20 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes (Yup, They Said It!)

"Tom Cruise"

We’ve all said some pretty dumb things when contemplating life, our own goals and philosophies. We’re just lucky nobody was around to record them. But these celebrities didn’t have that luck! Then again, when you are in the lime light, shouldn’t you be a little more cautious about what you say?




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  1. says:

    this was a really dumb list!

  2. says:

    I hope whoever wrote this was fired and whoever approved it took the walk off the plank with them. I have never seen such garbage in my life, even from a crappy tabloid like this one.

  3. says:

    Stupid, stupid list. All the stuff is really recent, and most of it is just lies instead of stupidity. How about Alec Baldwin advocating the murder of people who don’t agree with him politically?

  4. says:

    I thought Kris Jenner’s claim to fame was that she used to be a guy.

  5. says:

    Wasted my time, I could of been sleeping!

  6. says:

    All stupid libs too!

  7. says:

    I actually found this list to be quite annoying. I hope whom ever wrote this isn’t allowed to do something like this again.

  8. says:

    LOL on Britney not having any screws loose when she was younger…ever stop to think maybe she’s just kinda…I dunno…naturally doofy?

  9. says:

    If this had been posted on cracked or a website dedicated to something other than “fashion” I imagine the responses would be much more positive. Instead we just have a bunch of white knights defending their favorite celebritards.

  10. says:

    Christened has to do with the general anointing of something, it need not be in a religious sense. If you didn’t know, Christ wasn’t Jesus’s last name. He was called Jesus the Anointed (Christós). He was called Jesus of Nazareth in his time; only referred to as Jesus Christ after the fact. May we add your name to the end of this list regarding your quip of David Beckham? Or was that your intention for this whole article?

  11. says:

    Wow, that comment AND he cheated on Demi because he was sad she couldn’t get pregnant at 48???!?!?!?! Ashton REALLY IS Kelso!

  12. says:

    Seriously, half these quotes weren’t even dumb and the writer’s response to them were often dumber than the quotes themselves.

  13. says:

    I love this list!!! It takes these things that these ‘stars’ say and holds them accountable!
    Particularly love the one with Tom Cruise!!! What a joke! Have boycotted every film he was in since Top Gun!

  14. says:

    Who the hell wrote this garbage? The quotes would have been fine, without the inane, bizarre commentary.

  15. says:

    Honestly, of all the people on this list, Cruise is probably the one I would have pegged for the most lacking in sense prior to reading through it; however, his quote is actually quite benign. If anything, the fact that it even appears on this list demonstrates how poorly suicidal ideation is understood as a psychological issue for the vast majority of people =/

    • says:

      I don’t think his comment had anything to do with suicide. It seems that (at least out of context) he was talking about wanting to fly as a kid. And he realized what “wanted to jump off a cliff” must have sounded like and immediately clarified himself.

  16. says:

    Making the assumption that Ashton can read.

  17. says:

    Why do you spell Heroin as h-eroine? Heroin is the drug. Heroine is a female hero. H-eroine is not a word at all in the English dictionary or even the Urban dictionary.

  18. says:

    You have confused nationality with race, common mistake for
    the poorly educated.

  19. says:

    Where’s a quote from Ben Ghazi?

  20. says:

    Ahhhhhh….. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quote is priceless. Maybe he should stick to taking the sheep and cows out to pasture in… Austria!!

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