s not even the same shoes. I think those two pictures were taken at two different times.

      • LeeLeeC

        Either way she still is PHOTOSHOPPED. Look at her stomach…the body doesn’t lie

        • Wtf

          Its from 2 different time periods. On the set of a video, and one for a shoot. And they are YEARS apart.

  • scared

    Madonna scared the crap outta me…

    • *gasp*

      me toooooooo she looks like someones granny!and thats with make up! can u imagine her in the morning?!

      • sally

        She looks like someone’s granny? She’s in her 50’s/60’s of course she looks like someone’s granny. She’s old and if you’re lucky you will be too one day. Cut the crap.

  • Ebony Davitt

    damn…and Madonna still looks like Gollum straight out of Lord of the Rings smh

  • All I have to say is WOW! Photoshop is the devil!

  • JustSaying

    Forget skinny. I want to be THICK. I’m jealous of the photoshopped pics of big booty models. Smh. If only…

  • Nigel Johnson

    *picks up laptop* damn Madonna!!!

  • Nigel Johnson

    It’s crazy they airbrush these dang pictures to the point they look like comic book characters. Why dont they just have an artist come in and paint the damn pics? Sheesh

    • tahoegeminii

      well MeMe has herself completely repainted in photoshop as a caricature of JLo for all her fake promo shots

      • dafuqq

        Both are repainted in photoshop. The hell are you rambling on about?

        • Dani

          Ha ha ha

    • krissy

      bwahahahah. omg that is hilarious

    • rita

      Comic book characters look way better than them. Don’t insult the industry.

      • Emma

        Comic book characters are unrealistic (especially the women characters) because they’re drawn. So no. These people actually look way better (in their before shot) than any comic book character.

        • PJ

          But the before shot isn’t what gets printed, so what exactly is your point? It’s the after shot that gets used, which looks as unrealistic as a comic book character, which is the point of this entire conversation.

          • EmeraldEyes1

            Comic book characters are supposed to look unrealistic, as in Jessica Rabbit. People, though, should be photographed as they really are and not have the photos fooled around with. When people actually get to see these celebrities in person it’s a shock to see how they really look. Human! Imagine that!

          • NeuroNarcissus

            Photography is every bit an art-form nowadays as any other form of art… this includes photoshopping in order for shots to become more appealing to the eye… do I agree with people passing the shopped photos off as the originals? of course not! however, there’s something to be had in shopping them in the first place… it doesn’t apply to the cover of petty magazines, however modeling shoots that for instance involve a sort of morphing, strange coloring, or tampered lighting effect in order to give it an artistic flare are in no sense “not meant to be fooled around with”… there’s nothing wrong with making pictures more appealing, it’s only when they lie to the public about the true apearence that it is wrong

          • lalla

            its not that much of a difference and honestly the photoshopping isnt virtually its more organically. She is fake and was nevr built like that. even her sisters look more realistice but cloe is starting to get ome stuff done too. The mom and all of them do it but kims is more ovious

        • GT308

          Except for Kim Kardashian; she’s uglier than the Thing.

          • KatRob

            Kim’s looks like she told the photographer, “Make me look black.”

          • darryl johnson

            P thought the same thing

          • James Wiltsey

            That didn’t surprise you did it?

          • KatRob

            No, it didn’t. She acts like Ghetto Trash, might as well look like one.

          • gene

            Wow! Is it safe to say you are trailer trash.

          • KatRob

            Whatz the matter, Bro, didn’t like the term Ghetto Trash? lol

          • AK

            I actually thought Kim and Eva looked the best out of these photos… personal opinion maybe? Idk. But the unbrushed pictures sure look a lot better than most of America…

          • Cheryl

            I thought Kim, Eva and Jennifer love hewitt looked amazing before the photoshop.

      • John Felix Koziol

        Right on! LOL!!!

    • Ken

      They do lol

    • TL Dragon

      Because that would be dishonest…

    • Wow

      you.are.awesome. i literally laughed out loud. thanks for that.

    • Sophia

      I know. I was saying the same thing. They look like cartoon characters. So unreal. I used to not see the big deal with airbrushing but after looking at these pics I think it is a bad message to women and girls. Older women are looking like they’re in their 20s which is not something that people should expect as they age. Courtney K. had just had her baby and they edited her stomach to being completely flat. So unrealistic for women to believe their stomach will be that way after giving birth. So annoying.

    • Kayla Ann Suverkrubbe

      I don’t mind sprucing up but in a lot of these they just do stuff to their bodies that don’t even need to be done.

  • CriticXtreme

    You would think that since this is now known, it would stop but it hasn’t.

  • anon

    she looked good before..but not for industry standards i guess

  • Patrice

    Wowwww! Madonna? WTF? When I saw the original I yelled “Yikes”. They look like two different people.

  • Patrice

    They gave Kiera Knightly boobies… These retouches are not reality.

  • shae

    If we had stylists, make up artists on deck everyday we could look just like them. Kourtney just had a baby damn. Yes they are average looking women with a lot of money and ppl that are paid to make them look overly beautiful

  • I was not expecting Madonna pic. Looks are soooooo deceiving.

  • Megan Fox, Faith Hill, and Jennifer Love Hewitt are the only three that look very close to the air brushed photo, and this is what our young girls try to be like fake photo’s of celebrities.

  • THERealityTsar

    Madona didn’t look good.
    Eva Longoria, Beyonce only seemed to have skin shading changes.
    Most of the others were minor changes (except for the other Kardahian they hid 55% of her…) Mariah Carey had some changes but she is still IMHO good looking.
    It must be tought to have been great looking and have to watch it deteriorate; I have been ugly since birth, so I never had expectations of looking good.

  • jadez

    stop watching and paying money to these no talent zeros and this crap might end.

    i dont even know who most of these people are and neither should you.

  • queenietoo

    If it wasn’t for all that air brushing if you saw them on the streets you wouldn’t even know who they were.

    • which is why they get away with walking around in public beyonce the only airhead that think people checkin hard enough for her to always have security

  • queenietoo

    I have a friend she thought she didn’t look good with her weight so she had a surgery to make her loss weight, now her outsides don’t match her insides lol lol instead of worrying so much about the outside worry more about your inside, because on the inside you are what you are.

  • Lugh

    The Jessica Alba pics are not before & after, they’re different photos.

  • how sad, they are both beautiful older women…! Lets not also make the aging women feel less worthy!!!

  • Instead of making a law about it we should be showing these pictures to our children and teaching them what is real and what isn’t. I can parent my kids without government intervention, thanks.

  • Hope

    Take me as I am or leave me the hell alone! I’m SMH at how the industry feels these women aren’t beautiful as they are. Freckles, moles, complexions, thickness, etc. It’s what makes us all unique!!!

    • AGREED!!! half the time, photoshopped celebrities look weird and inhuman. i’ll take flawed beauty over ‘perfection’ any day!!!

  • Jess

    They also cinched in Eva’s waist (a common digital nip/tuck in the images, including Jessica Alba’s, which certainly didn’t need it!).

    Until people refuse to buy magazines with digitally altered images, I don’t see much happening to change it…

  • Ann

    So why is airbrushing supposed to be so wrong but push-up bras, Spanx, and makeup are cool? It’s all completely fake. Most of the women you see in real life are significantly altered.

  • Yep

    lol If only Fergie would realize that

  • Apples

    Jessica Alba’s are two different shots. Beyond the general pose/outfit there’s very little similar between the two images and the differences are really unlikely points a photo manipulator would even look to change. The hem of the pants are at different lengths, 5the angle the shoulders are at are different, angle of the head, lighting (note the difference especially in the strong highlight on the neck), more of her left legs is showing, her head is less tilted, her eyes are looking in a different direction. Were there photoshop changes made to the image on the right? Yes. Was the original source image the one on the left? No.

  • Stephanie Buckley

    Eeeek Madonna!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    You… you don’t have any idea what airbrushing is, do you?

  • Tellurian

    I like my wife best even though she probably wouldn’t get a second look from anyone she puts a smile on my soul.

    • I like you!

    • Jill

      Awwww…what a sweet hubby!!! My guy says very similar things about me, although I just don’t see what he sees. I know he loves me and THAT puts a smile on MY soul 🙂

    • cth

      nice man…good for both of you 🙂

  • subecthometownhere

    You’re joking right? Most of these have been accomplished by slapping on a filter. These are some of the LEAST photoshoped pictures I seen in a while. A few of these weren’t even the same photo!

    • Spikeygrrl

      THANK YOU, subject! Either a filter or some VERY BASIC color correction in Photoshop or a similar app. As I posted further up the line, I used to direct photo shoots as part of my job, and I couldn’t spot anything EXCEPT color correction in all but a very few of these photos!

  • Kos

    half of these pics seem to be morphed. and i dont mean the before-after difference. i mean, the before pictures dont make sense. madonna cant b that wrinkley. the jessica alba before and after shots are not the same pics…

  • Alan

    The Jessica Alba one is NOT the same pic doctored – it’s a totally different pic. I mean, the background is totally different (I know they can doctor that too) – but her posture and the holding of her head is different too. Anyway – she looks great either way. Madonna on the other hand – good grief! They lifted her sagging breasts, took away all the wrinkles – basically took 20 years off of her. She looks like death warmed over without help.

  • MotherMayI

    My whole take on this is as follows: I hate current trends in advertising. I have recurring problems with anorexia because when I was a teenager society convinced me that I had to look like a twig to be beautiful. While I no longer feel the need to be a skinny b*tch, I am conscious of my body shape and exercise level. That, I feel, is not only acceptable, but something to encourage in not only young people, but children. My daughter is only two, but already she is being bombarded by the idea of makeup as a necessity in order to look beautiful. For her benefit, I only wear makeup once or twice a week and on date nights with my boyfriend, and I discourage her aunts from treating her like a dress-up doll.

    These pictures, whether they are Photoshopped or not, are a great message for kids that we are all different, and that the idea of a woman with Barbie-doll proportions, flawless skin and ‘natural’ radiant beauty as portrayed by the cosmetics and fashion industry are not just out of reach for most of us, but invented by large corporations as a means to make money off of women’s insecurities that were fabricated by corporations in the first place.

  • Rixch

    C’mon… Jessica Alba is perfect with or without photoshop

  • Adriana

    I think the Jennifer Love Hewitt before and afters are switched. The first photo is the photoshopped one. She was talking about it on Conan and there were a few articles about it. Could be my mistake though.

  • While I don’t think they should be illegal, I think that if it matters to them, these women who are being photoshopped beyond recognition should stand up for themselves. They can be a positive image for women and not agree to do the photoshoot without final approval of the image. Thus, it gives them the freedom to limit the photoshopping. However, I don’t even know why we bother using real people for photoshoots anymore. It seems like it would be easier and cheaper to simply create an entire person digitally.

  • kyoutonokinniku

    if you people had half a brain you would realize that the ‘before’ pictures are also photoshopped. these people go out in public and appear on unedited/live tv all the time, you really think they have skin as bad as these pictures make them look? you really don’t think people at award ceremonies or concerts would notice? jeezus you people are stupid.

  • Sanjay

    The Jessica Alba pic is a different pic, look at her her eyes. Yes, they may have changed the background, but it’s a different shot

  • dee

    So ur saying Jennifer Love Hewitt is perfect…i knew it 😀

  • dee

    eww fergie, courtney looked prettier in the original

  • Guest

    This is unbelievable! These altered photos give the impression to young people that it’s easy to obtain these figures and never show your

  • Liz Pullen

    This is unbelievable! These photos give the impression to young girls that these figures are easily obtainable and that age only shows if you “let yourself go”. Let these celebs be REAL!

  • idk

    Why did they make Beyonce so dark…Wtf.

  • marcia

    Whoa whoa whoa…Madonna looks….ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Its this simple, if you dont like the pictures dont buy the magazines.

  • obflyer

    the funny thing with Photoshop and air-brushing is that it can go both ways. given some time i could make Madonna look much older. who knows for sure if the ‘before’ pictures weren’t also doctored(?)

  • Dolly

    The Jennifer love-Hewitt one is actually reversed. The one on the left is the altered photo. It was said her breasts were so large it was almost offensive so they were made smaller.

    • Gev

      Actually both are altered, since they reduced the breast size on the already airbrushed photo of her. But yes ha her breasts are apparently offensively large.

  • Mel

    I agree that the level of photoshop is silly. Then again, some of these “pairs” aren’t pairs at all! Alba and a few others’ photos are photoshopped, but the original pic is NOT the original pic! So the “comparison” is misleading. Also, I wonder if some of the “before” pics weren’t shopped as well – Madonna?

    • stopkidding

      Yes, the Jessica Alba pic is the same one. And yes, these are all pics of the same shoots, even the Mariah Carey one, contrary to what everyone is saying. The comparisons are not misleading. It is very obvious what has been done to all of these pictures in an attempt to make the public believe these women look good and have perfect skin and slim bodies.

  • bunny

    I seem to like the darker Beyonce better…..

    • britney robinson

      Why it is fake? And the color looks unnatural. It isn’t even a real shade of color for black women.

  • Rose

    I wonder why they always make beyonce lighter?

  • Someone’sMom

    Did they photoshop that baby? haha That’s sad. Although I’m laughing.

    • stopkidding

      Yes, they did. They changed to baby’s skin color so it would not be so red and so it would look healthy and glowing.

  • Zoe

    The images are obviously horrendous, but what I find especially disturbing is the amount of people condemning Madonna’s “before” shot and getting applauded for it in the comments. Yes, the way that she overtly sexualizes herself as a fifty/sixty whatever year old woman isn’t exactly pleasant for many young consumers, but the sheer level of repulsion at the sight of an older woman’s face is far more nauseating to me than her crotch hugging leotards… The before and after pictures are supposed to highlight the absurdity of magazines’ paranoia regarding flaws (reality), not sneer at the face and body of a woman deviating in age from what society deems “attractive”, (and therefore worthwhile of our attention). How would you like it if somebody insulted your mum or grandma for having wrinkles? And one day, you’re going to look like that too.
    Grow up.

    • phoomp

      Some of the “before” shots here look like they may have actually been photoshopped in the *opposite* direction.

      • matteo

        agree…. some of them. Who is actually able to publicize the ‘before’ shots? I mean there must be some of the most limiting contracts about that. What star wants this to be published. What about the legal issues of this???

        • Jen

          actually, some stars get pissed when they get airbrushed and photoshopped. Both Adele and Kate Winslet have gotten mad at magazines for it (off the top of my head), and I believe Lady Gaga has spoken out about excessive airbrushing.

          • Juon

            Actually most of the images here are because people complained. Jennifer love Hewitt actually was given a smaller bust when photoshopped, they’ve got the pictures backwards here. Keira went on a tirade after the King Arthur poster and Beyonce complained how they make her more/less white/black based on the magazines she’s on.

          • Donna


          • Lynn

            I read Kim K pays good money to have her pic touched up!

          • Alex

            You got that right! Kim pays big money to have her pics Photoshopped

          • margaret foret

            I guess she needs it with that huge back end she has.She is young what will she look like untouched at 40?

          • Kate

            You shouldn’t shame someone on how they look. She always had a big butt, even before whatever “procedures” she is getting now. Shame on you.

          • Tony

            They all pay good money to have it done. That’s what retouchers are for. Some do it to an excessive point, but it’s still no different than a makeup artist who can–at times–apply too much makeup (that was only for the sake of other readers, I know you didn’t address that part). 🙂

          • Kim

            Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the first to speak out about the magazine’s intense airbrushing of women, and to tell women and society that it’s okay to go gray, to have a few wrinkles. It’s all part of aging gracefully and elegantly. Of course, I happen to think that a self-assured, confident, positive woman (ie. JLCurtis) looks great at any age.

          • jrsp

            She appeared on the very first cover of More magazine (a mag aimed at over 40 women) in spandex shorts and top showing all her bulges in all their glory. I subscribed immediately!

          • margaret foret

            Like Christy Brinkley she is 60 and looks wonderful no retouching needed – just be real is what I say

          • Beth Thomas

            You completely summarized up exactly how I feel on the subject! I think that airbrushing the gray hair, wrinkles, stretch marks, flab and overall aging process with celebs takes away from the reality of real life. And as a result it puts unrealistic expectations on those that diligently try to mimic their “hero’s”! They are all human like the rest of us and photo-shopping their pics to look beyond human is JUST WRONG! In some cases it results in their fans becoming disillusioned because they cannot keep up with the fake illusion of what these pictures make them out to look like 20-40 year’s later! Fan’s get deceived and think their Hollywood celebs look more amazing then what they actually look like in real life. We as fans need to see the real person as they age, not what a computer makes them look like!

      • KC

        Absolutely some of the before shots were photo-shopped. Take Britney Spears’ photo. No way would her stylist. publicist, manager, etc would allow that photo to be taken. Let’s not touch up the “bruises” before the shoot… give me a f*ing break!!! My friend is a fashion photographer and he would never take a shot like that. His reputation would be at risk if it ever got released.

        • picaflor

          You are incorrect on this one. Britney herself released the before and after shots as a protests against the obsession with this trend. I remember the news about it because it was quite a daring move for her, and I applaud her all the more for it. She has a good body, she works out a lot, and yet is still not deemed good enough. She released several, I suggest you look them up.

          • Vincenzo

            With all the arrows on Brit, why isn’t there one pointing out that they airbrushed her camel toe away?

          • she has no camel-toe, just loose baggy lips with stretchmarks, dusty dry as a griswold turkey!!!!!

          • venicementor

            Obviously, you are a pig!

          • roge

            I was going to mention removing her camel toe also.

          • Rose Marie

            Try squeezing 2 watermelons out of your wang and then we’ll talk, Randall.

          • Cameron

            Babies are smaller than watermelons and wangs are much much much smaller than a vagina. A better metaphor would be try squeezing two AAA batteries out of your wang, which is still out of proportion, but i get the point.

          • Rose Marie

            Only perverts notice camel toe’s. And what should we call with sagging balls then?

        • KJC

          I believe Britney released before and after shots of the photo shoot herself. The one I saw (before this article) showed a shot from the backside, where they seriously reduced the size of her booty.

          • Rose Marie

            Everyone should just stop judging! One person has too big a booty, (Kim K.) another doesn’t have a booty (Miley), just let everybody be what they are! Howard Stern said he thought Marilyn Monroe was fat and a pig (and look who’s talking)! Now Marilyn was a real beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Who really cares!

          • KatRob

            Who pays attention to what that hooked-nose Stern has to say?

      • venicementor

        I agree. It amazes me how much our society reveres the plastic look.

      • Quietone

        Right? That’s what I was thinking too

      • old hippy

        zoe,,show some actual respect for everyone regardless of age..show respect for they’re actulal skillz

      • Torri-Lynn Gonzales

        I agree. I think they should have left their beauty marks though. Such as their freckles though. That is what makes them.. Well, themselves.

    • Alex

      Madonna is scary because she doesn’t know how to dress her age, not because her face is old. Trying to hide age and pretend like you are still 20 something makes you look surreal and disturbing, women who embrace their age with confidence and grace are beautiful.

      • Ticked Tock

        Dress her age. . . when older why shouldn’t a person dress the way they want? Why is someone young only able to wear certain looks. Freedom should be for everyone. Society and media have given the young too much power/the idea they are so fantastic the world revolves around them. Karma and life awaits those judging those older!

        • eis

          I agree that there is not “appropriate according to age” — there is an appropriate according to context of wearing the clothing and that it suits your body.. If you are 50 and look fabulous in a skimpy bathing suit, good for you; as if you are 16 and look fabulous in turtle necks.. good for you!

        • Rowan

          I think the issue is more that Madonna is so airbrushed in everything – and then people only get to see her at a distance on stage, to see her without the airbrushing is a shock. I don’t care what she wears, but no one can be surprised when people are taken aback by photos that show her looking much closer to her actual age than we’re used to.

          • Alex

            What’s going to be sad is Madonna screwing young men when she’s far into her 70’s,.. eeu!

          • JoanCrawford1

            You mean Mariah Carey

        • Older people can dress however they want, but be prepared to look older than your age if you’re 55 and wearing an outfit made for a 20 year old.

          • that’s how we do…get fat is ok….wear this is ok…

          • kd142

            I agree dress how you want but don’t expect to have years taken off your photos just because you want to feel as young as your dressing. Personally I don’t find it at all attractive to see a woman dressed like that no matter what her age but especially turned off by the image she portrays because she isn’t comfortable in her own skin saying this is who I am. It’s like she’s saying this is who I used to be and wish I still was.

          • Rose Marie

            Madonna with that gap in her front teeth was Never attractive to me. Actually I thought she looked better years ago when her hair was naturally brunette. Now she just looks freakish.

      • Very well said Alex.

      • PamRam228

        Are you serious??? If a woman is 70 should she wear high heels and a mini-skirt? I bet you also think it’s ok for a woman that is obesely overweight to wear a bikini. It’s not totally about looks, it’s about having respect and dignity for yourself.

        • Leesachan

          That’s a terrible argument; why shouldn’t an obese woman be allowed to be a bikini? Do people have to censor their own bodies just for your own viewing pleasure? Grow up. I agree that it’s unpleasant to see Madonna dress as though she hasn’t aged since she first started becoming popular, but the fact is, she can do what she wants and you have no right to deny her that.

          • Alex

            I agree! If you don’t like what you see then just don’t look

        • Why shouldn’t she wear what she wants? Whether old or fat or skinny, someone doesn’t need your stamp of approval of ‘looking good.’

          But kd142 above had it right. She can wear what she wants to, but just shouldn’t expect to look like a 20 year old.

      • Alex

        Lets face it, no one likes getting old but, it’s something that we all are gonna do. Look at Gene Simmons and his wife a few years back when they both went in to have face lifts at the same time. Now look at them now and go back and look at their pics (pre-face lift) They look exactly the same way that they did before they had their face lifts. One cannot beat the affects of aging.
        I totally agree with you! They should embrace their age. Ditto on what you posted.

      • JoanCrawford1

        I think you’re talking about Mariah Carey – not Madonna.

        • DanzaFantasma

          LOL why do you keep attacking Mariah Carey? Do you have a thing against her? This is clearly about Madonna.

          • JoanCrawford1

            Clearly About Mariah look at the billboard cover that is out right now! Her face so so photoshopped. Mariah has a jawline on the cover and we ALL know Mariah does not have a jaw line these days.

      • KatRob

        Madonna didn’t know how to dress for any age. She always looked like her wardrobe came from a garage sale or flea market.

        • Guin

          And what is wrong with wearing clothing secondhand? That is how I buy most of my clothes and not only do I not have to support terrible companies buy giving them my money directly, but I also save a ton of money and get compliments about my style all the time.

          • KatRob

            Well, there’s a big difference between you and Madonna, she doesn’t need to save tons of money by shopping garage sales and flea markets, she’s a multi-millionaire!

    • Marky Mark

      If my mom or grandma dress up in lingerie for a photo shoot that millions will see when they look as bad as Madonna does then insult away.

    • Well Said. 🙂 I even find myself being grossed out at how some of the women look, and I stop myself for this very reason. I suppose being so young yet, my idea of what beauty is is skewed, but then I catch myself and realize that they look just like me and everyone else I know. Which is kind of nice. I wonder how many people would “worship ” these women if they knew what they really looked like?

      • Well said.
        Photo-shopping is like putting a mask or a banana suite, to hide who you really are. Perhaps that’s why some people cheat on each other, because “Hey, my wife doesn’t look like Madonna, and she’s the same age as her! She’s probably lazy or something.”- and then they find a younger one that looks batter kind of like Madonna on the cover of a magazine.

      • Probably plenty of intelligent ones who don’t worship or envy strangers for their looks to begin with.

    • absolutely agree with you, @zoe….

    • graftonnightclub

      When women get past child bearing age, they are out of time

    • So true…. Beauty doesn’t last forever. I only HOPE that I can look that good in my 50’s.

    • It is horrendous to you because you probably don’t know the value of taking care of things. I guess your lot is the type that will boast they’ve never used body or hair cream in their lives and want to be proud of that even when they look like dirty slouches.

    • Guest


    • John

      My mum and grandma arent the ones posing on magazines wearing crotch hugging leotards. As for me looking like that one day, I really dont care because I have no intention of f***ing myself.

      • Nate

        But you intend to f*** every woman you see in a magazine? Get a life. The way you think is narrow and pathetic. In person, in a conversation, with people around you, watching, I would make you look like a complete fool. I relish the thought. Better watch out. Somebody smarter than you will adjust you — painfully, and embarassingly — or you can adjust yourself.

    • Germ Massager

      In the case of the Madonna shot, a good photo technician could have developed this image (in the old days) by over-exposing the face area a bit. Since it’s likely digital, the temptation to “fix” those eye shadows is just too easy to succumb to. Getting rid of photographed wrinkles is not just confined to the stars, you know. Everyday, ordinary people get this done too. You’d be surprised at how vein the average consumer really is – the magazines, and fan sites all know this too – and just griping about how publishers have learned to “better serve up” their products is not going to change an entire culture no matter how you wish it to be. I bet you don’t even know how long you actually looked at the Madonna images before you cut off your slice of opinion poo. I am betting it was less than 20 seconds – which is exactly what the images are designed to be viewed for.

    • Cam

      I know what you mean. I’m 31. I have a nice little patch of grey hairs and I have a few wrinkles on my face, but the thought of spending (literally) hundreds to thousands of dollars in one’s lifetime to completely alter the way you look to fit into a society that is so clearly superficial and has some obvious fear or resentment towards growing older is astoundingly appalling. Growing older is something to cherish, to be thankful for, to be wiser. Instead we find generations of women so obsessed with looking like a teenager (or at least as close to teenager as they can get) that it seems they don’t bother to look up and see what they are doing to themselves, what mark they are leaving on the world.

      • old hippy

        cam,,amen to that,, what happened to actual singing skillz?? we are to enwrapped in dumb asses like skrillex to actually recognize a real singer like Madonna

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention the fact that there is probably not a single person responding who could hold a candle to Madonna, despite their own age.

      • Rach

        What are you talking about.. Madonna isn’t considered to be some beauty queen. She was a pop star, never the most attractive woman. And my mother is her age and is beautiful and would never dress so tacky, regardless of how good she looks for age. Yes, Madonna is in great shape, but she is by no means some beauty icon.

      • Kim

        I didn’t care for Madonna when she first came out in the 80s but she has proven to be one smart cookie. Few people can market themselves as a brand like she does. She has been around for decades and that takes brains. Her albums still sell, her concerts still sell. Consequently, she has earned my respect (though I still would not dress like her). Props!

        • Guin

          Case-in-point she discovered and originally produced Smashing Pumpkins. For that we should all be forever grateful to her.

    • old hippy

      are you saying that anyone over 50 should not be an entertainer or singer and actually be liked for her talent over her looks..so you’re supperficial too????

    • gloribagal

      Madonnas pic was airbrushed to look worse. Examine it. It is ridiculous.

    • Nudge

      Its not that she looks old… Its that she looks like a high end, spoiled prostitute on drugs. Not too far gone on drugs, but getting here.

    • The Truth

      my mom or g-mom aint parading around still trying to uphold an image she made famous when most of youre havent even met yet…. it make the everyday woman hate herself… chasing these false idols that dont look anything like the photo’s seen here… show the real photo’s taken so we can see the human side of these people… and not even a 50 yo man finds a 50 yo woman attractive.. so maddonna go sit down somewhere

    • KatRob

      What the two Madonna pictures show is what a phony she’s always been. If she ever had an original thought, it died of loneliness. She started her career copying Cindy Lauper and continued on from there. Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch, there she is doing the same. Got famous from shock value, not talent.

    • William T Branch

      You are taking this way too serious. You need to read between the lines. The people making comments about Madonna. Would do so no matter what the pic was. She is overly sexual no matter what her age, and her politics are just nauseating. And on top of that, her fake British accent. She’s from Detroit I for one would be happy if I never had to see or hear from her again. And age has nothing to do with it.

    • someone who does care 18

      you damn right

  • tm

    you r beautiful

  • anonymous

    i honestly don’t know whats scarier.. madonna before or after ..

  • meyf

    To all you people saying the Madonna ‘before’ photo is ‘scary’, for chist’s sake, the woman is 54 years old. What 54 year-old do you know who looks remotely that good? I’ll bet most of the people posting these remarks don’t look that good themselves, regardless of their age. Talk about unrealistic!

    • theBAYAREArealist

      are u kidding? 54 is NOT that old and i know plenty of 50+ women who look fab. my mom is 56 without a single wrinkle or spots or grey hair…shes not as tiny as madonna bodywise but she looks great in her face. Several of her friends look great body+face though.

    • prouddaughter

      My mom is 52 and people often think she’s my older half sister or something (I’m 22). She seriously looks better than women 20 years younger than her because she made a concerted effort throughout her lifetime to take care of herself (never tanned, never smoked, drinks minimally, exercises regularly, eats a balanced diet). No wrinkles, greys and wears the same dress size she did at my age. There’s not much a photoshopper could do with her. My mom DOES look that good, thank you very much.

  • Guest

    how about instead of

  • Whoever did Madonna should work in film.

    • Horatio

      I did Madonna. Back in the day, everybody did Madonna. She’s a skank. I think the mailbox did Madonna.

  • Unfooled

    Starting with Jessica Alba, that’s not even the same freakin image.

    I call fake.

    • stopkidding

      Yes it is the same image. You just refuse to see it and you want to believe the hype

  • Contrary to Popular Belief

    Wait, how do we know these weren’t reverse PS’d to make them look like they have been ridiculously airbrushed?

  • jeez megan fox was scary in both photos, didn’t think there was anything worth changing in the cruz and faith hill photos also beyonce what the f*** was wrong with her normal skin color that they had to change it so significantly?

  • PinIn

    Wow, Eva Longoria had actually something added, instead of taken out.

  • Hello

    Some of these arent even the same pic, time period, or even outfits. MC one is of 2 completely different events. About 6 years apart.

  • krm st. louis

    I’m just happy these ladies are human like the rest of us!

  • heyyy

    they made eva longoria thicker. lol. hers isnt too bad looking. they did her boobs a lil bigger and her thighs a lil bigger, but ever so slightly. her main edits was color/contrast correcting, and the awkward wrinkle by her armpit. That’s acceptable. but some of these other people…wow

    • Gev

      They made her waist smaller.

  • Men everywhere

    Madonna, Mariah, and Kourtney are out. For all the rest… I’d still tap that.

  • Stephanie

    The comments on the majority these are obvious but I’m annoyed at the mariah pic. I’m convinced that those two photos were taken at completely different times. Her bathing suit isn’t the same. It might be that much airbrushed but it just looks like it was taken at two separate times.

  • don’t you just love how they had to point out Britney’s Flaws because unlike most they were hard to see.. Sad huh

  • neecey

    half of these photos i cannot tell the difference between the before and after. EVERYONE is way too hard on themselves and each other. Kim K looks amazing as does Jessica Alba , Brittney, Eva, and I must say Jennifer Love Hewitt has not lost it in any way shape or form. Maybe Madonna should not have taken these kind of photos but hey its her prerogative right?

  • Cruz is not now, nor has she ever been, attractive.

  • besides

    i knew kim would have stretch marks, as much as her hips went from slim to thick. all that is not good for your skin, no matter how much money you have.

  • Louie

    Magazines are in the business of making money, not building our children’s self esteem. Maybe that is a shitty thing to hear, but that is the reality of the situation. People have self esteem issues period. It doesn’t come only from magazines and movies. Parents need to make self worth and self love a priority in the upbringing of their children.

    • stopkidding

      And men need to stop believing all the crap they see and stop believing that these ho bags really look like their pictures and how they appear in ads and movies. Men need to stop trashing real-life women and the women in their lives because the women don’t look like these pictures. Men have to stop expecting real women to look like that. It is really amazing how stupid men really are and how easily led and gullible they are, and how much grief they give real women and the women in their lives because the men are disappointed that their women don’t measure up to the images that they are fed.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Let me guess: You’re single. Hate men much because you can’t reel in and keep one…?

  • Jorge

    These are not really before and after pictures. Some are just simply two different pictures of the same photo-shooting (see Jessica Alba for example)

    • stopkidding

      they are before photo shop and after photo shop. Jessica Alba remains one of the most photoshopped celebrities. They smooth out her complexion, change the shape of her face, make her waist and thighs smaller, reduce her hips and flatten her stomach. They also add a lot of cleavage. These pictures are the same one. The one on the right is the one ‘fixed’ for publication; the one she wants published because that is how she wants everyone think she looks.

  • Dis

    Actually, for her age, and considering how long she’s been in the business? Madonna looks fantastic. Does the airbrushed image look better? Of course. But I see nothing wrong with the before image, either.

  • DS

    The one with Kourtney Kardashian kinda made me mad. It is a common knowledge that women who just gave birth still do look pregnant and continue so for another few days till their bellies shrink down.

    • stopkidding

      A few days? There are women whose bellies never “shrink down”. They don’t just “shrink down”l, anyway. It is fat that has to be lost like any other.


  • Yada Yada

    I think Madonna looks awesome in the before shot. In the airbrushed photo she looks like an alien. She should be proud to be so beautiful at that age. Here in Texas, 50 year old women look twice their age!

  • Yada Yada

    I guess what I don’t get about the Eva Longoria one is this: If they wanted to do her makeup like in the photoshopped ones, then why didn’t they? Also, did they make her thigh BIGGER? Hahahah. Oh, Hollywoooooooood

  • Linnea

    The before of Betheny is much better then the after!!

  • Madonna needs more than an airbrush. I am thinking a few rollers and a drop cloth

  • gardenfence

    the before shots look better than the after.

  • Pete

    the Jennifer Love Hewitt photo is mixed up. The one on the right – with the much more obvious cleavage – is the real one…but producers thought it showed TOO much, so they photoshopped it to look like the one on the left – they didn’t want to offend viewers…

  • Those two pictures of Mariah Carey are not from the same shoot. Different shoes, different bathing suit, different hair color…and one looks “pre-baby” and the other is “post-baby.” Fail.

    • stopkidding

      You are mistaken. They are from the same shoot. Since all of her pictures and everyone else’s are photoshopped, they can make them look how they want. They took out the ring in the middle of the bathing suit top and made it solid all the way across. They evened out her complexion, and the skin on her body. They made her face thinner and made her body, legs and arms thinner. They also flattened her stomach and took out the wrinkles, sags and stretch marks.

  • Michuacan95

    You mean to tell me they aren’t perfect after all??? I had no idea… : )

  • stopkidding

    That ‘story’ was a spin to offset the very obvious photoshop. They tried to turn it around.

  • Britany does not look anything like herself and I did not know who Madonna. I have only send her with all the airbrushing; so the real Madonna is old and ugly.

  • nt

    they removed her cameltoe lmao

  • tahoegeminii

    they could have actually done all 14 on MeMe-she has more photoshopped fake false advertising out there than any other celebrity EVER-I don’t know how she can even go out in public without blowing her whole image-but from the looks of her last pappo shots she can’t really-we see Nick had to make the FatBurger run this week-MeMe has probably locked herself in the candy room and won’t let anyone in but sends out demands for MORE FOOD at penalty of death for non compliance to Nick aka the bang chauffeur, the nannies and the maids-they probably can’t find the raw images for MeMe anyway-notice this one is for even before she got married and gained 100lbs-then had 30lbs carved off and 11lbs of baby surgically removed-then started regaining weight AGAIN and sporting 2 foot camel toes-wouldn’t we love to see the original for say that complete repaint of the Triumphant cover art-that has to be hilarious

    • Spikeygrrl

      Who is “MeMe”?????

  • ramzrach

    on jessica alba they totally airbrushed her beautiful leg muscles out! if they did that to me I’d be furious!!!

  • natural beauty

    After seeing these pics id say i look way more better than all of these celebrities, without being airbrushed and without the make-up. I’m 38, mother of 3, and people think i’m 10 to 15 years younger. And i have a tummy many women would kill for. That’s why i’m thankful to mother nature for being so good to me.

  • pili14

    the jennifer love hewitt pics are backwards. she actually had a breast reduction photoshopped because she looked so bossomy.

  • oferdesade

    half of these images have nothing to do with airbrushing (in fact in a coupla cases, different angles are evident). but wot is definite is the pettiness of whoever put this up.

  • highländer

    Penelope cruz (#8): DRUUUUUUUGS! xD

  • Daisy

    I wonder how long it took to Photoshop away Fergie’s meth face.

  • Mariah Carey & Jessica Alba looked great in their non-airbrushed pics, too! I’m all for teaching our kids to have a healthy body image & NOT aspire to some unrealistic computer-generated ideal that is physically impossible, or at least nearly so, to achieve.

    • And as to Madonna, to me it is shameful that she is not proud of her age. I wear my age as a badge of honor. I’m proud of my 40 years and all that they mean. Someone telling me I don’t look my age is a compliment – its not that I’m trying to hide my age or look younger.

  • Ticked Tock

    That must be the prefacial surgery original look Meghan Fox airbrushed because now there is the other look Meghan fox that is airbrushed or not at times.

  • NicholeLynn

    @22dd823cbb34d0771f01805f1675bfae:disqus you are correct. The image on the right is the original, the one on the left is the airbrushed/fixed photo of JLH. People were complaining of the image on billboards that her breasts were too large and showing too much so they have to fix the image to make it as though her breasts were smaller and covered. And if I remember correctly, it actually hurt her a little that they had to cover it up. Yes, she shows a lot for the ad, being for a show on cable TV, but that is who she is and that shouldn’t be covered up.

  • alba is more beautiful when not photoshopped!

  • PICAdrienne

    I haven’t looked at all the comments, but the fact that Mariah Carey is in a different swimsuit and shoes, perhaps those two pictures didn’t even come from the same decade. Not saying the photo isn’t airbrushed, but it appears to be a really bad comparison.

  • Ivy Postell

    Britney looks good either way 🙂

  • brandon

    fugly before, fugly after lol

  • call me crazy but I like a woman with a lil cellulite on her legs…

  • peter

    WRONG the jennifer love hewitt one the bigger boobes are real the made them smaler coz they taught it was to revealing do ur reasurch 😛

  • Athletice Bellicosius

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have any kind of problem with this? Guess what? The pictures on the right look better. If you have the ability to make your advertising look better, you will. You are all overreacting. Not to mention that this kind of beauty is absolutely attainable. I’ve seen it. The companies want people to think that if they buy their product they could look like that. It’s simple, really. And it is far from a big deal, so to all you complainers, finish your tub of fried, extra-fat ice cream, get off of your couch or computer chair, go run a few miles and feel free to drop some money at Sephora, and realize that this is important.

  • Aegeon

    Most of them look like my grandmother…………with or without airbrushing!

  • na

    Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, and Faith Hill all look a lot better in the before pictures. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like women who look like actual humans, not paintings or cartoons. It’s such a shame all the images girls are shown as something to strive for – when it’s really completely impossible (and to my mind undesirable) to look like the women on magazine covers.

  • LOL! In Eva’s case they actually photoshopped her thighs to look BIGGER. LOL now that’s a first.

  • M

    I don’t even know who most of these people even are. But what I do know is that some of them look very scary.

  • Rae Seymour

    Honestly I think that most of these photos look WAY better before then after. They look like healthy real people and after they look like tooth picks. I hate how this always happens.

  • Luke

    JLH’s before photo was an official photo for her show “The Client List” the after looks like a close-up photo taken of a poster or something!

  • KC

    Seriously???? Some of these ” photo-shopped” images are so obviously different images. Nice try!!

  • RyRy

    bethany frankel looked better before the photoshopping

  • jcallow24

    they are totally different images, if you look at clothing/background, poses etc!!

  • drew

    im sorry you can tell that these before pictures are also fake like seriously. what about when you see these stars live on tv? and they look the exact same as the airbrushed photo like be real they have there own make up crews, stylists etc there never going to truly look that way at a photoshoot as these before pictures show, FAKE!

  • Bring back Phils Glory. Unite.

    britney’s face is as beautiful. i like penelope cruz. she is beautiful before and after. i like her inborn wrinkles. they are cute.i can almost hear her accent 🙂

  • just sayin’

    They should make one of these airbrushes that work on real bodies and not just on pictures. I’d be willing to own one.

  • asdf

    Faith Hill’s bizarre airbrushed arm makes her look like Cestis of the Dancing Flesh.

  • Real Itylost

    If you’re complaining about photoshop, do you also complain about make-up, eye shadow, lipstick, and all the other local alterations? It’s all fantasy for your pleasure or deception.

    • Comparing makeup and other skin applications to photoshop isn’t a good comparison.

  • Steve

    Jessica Alba’s photos are obviously two completely different shots!

  • wtf? i mean, these celebrities (ex. kim k) look fine without all the “fixing.” i get this feeling that this whole industry of manufacturing “perfection” is about to blow up in their faces…

  • Eva Longoria is tiny! Funny that they actually had to fill her out!

  • Is that really Megan Fox? Looks nothing like her!

  • Air brushing could even make ME beauitiful. 😉

  • Interesting, it seems they have made Eva Longoria’s thighs bigger! Obviously to make her look more sensual.

  • Yupp

    People need to understand the skill that goes into retouching. It is a form of art. Many think that its a button and POW its magic. Remember… people make a living doing this, including myself. I know for a fact some of those pictures took over 20hours to make “perfect”…

  • they are actors not models any ways

  • onoewedidnt

    These two pictures of Kourtney, are not even the same pictures….

  • Samtian

    The Jessica Alba one is kinda creepy, they added knees, changed direction of her eyes, and a different background. People got skills, I could never do that.

  • CJ

    what about Britney’s Camel Toe? airbrushed, too!

  • Stupid Pictures

    Those 2 pictures of Jessica Alba aren’t even CLOSE. They were shot in 2 different locations. Her head position and all is different.

  • britney robinson

    So they could rag on her and complain she lightens her skin(she doesn’t).

  • Ralph.Jennings

    Why Airbrush ? Did the original Photographer not do his/her job right ? Did he/she not get paid ? On whose behalf does the airbrushing occur ? The Readers ? The Artist? The Magazine ?

  • Ralph.Jennings

    I think if the Artists concerned were that bothered then they would sue the Magazines involved for false imagery. Since the Beckhams came along ‘Image Rights’ and ‘Image Protection’ has become a big issue and for them a major source of Income as far as I understand it.

  • Ralph.Jennings

    Bethenny Frankel. Which is before and which is after ? Same with Keira Knightly, although in her case I suspect the Airbrusher gave her breasts because she is normally very flatchested, which is also OK.

  • Ralph.Jennings

    Megan Fox. Airbrusher done her a disservice by giving her that Botox ‘look, which is awful but very popular in the United States, so I am led to believe.

  • Ralph.Jennings

    Faith Hill’s arm looks really thin and extremely weird, unnatural.

    • Constance

      Not to mention that she’s absolutely beautiful without the airbrushing. 🙁

  • Ralph.Jennings

    Mariah Carey. Two different photos !!! One taken at a party and one posed in a Studio with full makeup. Should not have included in this article.

  • kate

    Why airbrush Madonna to the point were she looks like she is an 18 year old . The women is what in her late 60’s they should be more realistic when it comes to advertising .

  • Rivke

    Women are whats wrong with women.
    We (generally speaking) sit here saying “Oh photoshop is bad, and they shouldnt use it and blah blah blah, women need better self image”…….but women buy the trash gossip mags and watch the trash gossip shows judging, insulting and making fun of other women based on how they look, dress, size,age etc. Its like “Ohhh stars without makeup…..OMG she is so ugly and look at her skin and she has so man wrinkles and wow she is fat.”

    Get real ladies!

    We cant have it both ways. Stop buying the magazines and supporting the hate that women put on other women. You are part of the problem yet you want a solution!

  • Kourtney Kardashian’s makes me sick. Way to make moms who just had babies feel like they are fat.

  • Oh good god. Anything to take up space on your site and try to make it more than what it is. These are just normal people who get touched up for publicity/magazines/photos, etc. That’s just standard procedure these days. Why try to make a big deal out of it?

    • Because people who don’t realize that pictures are touched up are being duped to think these people are the standards, or better than they are … just because they were chosen for a photo shoot or because they appear in a movie.

  • WOW! Madonna looks like something from the walking dead

  • E

    When you can’t even spell a celebrities name correctly, I cant even take the article seriously. (PS A few of those were shown to be hoaxes, the “before” being created with the “after” shot, a la Madonna. Blazin’ falsehoods. Good job, SB.

  • sandianne

    madonna looks like a sea hag

  • Chrys

    I have worked and interned at a few different magazines. Photoshop is a must in a lot of cases. Why? Because WE are selling an image/lifestyle/ideal of the perfect shiny woman/man etc. Would magazines make a profit or be in business if we kept the actual image without photoshop? HECK NO. I mean look at the Madonna pic especially. No one would ever by a magazine of she looked like that on the cover. Is it sad that this is how our culture is? YES. However how much of an idiot are you if you really think these celebrities look like that in real life? COME ON people!!! After four hours in the makeup chair and under the right light and then throw in some photoshop anyone would look wonderful!!! The only images that CAN NOT be photoshopped or manipulated are those in newspapers. Perhaps magazines and the such should come with a warning like movies and music come with PG PG13 and the such? IDK I myself do not like it bcs its basically lying but this is our culture. As a person and a consumer you should really educate themselves. It’s so obvious images are photoshopped. I feel bad for girls who physically endanger themselves bcs the see these images and think why can’t I look like that… but then on the other side where is your damn common sense? Where are the parents,the community and educational institutions to tell them that “HELLLOOOO THIS ISN’T REALITY?” And making airbrushing illegal is ridiculous!!! PEOPLE THERE IS MORE HORRIFIC THINGS HAPPENING IN OUR SOCIETY THAT NEEDS MORE ATTENTION!!

  • chrispy

    “tub o’lard”

  • Dee

    Jessica Alba is so much more beautiful without the airbrushing! Especially face-wise. (Airbrush Fail on the left side of her waist…) The media’s take on ‘perfection is starting to get utterly rediculous.

  • Pyro2008

    Um, some of these pictures aren’t even the same, not referring to brushing. It’s like someone put together pictures that looked similar…

    The one with Kourtney, different baby pose pose altogether, different top, different head angle …

    Shock, I am saying some of these before and after setup pics are fake. Nice try though..

  • Cal

    The others aren’t even that bad. Although the others are “that” bad

  • There is nothing wrong with photoshop. I won’t lie… my photo is photoshopped but not in an unrealistic way. I just had it slightly smoothed out and lightened because that was the way I intended it. I refuse to be a bad example to young girls.

  • Well, I am stunned, you mean to tell me they are not as perfect as they appear to be on those pics?? My heart my achy achy heart, LOL

  • David Wales

    Jessica Alba one is two different photos.

  • Stephan

    The Mariah images are a joke, perpetrated by this site.
    They’re not even the same bikini or shoes in either!
    What kind of crap-facts shop are you guys runnin’ here?

  • Stephan

    The Jennifer Love Hewitt images are backwards.
    Her cleavage was covered after Wal-Mart shoppers complained about(read;were jealous of)her bounty.

  • Megan

    Some of these pics arent even the same. specially Mariah. And if you look at Kourtney her head is in a totally diff position. Alot of them just changed the lighting and their skin which I can kinda understand who wouldnt wanna look like they have perfect porcelain skin??

  • srobins6


  • The majority of these Celebs, don’t even need to be airbrushed! So bizarre!

  • Celestial Navigator

    ALL Photography is illusion…air-brushing or not…it’s still illusion. A great photographer can create any look s/he wants to create. That’s why it’s called ART. It’s not up to the artists to let their children know about “reality vs. illusion”, that’s the parents job. I don’t care if they get air-brushed, wear false eye-lashes, don gobs of make-up, get surgery, show their “whoopsie” etc. I know it’s fantasy…entertainment…Hollywood. And I TALK a little and LISTEN a lot to my kids/grand kids about what’s real and what’s made-up.

    • LOL, the “it’s art” talk. So meaningless, so stupid.

  • to tell the truth the unbrushed version is much better, because in second pic the body proportion has became weird

  • stevie g

    jessica alba and eva longoria looked ok, it’s just the designers making up for the bad photography. as for everyone else, the changes made…it’s cheating! lol

  • GPickles

    Why only women?

  • Shona

    They look like normal people without airbrush… Hmmm

  • mclark

    She’s a fake KarTRASHian.

  • moirrey

    that one of Jessica isn’t even the same shot in the before and after…same pose, yes, but not same shot.

  • At-At

    LOL! The ethnic women like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Eva look no different. In fact, their BEFORE pics look better.

  • TheArcolite

    Brittney! they should have given you some boobies hun!

  • Mimi

    We do’nt need diets, we need good computers!!!

  • the brad

    Some pre-Photoshopped photos from a magazine got leaked a while back. Some of these are from that, I think, which is why so many popped up.

    Even if any are fake (ie someone made a before photo look worse than it really was) the thing to remember is what you see in these photos can and is done. Fake or not, you’re seeing what the fashion industry actually does and what skilled artists can do to an image.

    • Just say it, without the sugar coatings: “artists” manipulate these pictures.

  • rattbagg

    Saw recent video of Madonna on latest tour – yuck! Such a try-hard fake; nauseating!

  • Jason

    yall spelled Britney wrong i thought she looked fine before photoshop besides the bruises on her legs. madonna looks horrible

  • Kabq

    Two Kardashian sisters made this list??? Unbelievable to me how one family can gain so much fame by doing and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

  • p3orion

    Another poorly-done story from this site. While some of these are interesting, it’s obvious that a few of the supposed “before-and-after” pairings (Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian) are not the same photo with and without retouching, but are actually different shots from the same photo shoot. The Mariah Carey pair may not even be from the same decade!

  • werpong9

    Lol they gave Kiera Knightley boobs 🙂

  • Camel toe, picked

  • Cyber Slammer

    Which one is Madonna? The old hag on the left or the airbrushed old hag on the right?

  • I definitely think some of the “before” pics were doctored to look worse. The quality of the pics are bad. The pic of Eva Longoria is kind of blurry. She actually looks fine. This is a stupid, fake article.

  • The Mariah Carey pictures aren’t even of her in the same bikini or shoes!!!!

  • Sami C.

    I agree with most of what everyone is saying on here…. I had a comment about Eva Longoria’s pic. The one on the right is airbrushed to make her look not as skinny…. Look at her thighs, hips, her arms. I think that one was airbrushed to make her look healthier, because if they wanted her to look skinny they would have left it alone.

  • GClooney2012

    Everyone has always known that Kim Kardashian’s rear end is wider than the flight deck on an aircraft carrier. What people don’t realize is that it’s also subject to more takeoffs and landings under combat conditions. It gets pounded day in and day out.

  • GClooney2012

    But you wouldn’t spend so much time and money following them if they weren’t fake!

  • Melody Beattie

    I don’t see it as so extreme. (Maybe need new glasses.) But as I read more of the comments, it’s looking like people can’t tell too much difference in the airbrushed versus “real.” And if they can, it’s miniscule. They’re not taking monsters and turning them into a Venus. Plus… I noticed that many of those who complained the loudest have avatars, not pics, of themselves posted here. Reason being? (Rhetorical, really.) I think all of us — including me — have more important battles to fight in our world. These slicks spend tons of dough on each publication. God forbid next step would be outlawing editing. But what’s really great is we don’t all have to agree and it doesn’t mean one is wrong and the other right. I give our young ones more credit and stand behind my statement that those with serious life-threatening issues don’t have these women as the source of their pain. Someone important, someone they knew, hurt them badly, but not these women. Nope.

    • >>But what’s really great is we don’t all have to agree and it doesn’t mean one is wrong and the other right

      This doesn’t make any sense.

      >> it’s looking like people can’t tell too much difference in the airbrushed versus “real.”

      It’s real, Melody, without the quotes.

  • Melody Beattie

    One more comment — corrections (airbrushing my words). In my first post, I meant to write that “people wouldn’t recognize me from untouched photos because I am absolutely not photogenic.”

  • Canleovir

    There are women and girls literally killing themselves in an attempt to look like these airbrushed women. I have more respect for those who embrace their flaws in spite of the media and male dominated world of what is promoted as “beauty”. Some of these women didn’t look like they needed much airbrushing, but by Hollywood standards, they’re not acceptable. I would be interested in seeing photos of airbrushed male stars. Or, does that not happen? Different standards, of course.

    • Lane

      that does happen. it happens for both genders…

  • Those Mariah Carrey photos don’t only look like they are from different photo shoots, they look like they are from different decades. The “photoshop” is clearly pre-baby, probably within 5 years if the release of “Someday,” The “before” is clearly more recent, and post pregnancy.

  • Katz

    OMG Madonna looks like an old bag!

  • this website sucks

  • Random Observer

    Some of the “before” shots were actually different photos in a similar pose.

  • Leslieq

    Just as disturbing is that they lighten the skin of non-white women. Ick.

  • dafuqq

    More of you are horrified about Madonnas “old” face than the actual photoshopping. lol

  • dafuqq

    any celeb could release the before pictures – since the photographers are usually the actual owners of the photos. most likely the photog released the before photos.

  • dafuqq

    And oh yeah, those are not befgore and after of Mariah, you dummies. The one of the left is from summer, the one on the right from spring! theyre at least 4 months apart!


    And i’m certain men are just as vain as women!

  • All I can say is ” WRONG ” wrong in so many ways! Why do people like this person and who actually buys anything she does? How do these people make money out of nothing? I guess whats so brilliant about is that there talentless women. How can you call these people ” STARS ” its such and insult to the word. These people don’t shine or inspire they create darkness and their fake and cheap sorry I’m usually a really nice person but these girls have go to go away LOL

  • She looks like a Piggy with Lipstick on!

  • lalala

    Madonna .. Omg..

  • justme

    anybody even notice this is complete BS .. Mariah Carey’s pictures ARENT even the same .. one is from when she was young and one older … TRUST i know they photoshop HEAVY .. but some of these pictures are not even before and after … of course Mariah is going to look 10 times better 10 years ago

  • Jenna

    The one with Mariah Carey is from two different time periods, she really did have a fit body. They wouldn’t do a photo shoot on somebody who had a body like the before! You would be able to tell that they Photoshopped it ALLOT. Now, I have to admit that she did gain allot of weight, but that was this year! The before shot is not from 2012.

  • woooow look at madonna!!

  • Constance

    We wouldn’t give a second thought to some (some!) of these before-pictures if we hadn’t see the after. I’m saddened by the level of makeup these older ladies are wearing to try to hide the years, but that’s what society is cramming down our throats.

    Men, please don’t let pop culture do this to you. It’ll be more difficult to take back our humanity if you fall prey to this money machine.

  • Constance

    Madonna would look nicer if she cut back on the makeup and went with a more natural color.

  • Lefky

    Madonna is 100, so this mess is no surprise.

  • Lefky

    Ack! Fergie looks like an old bar hag.

  • Lefky

    Blah! You could park a car in Mariah’s navel.

  • Sab

    Hey they can’t compair this. These photos are two totally different photos not even taken in the same decaade. mariah’s hair, shoes and even the bathing suit is different. And even airbrush couldn’t make me think she is the same age in these pics. So totally didferent photos taken in different decades.

  • Anyone else think it’s funny that they made Eva Longoria thicker when they airbrushed her?

  • Digital photography is the latest “oil on canvas.” We have come full circle. Photography has taken us back to painting!

  • derp

    15, the new 14

  • nanay

    Eva Longoria looks the same

  • This shows you the real hoe she is. She is not only ugly in the inside but on the outside.

  • Wow such a real role model this loser is. It is sad to see that society looks to these kind of losers. Society has shown how low we in America will go by elevating greedy, losers like this woman, and then try to make her look better……….wow.

  • badazztexan@gmail.com

    What should be illegal is companies hiring models underweight to the point they are dying to get those jobs. As for photo shopping images, they do it to make them look like the underweight models. One would certainly help change the other.

  • Lisa Mundling

    As someone who has worked in the beauty and photography industry I can honestly say this isn’t that big a deal. Seriously people…most of these images have just had some basic skin imperfection minimized and had the contrast and saturation adjusted. It’s art, for crying out loud. Did the masters paint their masterpieces with bruises and crows feet on their subjects? Was Michelangelo’s David au naturel, or was he flawless, as a means of making a statement? No one wants their work represented in anything but a perfect light, so why are photographers held to a different standard? If our young people today can’t recognize that this isn’t reality, it’s not the photographer’s problem, it’s the parents’ for not explaining this to their daughters and for not instilling better values in them and teaching them to love themselves, no matter what they look like. Times are changing and this is the new medium for art…digitized and computerized. I’m sorry it’s not to your discerning tastes, but it is what it is and it’s not going anywhere.

    • So you’re an apologist for the vapidity of entertainment for the sake of “art.” Hoo boy. You sound ridiculous.

      And paragraphs. They help immensely. but then again it’s the beauty industry, attracts a certain type of person … not much going on in the brain let alone anything insightful to say.

  • Gigi192

    Penelope Cruz doesnt even need the airbrushing, I think she is aging gracefully!

  • mwahahaha

    i agree they were right in airbrushing out britney spears’ camel toe 😉

  • Why in the hell do I bother!!!! Why cant they make a slide show without having to reload the entire page!!!!!!

  • Jill

    Yeah she talked about it on Jimmy Kimmel. And obviously both the before and after are airbrushed if you look at her face. They changed the billboard or whatever though to make it more ‘appropriate’

  • Gawd, I’d probably spend more time on your site if that damn video didn’t restart with every click! Please punish your designers for this unforgivable sin – it’s really obnoxious!

  • AJ Jeffries

    My favorite is Brittney Spears, they way they shopped out her camel toe.

  • This is ridiculous! No wonder these women are so insecure, and no wonder the rest of us follow suit. Some of these pictures needed to be airbrushed, others well just looked like regular women taking pictures. We need to see a regular woman sometimes, her in all her imperfections.

  • niki

    Kim K., dopey as she may be, is a beautiful, beautiful woman….that they feel they need to airbrush and alter HER pics is ridiculous…how are women supposed to feel about themselves?

  • Karenindixie

    Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in the world right now. WHY airbrush her? I can see lightening the photo, as the original looks a bit dark, but why in the world does her body need airbrushing.

  • Karenindixie

    So now Beyonce’s skin isn’t DARK enough?

  • Karenindixie

    They have to “improve” Penelope Cruz? She’s a mother now, what is she teaching her children by hiding herself behind Photoshop?

  • I heard Cindy Crawford say one time that she wished she looked like Cindy Crawford. 🙂

  • delaroot

    Basically says, “hey Jessica Alba, even you aren’t perfect enough,” when in reality she is gorgeous. I’m glad I can look at these comparisons, and see what I couldn’t see growing up, aiming for perfection. The images we try to look like are unattainable.

  • suzzy woozy

    they removed the camel toe, failed to mention that haha!

  • HopelesslyFaithful

    i think Jessica alba is better not air brushed personally but WTF Madonna looks like a damn mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If I am repeating, sorry. I don’t know if my comment went thru. Jessica Alba looks better before they photo shopped her. I don’t understand why it was even done. Jessica happens to be a natural beauty, even without make up.

  • Keira Knightly needs airbrushing. If they didn’t do it with her, that chest area would look like it is from a 12 year old boy. Absolutely nothing there. And don’t get me started on Madonna. She needs all the help she can get. I can see why they airbrushed Britney’s waist and legs, especially the legs. Yuck!

  • nia

    at least two of these were different poses under same cirs

  • The Revealer

    Yes, a lot of these are airbrushed. But a few of them (Jessica Alba and that Cardashian sister) aren’t even a before and after…. they aren’t 4even the same photo. The Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt are obviously magazine aspect ratio differences and printing tones, far from airbrushing. I think the article’s author could have done a better job had they known what airbrushing is.

  • disqus_Ib8Oy50gSf

    I retouch photos for a living, and if the end result looks like plastic, it’s because the retoucher isn’t very good or was directed to overly retouch the image. If it’s done well, you won’t ever know it’s been tampered with.

  • These aren’t even the same photos. Different shots in the same set.

  • Jacks

    I just have to say this about Jennifer Love Hewits before and after pics….. the one that they are saying is her before is actually her after. Those are all her breasts and they photo shopped them smaller for new tv series on lifetime.

  • mkg

    I see like no difference

  • has no one noticed some of these are completely different pictures, not ‘before’ shots? And in some, like JLH’s, the ‘before’ shot looks better! And the “most airbrushed” description overdid it a little, IMO. It should say “14 random pictures of celebs that have been edited”

  • sheilae

    I guess that Beyonce wasn’t “black” enough…….give me a small break…..


  • on that brittney shot near the start.. geez women definitely do not need thinner thighs like that, grosss

  • red

    not even the same person

  • dan

    looks better un airbrused

  • Chris Brandt

    This is a bunch of bull. Just off the first two photos: The Kim Kardashian photo on the left was made from the photo on the right, not vice versa. Also, Jessica Albas is TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHS. Perhaps the background was changed in the second one, or perhaps they actually changed locations, and lighting set-ups. B.S.!

  • This is slightly retouched not even a major change…!!

  • Laira

    Some of you people commenting are absolutely crazy! These women are absolutely beautiful–including Madonna, in the Before pictures! What is wrong with you people, are you totally brainwashed????? The After photos are Barbie dolls, totally unreal. Our society is sick.

  • On the Jessica Alba one, these are 2 different pictures, taken around the same time. Starting at the top, her hair is different, it’s blowing more in the one on the right, the background is different (not much of itself, but it adds into the aggregate), her right shoulder is higher in the one on the right, her left hip is cocked higher, the lines on the shorts are different because of the different leg angles, and her right knee is at a different angle. When these people do photoshoots, they’ll take several different ones, often with similar poses, with different backgrounds. So it would be easy to mistake one for another. Not saying its NOT airbrushed, just that maybe its not AS airbrushed.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Stop calling it airbrushing. That hasn’t been done as a photo altering technique in like… a million years. It’s at least called PhotShopping these days.

  • Ecsancho

    On the Brittney Spears photo, they forgot to point out the camel toe they removed.

  • Beyonce pic is the only one that didn’t have really any changes. I guess depending on the mag they just lighten or darken her pics. She light to began with but i guess people want her to be dark. this beautiful.

  • E.Dunn

    Some of these photos are obviously on two separate occasions. Take Mariah Carey for example. The shoes and bathing suits are both different, who knows when in her life they could have been taken? They could have been years apart! Before OR after babies! This is just unfair for those women

  • ParkAvenue

    All of these ladies look beautiful before, none need airbrushing.


    Jessica Alba looked fine without the airbrush, the only thing it changed was make her boobs look a lot more attracting and bigger lol


    Britney’s isn’t that bad, it just made her legs look a lot better from ankle to hips cause her she doesn’t look that fat


    How did they make her tits look big


    How did they make her tits look big


    That airbrush sucks! She look better before it, her lightskinned tone looks way better


    She oesnt even look like a real person anymore. She literally looks like a cartoon from a comic book- Kourtney K


    I see that they made Mariah Carey’s waist look amazing but why they have to make her tits smaller

  • Something is definitely wrong with society when they have to airbrush Jessica Alba like that.

  • BLeathers

    Penelope Cruz has become so much more attractive as she has gotten older. The idea that someone would want to photoshop her is just ridiculous

  • Madonna – skankapotamus…

  • Jon

    Keira grew some boobs… whoo hoo

  • Skye

    This is so great because it shows these real ladies with real bodies instead of flawless Goddesses that don’t exist, but which encourage other women to feel bad that they can’t attain that perfection they see. All women and young ladies should see these real photos and know that so many of these photos are just illusions.

  • Outside observation

    Actually I think it is funny that people generalize airbrushing so much. Sometimes it is good thing in a way; isn’t always tacky/ sleazy. The Jessica Alba shot and Keira Knightly shot are good examples. Let’s flashback to the day when ‘technicolor’ came out in movies for analogy… the colors added to film were an art. Worked great for Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. Now that we are light years ahead of that era… photography, like film IS an Art…perfect realism is not always the goal. I think the coloring in the aforementioned examples (Jessica and Keira) is well done. Jessica and Keira are attractive airbrushed or not, but the coloring in these cases adds to the STYLE of the photos.

  • I would like to see the photos of airbrushed MALE celebrities – fair is fair!

  • JayMoonz23

    Madonna’s before pic was absolutely gross.
    The rest weren’t so bad, Megan Fox and Faith Hill were near perfect in the original.

  • Marzz

    I knew Madonna couldn’t be that young looking!!!!! She’s still beautiful for her age even without the Photoshopping!

  • Zaire67

    Megan Fox’s before photo actually looks better.

  • just so you know, we don’t use airbrushes anymore. We use Photoshop.

  • I’d love to know why on the 14 presentations, 13 presented the before first then the after, but when it came to Beyonce’ the after was presented first then the before. hmmmm, WHY?

  • Fergie looks like a Fogey

  • robinann19599

    Like she needs air brushing….just HOW perfect do they have to be!

  • Say What?

    Jessica Alba looks even more beautiful on the before pic! I don’t see much airbrushing begin done on most of these. The most airbrushed celebrities are definitely not listed here!!!

  • CTwildheart

    Funny how Beyonce’s pic won’t show….

  • Lala

    jessica alba looks better before they airbrushed her.

  • prplkat

    madonna was probably the most drastic difference, but the one that bothered me the most was Kourtney Kardashian. when you have a baby, it takes time to lose your tummy (unless your name is Gisele) not just because of fat gained during pregnancy but because your uterus needs time to contract. even a woman with a healthy weight before and after pregnancy would see that pic and feel like there was something wrong with them because they weren’t fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothes straight out of the hospital.

  • anna strout

    will Kristen and rob will never be to gather if she is going out with Taylor and are they making other movie of the twilight series movie.

  • Madonna’s looking more and more like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” — they could pass for twins.

  • Which pic is the before?

  • Ernie Jarrell

    Might coulda been a decent site/article, but could ya just maybe make it any SLOWER????,

  • Trintown

    all they did was make beyonce darker but they added boobs to Kiera Knightenly

  • This gives me hope (LOL) that with the right makeup artist or Photoshop artist I too could look 20 years younger! I think many of these ladies are absolutely beautiful even with their uneven skin tone and wrinkles. I must say Fergie probably surprised me the most….I knew she was “well made up” whenever I’ve seen photos or her, but she is a bit older looking without the makeup/photoshopping than I had imagined. But still a very beautiful lady!

  • darkangel1984

    Am I the only one who realizes Jessica Alba’s pics are really 2 totally different photos?

  • Jenn

    did they make her legs… bigger ? wha

  • Jenn

    her boobs magically got three sizes bigger, hmmmmmm….

  • Jenn

    She does NOT need that glass of wine, handler back away

  • shaun


  • WillyWonkaGt

    The Jessica Alba photos are two different people!

  • kim

    Some aren’t to bad some are really dr up.The saddest thing about this kind of stuff is,not only do these narcissistic celebrities loose touch with reality.our children (whom many look better than these celebrities without the air brushing)I often tell young people,if they wash the star dust out their eyes or see many of these Celebes walking down the street with out the fame,you would not even look once at most of them.Not only the air bruiting they have a ton of makeup on and special lighting before the photo.

  • FGHj

    Britney not Brittney, just pointing it out so u can edit the page. 🙂

  • MsGenX

    OK, folks, it’s not airbrushing anymore — not since the 90’s. It’s PHOTOSHOPPING. And most of these women looked better in the ”before” photos.

  • Nick Name

    Even Kourtney Kardashian’s baby was airbrushed!

  • justgiveme thearticles

    too many pop ups for me to care about the article I was reading…SeeYa!

  • Ana Woodruff

    I think I see tummy tuck / c-section scars on Mariah’s photo!

  • buffett

    this Kim broad is such a joke no talent what so ever

  • Digusted with Hollywood

    It is nice to know that they can remove Britney’s camel toe… I guess they can do anything with an airbrush.

  • Bobs

    Faith Hill is the only one who looks great either way. Some times you don’t need to mess with beautiful.

  • i97

    Why don’t the just use CGI if they’re going to do all that?

  • Uber Katzen

    Those of you who say it should be “illegal to photoshop” these images – you are only further perpetuating the logic and reasoning skills that today’s generation lacks. If you’re too daft to see that advertising is, at the most basic level, designed to DECEIVE and MANIPULATE you, you’re a fool and nothing more.

  • m

    how can anyone, model, actor, etc stand to actually look at themselves in the mirror after seeing themself on a magazine or photo???

  • therealist

    love the comparisons. makes rookie photogs like me realize even the pros don’t take pics as “perfect” as they make you think.

  • It appears as if all of them have had their faces lightened to appear lighter complected and of course had pounds shaved off.Are magazines trying subliminally to suggest that being whiter is prettier or is their some basis for this?

  • jinni

    some of these pictures just look like they need a little make up. I mean we see photos of them taken on the red carpet and they don’t look like that. Except for maybe madonna.

  • Robin

    The pic’s of Jessica Alba, are two different photo’s.

  • Marie

    Jessica Alba is beautiful, no need for them to airbrush her…

  • Marie

    Jessica Alba is beautiful, no need for them to airbrush her…

  • Marie

    Jessica Alba is beautiful, no need for them to airbrush her…

  • The problem I hav with these pictures is that it gives you an unrealistic image of what these stars actually look like, and then “regular” people go crazy trying to look like the airbrushed version. It makes me feel good to see thick thighs and skin discolorations, or wrinkles in the non airbrushed versions… it reminds me that celebrities aren’t perfect. I love that at 30+ Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts are sagging just like mine; now I don’t have to get a breast lift to defy the aging process. I’m not saying this as a negative either. I think the non airbrushed pictures look good as well.

  • PamRam228

    Madonna looks NASTEE!!!!

    • Joe Frederickson

      Yes and whats worse is that she is like 60. Its disgusting that she is still modeling and doing photo shoots REPULSIVE!!!!!

  • Joe Frederickson

    wait Jennifer love hewitt? Whats the difference between her two pictures

  • The Jessica Alba pics are two completely different shots. Look at her eyes.

  • Holy schiznit @ Madonna. I’m so embarrassed for her.

  • lilbear68

    kim like beyonce, suffers from hugh jass and heavy thighs

  • Kathy D

    I am 55 and my stomach looks great compared to Mariah Carey’s! And I have 2 sons.

    • Mariah Carey had twins and no two women are the same when dealing with post-pregnancy bodies. Your comment just shows how vain YOU are.

  • Xtan

    The Jessica Alba pictures aren’t even the same so they’re not a photoshop.

  • xxxy

    Wake up! They airbrush because that sells magazines to US. Stop blaming other people. Stop blaming tabloids or airbrush artists. Stop buying the magazines and the fake airbrush photos and they will go away. It is not magic people!

    • Cameron Purdie

      I’ve NEVER bought the magazines and fake airbrush photos so no, me not buying them clearly WON’T make them go away.

  • shaggydog1939

    Well after looking at several pics it aint the subject that is at fault, the photographers are depending on the airbrush to make their products publishable. Looks like the industry is counting on the airbrush to compensate for lousy professionalism.

  • think jennifer love hewitt & eva longoria look fabulous!!!!! no matter how much money they spend…..they’re still going to get old and die…..i’m happily 53, pleased to look a few years younger, but i don’t want to look 20 something…..i gave up the belly shirts because the belly just ain’t what it used to be!!!!! my guilty pleasure is crazy coloring my hair….. i’m happy to look like *mom*

  • The first couple weren’t that big a deal, then I got to Madonna. WOAH…

  • Jessica Alba looked better before they airbrushed her.

  • madonna looks like an old hag with a pineapple in her butt. yuk.
    I’d be mad this photo eve got out.

  • Jessii

    I actually think Jennifer Love- Hewitt looks amazing in her before.
    way better than in the touch up

  • Mona Taleb-Agha

    in the mariah carey photo she’s not even wearing the same bikini or sandals…. i don’t think that’s a good example at all.

  • Wayne

    They may be photoshopped, but some are entirely DIFFERENT photos. Jessica Alba’s photo(s) for example.

  • Your justifications are beyond ridiculous, I guess what’s called “art” today tells us how low the standards are. Pfff. Apologists.

    >> but also being able to play a role with only facial and body expression without a word or a movement.

    It ain’t brain surgery, that’s for sure.

  • Jessica

    Jennifer Love Hewitt actually has more voluptuous breast but the photographer made them smaller.

  • Keira Knightly did not want to get the airbrushed breasts for the King Arthur posters and fought hard against it. Unfortunately, she had no say so in the matter.

  • Guest

    The Kourtney Kardashian example is two completely different photos. Sure, the it may have been airbrushed, but the angles are quite different.

  • Holly Crap!! These people aren’t even good looking until they take the air brush to them! And they are all fat too! WOW!! Must depress the hell out of them that they need all that to look good!

  • Homer Sexual

    I read the comments first and frankly Madonna looks just fine

  • Catnip

    you do realize these are two different outfits? Half of the pictures aren’t even the same pose/outfit. So yeah maybe a little bit of airbrushing here and there but really? Most airbrushed??? pffft well… just Madonna jeez louise!

  • This airbrush story just got my day off to a really negative start. Before looking at this, I saw “ugliest celebrity feet” and was equally upset. What percentage of the human race are in the public eye? .00001?
    First, in order to have perfect feet, we’d have to “bind” them, as the Japanese did to little girls.
    Second, as a REMINDER, whoever thought this article was a good idea, are you out of your mind? This is exactly why girls and women of all ages have low self-esteem, bulimia & anexoria, and cannot accept the way they see themselves. They beleve the answer is to transform themselves into these fake images, and how miserable do you think these otherwise awesome females are? Self-abhorring, soon-to-be needing serious therapy, perfect people, but totally believing that they need to look “air-brushed” (and believing that this is possible, if only they were better; and kept trying, to the detriment of their health and belief in themselves as of value, and etc.).
    This is pathetic. Also, what about women who are aging? How graceful is that going to be for them? It’s horrendous enough going through the hormonal changes, and trying to sort all of that out, and it just makes it so much worse if they see these pictures, and get depressed knowing they’re not going to ever look like that. NO ONE looks like that anyway.
    To sum up my post: whoever is responsible for putting this “out there”…..you are not very bright, and that’s probably an insult to people that are “not very bright”.
    Am I right, or am I right?

    • Maybe that’s the point of the story…that normal women don’t look like the ones on magazine covers. Personally, I feel better after seeing the “before” pictures. It’s nice to be reminded that even these paragons of perfection have age spots, wrinkles, undereye bags, and lumps.

  • JoJo

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am happy to add here that I don’t know the genesis of this article and have no proof that it was Styleblazer that doctored the images. It could be that Styleblazer simply purchased it from a third entity to be allowed rights to publish it on the Styleblazer website. So, I am happy to give Styleblazer the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they just purchased it and did not participate in creating something misleading.

  • Terri

    Are any of you aware that there are people in the world with no access to clean water or food??? Are these silly self-indulgent people really worth your time. What’s wrong with our country is that we all know what Kim Kardasian wore last night but have little real knowledge about what is happening in the world.

    • Astrid Faye

      And yet here you are on this website instead of helping the poor children of the world. I am so sick of people telling people what they can or can’t care about it. Get over yourself.

  • Alex ( Nicki ) Lee

    mariah carey looks fat…… LOL

  • edward

    get the hell over it!!! its called a freakin FANTASY for a reason. nobody truly wants to see average pics of these people.

  • It is interesting that with the exception of Mariah Carey, every woman’s skin was made lighter. That seems to speak volumes about how diversity is really valued. Also, we may tout that we are all about ‘motherhood’ and apple pie, but note that the evidence of a pregnancy was entirely wiped away from Kardashian’s body. No one, even the most socially acceptable ‘beauties’ can live up to an artificial standard created by Photoshop and airbrushes.

  • What?! They took out Bethenny Frankel’s breast bulge? If that doesn’t fly in the face of American media logic, I don’t know what does. I guess some people REALLY want their celebrities to look like young boys…

  • TT

    I’m calling BS on the Jessica Alba photo.
    Yes, I know photoshopping, or correcting photo’s, is done quite often.
    But, this example is BS. That’s not even the same pose by the actress.
    Photoshop can be used to do a lot, but the 1st photo is not even the same photo as #2.
    IOW, #2 is not a touched up version of the 1st one. It’s a completely different pose and different shot.

  • sunburnedrose

    kourtney kardashian and jennifer love hewitt both look better in the before. and mariah carey might look like the right image 1 day later. i know i eat a big meal and get a little tub and then the next day it’s gone.

  • Athena

    And actually the sad part is these women are gorgeous and its sad that they are giving the public eye a false look at what women are really suppose to look like when they don’t even look like that themselves.

  • YouGuysAreDumbAsses

    Its not called Air brush, its called photo shoppe. Come on ppl yall should be smarter than that!!!!

    • Uh, it’s actually called Photoshop. And airbrushing is the technique. That you use in the program Photoshop.

  • Sharon Hansen

    I think this one looks better before
    photo shop.

  • all the negative comments show one thing, you are blind to the fact that you have gotten so use to perfection that imperfection is unacceptable. Yea its deceptive, but everyone wants to look like a movie star because they are unhappy with themselves. They want to be slim and beautiful and well liked. To attain what they dont have… what we need to do instead of making it illegal to print or post things in schools or make it part of the curriculum is be a friggin parent. Dont dish that responsibility onto someone else, raise your kids to have confidence in themselves, you might think its hard but its not you just have to put the effort into it from the time they are born til they move out on their own and beyond. If you raise your kid instead of TV and magazines they wont need to look somewhere else for that..it is instilled in them.

  • munn7157

    did you notice how eva longoria’s arm look emaciated in the first pic…then fuller in the edited pic. she also has no curves and then they give her some. it’s funny how they always airbrushing girls to look thinner. then when they actually get a really small petite woman with no curves…they make her arms thicker and give her curves…haha just goes to show it’s all about unrealistic body image that the media portrays.

  • Ken

    Why are folks so surprised about images being retouched? It’s been happening since magazines have been published! lol

  • Oh! madonna is so ugly

  • It’s funny what they “airbrush” because some of the pics of them are not even the same pic. If you are going to do a side-by-side at least get the same pic. And most of them didn’t even need the touch-ups. What ppl see is really a shame because most of the women are too beautiful to do that to. I can see in a couple to remove the wrinkles but most don’t need it. Showbiz needs “normal” ppl see that these ppl are human just like everyone else and not turn a good looking person into something most ppl cannot be even when they were really young.

  • Truth

    The Jennifer Love Hewitt before and after photos are switched. She naturally has a large bust and supposedly the ad makers thought it was too larger to be used.

  • Bethy

    The Mariah Carey one and the Kourtney Kardashian pic don’t look airbrushed – they are entirely different pics! Whatever…

  • Bethy

    And you know this how?

    • Rose Marie

      Just dig up pictures of Beyoncé not many years ago and you will see she indeed has lighter skin now than before. She’s obviously done something to lighten it.

      • LT

        She probably isn’t getting as much sun. White people aren’t the only ones who get darker with too much sun.

      • NoOneSpecial

        It’s called makeup, lighting, and photoshop. Beyonce has not bleached her skin. I think you totally missed the point of this article!

  • Jessica Alba is prettier in the before…

  • mdg1019

    If you look at the pic of Jessica Alba, it’s obviously not the same pic. Just look at the position of her eyes and it a dead giveaway that it two different pics.

  • dawn

    wow, more curves were added to jessica alba’s.


    The pics of Mariah were taken YEARS apart form each other, and some of the “before” shots were photoshopped to make it look worse, and some of the airbrushed images were actually not originally that drastic.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Call me blind, but I couldn’t see a difference in all but two or three of these photos…except a little color-correction, which let’s face don’t we ALL do that to our own photos in Photoshop or a similar app? Photo shoot lighting is rarely perfect — I know: directing photo shoots used to be a significant part of my job — so I see no issue with cleaning up the color balance after the fact.

  • What’s with the Beyonce one?

  • Ray W

    Madonna = looks like she’s been ridden hard and put up wet. Now Jessica Alba looks great either way!!

  • devin dodson

    Bee looked better before the airbrushing. Now Madonna she needed it js

  • Ellen Tran

    Soo, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks the same.

  • rose dickson

    is she black or brown???

  • tarrie

    there is no difference in beyonce
    only that they made her lighter

  • Ijeoma Stephens

    i cant believe jennifer lopez is not here

  • #2 is a fraud. The pose is similar, but the background and light source is different. This is not a before and after Photoshop comparison.

  • BloughMee

    WTF – some o dese ain’t even da same damned PICTS. Get a grip. And anyway, who cares about these phoney ho’s. ? Most fat slobi-O Amerik-Os are sitting on their couch kollecting their WELFARI-O while da KAT sheets in da Korni-O.

  • litup

    Some of the before pics were air brushed to look worse particularly Madonna and Fergie. Who did they piss off? What I noticed the most was they paint the celebrities to look luminous as if lit up from within. Considering most of them have little to light up from inside, it certainly has to be manufactured.

  • I really dont see the big deal, they look fine

  • Melissa

    Jessica Alba looks beautiful in the before picture….why change it?

  • why is oprah not on the list, you can look at the covers of her magazine and you will never see the real oprah, she weighs at least 250 pounds but on the cover of her magazine she never weighs more than 135. She was phony when she was on Tv and she is still a phony.

  • Courial

    I love how the industry puts pressure on these people to be anorexic by airbrushing pictures and then when the model is anorexic and her bones are sticking out, they just airbrush those out too. How sick is that?

  • This is actually to rich!
    Not only do these people work at jobs where they pretend, their images are fake as well……..
    and yet they really think people care what they have to say about anything, especially politics.

  • concerned citizen

    Someone needs to tell Madonna that it’s ok to get older! It happens to everyone.. :<

  • with Kiera Knightly they actually added instead of taking away……..adding boobs

  • daneen2fabulous

    Eva Longoria didn’t need much photoshopping at all…beautiful!

  • peisley

    What’s gross is the consistent slimming of the waist and increase in bust size, a proportion most women cannot possibly attain.

  • Jane

    his is ridiculous!! A lot of these “photoshopped” photos aren’t even the same photo at all!! For example, the mariah Carey one… the “photoshopped” photo is 10 years earlier than the “original”… she is not wearing the same outfit, same hair color, nor is she even in the same place. Whoever made this, and fell for this, is idiotic! Secondly, the majority of these aren’t even bad… for example, Megan Fox… all she had was her skin smoothed out. If your photo was going to be printed for millions of people to see, wouldn’t YOU want to smooth your skin out? It’s just like putting on makeup or even brushing your hair, there is nothing wrong with it!

  • Jane

    The person who created these before and afters messed up big time… the Jessica Alba shots are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHOTOS… there is a reason why she, as well as the background and lighting, look so different… it’s because it is. They are from the same photoshoot, yes, but two completely different photos. That’s not even mentioning that the Mariah carey photos are about 10 years apart… lol.

  • Anonymous

    The before and after of Jennifer Love Hewitt is actually reversed. They didn’t actually enhance her chest, they made her books look a lot smaller.

    • Anonymous

      BOOBS* lmao @books.

  • Some of these photos aren’t the exact same, so you can’t make legit comparisons. For example, Alba and Kardashian. Use the exact same images, or don’t include them.

  • REALperson69

    This whole thing is retarded.. honestly who gives a flying Fu*k if theyre airbrushed or not… plus MOST of these are not the same photos… they dont match up. different backgrounds, different lighting, hand positions… typical media bullshit

    • believe it or not but in photoshop you can change anything, ANYTHING!! with the right skills you can put heads on other bodies and make it look perfect. you can change hand positions and change the background. you can make a redhead blonde! photoshop is a powerful program.

  • here is what i noticed. these are beautiful women, no doubt. but as we age, our skin ages. in most of the photoshops, they merely airbrush body parts so wrinkles were less noticeable, or legs arms or hips were a bit slimmer. or they changed colorings of the photo from light to darker. in one they chained the photo so the woman’s pose was changed so they could show her boobs.





  • Jessica

    If you think these are the “most” airbrushed, you’re delusional. This is standard operating procedure.

  • laura

    I don’t get it, they all look fine as is. Silly advertising industry trying to make money.

  • Sucks that most of these are just two very similar photos, both of which are photoshopped to hell.

  • Michelle B

    Not sure which was photo shopped of Jennifer Love Hewitt… she looks gorgeous in both.

  • Ashley

    Looks better before, why would you WANT to be blacker?? :/

  • Disgruntly

    None of these women even need airbrushing in the first place. lol

  • They use a program called Photoskank version 1.5, shareware

  • Margarita

    I work out an hour and a half every day, just to look half as good as these people, whose jobs are literally to look great, but it’s all fake. I am competing with an illusion.
    The confusing thing is that some of those actresses look great as-is, for example, Jessica Alba.

  • lmao where did u hear that smdh you just sound ignorant

    • LuvLuv

      She was born ignorant.

  • mustangswmr22

    Wow 🙁 And this whole time magazines have been making me feel like I don’t have a very good body, when in fact, compared to the original pics of these women, I have an outstanding body….feeling kind of guilty for my poor self image due to magazines

  • TR19087

    This is false advertising – a few of these pics actually look like before and after airbrushing, but most of them are totally different pics, with different poses! I can’t believe I actually paged through this ad-infested site to view these!

  • Some of the before pictures look better than the photo shop
    pictures. I think you can wear heels at any age as long as your skirt isn’t
    over your head & your boobs aren’t hanging out everywhere. Yes Madonna has
    the right to dress however she chooses but, it makes her look older when she’s
    in fishnet get up’s with no skirt & a hardly there shirt. If she’s on stage
    that’s one thing as a performer wearing a costume but, I saw a clip of her
    today on something & she looked horrible & her 25 year old boyfriend at
    55 is just gross. I guess if that makes her happy it’s her body. Most would
    assume she had a stylist that had the stones to tell her she looks terrible in
    that. When I am that age I know I won’t be cruising around the grade schools
    for boyfriends. A few years difference in age is one thing but, 30 years? It
    really does make her look more desperate.

  • Guest

    Maybe you could make the pictures a little bit smaller so I can seem them better. Who runs things around here? You should be fired.

  • Technically_Cyncial

    Maybe you could make the pictures a little bit smaller so I can see them better. Who runs things around here? You should be fired.

  • WOW thats insane!!! but it made me feel better lol

  • Some of these pictures are not even the same shoot! Look at Mariahs suits, not even the same. Who does these articles, morons?

  • Lolzgym

    i think they got the beyonce one backwords

    • ShinjisSecret

      Beyonce is light skinned though. She used tanning and bronzers early in her career when that look was more “in.”

  • My issue is some of these aren’t even airbrush, just because they touch up the lighting and contrast of a photo doesn’t make it airbrushed.

  • Debra

    Some of these aren’t even the same photo, they are two similar poses, so it’s BS that they are photoshopped. I’m sure they’ve been adjusted by photoshop, but they are exaggerating by showing two different shots. I also agree with phoomp regarding being photoshopped in the opposite direction!

  • Guest

    Best looking airbrushed or non-airbrushed ~ Beyoncé.

  • ColdFusion

    I can understand why they might want to edit out aging-lines and lighting malfunctions (although wouldn’t it just be cheaper to use better makeup, like everyone else?), but I don’t get why they keep adjusting physiques that were perfectly healthy to begin with. To me it doesn’t improve the subjects’ appearances at all. o_0

  • kieley

    Love how Beyonces magazine cover isnt even the same magazine.. fail.

  • pumpernickel000

    Jessica Alba’s natural skin color is disgusting. Looks like a corpse.

  • Lauren

    Except for the tone of her skin, Britney doesn’t look much different. The arrows are pointing to supposed changes but it really just looks like coloring difference to me.

  • Amy

    I actually think the original of Madonna looks good, she looks awesome for her age! The airbrushed one looks AWFUL!!!

  • Rebel40

    Am I the only one who thinks a lot of them looked better before? Jessica Alba, definitely. Also, they photoshop Madonna SO MUCH! Can’t they just let an older woman look like an older woman?

  • Adrienne

    Generally, these celebs are beautiful in their own ways without the photoshopping. They have to be easy on the eyes, otherwise they wouldn’t be celebs. It’s the sad truth of reality. I think, though, these celebs see the photoshopped version of themselves and forgot that the image IS photoshopped. Thus, they think they naturally look the way that is pictured, and really let it get to their heads. Mariah Carey is a good example. The woman is toward the top tier of beautiful naturally, but with the photoshop, she thinks she’s as young as she looks in photoshop.

  • dianrib

    They are ALL airbrushed Tucked..pinched. windblown but..
    Eva Lonoria looks great before and after


    some of them looked better before the airbrushing…

  • OlderWoman

    They all look trashy to me. Especially Eva Longoria, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Madonna looks ‘rode hard and put up wet’.

  • Diana

    This is the most non-sense article I have ever read!

  • Tab

    Is it just me or did they airbrush Eva Longoria to have less skinny arms? I feel like she looks better after airbrush only because she is too thin in reality. That is sad.

  • Zoeybelle

    Kim still looks fake..frozen face.

  • Zoeybelle

    Jessica’s first pic is the better one..

  • Zoeybelle

    I wouldn’t want my Grandmother, or Mom dressing like this, nor would I…no matter my age or body size…but to each their own. To some, it’s part of show biz & to a lot of them it’s hard to let go of their image of 20-30 years ago.

  • Zoeybelle

    I’ve seen other pics of Britt that was none too flattering so shes not afraid to show her true image & she’s always had a weight issue, which can affect the skin(leg tone&coloring).

  • Zoeybelle

    Eva looks like a mannequin in the after pic…

  • Zoeybelle

    Kiera?? First pic looks like a guy version, then made into the female version. FUNNY!

  • Zoeybelle

    Beyonce…!st..”winter” tan..2nd..”summer” tan.

  • Zoeybelle

    Penelope..covered up freckles & a few brown spots..what’s the big issue here?

  • Zoeybelle

    Kourtney..looks so natural in the 1st pic..plastic in the 2nd..

  • Zoeybelle

    Fergie..another freckle cover up…

  • Zoeybelle

    Bethenny..skin care cream would rid her of the brown spots on her face. Wow…a bikini line..as far the sagging boobs…air brush might help a pic but not her body.

  • Zoeybelle

    Jennifer..great 1st pic..very natural( she has always been beautiful) and she has always had a great figure. The 2nd pic wouldn’t even look like her if her face wasn’t attached.

  • Zoeybelle

    Megan..make up will do what air brush “did” here.

  • Zoeybelle

    Faith..another timeless beauty! Both pics good; just looks like a (very few) lines brushed out.

  • Zoeybelle

    Mariah..OMG..what she hid under those long dresses on Idol! Air brush pics would be the only kind I would let be seen when dressed in anything revealing. Yes, I realize she is not that young any more but she isn’t all that old either & the 1st pic makes her look a good 10-15 years older.

  • disqus_rEkDkIsGzg

    Photoshopped or not…I have never, ever thought Madonna to be attractive.

  • sizzlechest78987896

    i want her big black boyfriend to jam his gigantic meat hammer in bruce jenners lil pink balloon knot while the whole kardashian family watches.

  • Here’s Johnny

    Look how bad the originals are?And I can’t even get a photographer gig!

  • Marti Londot

    Anybody notice they spelled Britney Spears’ name wrong?

  • the great master

    Wow, I gotta work on my PS airbrushing skills.

  • Guy

    You think this is bad? You should take a look at the little girls on Toddlers and Tiaras ! They might as well snaps pictures of actual dolls since they’re so photoshopped!

  • Me

    Wow… even Megan Fox doesn’t look like Megan Fox. Stop the airbrushing so regular women can stop hating ourselves!

  • Ballou

    Most of these look waaaay better in the before. I’d much rather see that they’re gorgeous AND human, not some creepy, unattainable anime creature.

  • Otto

    She may look alright but I see opportunist buttwipe (who is very boring in bed) when I look at her. Just like when I look at Travolta or Cruise and see freaky weirdo. The personalities overshadow everything in these extreme cases.

  • cloudy2

    its really sad and annoying that the magazine people have to photoshop the models. they weren’t photoshopped when they got their pictures taken, so why photoshop the results?
    and having madonna look like she’s in her 20’s mid 30 and she’s not says its photoshopped. that’s just insulting to the buyers. when will magazine people start selling honest, truthful pics of the ones who are getting their pictures taken.. (there is no such thing as 100% perfection)
    if the person you want on your magazine is old, wrinkled, sagging, spider legs and etc, then the finish pictures should show that. stop selling fakes…

  • me

    I wish I had someone airbrushing all the pictures of me! lol just kidding

  • writing 4fun

    Beyonce’s photo was for the cover of Joy magazine in December 2007 and for Glamour in June 2009. I wonder if she even got paid for the use of this photo. On one of those photos she looks Latin on the other African American… I guess Russians don’t know any better any way 🙂

  • Tiffany L. Goad

    that rug look like it has tiny penis coming out of it.

  • Tiffany L. Goad

    so basically on kiera knightly they drew on her face

    • theTsaritsa

      Look at her body… she suddenly has boobs in the second photo.

      • Tiffany L. Goad

        I know right..they could of just done a different person that looked like her and it would of been better

  • Jenn

    I think Faith Hill looks gorgeous either way. She could not be Photoshopped and would still look fantastic.

  • GD

    the person who work on this did a really good job you don’t see any deterioration in the photo

  • jeff loggens

    thanks styleblazer, that was suitably disgusting.

    stop airbrushing! jeesus!

    The Mariah Carey one is shocking, as well as the Fergie one. I didn’t know Fergie was a forty year old, probably nearer to fifty.

    In a lot of cases they’re just taking away from the original human beauty of these people.

    • theTsaritsa

      Fergie’s face can be explained in one word: meth.

  • jeff loggens

    The creepiest thing may be the way they change the smile in all these pics.

    • Greg Easton

      We really don’t. What we DO do is remove the little lines at the edge of the mouth which in turn makes the mouth look smaller.

  • vuu

    why’d they make Beyonce darker than she is?

  • Jaykee

    but eva longoria looks exactly the same before the photoshop :O

  • Cindi

    I wanna have my pictures airbrushed!! Boo Hoo.

  • mimi

    No wonder, none of us will have those perfect celebrity bodies. They don’t exist!

  • dude

    None of the “sources” linked to are actually sources. This rag has no integrity

  • Nel

    Did they airbrush Eva bigger than she actually is? That seems different..

  • Alex

    Eva Longoria looks great in both pics if you ask me.

  • Me, Myself and I

    They left out the most airbrushed of all, after Kim Kar’Trash’ian and that’s the narcissistic Jennifer Lopez. Oh and don’t forger Cher who is so plastic she could pose as a tupperware container.

  • bored

    okay first off the only time anybody actually airbrushes anything is when your custom painting a car, this is photoshop get your terminology right. secondly this is far from being an egregious use of photoshop. some of these photos aren’t even the same photos (mariah carey, jessica alba, kourtney kardashian), several others are just adjusting the contrast and color balance (faith hill, megan fox), or just merely removing a wrinkle or two (penelope cruz). that leaves very few that are actually manipulating body parts and most of those aren’t that bad either, eva longoria has those curves just was posed bad, kierra knightly has those breasts they were just strapped down. its not a big deal guys, there are real things to get pissed off about, the only photo here that is truly offensive is the one were they try to make beyonce look white for a russian magazine. thats racist and screwed up and worth getting upset about, the rest get over.

  • Yvette Ceron

    Silly most of them, except a few, looked great before the photoshop.

  • sports23fan22

    Thanks Madonna. I just threw up in my mouth.

  • nickole

    i will not let you make me think mariah carey is unperfect she is the most perfect women in the world

  • teriquajones

    I can’t believe Danielle Gray actually used the term “Air-brushed”! If any work was done on these pictures, I promise it was done on a computer. It’s 2013 and we call it “Photo-shopped”! BTW, Those are 2 completely different pics of Jessica Albia!!

    • theTsaritsa

      “Photoshop” is photo editing product, which contains an “airbrush tool.” The author isn’t wrong. Perhaps she didn’t feel like endorsing a brand name.

  • Layna

    Jessica Alba’s are two different pictures. Note the facial expression, and position of legs.

    • theTsaritsa

      They’re different photos from the same shoot. You can tell which one has been photoshopped.

  • Cmccarty25

    Jessica Alba’s photo isn’t even the same photo! She’s looking the other direction in the first one….

  • Jay

    I’ve seen other photos manipulated to a higher degree than these. Regardless, this collection of women is beautiful and talented beyond measure, obviously worthy of their place on a pedestal for others to admire (or critique). I suggest everyone here get someone to airbrush their photo and see how it comes out. Couldn’t cost more than $5 to get a talented someone to do one photo. Good luck on the results.

  • robertoblake

    The Jessica Alba pic wasn’t even really air brushed, it was color corrected because the original photographer used a flat color profile in his camera and shot in RAW so that he would be able to color correct and sharpen the photo later. Any of the minor air brushing on that pic was to get rid of artifacts created by the sharpening….

  • tyty

    Oh come one! Most of them are not THAT airbrushed at all and the only thing that was done was changing the LIGHT which is a common procedure in photography and especially for photographers who photograph in RAW (who knows photography will know what I mean). Only a couple of them were altered noticeably, but the rest were not, so just embrace the fact that they are really beautiful people who also have the means to maintain their beauty.

  • Meg

    It’s really disturbing to see just how drastically these women have been done up, and most of them don’t even need it. In fact, I think some, like Faith Hill, actually look worse in their touch-ups. At the same time, while I do not ever try to look like a celebrity (I hardly ever wear makeup as it is), and no matter how unrealistic these photoshopped or plastic celebs look, it’s just as disturbing to witness how much better I feel after seeing the truth of it all. Every dang time. Not in a catty or competitive way, and not even because I lack of confidence, because I don’t really. It’s just between the plastic, gravity-defying boobs and crap like this, we’re being conditioned to think that comic book look that has to be doctored up is normal, even desirable, while the true concept of normal is considered obscene or even undesired. It’s sick. Why are they shrinking women who are already Size 0s? That’s insane.

    It not only lets some men (and some women) think that this perfect chick actually exists, that breasts never drop, that eyelashes are a foot long, or that the long flowing mane of a celeb is a genetic blessing and not the extensions of someone else’s blessing, but it’s even has most women subconsciously thinking that this unrealistic goal should be what all women encompass, If they don’t, then they better pay or starve themselves to have it. I feel extremely sorry for younger generations of women who only known these fake looks and what photoshopping and the rest represents. They aren’t going to have memories of the past, where women weren’t touched up so much, or where the definition of healthy was actually healthy and even achievable. Sane, even. It reminds me of a video I saw recently on Youtube, called ‘Killing Us Softly’. Lot of truth to it, and this stuff proves it.

  • Anna Rather


  • Kyle

    Wait… is Megan Fox supposed to look good in one of these?

  • daniellestepper

    I stopped reading when you couldn’t even spell Britney Spears correctly. Go back to school.

  • AA

    I kind of liked the before on KK.

  • iwantapony

    Why is that old , dried up fatso hadji chick still talked about?!

  • dafairygirl

    #15 Mariah, the right handed image of her posing in a black bikini is a MUCH younger Mariah, not an airbrushed current image.

  • saved_1990

    All they do is make them smaller really. Its crazy that they care about weight that much smh

  • susan p

    This is one of the lamest excuses for even paparazzi ‘journalism’ I’ve seen since glancing at the “inquirer” in the grocery store aisle. Was this person under deadline without a clue or what?
    #1- These are gorgeous women even without photo editing…which is the technical term. #2- Some of these before/after “comparisons” are not even the same shot…check it out…closely.
    #3- Some are simply badly exposed shots (or made to appear that way because no photographer of the caliber that would be hired to do glamour shots of these women would ever let something like that out into the mainstream..). Most every pro does some form of editing before letting a photo out of the gate, and many of these have been enhanced with simple adjustments in Photoshop that anyone could do…and perhaps that is what did happen to create the less than pefect “before’s” for this article?.

    As for making these women more “glamorous” or “perfect” they’re already amazingly beautiful and ‘ttttthat’s Hollywood!

  • susan p

    Many of these are taken years apart or are photos of photos (online or in mags) which have been altered (intentionally lightened and even just differently cropped) in a (lame) attempt to create an article.

    This is perhaps the most shallow example of “schock” I’ve ever seen.

    Total waste of time and cyberspace.

  • Going_green

    She is such a pig. Why can’t we end the insanity and get the Kardashian garbage off the air.

    • LastoftheZucchiniFlowers

      ‘famous’ for nothing. unless being huge butted girls of OJ’s dead friend qualifies for stardom?

  • Tina

    Old hooker…anyone? LOL.

  • Tina

    Why was Kourtney’s baby getting airbrushed?!? These people are seriously fake and stupid!!!

  • devy

    some of them are completly different pictures. smfh

  • dave.

    Why would one need to airbrush Jessica Alba?

  • grossedOut

    Madonna looks absolutely hideous before airbrushing. Just hideous!

  • jkingsf

    this is perfect…”don’t hate me ’cause i’m beautiful, i’m just drawn this way” – jessica rabbit in “who framed roger rabbit”

    i don’t think that anyone is “hating” here. everything i’m reading sounds valid in some – or all ways. i just remembered this while i was cracking up at madonna. i grew up with her in the 80’s. her best cover shot was on her first album. “totes amaze” as the kids say today. hollywood haunting itself. art imitating life. or is it the other way around?

  • focus503

    Wow. The Madonna one was always obviously retouched, but the original…wowzers.

  • Vivian

    Jessica Alba is anorexic O.o

  • Ari

    Wow they even photoshopped Kourtney’s baby!

  • jimmy

    kim k is a disgusting model as well as her dipshit boyfriend

  • Kelly

    It is painfully obvious that several of the photos were “Frankinstined” together to get the end product. But What the hell…the public likes being lied to.

  • sheila

    Most of these women are transgendered.Beyonce to Kim Kardashian.I don’t get why so many transgendered celebrities fake having babies.Hollywood,can you please explain this trends?

  • jrsp


  • Vera

    I think it’s sick that female celebrities are not allowed to look less than perfect. Why do you think there’s such a high incidence of eating disorders and the sufferers are predominantly female. It’s okay for male celebrities to get crowsfeet and wrinkles and be a few pounds overweight but the females have to be airbrushed to near perfection.

  • PellLaker

    really? wow, I hardy saw any difference in the two pics! I am sure you can do better than that……..

  • acme

    They should airbrush the misspellings! Brittney???

  • Lexie MacIver

    Interesting that so many of them are not even the same photograph. Granted, everything you see in the magazines etc. is airbrushed, but give me a break. Someone on the beach with wet hair and no make up vs. a photo shoot photo. LMAO

  • nitra fleming

    wow I am seeing how OLD these WOMEN look before and THEY HAD TOO air brush their pics cause who wants a pic of saggy old dead back from the grave and back dames that if regular who would care the ONLY one pic i seen jacked up in photoshop in jenny love hewitt she looks amazing then they come making her boobs huge come on man

  • Zach

    these are horrible examples…in 3/4 of these the celebrities looks almost identical to the before or the before is a completely different picture/photo shoot (the mariah carey one, obv seeing as the bathing suit is different). There are plenty of examples of hollywood altering these images in ridiculous ways…this article doesn’t highlight that as well as they wanted to.

  • anonymous

    those are totally different pictures
    look at the baby’s fingers, and the hair. also why the hell would you change the color of a woman’s shirt?

  • Paula A Macias

    Crazy the big difference. Nothing can be 100% natural anymore everyone looks at these celebs as if they are perfect and it’s all fake

  • Johan

    To me, Alba looked better before air brush. Madonna was painful though…

  • LastoftheZucchiniFlowers

    is mariah carey wearing high heeled flip flops in the SAND? Ugh. She’s ALWAYS got a drink in her hand…..and I agree with Johan about Madonna: after age 50 a more tasteful shot would be appreciated? Fergie? OMG – scary…..Those eyebrows!

  • who the freak ever

    how ’bout you use the same pictures? else it’s, you know, fake or something…..

  • who the freak ever

    how ’bout you use the same pictures? else it’s, you know, fake or something…..

  • Virginia Ann Einsig

    these are two different pics
    you cant change the position of someones eyes with photoshop nor can you change the way there hair blows.

    • Virginia Ann Einsig

      or the place in which they’re are standing

  • Virginia Ann Einsig

    Madonna does not look like this in real person she is not that wrinked!!! and not due to photoshop but due to plastic surgery!!! this is crazy

  • 6281980

    Jessica Alba photo is not so much air rushed but better coloring added

  • 6281980

    lets not even talk about the human douche bag MADONNA SHE IS AN AIRBRUSH

  • Run for the hills

    MILFY, air brush real brush ie make up whats the big deal?

  • LiddyARA

    I thought Jessica Alba looked better before the airbrushing…

  • no

    number 11 is wrong on soooo many levels

  • Taylor

    I remember when Kiera Knightly was outraged. I would be too!!!

  • JoanCrawford1

    Mariah Carey wins this prize hands down. She is the most photoshopped person of all-time.

  • Brandon Montgomery

    “Britney” is misspelled.

  • AARP Member Madonna

    Madonna looks like the CryptKeeper in this photo

    • 1BGDK4U

      Hello Kiddddddddddiiiiees

  • Deano Jones

    “Airbrushing” is what guys did in the 80’s at carnivals on t-shirts. Photo Retouching is what happens to the images in magazines.

  • Kate Stotler

    Whoa! Madonna really looks bad!

  • Angel

    #12 is not photoshop for the sake of photoshop. Some countries do not approve lots of cleavage, so the photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt were retouched on the left to accommodate that for when The Client List ads are broadcast on international networks. If you notice, the rest of her is exactly the same.

  • Cramen De la Voir

    Some of these pics are from different times…different shots, different outfits…wtf? is right, who write this bullshit?

  • GarmanGirlofGallifrey

    Uhm, does anyone else notice they had to Photoshop boobs into a couple of the photos because the actress was rather flat chested? As someone who has more than I ever wished for and would willingly donate boobage to those in need, I find this amusing.

    • 1BGDK4U

      Boobage! That’s hilarious. I learned a new word today

  • Sonia

    Madonna looks NASTTTTYYYYYYUCK

  • julia

    If i hadn’t seen the before shot,i would not have been so shocked by the 2nd. That’s a lot of airbrushing. WHY?. They have also altered her skin tone

  • JPalm

    Left out Beyonce & Ugly Rhinna

  • Rose Marie

    The airbrushing of Jessica Alba – making her boobs appear bigger and her thighs appear smaller; and making her appear more golden than darker skin (she is Latina) after all, is just wrong in so many ways.
    What kind of role models are these supposed to be for young girls? No one is perfect! This is just plain wrong. Just let them be what they are, lumps, bumps, acne & True Skin Color and all!!

  • louise

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  • hellothere

    Ha ha. Title pic is most certainly a drag queen.

  • Rose Marie

    Jennifer Hewitt’s airbrushed to have bigger boobs, but her face is now way longer; how is that better? Penelope Cruz just had another baby; so the before shot is natural & a true mother; what’s wrong with that? There is no such thing as perfection, people!


    Carmy Cruise Feat.Michael Wealth De-Born & Pablo
    Single .Fever

  • John Felix Koziol

    With Jessica Alba, I cannot see any difference between the original photograph and the air-brushed photograph.

  • John Felix Koziol

    The day is coming and coming really soon where no amount of makeup and airbrushing is going to prevent Madonna from looking old. In fact, with all the makeup that her and other well-known women in the entertainment industry wear that makeup is only going to contribute to them aging.

  • John Felix Koziol

    If, eventually, the before photographs are going to be shown anyway, then why not go with them instead of wasting time and money in doctoring them up?!

  • spongeO

    Madonna looks like a corpse

  • Siryn9

    The record should show that some of these are NOT real examples of airbrushing (SOME, not all). The WORST example is the one of Jennifer Love Hewitt (#12). I KNOW this because Jennifer Love Hewitt publicly criticized the photographers who took these photos as they actually chose to digitally REDUCE the size of her natural bust, making it smaller in appearance (this makes the “before” photo ACTUALLY the after photo). Can’t believe everything you read or see. HOWEVER, the same could be said of Kim Kardashian who is possibly the most airbrushed american in the country.

  • Magz Nhung Yamashita

    Why is it all women? Geez.

    • 1BGDK4U

      Trust me. It’s the same with male stars. I once saw Telly Savalas in Vegas at the roulette wheel and he looked about 85. A TV show he did a year earlier and he was kicking 30 year old @ss

  • vonseca78

    Can we airbrush them out of our lives?

  • Laura

    and not one of them needed it.. some even looked better before!

    • Samilcar

      Madonna needed it.

  • Jake P

    LoL kourtney kardashian a celebrity – what’ll they think of next!

  • cindylea

    I would PAY the photo shopper a big tip for this one!!!

  • bob

    half of these are different pictures not photoshop or shot in different lights

  • MBlack

    Wow these aren’t even CLOSE to the “most airbrushed” images. Has the author never read Vogue?

  • Elidee

    Without being judgmental on any of the photos. Ladies, how many of you now feel 100% better about your own looks and aging? How many men feel stupid for being so judgmental of a woman’s looks?

  • daleanah pearson

    The MC Is two different photo shoots

  • Robin Cornell

    Wow! Madonna looks like an ugly dried up old lady without the photoshopping. And you can see the little tails of the animals who were slaughtered for her fur. She’s so pathetic.

  • Vonda Conway

    i seen just a lot of color changing and smoothing but dont worry us normal people have instagram for that lol

  • JRRezmer

    anyone else notice that the two images being compared throughout this slideshow are not always the same image? makes it a little more difficult to tell…

  • betty

    this is why young girls are starving themselves to death

  • me


  • me


  • asdfghjk

    they made beyonce more black, that’s funny

  • asdfghjk

    they made beyonce more black, that’s funny

  • joscas21

    The thing is, they were all fine before the photoshop. Even Madonna… she looks great for her age and fake after photoshop.

  • Ashley

    The Mariah Carey Photo’s are like two separate years even the bikini’s are different

  • hello

    Not even the same pictures her face is turned in different directions and angles

  • hello

    if your gonna compare use the same before and after pic!

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    Wait… Beyonce is black???

    And her name is Bey Once… hmmm…..

  • Rose

    this one of Penelope doesn’t bother me — they evened out her complexion, that’s all. Not really much different than ‘shopping out a teenager’s zit in his yearbook photo. But the ones where the person’s skin tone or body shape (or in Madonna’s case, her age) have been drastically altered, then it becomes unrealistic, mis-representative, and just plain wrong.

  • Phillip Mitchell

    Photoshopped, not airbrushed.

  • fred smith

    without there ugly in first place especially kim k

  • Rob Dotzler

    Eva looked better before the airbrush, but still, what the hell is wrong with showing these ladies as they are? This isn’t Oz after all.

    • Jonathan

      They look like anemic vampires with the photoshp

  • rthtqrthqrth

    This is the worst example of celebrity airbrushing I’ve seen yet…most of them aren’t even that noticable except for Beyonce….

  • AtlantaTerry

    The Jessica Alba set is two completely different photos. Similar, but different.

  • NorthE

    I don’t know why people continue to support Kim K out there. He kid is also ugly.

  • misstiffie

    i love how they made eva “thicker” lol but overall they dont look too much different. nip and tuck. but madonna scares me the most. shivers. and kourtney looks better before.

  • meeeeee

    wait the two jessica alba pictures arent even ther same… i know they’re airbrushed but her facial expression, eye position and hair are different

  • beansmorocco

    Most of these were back-touched. In other words: They took a photo (edited or not) and added flaws…now THAT is fake.

  • denise

    Beyoncé didn’t even need the airbrushing

  • Homer

    Looks no different, she’s still a cellulite fatass niqqer loving whore…disgusting pig shouldn’t be allowed to breed, her fling kanye shouldn’t be allowed to breed either! ignorant pos!

  • BigApple10

    They are scary,YUUUUK

  • Ojai CA

    And people wonder why our young girls today are so insecure and strive to be “perfect’. They are given fakes to mimick in the tabloids! Should be illegal!!

  • margaret foret

    I think no re-touching should be done. Let all the young girls who look up to these “stars” know that they are not perfect and they “young girls” should not measure themselves to someone who is not real in the pictures. We are all human and all have flaws-be real because not everyone can be painted perfect.

  • paintme!

    they don’t look that much different,cartoon character’s,hardly! alittle,more or less tweeked,cept for Madonna, who wants to look old? Not someone who’s trying to date 20 somethings .

  • jdcupcake35

    Jessica Alba’s photos are from two completely different photos. Look at her legs, hair waving, and the fact she is looking in two different directions. We need to be careful with taking what we are told on these pages.

  • NinaHowl23

    Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian looks better/healthier in their before photos than in their photoshopped versions of themselves… Madonna and Penelope Cruz look like modern day witches…

    • Jonathan

      Right, they looks so much healthier before the photoshop. They look like vampires in the after photos.

  • KatRob

    I like the Madonna one, she looks like an old hag. Oh, sweet karma.

  • David Gillam

    For some of these girls (like Alba) there doesnt seem to be a need for airbrush. Dont know why they do it.
    OTOH, there’s the ones like Madonna, where after 30+ years of sexual antics too perverse for Penthouse to publish and a list of drug addictions that rivals most rock bands combined, they need the airbrush just to try and make her still seem human, much less alive. Attractive? That became impossible a few decades ago.

  • Bored

    Some of those aren’t air-brushed. They’ve been chain-sawed!

  • Ronnie D @ Ventura Ca.

    Dating one of them AIR BRUSHED women is/would be like dating A CLOWN & i’m not that funny

  • Bea

    Did you guys really not notice these are completely different pictures?! LMFAO!

  • Elle Winstead

    I don’t understand the big attraction with this family. What the hell have they done? They don’t act, they don’t sing, their deceased father was one of O.J. Simpson’s “Dream Team” of lawyers. Almost 20 years ago. Big deal. None of these women have done a damn thing except for their mother, who managed to emasculate a famous olympic athlete and make him look like a henpecked idiot. Other than that, they are nothing. They’re simply famous for being famous.

  • TheyRout2getMe

    I like how Spears have no left knee not to mention a shade lighter.

  • ShaakiraTS

    huh? this isn’t even the same pose…..

  • AK

    Didn’t really think Kim or Eva looked that different. They looked good in both pictures…

  • Dan

    Alba looks better NOT photoshopped.

  • Ang

    Mariah’s isn’t even the same bathing suits in the pictures… lol

  • Torri-Lynn Gonzales

    Madonna looks beautiful either way so I don’t really see the difference.

    • pullyouheadoutyoura

      umm… ur sweet lol cause no

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    Someone worked lots of overtime on Madonna.

    • pullyouheadoutyoura

      seriously that pic made me regret being curious

  • joe

    Kim K still needs a lot more air brushing than they gave her

  • joe

    They forgot Melissa McCartney in the heat poster

  • pullyouheadoutyoura

    the horror! the horror! X-(

  • Miguel Cortes

    The Jessica Alba pic isn’t airbrushed — it’s a retake in a different setting. Der.

    • Briea

      Half of these aren’t even the same shot. Mariah is wearing a completely different bathing suit. That wasn’t even on the same day… How do we know that wasn’t taken years ago?


    It is required of them,this false sense of perfection. So what do you expect? People are always judging each other so we have a world of photo shop images and plastic surgeons.

  • Elissa Steidley

    Dang! Madonna looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet lol

  • John Suni

    These pictures pale in comparison to what stars & everyday women do to themselves. Look at any before/after shots of celebrities with & without makeup and it’s far far more dramatic than these pictures.

    What inner craving for attention lives in women that they have to paint there face like a clown or drag queen?

  • Dave

    I can see were Kim K. could use alot of work. It cracks me up these articles about her looking so good after child birth. Good Lord, and Kanye do you have such disrespect for yourself to hook up with this thing. Birds of a feather I suppose. You know your family is trying to keep a straight face. Tie a board to your rear end so that you don’t fall in. Poor Mrs. Humphries…

  • jjjj

    I understand Madonna being shopped, but Beyoncé looked 100x better before than she did after.

  • Mihi

    Come on Fergie is ok

  • cyrusian


  • Trey Drier

    I have never seen more annoying ads than the ones on this site. I understand cash flow but these are way too intrusive. It causes frustration to the point of leaving the web site. Kinda defeats the purpose.

  • Kimberly Schoenrock-Williams

    Eva Longoria,,,hahaha they had to ADD some poundage to her boney self.

  • Elizabeth Anne

    Girls everywhere should see this! 🙂 We try living up to society’s expectations, but we don’t see the truth, until now!

  • idestineerubyi

    Everyone Knows Kim K uses Air Brush its her trademark

  • Hoekom Jy My Haat

    There should be a requirement that when a photo is air-brushed or photo-shopped that it be identified as such. And why would anyone waste time being interested in Kim K. She looks like a fat Armenian char woman done up to look glamorous. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig?

  • Beth Thomas

    Doing airbrushing like this is just plain WRONG! As example looking at the before & after Mariah Carey pics is incredibly deceptive. I know she is 44 years old and it’s expected that she will have flaws like stretch marks, a little fat and her breast are going to sag a tad, but they photo shopped her to make it seem she still has the body of a 21 year old and they gave her a killer tan! THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! What is wrong with Hollywood and society to doctor up pictures to where we cannot view our popular, desired celebs in their real form! I am just saying that we know a youthful body will age with time and to try & decieve us in thinking a 4 yr old woman still has the body of a 21 year old is WRONG! Let’s be realistic and now BS the public into thinking that we can have a youthful body for 20-30 years! It causes too many unrealistic expectations and I am sure has caused many people to starve themselves to death literally trying to keep up with photoshopped pictures. Looking at the real Mariah Carey as a 40 year old woman makes me feel better about myself versus the photoshop version. Hollywood and ALL THE PHOTOSHOPPED PICS sends a totally NEGATIVE vibe to the average american!

  • us_of_a

    looks like they made the right decision

  • Seola

    OMFG, the ads. There should be laws against the assault of ads of this proportion.

  • Charm

    Beyonce looks amazing on both photos.

  • Daniel Cox

    Photoshop isn’t much different than what make-up is used for.
    Just imagine if people stopped using make-up.

  • Vanessa Battle

    It just goes to show that even celebrities have dark circles under there eyes and a host of other things. Its so important to love yourself. When I seen these images I immediatelly thought of how some girls actually cut out pics to look like these airbrushed celebs. It really is CRAZy!!!

  • slv

    air brushed — hardly! it’s called Photo shop

    • Gert

      Not to pick nits but the tool used in Photoshop to make most of these corrections is called ‘airbrush’.

  • Shamontiel

    *shrug* Interesting post but I just don’t salivate at the mouth to see flaws in photographs of another person nor do I compare myself to them. Those who are insecure in their own bodies will always enjoy seeing another person with physical flaws. Problem is you don’t seem to realize that while you’re paying that celebrity and his/her Photoshop so much attention, you could’ve been using that time drinking water, in the gym or doing something productive in your own life to better your own health.

  • Shamontiel

    Someone already mentioned this about Beyonce, but I’d also like to point out the gripes Alicia Keys has mentioned. She actually asked a mag to keep her exactly how she was, from pimples to thighs, etc., and she still looked GREAT. And I’m still trying to figure out what drugs the staff of Lucky magazine was on to completely change the look of Kerry Washington. Not every celebrity wants to be Photoshop’d. While there are celebrities who ask for unattractive photos to be taken down of them, I honestly just think that’s human. When was the last time you posted a bunch of photos you couldn’t stand on your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr accounts? Didn’t think so!

  • deb

    Jennifer Love Hewitt still looks ridiculously beautiful in her “before” shot.

  • Cheryl

    If they didn’t photoshop them then people would be on here laughing at all there fat and wrinkles.

  • mightythor

    The Jessica Alba before and after aren’t even the same shot (different head angle).

  • Bob

    Total bullshit. Most of the before pics were airbrushed to death as well. This is a lame attempt to glorify these women, with the idea that they looked really good before (except Mariah), and why bother. ALL of these pics were airbrushed. A cheap psychological game of manipulating the masses.

  • melissa

    those are two different pictures

  • Skulastic See

    Jessica Alba looks way better pre photo shop

  • AnnoyedByYourWeakness

    ABSURD HOW EVERYONE IS AGAINST RETOUCHING ALL THE SUDDEN, several of these aren’t even the same photo to begin with. (Jessica Alba one esp) Stop making out retouching to be so bad – Its totally fine. Media is disgusting how they inflate everything. Retouching serves a purpose to sell a product. If that makes you feel ugly or fat, tough luck. If your kids are affected by it, you are a terrible parent.

  • Jeff_Lightcap12

    The Jessica Alba one is totally not the same shot. the best retoucher in the world could turn a head like that. You people are all pathetic. Grow up.

  • Just sayin

    These are not real airbrushed pictures.. its obvious and yall are dumb

  • No

    can we just take the time to say that the jessica alba photos are 2 completely different photographs?

  • Valerie

    Ugh. This is pathetic. Some (not all) of these celebrities just had their photos “brightened” or their skin imperfections fixed. It’s sad that they’re deemed the “most airbrushed”. Whoever put this together seriously needs to sit down and think about their life and priorities and blog/write about things that matter or actually are about fashion as you are the “#1 Fashion Obession”. Blogging about celebrities’ “most airbrushed” photos makes you look like a shallow asshat.

  • ohgodspike

    Some of these are 2 different pictures. What’s the point of comparing? In fact, MOST of them are 2 different pictures. Doh.

  • jodie Langdon

    damn i think the opposit i think they all look horrid without makeup Jessica Alba maybe the only one who looks beautiful without but the others? owow they need some help lol

  • jabberwolf

    Jennifer Love Hewitt what part was airbrushed?? im looking hard.. damn is she like that in real life?!?!

  • idgi. all they did with beyonce was make her darker. thats not a big deal.

  • fooshnickins

    it’s Britney, not Brittney

  • James Wiltsey


  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Faith Hill was gorgeous as she was, and then they went and photoshopped her to look anorexic. I mean c’mon, look at that arm. That’s disgusting. -___-

  • ganbi

    LOL beyonce is perfect either way

  • Yasmine Allawala

    Some of these pictures aren’t even from the same day or same shoot, or same FRAME. Stupid.

  • angie buffa

    GIRLS AND GENTS, GIVE US MORE SHOWS LOVE angie.buffa@yahoo.com eyes wide open 1.11 radio show on line

  • angie buffa


  • Richard_Lionheart

    They look like anyone off the street, nothing special.

  • cloyd

    some of the photos that were shown are not the photo that was retouched…you can tell by the position of the face and also by the angle at which it was shot

  • LindsEy Barnes

    I think it’s hilarious that the photoshop hacks make the elbow joint the same width as the upper arm and forearm. Have they no concept or human anatomy???

  • Mads

    Dang, Kiera Knightley is flat chested

  • DS

    I think Jessica Alba’s before looks much better! Brittney’s, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s and Courtney’s before pics are just fine. Beyonce’s looks so much more natural!

    I don’t think Mariah’s are form the same shoot. Different bathing suit AND shoes.

  • pizzyb

    Kim Kardashian is black?

  • Jerjef

    Sorry but some of the before shots are not the shots that were photoshopped. Like the Jessica Alba One. The head is at a different angle and pointed in a different direction. Only so much can be done with photoshop.

  • Illogical

    In days of old (prior to digital manipulation), most of what was done was some airbrush touch-up work on the photos to remove things like small skin blemishes. Now wth what digital manipulation allows the artist to do with relative simplicity and efficiency, the end results are sometimes almost caricatures of the original photo subject. Its gone from subtle to ridiculous. A lot of the changes fit in the category of “just because you can do it, doesn’t mean it should be done”. I think the old addage of “less is more” is a more appropriate apporach to photo manipulation.

  • Vicki Appleton

    Crazy that they edit but they actually fattened Eva Longoria’s arm – says a lot about pressure to look good. Can’t do right cos you’ll do wrong!

  • bloom

    In Jessica Alba’s photo, I think that there are two different pictures.. The background isn’t the same and the shape of her lips aren’t the same either.. or is it just the power of photoshop?

  • Bindy

    Do you notice that the baby’s hands are in a completely different position and both Courtney and baby’s head are also in different positions. Photoshop cannot move the position of the person or object, so clearly this is 2 different photos. Anybody ever thought that the dress color was changed due to the cameraman’s wishes or the editors hell even Courtney’s wishes. THINK PEOPLE some of this is done just to get reactions

  • Roger Flanagan

    Just a couple of things, one if your going to compare photoshopped images to not photoshopped, THEN USE THE SAME DAMN IMAGE. Two, skin smoothing is done on almost every image ever..since photoshop has been out (before then we used lighting tricks). Lastly I do agree that when photoshop is abused (all the time by glossy look at me rag mags) it does harm to the self image of the impressionable. Also the only time celbs complain about it is when it obvious….because they’re shallow too. One more thing,

  • Bill

    A lot of these photos aren’t even air brushed that much. The ‘before’ photos of Madonna and Jessica Alba aren’t the same pictures as the ‘after’ shots. The photographer hasn’t set up the lighting in either. So the bigger boobs in Alba’s shot is simply a trick of light, creating more shadow (same for her collarbone).

  • bagles

    gota say jessica alba looked better before the airbrush.

  • Dakota

    Some of these aren’t even the same pics

  • GerryL

    Have you noticed that Beyoncé, just like Michael Jackson, is starting to look whiter and whiter as she gets older?

  • Kay

    I’d be more impressed if you had actually used identical shots that had been air-brushed….most of these are different…some in completely different poses

  • Kayla Ann Suverkrubbe

    I think drawings can be attractive, but damn it’s like we’ve got it in our heads that any wrinkle whatsoever is ugly and it must all be smoothed down to a flat surface. Come on! People’s skin has wrinkles in it when you stand or sit…I don’t understand why it’s considered ugly? Maybe if there is too much in the face it can make you look older but a lot of these just try and remove any and all of them especially in the body. I don’t get it.

  • Your Everything

    i don’t buy it.. she’s looking a different direction

  • Jane Tow

    oh come on

  • Beck

    Kourtney Kardashian looks better before

  • Rosemary Mather Turner Degroat

    This is why our youth are starving themselves, trying to achieve a look that isn’t realistic.

    What a shallow and egotistical world we have become.

  • vincent

    it’s hollywood, not surprising in order to sell magazines

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  • wishful thinking

    I don’t like this at all. Madonna and others don’t any better.

  • Andy

    So now black women wearing human hair wigs sell hair-color ? False advertising

  • Regvita Maliugina

    It’s funny how most of the people are criticising celebrities for edited pictures when probably 99% of the girls on the internet edit their own pictures before posting it online.

  • Courtney

    The author just sounds like a hater. Most of them still look beautiful. Get a life.

  • bananas

    everyone should show their true selves. ?why should l listen to people who are lying about who and what they are. they should be ashamed and feel bad 4 being so selfish but who should blame them when their own mother filled their heads full of lies. cris k lied to her own so she could be rich and will lie to others

  • Jumbo

    How about the fact that clearly some of the before pictures are different shots than the after pictures. Their clothes are slightly different and the angles are different.

  • Ita Borrita

    so they changed the positioning of her head with photoshop? They moved the positioning of the babies hands and closed the fingers with photoshop? The Photo was better in the white dress. The purple dress is painted in and her stomach is flattened, but it is clearly two separate photographs.

  • Mia C

    Wild. How’d they get the unairbrushed pics?

  • JEN

    It’s the damage this ridiculous practice does to young girls who think they are not good enough because they don’t look like this, that concerns me. NOBODY looks like this. This all comes out of the fantasies in the minds of the men who airbrush these photos. Not only is it wrong a misleading – its a bit sick!

  • sandra

    no mention of the flat, bad lighting in most of these images then?

  • Robert Micucci

    This woman reminds me of my Xwife… Fake ., Rude and selfish,,, Oh yeah .. Narcissistic..

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