15 Of The Ugliest Celebrity Hands (They Aren’t Always Perfect All Over)

We know it’s hard to be perfect, but sometimes celebrities make it look so easy. Considering all the advances in plastic surgery and airbrushing technology, it’s easy for many of them to appear perfect. But one thing that plastic surgery has yet to address is hands. As you’ll be able to tell from the following photos, there’s not much one can do for veiny, aging, or mannish hands. It may seem mean but we’re just trying to point out the realistic attributes of these seemingly perfect celebrities.

Check out 15 of the ugliest celebrity hands!



 Sarah Jessica Parker



This Sex and The City star represents very well for the beautiful celebrity/unbecoming hands syndrome. 




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  1. says:

    There is nothing wrong with Meagan Foxx, Serena Williams, or Lil Twist hands.

  2. says:

    Over half of the hands featured in this article have absolutely nothing wrong with them. People really need to lower their expectations. They’re human too. Maybe some of you need to step back and examine your own imperfections before you pass judgment on someone else.

  3. says:

    hands r hands nobody cares about hands

  4. says:

    If you wanna know a woman’s age, look at her hands.

  5. says:

    I would take Megan’s thumbs if I could look like the rest of her! she is absolutley gorgeous!

  6. says:

    Where are Mickey Rourke’s “Satan Hands”?

  7. says:

    The toe thumb is freaky. And Sarah Jessica is too thin. She needs some fat in those hands!

  8. says:

    Madonna has the hands of an 80 year old!

  9. says:

    Catherine Zeta looks like she has arthritis. Wow.

  10. says:

    looks like she might have Dupuytren’s disease and some arthritis. hey, we all get older…just fact of life.

  11. says:

    How rude…i like hands that show character and hard work

  12. says:

    I would like to the hands of the person who came up with this article. Most of these people have nothing wrong with their hands.

  13. says:

    how rude! you can’t do anything about it so why zoom in and focus on hands that have worked hard thru the years. should be proud of that, just like wrinkles!!

  14. says:

    Yes but her ugly hands go perfectly with her ugly face!

  15. says:

    I dont understand why people judge women so harshly. most of these ladies are older and i dont think it takes anything away from the beautiful women they are. nobody ever comments on an older mans hands.

  16. says:

    What a dumb article.

  17. says:

    I dont see anything wrong with these hands, except for Madonna and the dude with the dirty nails. Everyone elses hands look fine and are the result of natural aging.

  18. says:

    SJP always had awful hands and feet and the face isn’t much either. Fashion was the distraction. Madonna? That’s unbelievable! And the most shocking thus far, is Catherine Zeta Jones. Where did she get those sausages?

  19. says:

    Ever since the episode on Seinfeld featuring the woman with ‘man hands’, I can’t help but notice those. My evil sister has them, but she also has man shoulders and until she had a bad boob job, she had ‘man chest’. She was always the school yard bully and how she’s a 57 yr old adult bully.

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