StyleBlazer Exclusive: We Chat With Spokeswoman Nicole Christie On H&M 59th's Redesign, Reopen, & Future Plans!

StyleBlazer Exclusive: We Chat With Spokeswoman Nicole Christie On H&M 59th’s Redesign, Reopen & Future Plans!

The now, new and next is everything in fashion; especially in retail.  Standing stores have to keep their shelves stocked with the latest styles in a space as equally as attractive as the apparel it carries.  If anyone knows this, it’s retail giant H&M. Yesterday shoppers kicked their heels up as H&M swung open the doors to their newly redesigned 59th street store, here in New York City.  The new design features an open floor plan, shops within the shop, new lighting and overall more accessibility to customers.

Amidst the mix of eager shoppers, summer and fall fashions, and reopening day deals, we had the opportunity to discuss 59th’s redesign and H&M’s coming projects in an exclusive interview with Spokeswoman, Nicole Christie.

Hear what she told us below.



SB: What prompted the redesign?

NC:   We’ve been here over 10 years, now and we’re starting to rebuild and expand our current stores and open new stores.  We want them to feel updated.  We’re always trying to keep our stores fresh and exciting.  And we want them to have the fashion feeling that we bring with our collections to extend to the actual look and feel of our stores.  That’s going to be H&M’s future in the U.S.

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