20 Multiracial Celebrities (Some May Surprise You!)

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Nowadays, especially in the U.S., being biracial or even multiracial is extremely common. In many cases, you can easily tell that someone is biracial but there are some people who look like they’re mixed, but you can’t exactly tell with what. Here are 15 celebrities that are shockingly multiracial!


Styleblazers, which multi-racial celebrity surprised you most?



  • sodapop

    Races: Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid.
    Most of the combos listed were nationalities or ethnicities…

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Not anymore. Not since the latter half of the 20th century.

    • yourdad

      ur dumb.

    • hustle

      you are sooo right I learned this in social sciences.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      and that being said… by those races inter-breeding.. we all got somr mixed race in us.. nobody is better than the other.. in fact African should be calling th shots.

  • Devils Dad

    Ryan Lochte..part Cuban…swimming….jokes?

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    The shocking list would be “Celebs who aren’t mixed” isn’t this America? That means they are just like the rest of us.

  • wepo1

    Yt’s are funny, because how can someone be half Jewish! That’s like saying someone is half Christian! I guess i’m half Kemetian, but i forgot those rules don’t apply to blacks!

    • qtpi

      Exactly! Half-jewish? WHen was Jewish a race?

      • chuckleberry74

        Being Jewish is an ethnicity as well as a religion. Traditionally, one is considered Jewish – or half-Jewish – through the mother.

  • qtpi

    What a stupid list. Being a quarter this, or a quarter that, does not make one bi-racial. Maybe, multi-ethnic. There is the Black race, or White race. Chinese, Syrian, whatever the hell else are not races, but ethnicities.

    • WOW

      Black is not a race.

    • Kayo

      Spaniards are White.

      • HotMedusa

        Spaniards are at best Caucasian; saying that they are “white” is subjective…especially in the U.S.

        • Michael P

          There is a difference between Spaniards and Latinos. Pure Spaniards are white Europeans. Latinos are usually meant as descendents of the Spaniards who mixed with the Natives in the New World or they could also be the Native Americans themselves.

      • Yelow Wolf

        sorry dude spaniards are not white even Portuguese and Italians you jews,arabs belong to other race

        • Marta Rizzo

          Spaniards are one of the whitest folks in Europe. BTW google caucasian race and learn. GO and tell that to Pau Gasol, Fernando Torres or Fernando Alonso.

    • Wrong! There are 3 main races! The Black, The White and the Mongolian. Read a book!

      • qtpi

        So happy you read a book! Shut the hell up!

    • Michael P

      You’re an idiot. East Asians (Japan, China, Korea etc) are a race.

  • MrTooCold

    I thought this was an interracial list not a inter-nationality list…boooo

  • TheVoiceOfReason101

    Whoever wrote this list must have just come out from under a rock! WTF! First off, Jewish is a religion not a race. Secondly, as a Bi-Racial individual, I find it offensive when you say half black and half white… we don’t half a line right down the middle of our bodies or zebra stripes. Thirdly, you seem to be surprised that there are white skinned Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argentinians, etc…! And by the way, in today’s society, who doesn’t have a little mixed race in them. Pure ignorance!

    • eve

      I don’t and most of my family doesn’t

      • HotMedusa

        And you know this how exactly? No one is of pure-blooded anything…

    • I’m half Jewish. my dads grandparents came to america from Britain, Germany, and Poland but they were all swarthy semites, and spoke hebrew as their native tongue

      • blah

        Then you are half of semitic ancestry, but not a half-jew. How would you do that? Do you wear half a kippah? 🙂

    • Michael P

      Judaism is a religion. When you speak of the Semitic Jewish peoples, then it is a race/ethnicity.

    • Marta Rizzo

      ANd ARgentina is whiter than the USA.

  • The Hell is this Effery

    There is no such thing as race! There’s no “white race” or “black race” either to that other poster. It is a social construct meant to separate individuals and justify injustice to one group or groups of people. This is a list of nationalities and “ethnicities” which in themselves are delineated by a thin line.

    • Thenji Maynard

      In fact there’s an assumption here that the percentages derive from “pure” races. When they say someone is half-white and half-black, they assume that the two sides are “pure.” That pseudo-science has long been laid to rest. If you read the captions about some of the “surprises” – comments such as “shockingly enough,” “strangely enough” – confirms a certain biological determinism – as if the “races” did not stay in their lanes when they made their choices to procreate.

    • Michelle Yvette Jackson

      Thank you. There is no such thing as race. The first people from Africia traveled the world and the physical changes described as race are due to environmental adaptation. Languages, cultures, religions etc. developed and changed as well. There’s no such thing as racial purity. Men/women who come to power and wealth create elaborate systems in attempt to insure reputations, their descendents survivial and/or domination. We are made to read about their relevance in history books or on one Forbes list. The only color that ever really mattered was the color of your currency.

  • Thenji Maynard

    I was hoping to hear about Michael Ealy’s configurations, and more African Americans. I guess the list had to be selective….why? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Shamika

    “Jewish” is a religion..not a race!

    • eve

      that’s what i thinking who made this list

    • Ella

      you’re serious, aren’t you? -_- judaism is a religion. However, if you would please utilize Google, wikipedia, or an encyclopedia, you’ll find that it is also considered a race/ethnic group. some people are born Jewish because of their mother. they don’t practice the religion. there has been plenty of research determining that it is a race. Go look up what “race” is.

      • Ashley

        thank you, Ella. Knowledge is power.

      • BAS

        One cannot convert to become black. One can convert to become Jewish. There are black Jews, white Jews, maybe even some asian Jews. Not. A. Race.

        • avery37

          true i was just going to say,there are black,asian,white jews

          • Lein

            The Common Jewish Ancestry , I Think Extends Back TO The Middle East, Otherwise, Arabia, So Its Safe to Say That Jews Are A Mix Of Semitic And Hamitic , but more Semitic And As Such Should Be Considered, Arabian Or European. Either Way Indians Are A Separate Race
            Afghans Are Not ARABS

        • derekwashington

          One cannot convert to become black” You might want to let Eminem know that lol. I too wish the list had been one of “Nationalities”.

          • dj

            might want to let eminem know that? well in that case i guess you might want every person who grows up in an impoverished inner city know this also, or do you have to be black to listen to rap? or like your clothes to fit a certain way? people adapt to their surroundings. I hate when i hear people say that I, a person of black decent talk like a white boy just because i took it upon myself to make sure that i am an educated and we ll read and spoken man. Ignorance only makes you look ignorant with the things you say. and no sir, i am not attacking you in any way just giving my opinion

        • MikhaelMeir

          While it’s true that being Jewish is not a “race”, it is considered a
          national/ethnic group. It’s true that people with no ethnic Jewish
          descent can and do convert to the Jewish religion, and always have ,
          but in so doing they effectively join the Jewish nationality and
          converts (or their children) often marry people who are born Jews, thus
          most Jews alive today share a common biological descent from ancient
          Israel. Judaism is a religion, being a Jew need not only mean that you
          follow or adhere to that religion.

        • pfeiffer87

          It’s a more difficult distinction than that. The dna and religion is blended in such a way that it is difficult to define as one thing or another. There is such a thing as a Jewish “race” – the genetics prove that. There are many different types of Jews ashkenazi, Shephardic etc. However, I would argue that there’s no such thing as race at all and that it is a man made construct. Different ethnicities, backgrounds, culture, language, yes. But there’s only one race, the HUMAN race and the quicker we realise that the better for us all.

      • rpp1986

        You might want to do some research yourself. There are THREE races – Caucasion, Negroid, Mongoloid.

      • chitchat

        You should be the one doing research, Ella. There are Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, etc. who all have different racial makeup and ancestry. When we say “Jewish” in America or focus research on diseases prevalent among Jews, we are usually referring to the Ashkenazis who happen to be primarily white and European. That doesn’t mean that all of the other Jewish groups share that ethnic background.

        • mooncusser99

          Still, Jews are NOT a race.

          • Uncle Meat

            You’re correct. Its a religion

        • HarryChen

          Isaac and Ishmael are Abraham’s sons. One of Isaac’s son is Jacob aka Israel, ancestor of Jewish people. Ismael is the ancestor of Arabs.

      • Paulette33

        Tons of Hebrews/Jewish converted to Christianity, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism so people are mixed and don’t know it. Judaism is both a culture and a race.

        • mooncusser99

          Judiasm is NOT a race.

        • Fed_Up18

          Not a race. We were never a race, even when all those following Judaism could be found altogether in one place: we started as a subset of a group of what would today be called Iraqi.

      • Fed_Up18

        According to Jewish law, ALL people with Jewish mothers are Jewish, whether they choose to follow the religion or not. However, since you can NOT be born Jewish if it just your father who is Jewish, then it cannot be considered a race. People outside Judaism are very often confused by our rules & try to understand them using the wrong guidelines, hence, Judaism gets called a race. Add to this the fact that bigots who hate Jews treat it exactly the same way as they do races they hate & the confusion just grows.

        There is no research anywhere “determining that it is a race.” There is research that links scattered peoples through DNA. You have the same DNA as your parents – is your family a race?

        • dj

          i love this post. very intelligent.

      • Todd Toepfer

        Just because it is on Wikipedia doesn’t make it so.

    • sexcgenius

      WOW lol

    • Robyn

      Actually being ‘Jewish’ is considered to be a race.

      • Fed_Up18

        Only by people with no clue as to how being Jewish actually works.

    • the term Jewish is widely used for both race and religion.

      • merrakesh

        not RACE…. unless you subscribe to the Hitlerian philosophy of race….. but Jews are both a religion AND an ETHNICITY!

    • Kayo

      That is what I used to say until I said that to my Jewish friend who then informed me that it is both a race and religion.

      • mooncusser99

        Your Jewish friend is misinformed.

        • Kayo

          I think he would know better than anyone else.

          • I kow alot of white christians who dont know a true thing about their race or religion, but sure pretend to.

          • HotMedusa

            Not if he drinks the same Kool-Aid that many people in America drinks.

        • It is both kayo friend is right.

      • derekwashington

        Quick question; what is the difference between ethnicity and race? I consider myself quite bright, but, after this comment thread, I am confused.

        • Kayo

          Race = Asian
          Ethnicity = Japanese, Chinese, Indian

    • shannon

      thank you! thats what i was thinking. Whoever compiled this list does not know the difference between religion, race, or nationality

    • Yas

      Jewish is not just a religion. WE also consider it a race….America decides who checks what on forms! Educate yourself. I grew up in Israel, there are black jews(Beta israel..ethiopians), there are german jews, there are american jews, there are Israeli jews, there are syrian jews, there are jews from france, there are russian jews..and the list goes on…careful what you write :-)….BTW…I’m Jewish

      • Red

        As with any other religion !
        There are black muslims, arab muslims, white muslims, asian muslims… are they a race now ?!
        Funnily enough there are black christians, white christians, arab christians and asian christians… WOW ALL THESE RACES.

        Judaism is not a race- it is a religion whose followers are as diverse as any other faith. So I suggest educating yourself.

        • HotMedusa

          OMG Thank you for posting this!

      • Fed_Up18

        “We” who? You are the FIRST Jew I have ever read of who considers Judaism to be a “race”. Or do you mean “people”? Yes, we are one people – but you go on to contradict yourself in terms of saying “race” when you mention all the other races who are part of the Jewish people. (You can confuse people when you;re not clear!)

    • It is a ethnicity and a religion both.

  • Shamika

    Wentworth Miller, Sharon Leal, and DEFINITELY Bob Marley surprised me!!

    • karel

      Bob Marleys father was an old white British man smashing very young Jamaican girls.

      • Hater

        Bobs mother is afro-jamaican and father was a white british

        • J A SASSY aka salon22w

          what a combination .. and i bet he was called “n*gger” by many a white folks and he has white folks in him… wtf?

      • J A SASSY aka salon22w

        right, dont let those white men fool you.. they always have lust for blk women from back in the slavery days and before then… now its whatever.. but me i stick with my own.. and whoever said i said blk men are dogs.. is a lying a__ troll. i love my blk men…i just dont deal with the ones who date ww.. dont mean i dont still have my black love for them..they do them and i do me!

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      just goes to show you.. you dont whats all up in your family… you can be dark skinned and have a chinese grandma like tyson beckford nd naomi campbell.. Bob marley ..i knew because after seing his dark skinned jamaican mom .. you can only look at him and tell his dad was white or something other than black!

  • Kristina_S2

    Seriously though aren’t we all multi-racial? I mean outside of Asia you don’t find many who aren’t multi-racial.

    • Berengere French

      No, we are not all multiracial. One is multiracial when you comes from more than 2 racial ethnic orientations…i.e. Spanish, African, Asian. One is biracial when you come from two ethnic orientations… i.e. African, Caucasian. If one is Irish and Scottish and English… one is not multiracial because one is still considered caucasian. There has to be a true cross ethnic mixture for someone to be multiracial or biracial. And oftentimes, people confuse multiracial with biracial. There is a difference and there’s nothing wrong with understanding things as they truly are.

      • Kristina_S2

        I understand what you’re trying to say but what I’m trying to say is as far as ethnically/racially/culturally diverse countries are concerned no one is 100% anything. It gets dumb after a while trying to name every racial, ethnic, etc.. ONE person has, and while its presumptuous to look at someone and ask how are they multiracial when they look “JUST BLACK” or “JUST WHITE”, anyone that is “JUST BLACK” or “JUST WHITE” could say they’re multiracial because its not something you can tell by just looking at someone.

  • deanasia

    But Jewish is not a race, last time I remembered it was a religion ?

  • Kimberly

    thank you shamika! thats exactly what I was going to post!

  • BlackHippy

    Sorry boss!p i’m not going to click on 20 pages

  • hustle

    being cuban is not a race they come in all ethnicities blanco/negro/mullato/indian etc.

  • JennLove

    There is a difference between Race/ Ethnicity/ Nationality. I wish people would educate themselves Im tired of explaining the difference SMH

    • dj

      i love this comment, it is perfect, this is a end of discussion post ma’am.

    • Lana Ifill

      Then don’t, nobody asked you to tell them. Its not their fault for not knowing so don’t blame them. FYI don’t take the intuitive on asking them then you wont get mad. If you didn’t assume that you needed to explain to them, then obviously you wouldn’t get tired would you?. Take note: think if you need to educate yourself if people really need you to “educate” them first, because from the looks of it, you do.

  • As with many other discussions about race that I’ve read, this list is based on assumptions that people have about race, ethnicity and nationalities. I saw a few people on this list that were called “mixed” because a parent was Puerto Rican, Cuban or Mexican. These “mixes” as based assumptions that that parent automatically had to be of mixed descent. Typically when Americans hear that a person is Mexican, Cuban or Puerto Rican, a certain image stereotypical image comes to mind without knowing the full range of what a person from that nation could possibly look like. For example, if someone from Nigeria told someone that his Nigerian friend was “mixed with American”, what type of image would come to that person’s mind? An American could look like anything. This is my point. Although Americans tend to think of one image of a Mexican, there are descendants of Africans in Mexico as well as people who look as white as any white German. We can’t assume what Kid Cudi’s father looked like simply because we know he was Mexican. If his father was a black Mexican, would we still be calling him “mixed”? This is also true of Vanna White. Who knows if her Puerto Rican father didn’t look white? But because of the Puerto Rican label, we automatically assume that her father had to be of “mixed” race. Same with a Cuban. A Cuban could be of primarily Spanish descent, primarily African descent or something of a mixture. Without knowing the origins of people of various nationalities, the discussion on “race” and “mixture” sounds ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      PREACH! You can be half Cuban and half Irish and be of the SAME race: Caucasian! Also, Naomi Campbell is of West Indian descent, not African-American, but they didn’t say which Island she’s from yet the Caribbean Hispanic celebrities got the Islands they’re from. Why are ppl trying to make Hispanics this new race? They’re no different than Americans. They’ve got their Blacks, their Whites, their Native Americans/Asians, and everything in between!

      • merrakesh

        Personaly as an African American I am GLAD that you are pointing that out… I think Naomi Campbell is an embarrassment. There a plenty of people with black skin who are tagged as “african american” when they do something horrible but when they do something good the entire caribbean community wants to start waving flags!

        • paulette33

          How could Naomi Campbell be “African-American”? She’s British. So even if she was black-African she would not be African American. I do agree she is an embarrassment. Why Mandela is friends with her is beyond my comprehension. She is cruel and vicious.

          • Berengere French

            She’s African American because the Caribbean is part of America. Her Nationality is British.

          • Deidre Vincent

            Excuse me, what???! Since when is the Caribbean part of America? That’s like saying the Ivory Coast is part of France…

          • lisa

            Caribbean South America is a region of South America consisting of the nations that border the Caribbean Sea

          • Stayclose

            South America is correct…Not North America….

          • I agree with you totally every black is not African American just because they are black, someone needs to tell that to Mia Love the black mormon.

          • notolaf

            “THE” black Mormon? Talk about your ignorant generalizations!

          • Posh

            Well considering that Caribbean is not an continent, it is technically apart of the The Americas which comprises of North, South and Central Americas. The Caribbean is just a region.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Deidre, let me help you some here and hope you, and all those folks that also agreed with you, can understand why most people around the world know that the USA has got poor education when it compares to top nations and most nations in Latin America. When Columbus and the Spaniards, he was actually known as Colon, arrived to the new world they mainly landed on all of those islands, Cuba, La Hispaniola, now haiti and the Dominican Republic. Later on other Spanish explorer landed in the rest of SAmerica, Mexico and what is now the USA. That was like 100 yrs before the UK came to the new world. That new world from the tip of Canada all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile is part of America. And it also includes all those islands were Colon landed. In fact he NEVER made it to the USA. The USA isn’t America but part of it. ANd is very arrogant and ignorant of people from the USA to think that is the case. So yes they are all Americans. Now the Ivory Coast is part of Africa while all those islands are part of the New World which was called America. An extra bonus point, are you aware that Argentina, a Latino nation, is whiter than the USA? They got no blacks and very little Native Indian blood down there. They are mostly a mix of European blood from Spain, Italy, Germany and other nations. Second tip, are you aware that outside of Italy you will find more Italians in Latin America? Why, cuz Italians are also Latin and the culture, religion, language, people and their weather were closer to the down there than in the USA.

          • korbermeister

            that’s african Caribbean. find me one person who thinks caribbean when the word american is mentioned and i’ll give you $1000

          • JenInBoston

            Jamaica is NOT part of the United States and the “American” in “African-American” refers to the U.S. of A. and not “the Americas” in the “new world” sense. Yowsers…

          • Kelli Schultz

            Jamaica is only one Carribean Island, others include Puerto Rico, Haiti, Bahamas, Trinidad/Tobago, Antigua. This conversation is silly really, no matter where one is born, life originated in Africa, and over the centuries have migrated to other parts of this world. I wish we could just get rid of silly labels and just be people.

          • Jessica2248

            haha! wishful thinking!

          • SMH!!!

            That day is coming sooN 🙂

          • GingerMama

            Only those of us from the U.S. of A. think of “American” as exclusively meaning us. My husband is from Peru and thinks of “American” as being from the North, Central or South American continents. So he is “American.” But really if you read this entire message board you will discover that all our definitions are silly and contrived. We all clearly mean different things when we say the same things and we perpetuate racism or, more accurately, the media does so by always referring to someone by the color of his or her skin. My husband was born (and raised) in Peru to a Jewish father (whose parents were from Eastern Europe) and a mother whose father was Peruvian and whose mother was from Croatia. My family has been in the U.S. a long time but to trace our roots back my father’s side arrived from Ireland to Canada during the Potato Famine, so my great-grandmother was born in New Brunswick. My mother’s side came over from Scotland even earlier. So our son has Jewish, Croatia, Incan, Spanish, Irish and Scottish blood. Have fun defining HIS “race” folks!

          • SMH!!!

            LOL…I’ll Pass:)

          • Me

            Ironically, America and Africa are BOTH continents. Making it even further ridiculous to call someone with dark skin and decedent of American slaves African American.
            Egyptians are African, whites in South Africa are African.

          • Tricia

            Actually these Islands were considered part of the “Americas” when the Europeans came to the New World

          • Marta Rizzo

            USA isnt America. All born from the tip of Canada all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina are Americans. BTW Argentina is whiter than the USA.

          • ThinkItsNotIllegalYet

            Naomi Campbell is ”Afro Caribbean” of Jamaican heritage… Thats what we British born people of Caribbean decent refer to ourselves as. Or ‘British’, ‘Black’ or even just plain ole ‘African’…… We see you clearly fell asleep during geography class lol 😉

          • Khrish

            Well it would be very difficult for him to spurn her…..imagine that would make news. lol

          • sosikofum

            Naomi Campbell is British since she was born in England. Her mother is Jamaican and the father also a Jamaican/Chinese.

        • fabulous1

          As the first person in my family to born in America I do not claim to be an African American. I am black person of Haitian descent. Despite others perceiving all black people or other races to be the same, that is not the case and where a lot of ignorance lies (not stupidity but rather a lack of knowledge). For example, West Indian blacks are completely different from Black American Culture. Our upbringing, values, traditions, state of mind, history, some of our physical features, and even our struggles are different somewhat.
          That is why Hispanics (those from the Islands) and Latinos (Those who are from Mexico, Latin America, etc) don’t like getting mixed up. I can only amagine what people who are mixed are going through. In the end this whole political correct things is so annoying and all b/c we don’t want to “offend” people when it can in fact do the very thing your trying to avoid. Keep it simple, just ask the person what do they consider themselves.When asked about my race I tell them that I’m either Haitian American, Carribean American, or just black.

          • DLB

            When people see you (cops, etc.) they are going to think you are Black! You get no pass anywhere in the world.

          • She did not say she wasn’t she said she don’t call her self African American. That is the difference. I have been born and raised in United States, I prefer to be called Black instead of African American because I simply have never been to African a day in my life. Although I am African Decent don’t make me African.

          • anne

            LOL i love reading you all…white american i consider them ,and they should be call( European american) Because they are. the real american is the original indeian hahahah.

          • Stayclose

            Lenita James:
            I’m white and you’re correct..I’ve been telling people, that all Blacks are not Africans…The have other Black nationalites blood in them, depending on where your parents or grandparents came from..
            You should try those Ancestors Genealogy and find out exactly where your family came from….

          • Hmmmmm, @Fabulous, you seem to suffer from the same afflction of ignorance of many of your Caribbean cohorts…that Haitians, Jamaicans and the others are NOT of African descent. Some of us landed in America and others landed in Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and so on. ANd you also need to get a grasp on the idea of the differences between race, ethnicity and heritage.

          • Ruthie

            @yahoo-2SPEKPPLAG5CJCDSCXMDSH2AOM:disqus, Fabulous is not saying she is not of African descent. What she is saying is that she is not African-American. This is just a fact not a judgment. Nothing wrong with using the term Black instead of African-American. That is what I use because it is more accurate. I was not born in the US or in Africa but I am Black.

          • Marta Rizzo

            If those black slaves landed in Haiti, Brazil or any other Latin nation they are also American, black but American. The USA isnt America.

          • HabibtiKhalisa

            “American” refers to United States nationality. People in Haiti, Brazil or other Latin American nations are black Haitians, Brazilians and Latin Americans. They could even be called “North Americans” or “South Americans” but not simply “Americans”, as that is a nationality.

          • maria antonieta

            In Latín América they would call themselves Americans.When the word América was invented,it didn’t include Usa.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            What do you mean “when the word America was invented it didn’t include USA”? It referred to both continents of North and South America, so of course it would have included what is now USA. Furthermore, “American” is an Anglophone term anyway so it’s completely irrelevant to Latin America where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken.

          • maria antonieta

            When the word América was invented,it only includes what today is South América, later it began to be used for the rest of the New World.So when the word America was invented,USA was not included.Also, American has a traslation in Spanish and Portuguese “Americano” .If a Latin American spoke English would say that he is Américan too and that America is not USA.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            My point was that only Spanish and Portuguese speaking people get hung up over “America is not the USA” because of the language difference and the fact that they have a name for USA nationality that isn’t “American”. Since Anglophones, Francophones, Italians etc. don’t use any term like “estadounidense”, we refer to US nationals as “American”, “Americain” or “Americano”.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            If a French says ‘Americain’ or a italian says ‘Americano’ you wouldn’t know, out of context, of course, if they are refering to a North, Central or South America citizen. If a British says ‘American’ then, yes, most likely he’s designing an USA citizen.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            Of course I would know who they’re referring to, because they don’t use “Americain” or “Americano” in their languages to refer generally to North, Central or South Americans. In their languages it’s referring to people from the US. That was the point of my post which you responded to. I really wish you had taken the time to comprehend it before responding.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            False. Even the enterity of English dictionaries define ‘American’ as an inhabitant of North or South America. Only in USA ‘American’ defines solely an inhabitant of the United States. It’s absurd to pretend that Canada or Mexico or Costa Rica, etc etc are not part of America, the continent.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            There are two continents, the “Americas”, not one continent called America.

            and I’m not talking about a dictionary but about how people talk in real life. No one’s pretending anything. I’m simply speaking about reality and how language is used globally. I’ve lived outside the US and have friends who live in Europe, so I know from experience that no one uses “American”, “Americano” or “Americaine” to refer to “inhabitants of North or South America”. No one in Britain uses the term “American” to refer to anyone but US citizens. No one would ask, “what part of the Americas”? in Italy in response to “Io sono una ragazza americana”, and no one in France would use “américaine” to refer to a woman from say, Canada. They use those terms to mean US citizen.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            Sorry pal, you need to take lessons not only about languages but about geography as well. So America is not a continent right? Well, where do you put the cut on the continuos to divide the continent? In Panama, maybe? So Europa is maybe 5 continents since we have Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central Europe. How many continents are in Asia then? The egocentrism and the need to separate themselves from the rest of the people of the continent of some North Americans living in the territory of the USA leads to many ridiculous absurds.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            No, Europe is one of seven continents on earth. The Americas are two continents–North America and South America. Central America is part of North America. That’s why it’s called “the Americas” in the first place. That’s what we learn in geography here. Maybe it’s different in your country, just like the language is different in your country than everywhere else, apparently.

            Anyway, this entire conversation is a colossal waste of time, because you aren’t going to get people to suddenly stop thinking of US citizens when they hear “Americans”, just because you and other Latinos don’t like it and insist on trolling online whenever someone posts it.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            Latino? They never have called me that way. I’m a Spaniard and your imperialist cliches dont work here. If they teach you that America are two continents, apart from being a blatant geographic lie, it reveals something a little worse: a supremacist and racist way of seeing things. Hope you are able to reasoning why.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            Latinos, or Latin Americans, are people who speak Spanish–the same language you speak. Those nations have historical and cultural ties to Spain. So again, it’s the language and cultural issue at play here. The Spanish Empire stretched from the U.S. down to Chile and they called their colonies América, so they refer to to both continents this way still but the English speaking world does not. The US is not the only country that divides North and South America into two continents. The British, Canadians, Irish, Australians, and New Zealanders also divide the Americas in two. Also there is such thing, in plate tectonics, as the North American Plate and the South American Plate, so the areas are legitimately two geographically divided continents. Naming them as one is more of a historical thing than reality.

            I’m not sure what’s racist about that at all; can you explain please?

          • Isidoro Blanco

            So if they say ‘somos americanos’ are they wrong or right? ‘Somos americanos’ = We are american. God Bless ignorance.

          • YaHabibtiColoosh

            No one said they were wrong or right. It’s just different language, different usage in a different culture. If a Mexican citizen visited the US and said “I’m American”, people would look at them crazy. *Here* it would be incorrect to say. In their country it would be perfectly right.

          • Berengere French

            Very good point. I totally agree. America is so colour conscience and it’s very arrogant to think one can place an identity on someone just because they skin is not white.

          • Milo Boricua

            Where did you get that Hispanics are from the islands and Latinos from the mainlands? Talk about ignorance! I’m Boricua or maybe, puertorican, and at worst, you may call me Latino, but never, ever ‘Hispanic’; That’s a label invented recently by the ‘american’ government for the purpose of grouping all people originating from Spanish-speaking countries to make it easier during surveys and to discriminate, of course! We are not one group or ‘race’. But you know what, if you know me, call me Milo, and if you want to know what I really am, I’m a human being!

          • capostatus84

            The problem with this is that many “latinos” also refer to themselves as “hispanic”..MANY ! So it all depends on the person when it comes to latino vs hispanic

          • Unfortunate Truth

            Actually “Hispanics” asked to be a subgroup so that they could receive Affirmative Action. They are now trying to associate themselves with “Native Americans” to curry more favor. Talk about parasitic.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Most “Hispanics” I know are white just like Latina Cameron Diaz. Also Argentina, a Latino nation, is WHITER than the USA.

          • Bella Americana

            just as long as you dont think you are french like most ignorant haitians say!

        • mrmann

          not all black people are “African American”.

          • Berengere French

            This is so true. If we are talking about skin colour then look at the East Indians and North Africans. The East Indians can be very dark but they are considered Caucasian or Asian. The North Africans are part Arabic and not at all African as we know Africans to be.

          • CC

            Since when is East Indians considered Caucasians . Maybe Asian. WHAT!!!!! North Africans are a mix of African and Arabic. They are still African decent. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING AFRICAN!!!!!

          • Actually, East Indians are technically a “Caucasoid” people–it’s determined by their features, not their skin color. Though, “Asian” and “African” are irrelevant as terms of “racial” identification, as they are countries with a rich multicultural makeup, even though we do still generally refer to the peoples of the Far East when we say “Asians” and the black peoples of Africa when we say “Africans.”

            Though, funny enough, just to blow your mind, there’s an “Asian-descended population of people that now live native in Africa, on the island of Madagascar (they’re called the Merina people). There’s even a large Chinese population on Madagascar, as well as a Japanese population in South Africa. “African” is a nationality, not a single cultural, ethnicity, or “race.”

          • Dude

            Actually arab is something of a misnomer. Today people who arte basically Eiropean are called arabs, because they have been arabisized. The original arabs of the peninsula are not only darker, genetics tests have shownt have much more negro,african hetitage than so called other arabs. And peninsulan arabs are the original ones. tyhe others are conquered people (like the various berber-speaking groups) that a more or less embraced arab manners and culture and yes mixing of course.

          • You got any sources for those claims of genetic tests and of the history of the “original Arabs” there? It’s not that I’m ready with disbelief in claims–I’m just not ready with belief in claims, either.

          • rexblueriband

            Where is YOUR proof, Brian Lockett??

          • notolaf

            Just to nitpick – “African” is NOT a nationality. Continentality, sure, let’s go ahead and invent that.

          • Mastermix

            Many North African Arabs are mixed ( not all) and have been so for thousands of years.Especially from West Arabia and Yemen as a result the Somalians, Ethiopians Eritreans kind of look different to other none north African Africans. Same in Arabia many are mixed with blacks and some are full back.Black or brown color doesn’t determine your race because there are mixed black people whiter than Italians and Spanish, there are Indians who are blacker than black Africans

          • HabibtiKhalisa

            Most Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans are NOT mixed. Somalis in particular are the most homogenized ethnic group in Africa. The characteristic “Horn of Africa” look originated there and has nothing to do with any mixing; they are older human populations than Arabs or Europeans and if anything, Arabs and Berbers got their looks from these black Africans, not the other way around.

          • MarkinTex

            CC, do a little research on the Indo-Aryan migration to the Indian Subcontinent c. 1500 BCE. Depending on whether an Indian is of Indo-Aryan descent rather than Dravidian descent, it may be more accurate to classify that person as caucasion. Both the Indo-Aryan languages and their genetic haplotypes have more in common with Near East and European populations than with Asian populations. As far as North Africans go, they are mostly caucasian descent, but they are also african descent, just not of black descent. They are not a “mix” of black and “arabic” as you are implying.

          • HabibtiKhalisa

            There was no “Aryan invasion”, it’s a myth propagated by white nationalists to lay claim to India’s history and culture. Not only that but North Africans are not of “Caucasian descent”; their ancestors were black East Africans not whites from the Caucus and looked like Somalis/Ethiopians/Eritreans rather than like Europeans. There has been admixture from invaders from Europe though but Berbers are genetically closer to black Africans from the Horn than to Europeans.

          • ethnicallyspeaking

            East Indians have always been considered Asian.

          • “Asian” is a region, not an ethnicity or “race.”

          • frauleinschmaulein

            How could “Asian” not be considered a “race”? When I fill out applications of any kind, there’s always a section where you check what race you are, and there’s Causasian, African American or Black, Asian, Hispanic or Non-Hispanic. If you’re Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. and somebody asks you what race you are, what are you going to say? You’re going to answer, “Asian”. “I am of the Asian race”.

          • “Asian” is a generalization of anyone from Asia, and often times, a crude one when used on job applications. Not everyone from Asia features tan skin and an epicanthic fold over their eyes. For instance, the various peoples of India migrated to Asia long ago–they’re technically classified anthropomorphically as a “white” people, even though they live in Asia and can feature skin darker than some even some “black” people.

            You also have many people in central Asia who do not fit the typical idea of “Asian” when people use it. If anyone from Turkey was filling out an application in the West, to avoid confusion, they’d most likely fill out as “Caucasian”–even though, most ironically, they’re probably the only people in the world who are literally Caucasian, as in from living near the Caucasus mountains.

            Just because we may use generalizations here in the West doesn’t mean it’s a pure reflection of our various anthropomorphic and ethnical classifications. If anything, where you find the most heterogeneity (such as the melting pot that is America), you typically find the crudest generalizations among “races.” Heck, even “races” is a crude generalization, since we’re technically only one singular human race, but only with various ethnicities among peoples crudely called “races.”

          • fraulein

            What do you want people to put on applications in place of “Asian” to describe that particular race? “Oriental”? Would that be less offensive? “Asian” IS a race.

          • MarkinTex

            Not true. Subcontinential Indians of Indo-Aryan descent are more closely related to Near Easterners and Europeans in language and genetics than they are to other Asians. Subcontinental Indians of Dravidian descent are Asians.

          • Khrish

            I agree. My history is unique and I am Black American. Anyone can be African American who comes from Africa. Though I realize that way back my roots from one side of the family are from Africa, They haven’t my history in America since I didn’t immigrate here. Black American: Black being the noun and American, the adjective.

          • Mieli

            …Adjectives are always placed before the noun. So you would be American black. But I’m just an African from Africa speaking commonwealth English. Here we consider “mixed” on a cultural level. I’m just saying.

          • Khrish

            Touche! I am a Black woman who is American. When I enter any place the first thing people see of me and note is that I am Black. Sentence construction matters little.

          • Izza

            Sentence structure may have little to do with how people see you or how you define yourself, but it has everything to do with what gets called an adjective and what gets called a noun.

          • Khrish

            As it’s said “If I didn’t define myself for myself I’d be locked in others fantasies of me and eaten alive”

          • Izza

            Nobody is saying you can’t define yourself, just that you can’t redefine adjectives and nouns…

          • natoshuh

            True that!

          • MarkinTex

            Uh, wrong. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

            American (noun) ə-ˈmer-ə-kən
            1: an American Indian of North America or South America
            2: a native or inhabitant of North America or South America
            3: a citizen of the United States

            American (adjective) ə-ˈmer-ə-kən
            1: of or relating to America

            2: of or relating to the United States of its possessions or original territory

            Black (adjective) ˈblak
            2.b.: of or relating to any of various population groups having dark pigmentation of the skin (2): of or relating to the African-American people or their culture (3): typical or representative of the most readily perceived characteristics of black culture

            When referring to a PERSON, American is a noun, and black is ALWAYS an adjective, so you would say “She is a Black American”, just as you can say “She is an American”. Because you would never say “She is a Black” (see how insulting that sounds?) you would never say “She is an American Black.”

          • ethnicallyspeaking

            No, we’re African American. We went from colored to negro to black to African American. That’s the history. The reason is that we want to acknowledge our pride in the homeland, and since we were snatched and don’t know precisely what tribe/people our families we come from we just say “African,” and combine that with American. Blacks born in Africa or the Caribbean or the descendants thereof identify by their country of origin, e.g., Haitian-American.

          • Khrish

            when I enter a room anywhere in the world, my blackness preceeds my American…..I am Black american. I acknowledge my pride in America but I am still Black and they never let you forget it ANYWHERE in the world. I describe myself……not you.

          • Peter

            Exactly. So a white South African who emigrates to the US would be a South African American. (for example)

          • Khrish

            my close friends who are of Indian roots but lived all their lives in Kenya, African American, although they consider themselves Canadian American because they came there from Kenya and then here.

          • Stayclose

            Kenya is not Canadians, Kenya is from Africa….The Canadians are mostly Native and French….

          • Khrish

            Next time please read my post correctly. I said that my friends are of East Indian decent born in Kenya, Africa. They immigrated to America from Kenya, Africa so that makes them African American. But they live for a time in Canada, if they immigrated from Canada then they maybe Canadian American. I do know the map.

        • Bill

          The movie “Prometheus” has a scene with only the two actors Charlize Theron (female) and Idris Elba (male). One of the actors is African-American, and one is not. Most people would assume incorrectly which actor is which.

          • rocklesson86

            Elba is not African-American. His Nationality is British, but his parents are from Ghana and Sierra Leone.

          • lalalala

            Charlize Theron is from South Africa.

          • 808TBQ

            I think that was Bill’s point.

          • Bella Americana

            Elba is beautiful!

      • Kimsworld

        My understanding is that individuals from Spanish speaking countries in South America prefer to be referred to as Latina/Latino to avoid referring to the label of Hispanic which is related to colonization by Spain. Latina/Latino, per the US Census’ separate category, is only to refer to whether someone is connected to a Spanish speaking country. Separate questions address race, ethnicity, color, etc.

        • Pbellinghas

          That’s rather silly. “Latino” comes from the Latin language which is just as European as “Hispanic”, which comes from Spanish. I think Hispanic is better because that’s the language spoken, unless they’re Brazilian. People need to stop being so offended by words.

          • maria antonieta

            And Hispanic was not invented by Usa for Census,it existes since Roman’ s times.Usa only changed and confused the meaning of the word as always

      • mrmann


      • Berengere French

        Cubans and Irish are not the same race. Cubans are Latin and Irish are Caucasian…

        • Cubans are a mix of Spanish (white), natives (Indian), and African. The majority of Central and South American countries have this mix. There are pockets in different countries of just Spanish or just Indian. In fact, my co-worker named Ramiro is just such a person. He is of Spanish blood and not mixed, but his family is from Mexico. As a native of Southern California, this is very interesting as most people that think of Mexicans think of people that look American Indian (dark skin, hair, eyes). Ramiro shows his European heritage very well with lovely fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Everybody from the area that he grew up in looks similar to him (according to Ramiro).

          • jake

            Not only is Cuban not a race- neither is Caucasian – that is a term used by police in the US to describe people who are from Europe – it has no basis in anthropology at all – the Irish belong to the Celtic race along with the Scots, Welsh, Cornish and Bretons – and they are all about 4,000 miles from the Caucasus.

          • frauleinschmaulein

            Okay. So, then I guess you’re saying you prefer “White” over “Caucasian”?

          • The Celts started near Rome and moved Northward. That is why the original peoples of Iberia are called Celtic-Iberians. The Celts fled northward as Rome advanced. Caucasian describes people near the Caucus. It is just easier to say that then Irish/Danish/English American. Oh, and a I have a splash of French from the Plantagenets as well as some Scottish and a dash of Spanish. So, just easier to say Caucasian.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            Celtic is not a race. It’s a Ethnografic description.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            Hispanos were the White people descent from Spaniards who inhabited the lands of New Spain (most of western usa states and north of Mexico) before the expansión and conquest of the West by the East. So many people in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, etc of Spanish descent are truly european, without native american admixture.

        • korbermeister

          you’re ignorant. cuban is not a race.

        • Marta Rizzo

          You are a great example as to why the education in the USA is so poor when it compares to top nations or most nations in Latin America. Most Cubans I know, like Cameron Diaz and Andy Garcia, are Latin and also Caucasian. Their background is from White Spain when their ancestor conquered the world over 100 yrs before the UK landed anywhere in the New World which was called America. Latin nations are: Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Romania and they are all CAUCASIANS. BTW Argentina a Latino nation is WHITER than the USA. Google Caucasian race and you will see who is the fool and ignorant.
          “Over the European and Mediterranean area and western Asia there are, and
          have been for many thousand years, white peoples usually called the
          Caucasians, subdivided into two or three subdivisions, the northern
          blonds or Nordic race, an alleged intermediate race about which many
          authorities are doubtful, the so-called Alpine race and the southern
          dark whites, the Mediterranean or Iberian race.[26]”

      • Kasia

        Exactly, the only thing that distinguishes them is that they speak Spanish. Are we going to be saying people from Spain are Hispanic now? I do not consider “Hispanic” race.

      • mp71

        It’s Jamaica in the Caribbean where Naomi’s family are from. She was born and raised in London though..so technically she’s Black British.

      • anne

        Naomi Campbell’ s Parent are from Jamaica, Caribbean Island.

    • anon

      But you’re talking about skin color. It doesn’t matter what skin color a mexican has or a puerto rican has. That is still their race,regardless of what the skin color is. We know there are some darker than others but that’s not the point.

      • chitchat

        Mexican is not a race, it’s a nationality. Puerto Rico (even though it’s not a country) is a similar case. There are blacks, whites, mixed race, etc. people living in both places. That’s like saying there is an American or Candian race.

        • graceunderfire.

          Would you pray that these people listen? I’m tired of distinctions being made as if to impress others and getting race, nationality and even religion all mixed up. I don’t know what Geography and history is being taught to these people but if people who start these threads are uninformed, they will attract most of the same kind of people who would think “my race is American”. You said it well in shorter words. I get going and can’t stop sometimes….:)

          • JibaritoPR

            Peeps: There’s only one race: The Human Race. The world is a fascinating place and so are people. People mixing is beautiful, I should know because I’m very mixed: Puerto Rican, Italian, Black African, Irish, Taino Indian, born in the US, raised between Europe, The Americas and The Caribbean. I have carried on the family tradition started by my parents and uncles, continued by my brothers, sisters and cousins. We have all married into most global nationalities/ethnicities: Irish, Italian, German, British, Swiss, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, American (US), Canadian, Argentinian, Brazilian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Chilean, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Panamanian, Argentinian, Uruguayan, Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Austrlian, Tunisian, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Israeli and many more. Our long family has all kinds of mixes. It’s marvelous. My advice: Just enjoy your time on this planet, since it’s really ephimerous. Just get along and enjoy life. Enough of this race bullshit and goverment/politicians and biggots propaganda. No matter what we look like or where we hail from, at the end of the day we’ll turn to dust. End of the story.

          • Absolutely. It only has the meaning that is ascribed to it, this race thing. It is a societal construct based on visuals…eye shape, nose shape etc. All irrelevant unless we decide they matter. Not that we should pretend we DON’T see color and differences..our differences are part of our beauty. We are the perpetuators of this…we can also learn to let it go. My husband is half Pakistani, part Mongolian, part Irish and part German and has always said he doesn’t feel the pull of any of them more than the pull of just being a person and so he only describes himself as American because that is a clean slate and the most representative of his world view and life experience.
            All told, this is a very interesting discussion.

          • Jibarito Boricua PR

            Chrissy: I hear you! Nowadays people take this crap of race and features to seriously as if it was the end of the world. We should just embrace diversity, get along and enjoy the fact of just being alive and enjoying life per se. It’s too ephimerous as it is. Way to go with your family! Keep mixing! 🙂

        • lucascott

          Indeed. I worked on the show Prison Break with Wentworth Miller (whose father by the by is only half African descent) and he and I had a bit of a laugh because my great grandparents are Irish, English, Cherokee, French Canadian, Puerto Rican, and Japanese which makes me a race/ethic mess when it comes to defining myself according to government terms. I was born in the US so citizenship wise I’m American. Well technically I could say British American since I’m a duel citizen thanks to the distribution of the various factors. I remember telling Wentworth that my answer to the question often depended on which answer would get me free money for school or such. Otherwise the answer is merely “I’m me.”

          On the one hand I find lists like this and the whole “surprising” to be crude and absurd. But on the other hand, I find those surprises just show why defining people by their race/ethnicity versus the quality of their character, their sexuality etc is the absurdity.

      • Arabs??

        • GJM

          Arabs are considered to be Caucasian, I believe, but race is something imagined (a “construct” as academics call it) anyway. There is no significant biological difference between people of different “races,” just variance in physical appearance (which happens within races as well). And ditto to those who remind the author of this piece that being Latino/ Hispanic is not a racial classification, but an ethnic/cultural one! there are Latinos of all “races!”

          • Yelow Wolf

            arabs are from like the spaniards!

          • Marta Rizzo

            There isnt any trace of Arabs in Spaniards. Google Caucasian Race. Also many Arabs are considered white and some are blacks too.

          • MAQ

            Hey, I was taught that Arabs are actually semetic not caucaisian.

          • Arabic people are white America does them like people from Spain and Portugal and do not label them as white.I have some Portuguese in me and I was confused if Portuguese people are white, but the term is Luso and Portuguese people I finally figured out are white.

          • Berengere French

            Portuguese people are hispanic.

          • Jane

            What do you mean by “hispanic”? Portugese people are white, same as Italians, Spanish, etc.

          • maria antonieta

            Hispanic doen’t mean not white.Really is a real white word.

          • Berengere French

            They are semetic.

        • ouch…

          The term “White” refers to any person from or descended from peoples that originated in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

        • parkwood1920

          Arab isn’t a race either—it’s an ethnicity. You can be Asian, Black, or white and be Arab. Most people that we call Arab are of West Asian (usually called Middle Eastern) descent.

          Practically everything that Americans learn about “race” (a made-up construct used to justify colonization and slavery) is an absolute lie.

      • Yonnie

        Anon, you are confused. Mexican is not a race. It is a nationality and an ethnicity.

      • dj

        it is not their race it is their nationality, a black person of brazil or a white person of brazil will always be brazilian, because the is the Nation from which they come but they will be black or white because those are Races

      • native american and lndigeneous mexicans(which are the true Native Americans) are genetically asian. There is no Native American race.

        • Berengere French

          Native Americans are anyone who is born in the Americas. This is not a race.

        • Emmeaki

          Also the native Australian Aborigines are of a different “racial” group.

    • 100% correct. These are people with mixed nationalities, not races.

      • Khrish

        Exactly. I just see them as maybe multicultured. They are all of the HUMAN RACE. My grandfather was Native American…I am Black American because I am only 1/4 as some are depicted in the article. so what’s the point of this article?

        • jake west

          We have the human species that have three main races European, Asian and African, human race used as a whole is a missuse. I don’t think acknowledging races is evil. Some people are oversensitive about it others are like, eh, race just is.

          • Anton Schrader

            I Would break that into Five, European, Arab, Black, (East) Asian and Native American. anyways, the point is that in most cases they confused races with nationalities

      • Europeanwoman4Obama

        Eddie, thank you for pointing that out. For a country that is so entrenched in racism, you would think they would take the time to really study racism. You can be all white from different countries. I had a friend told me once that she is mixed because her father if French and her mother German and she continued, but I am Spanish because i was born in Madrid.

        • Stayclose

          You are a citizen of Spain, but not by blood…You’re nationalities goes by your father’s French last name and by his blood and your mother by her blood..So, therefore, you are French and German, but, a citizen of Spain…

          • SMH!!!

            She was making reference to a “Friend”.. not herself

        • jake west

          The zionist marxist coined the term “racist” Originally Europeans and European Americans as a whole were separatist when it came to “mixing”as a whole with non Europeans. If this is considered wrong or evil, then it is no more so then Zionist jews living in Israel. Today jews are the only legally sanctioned protected race on Earth. Don’t believe they think of themselves racially? Try becoming a citizen to Israel and they will mention an official genetic test along with proof of jewish ancestry that goes back insanely far, farther then the most scrutinizing white purist.

          • Guest

            You are so wrong. I am a Jew (Conservative Movement), I am African-American (West African, Blackfoot and Illini Native American tribes, and Irish), and I am also an Israeli. When I made aliyah (I became an Israeli citizen under the Law of Return which allows Jews with at least one Jewish grandparent or a formal conversion), there was never a question of a damn genetic test, for me or for anyone, be they a Jew from America, Germany, Ethiopia, Russia, China, or anywhere in between. The myth that all Jews are Ashkenakim (white, Eastern-European) became prominent and popular after WWII and the Shoah (Holocaust). We Jews are a People, we share a religion and history. We are not a race. Hitler was the one who said that we are a race (and again, he was looking at the white ones from Europe). Proof of Jewish ancestry for immigration to Israel for citizenship requires either a letter from a Rabbi or community leader stating the immigrant’s ties to the Jewish community, and a copy of the parents’ ketubah (marriage contract) OR a certificate of official conversion OR a document proving that at least one grandparent was Jewish (because evil Hitler determined that a Jew is one who had at least “1/4 Jewish blood,” it’s only fair to turn that negative into a positive by allowing those descendants the opportunity to live a positive away from any further persecution or to fulfill their dreams). We Jews are black and brown and white and mixed and are an amazing, connected PEOPLE.
            Now go read a damn book and learn some things before you continue to espouse your ignorant rhetoric.

          • Ori

            I am an Israeli by birth but I assure you that Israel’s “criteria” for ‘Aliyah’ are based in racism and that Ashkenazi Jews in Israel (at least the above 50, ruling class ones) consider themselves ‘White’ and do view the world through a prism of white supremacy (not necessarily European, but as light as skin as possible). That is because the Zionist ideology borrowed heavily from the Fascism of Europe at the time which promoted segregation on all fronts – cultural, religious, ethnic/racial, etc… Jews had suffered heavily from it in Europe, and when attempts at assimilation were perceived to not be working, they internalized the fascism of Europe and projected it onto Palestine, justifying it through the Torah and Jewish heritage. If a Palestinian had a Jewish grandparent, but identified as Palestinian, they would not be granted Israeli citizenship or considered Jewish or Israel, because they are a member of an opposing political entity (at the very least, Anti- or Non-Zionist) and therefore cannot become a “member of the club.” I do not believe in God, or a Jewish state, or a Muslim state, or a Christian state, or any kind of state that is based on artificial criteria. I believe only in a free state for all of its residents, and not pseudo-scientific bullshit about who is or isn’t a Jew, which I can assure you they never attempted to determine about me or my family, because we “seem” Jewish. Israel’s current ideology is based on segregation and fascism. It is economically advantageous to divide people and assimilate them into niches, because they will act predictably and then can be easily controlled by the ruling elites. Western states are about economies. Israel’s biggest institution is the military and occupation force used to forcibly expand and settle the remaining Palestinian lands. Western countries (like the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc.. all settler states) are based on forcible settlement, and forced assimilation of all residents into a particular aesthetic. Without the army, Israel would not exist as a “jewish state” and without dividing people between who is a “Rightful heir to this land” (Jews) and who is not (non Jews), there would be no army, and thus no arms industry which is the biggest industry in the Western world. Its cool that Israel “Accepted” you, but you are merely lucky in the fact that you don’t understand the agenda, and think it has anything to do with “Jewishness” or that Jewishness is somehow superior to the native inhabitants, and that all this “criteria” is anything but primitive bigotry and xenophobia intended to create a Utopian supremacist state.

          • miss_butterlove

            whatever makes white people comfortable is what they go with and subjugate others to comply with. I mean… you’d turn Jesus into a white man too if you were raping and abusing the very people that he looked like and looked like him. You wouldn’t feel to comfortable going into your church every sunday morning to a pray to a man who was from the lineage of people you made do unthinkables to your body the night before. Good post!

      • science tells us there is one race: Human. Of course, they used to divide people into 3, which were Caucasian, Negroid & Mongoloid (Asian). But, this is not scientifically correct & we know this now. Besides, American Indians were considered Caucasian, as were Arabs & other groups. All of the people listed above are of mixed ethnicity, which is no big deal b/c most Americans are mixed anyway. What a person chooses to identify as is up to that person, we don’t know their reasons & its none of our business. Most of us say African American, because at one time there was so much emphasis on color that it became rude to say “the black guy” or “the white woman”. I taught my kids to specify who they were referring to by for example “The woman in the red dress”. This keeps people from being so caught up in what color a person’s skin happens to be. But, however a person chooses to identify if no one’s choice, but their own.

        • Amanda

          I like the idea of referring to someone by what they are wearing, rather than the color of their skin. I will be passing that one on myself I think.

        • keith

          no youre wrong, race is not a clear cut divide, for example East Asians are very closely related to native americans, but yes our species can be divided into different common ancestor lineages that share similar genetics.

        • Blackhawk

          Science tells us there are several races..and it’s not just about skin color.

          • alasia min

            *sub groups not actual races

        • poss0021

          3 races is an oversimplification, but you are delusional if you think population genetics in ethnic groups, largely breeding only with others in that same ethnic group, don’t play a huge role in all of the variation that you see in the human race. Small differences lead to huge variation. What you and others in the SOCIAL sciences are pushing, is wishful thinking as dangerous as any social Darwinist or proponent of eugenics.

        • alasia min

          if you use black, white and asian at any point then you’re just subscribing to the fact that there are in fact 3 different phenotypical groups of humans. Scientist say that in the end they aren’t separate species however they can’t deny they they are in fact phenotypical groups. Medically certain groups of humans are more susceptible to certain diseases than others which only give the subcategories of humanity their merit. They do have some basis but the point is that in the end we’re all the same race and just because we look a little different doesn’t mean we should go around thinking that one group is superior or inferior which is what the problem was during the age of scientific racism.

      • Nomad

        Twelve out of twenty are of mixed races, eight out of twenty are mixed ethnicity.

    • StepOff

      So Zimmerman is Hispanic.

      • The Spider

        Yes, he is. So was Roberto Clemente. Zimmerman is best desribed as a mestizo, the result of one part european, one part Inca Indian. If you put on Inca headdress ths become quite clear. So the process is called mestisaje.

    • Right On, Sistah! I said this a lot of times. People do not get it. But it is the so-called White media that Brain-wash a lot of folks. And oh yes, look how “Americans” mean only the people of the United States of America and place else. Jews have been made into a race. True Semites (People of African and Asia mix) are no longer called Semitic People, And goes on and on. It is so sad that a lot of people have fell for this propaganda.

      • Semites are not a mix of African and Asian.

      • Berengere French

        Well, I must agree. Actually, Jewish is a Culture and a Religion. As we know, one can be a Spanish Jew, an Italian Jew, a Polish Jew, and even a Ethiopian Jew. But America loves to label people in a perfect box.

    • RW

      Yep. Some ARE mixed race, but others are just people with mixed nationality and shouldn’t be on the list. Like with sarah paxton its not even remotely shocking that she has blue eyes and blonde hair because she’s probably only “mexican” in that (according to wiki) her mother was born in mexico. This doesn’t mean her mother had any spanish or otherwise latin genes. Any white person could move to mexico and have a kid there making that kid “mexican” but not racially.

      • susan

        She’s also not really “blonde.”

        • schlitzsky


      • ouch…

        A Spaniard is of Celtic/Iberian blood and are considered white. I agree, any “white” person ( Spanish included) can move to Mexico and not be Mexican. A Mexican is a mixture of Spanish (where blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes, etc come from), Indian (where the dark features would come in), and +/- African. I am so tired of people saying that the Spaniards are not Caucasian (white). Antonio Banderas who is a Spaniard also correctly labels himself as a “white” person.

        • The very same Antonio Banderas who believes his Spanish blood entitles him to lobby to play the role of Dominican international playboy (known for his 18-inch endowment and marrying the richest white women in the world during the 50’s anbd 60’s), Porfirio Rubirosa, who was a black Latino.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Porfirio Rubirosa wasnt black at all.

        • Berengere French

          Spaniards are not Caucasian. They are Latin. Spain is a Latin Country, the same as France, Italy and Romania.

          • Latin went clear up into Briton. In fact, the word “Briton” is the Latin name for that part of the world. The word “English” (OK, this is the modern word) is the name that the Anglo-Saxons (Germanic in origin) peoples gave the Island after Rome left. Latin has affected all of the modern European cultures and languages. Thus, I don’t understand how you can label any specific European culture as “Latin” when they were all affected by the Romans.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            Well, all the europeans are mutually affected in a lesser or major degree. being the Romans the first people or tribe to unify most parts of Europe under their dominion, but there are some languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, etc) that are direct descendant of Latin, the language of the Romans.

          • Pbellinghas

            Caucasian is a term related to 19th century racial theory. It includes Northern, Central and Eastern Europeans (but not East Russians), Mediterraneans (including countries like France, Spain, Portugal and Italy) and Arabs (Hamitic). Spaniards are completely Caucasian. The term Latin comes from the linguistic derivations of the Latin language, so Spaniards are Latin as well, although it isn’t a racial term.

          • korbermeister

            LOL! spaniards are european (open our eyes for a minute and you might actually see something!) and all europeans are categorized as caucasian. what you’re referring to applies to the language; spanish, french, italian derived from latin

          • Kelli Schultz

            Spaniards are Caucasian because Latin is an ethnicity not a race. This is where so much confusion comes from.

          • Isidoro Blanco

            That’s the core of the discussion. Many people doesn’t know it because there is some interest from the WASP to perpetuate the confussion. There are historic questions about imperial rivality, racist supremacy, etc etc implied.

          • Sandra

            There is no such thing as being Latin. Spanish people are white.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Are you that ignorant? OR is just your bad USA education? Google Caucasian race then talk. All those nations you mentioned are white or caucasians.

      • Berengere French

        Race and Nationality are two different things. Your DNA determines your ethnicity/race and where you are born is your Nationality.

        • JenInBoston

          …and apropos of DNA determining race, among biologists, evolutionary biologists, and biological anthropologists, there is fading support for the idea that such “races” as we commonly think of (whether Caucasian, Celtic, Asian etc.) actually even exist. Beyond a collection of similar, outwardly visible phenotypes (skin color, hair texture…), there are way more phenotypes less obvious to our eyes that just don’t line up along “racial” lines (that means, for example, that there can be something about our bodies where, say, half of “whites” and half of “blacks” could be physically one way, and the other half of those races’ members could be some other way–except it’s some physical feature that isn’t obvious to us–imagine it could be something like the shape of something inside us). In any case, the upshot of that is that it may tun out that what we call “race” really represents how we, as social beings, evaluate each other, more than how physiologically different any two people are or aren’t from one another.

      • Berengere French

        Sarah Paxton’s mother is Jewish and her Father is English, Irish, and Scottish. She is not really considered a mixed race person. Mixed race people come from more than one of the different races: Ethnographic division into races from Meyers Konversationslexikon of 1885-90 is listing:
        Caucasian races (Aryans, Hamites, Semites)Mongolian races (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, American Indian),Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese)

      • Marta Rizzo

        Most folks in Northern Spain do have blue eyes and very light hair. Many of those Spaniards went all over Latin America. SO that would make them Caucasian or white. In fact, google it and learn, Argentina which is a Latino nation is WHITER than the USA. They are not blacks there and very few Native American Indians. They are a mix of European nations from Spain, Italy, Germany etc.

      • maria antonieta

        Her mother has Spanish blood.Many of her ancestors have Spanish lastnames but she is also Dutch jewish

    • Xeneida Brown

      I agree one hundred percent with the above. When trying to classify people as being of “mixed races” we need to limit it to the major races and not include such things as ethnicity or nationality — if you are trying to identify people of mixed ethnicity/culture or nationality, you need to specify it as such. I believe the major racial classifications were (at some point), Caucasians, Black or Negroid, Asian or Asiatic, then there are sub-classifications deriving from these groups which makes this a lot more complex. The races of the world are not determined by our limited American view or understanding of the world.

    • me

      Believe it or not, race can be defined in various ways depending on your country of origin, your society, your interpretation. Race is not based on genetics or biology. Its a man made ideology, not science, despite popular belief.The definition of race has changed in history and is ever changing, this happens with concepts. Race is, a man made concept. Predisposed diseases that scientist may report on, are more in connection with family history, cultural basis and class classification that create trends, rather than race. The point is that race can be defined in many ways, so a person could identify their race as Italian because of their family, but could have never been to Italy. Are you going to tell them they aren’t Italian. Instead say “No you need to call yourself white, your not Italian” And yes, just as Blacks were brought to America they were brought to South America and other parts of the Diaspora, therefore a Puerto Rican could for surely be of African decent and of Spanish decent because of ‘mixing’, but if you ask them what’s their race, they may check Spanish, or Mixed. Whatever the case is, looking at this article, i’m not thinking, this writer is so ignorant they do not know how to classify race blah blah blah…Its more of ..its a beautiful thing that people from different backgrounds, cultures, ‘races’, parts of the world came together to make these people, without regard to how they actually look. Enjoy life People!

      • Berengere French

        For real because the cradle of civilization is Mother Africa so we are all truly related.

      • Kelli Schultz

        This is true, race IS a social construct, there is no genetic differences between any race. Color is merely determined by genes.

      • Kelli Schultz

        I’m Irish, Italian, (European, so considered Caucasian) and Native American, which is supposedly Asian, so as light as I am, am mixed or biracial, since my heritage comes from 2 races.

        • Isidoro Blanco

          Schultz isnt neither an Irish o Italian surname, lol.

      • imagemaker10

        Absolutely! Race was pushed to justify the indigenous people of Africa, Asia, North & South America. In order to steal, kill, and destroy these people & their cultures, they had to be depicted as lesser humans from inferior races.

    • The Spider

      Good point. As I’ve previously posted, there’s much confusion and misunderstanding to the article. Nationality and “race” are two different classifications.

    • pfeiffer87

      Kid Cudi’s dad was actually Mexican-Native American. I’m bothered about the inaccuracies and ignorance in these labels, for instance Wentworth Miller is not Half Black & Half White!

      • Berengere French

        Wentworth Miller is British by Nationality because his father was studying at Oxford when he was born. He’s not biracial, but multiracial…of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee on his father’s side and Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese on his Mother’s side.

      • That may be true, but he is 100% fine!!

      • Alanna Stitts

        Actually, it isn’t so wrong to consider Wentworth Miller half black and half white. He is of (according to wiki) African-American, Jamaican, German, Jewish, English, and Cherokee decent, from his father’s side. From his mother: Lebanese, Syrian, Dutch, French, and Russian. Most of these, despite of location, are considered WHITE. African-American and Jamaican’s are considered BLACK, their nationalities, however, are different. For some of these so-called mixes, I think it would be better suited to label them as Multicultural.

        • Meena

          Wow- you were doing so well… Jamaican is a nationality. Jamaicans can be many different races – hence, our motto. I should know, as I’m a Jamaican of Syrian, Indian, and African descent.

          • Alanna Stitts

            I never said Jamaican wasn’t a nationality. I’m well aware that it is.

      • Yes he is. His father is a Black American. His father says he is a black man so he is.

      • rocklesson86

        His father says he is half black.

    • mrmann

      very true, but kid cudi’s complexion and features clearly indicate that his father was not a black mexican.

      • Marta Rizzo

        He could had been Native American Aztec which are dark brown.

    • SusanHuart

      Totally agree. It’s more mixed ethnicity than race. Hispanics are technically not a race. The govt labeled this demo for stats.

    • Julianna

      thank you thats what I was thinking the whole time, as far as sara paxton was concerned and those who they were saying were half cuban, half puerto rican , you have to remember that European countries colonized all those places puerto rico, america, mexico, cuba… the list goes on the point is those countries are made up of mostly the whites, blacks, and the natives that were already there. So there can be lots of whites puerto ricans which they are they are not natives obviously we know what the natives look like, but they are caucasian . the cuban and irish is one example Im sure the cuban parent is white that goes for the others as well;

      • Marta Rizzo

        @ whites born on the moon or under water will still have white babies.

    • Zinkgator raulzeke@aol.com

      That is exactly what I notice. This is basically a compilation made for people who have no clue about the difference between race and ethnicity

    • Kasia

      I completely agree. This article really annoyed me. Many people fail to realize that lots of Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans are of pure European ancestry, so people like Ricky Muniz are not really mixed race.

    • nOt24seven

      Oh shut up, it’s not that freggin serious..it’s America..we have tons of different races/backgrounds/cultures and is why we Americans state exactly where we came from..assumption on “oh, she’s half Mexican” and the stereotype is for those that are ignorant and automatically think that way but please do not make it seem as though us “Americans” all think the same way..if you don’t like the way we do things, stay the hell out of the country, don’t have anything to do with America like this American site that is talking about celebrities that are either from America or are known in America =P

    • zjm0317

      They are simply confusing the definition of race with nationality…how ignorant.

    • Anne

      KUDOS for your post!

    • Carboni

      I think it’s good that they created this article. Hopefully people can think a little less about the stereotypes and more about the actual people they are.

      • Marta Rizzo

        Yes and it was created by a very ignorant person. But again the USA does have terrible education.

    • ethnicallyspeaking

      Yes, people still don’t understand for instance, that Latino/a is an ethnicity and not a race. You can be white Latino/a, black Latino/a, mixed race Latino/a or even a Chinese Latino/a.

    • Lady

      Well said. I get really tired of people who can’t realize this. I mean it’s 2013. Seriously, learn something about other cultures.

    • Carlos Geary

      I visited the Argentina Patagonia (Southern Tip) and the climate is extremely cold, and most of the people, were of german and welsh ancestry. Most people in the tour were shocked!!!

      • Marta Rizzo

        They were shocked at their ignorance. In fact the USA has poor education when compare to top nations. Argentina is whiter than the USA where you dont find blacks or hardly any brown Native American Indian. That Latino nation folks are mostly from Spain, Italy, Germany etc. All those Euro blood has been mixing there for years.

        • Seriously

          Hardly any? Go to Salta, Jujuy, Mendoza, Chaco, Patagonia etc. I can go on. Argentina is not just Buenos Aires or Rosario or Cordova. There are many “mestizos” in Argentina, even blacks. Julio Argentino Roca did not kill all the indians in the Patagonia. Look at the Argentian soccer team, watch videos of the Malvinas Veterans, or simply go to any soccer stadium any given Sunday and tell me if everybody looks white European or if you feel you are in Germany.

          • maria antonieta

            But he is right.Argentina with all its mestizos still being whiter than Usa.also many Americans are mixed although they are blonde.

        • Isidoro Blanco

          Well Marta, stop the whiter thing. Recent genetic studies by the Universidad de Buenos Aires show that about 47% of all Argentinians have prevalent aboriginal indian genetics. So yes, there has been a lot of ‘mestizaje’ in Argentina too.

    • MarkinTex

      Very well said

    • MissB

      Thank you so much, I was having and aneurysm reading this post. I’m going to save my opinion of the North Americans who don’t see the difference. Bravo!

    • Jen

      Thank you. The Shannon Elizabeth person listed and I are both half Arab, but with such disparate looks (I’m very light skinned, green eyes, very dark brown hair). Middle East was the little genetic melting pot of the ancient world (and today). Go to Lebanon, and you’ve got “blonde bombshells” chatting up with blood related “exotics” (ugh, hate that term, but you get the point?)

    • Truth365

      I could help with all the confusion but y’all are not ready. Race is a lie. It’s BS. The rules change from country to country and no one knows how to handle the fact that human beings can mix infinitely. Your complexion can be as variable as your hair color or eye color or the size of your big toe. It is not scientific at all but we all fight to uphold this mindset. The world would be so much better off without this demonic lie only created to separate and subjugate human beings. We all came from mother Africa and everything else is some variation thereof. – “the word ‘race’ was created by racists”, Angela Davis

    • Cristi Thompson Tillis

      So then do you assign someone’s race by their appearance? What if a Puerto Rican ‘looks white’. What does that mean exactly?

      • Marta Rizzo

        It probably means that he/she are white. White due to the Spanish blood that landed there over 500 yrs ago when they ruled the world and came to the Americas over 100 yrs before the UK landed any where there.

    • juverparadox

      I totally agree with the comment above – People born in the U.S. are totally ignorant of the differences between “race” and “nationality”. If a Caucasian American couple had a baby in Nigeria, Africa and then moved back to the states, will this baby be referred as African-American? I think not.

    • whitewomanofamerica

      im so sick of hearing it. anybody can spout all the race crap BUT white people. u cant have WAACP, or movies called for white girls or black chicks, or all white colleges or all white female artist concerts called white women unite or when “African American” women get blonde hair an blue contacts they aren’t accused of trying to be white like white women are accused of trying to be black because they tan. all kinds of hell would be raised. people would be called all kinds of names, painted as monsters, called racists, such a double standard. it goes on and on. the racism is not one sided but yet this is all we hear. blah, blah, blah. “African American” is so ridiculous. they aren’t from Africa. should I be called German Irish Indian American???? its EXACTLY the same as they are. where my ancestors are from. even morgan freeman said he does NOT want to be called African American, he isn’t from Africa. he is from America. maybe all this labeling should just stop. woudnt that solve a lot of problems???

    • SilentKnight

      100% Agree.. The color of persons skin has no bearing on their character as human being, or their talent. This is all hidden within. The world is fascinating a place for us to continuously judge others by mere physicality. It just goes to show how shallow the media can be and if we continue to give more undeserving credit it will continue to shape we as society judge ourselves and each other. So far this has proven to be disastrous.
      Experience the World, experience cultures and you will see beauty in all.

    • Marta Rizzo

      Totally agree. If they Are 1/2 this and the other 1/2 is white and they look white it means that the first 1/2 was white too. Many Mexicans and most Cubans I know are white. Their background has the white Spanish blood. So that White Spanish blood with an Irish or German will still be WHITE. ALso Argentina, a Latino nation, is WHITER than the USA. There are not blacks there and very few Native American Indians. THey are a mixed of Spanish, Italians, Germans and other Euro b lood.

    • blabla

      There are no true “black Mexicans” that aren’t of recent African ancestry, in the sense that they’re predominantly black. Many Mexicans have a small percentage of African ancestry. I think it’s safe to assume if a “black” person is half Mexican, they’re mixed. As for half white, half Mexican people, the majority of Mexicans have Native American ancestry, so I think it’s also safe to assume that they are also mixed to some degree. You can go on about how there are white Mexicans as much as you want but that doesn’t change the fact that most Mexicans are mixed and non-white. Cubans and Puerto Ricans on the other hand have much less admixture with non-Europeans. However, many so-called “white” Puerto Ricans have small amounts of admixture too.

  • Old Biker

    Re: Ms. London: As far as I have ever known, “Jewish” is a religion, not a race.

  • s

    Since when is Argentinian, Italian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc. a race? Are my kids mixed because their parents are French and Irish? Weird.

  • lxcellent

    Half Jewish? Being a Jew is an ethnicity/religion not a race. Please change the last one.

    • lxcellent

      Replying to my own post here. Sorry. There is an argument below that being Jewish is a race because Wikipedia says so. If you are parsing the definition of race here, then you cannot distinguish between the generally accepted concept that an Asian and an African person have characteristics that are recognizable and definable by any common sense approach.

  • yo

    Saying someone is “half” or a “quarter” means that somewhere there is a search for a “whole.” It would appear the only way to remain whole, would be not to mix races… to be “pure” Which means all this “half” talk is steeped in racism… like this article.

  • steelknees

    As far as I can tell, these beautiful people are all of the same race, try “THE HUMAN RACE”.

    • Yeah, this is a multi-ethnic list, as much as it is a multi-racial. Slow news day? There are white cubans, puerto ricans, mexicans, etc, just as there are ‘white americans’ There are black italians and black french people. Just goes to show you that stupidity and ignorance are alive and well. There is also predjudice within these communities. Duh.

  • madhatter

    The word multi-racial is being used very loosely by some of their pr teams.

  • truthisgravey

    Everyone with some Chinese in them looks great. American women should start dating more Chinese men.

  • Mut

    The hope here is that one would assume-by the mentioned nations, that the the people would be of the assumed majority ethnicity…dumb?? No. The article is not meant to go that deep. people in America refer to themselves by the nations their parentage is from.

  • MBP

    Re; David Gallagher – being part Cuban does not make you “multi” 0r “bi” racial. Cubans are of european Spanish descent, ie: caucasian. They can also be part afican or asian…don’t just “assume!

  • MBP

    There are blue eyed/blond Mexicans – they are descended from European Spaniards, with no Indian [indigenous people/natives] blood via intermarriage…same for ALL Latin countries — Spain was among the largest colonialist countries, if not the largest, that is why so many countries are Spanish speaking!

    • sheila

      Yeah that’s true. But you think she’s actually really blonde?

      • Marta Rizzo

        If her ancestors were from Spain, which conquered Mexico and the world, then YES.

    • Michael P

      Mexican is not a race, therefore she is not mixed race. If a German living in Mexico had a child with a German living in the US, that child is not mixed race.

  • nocebo3

    Yeah, because Mexican and “Caucasian” are mutually exclusive, right?

  • Andrea Lewis

    Naomi Campbell’s maternal grandmother is Chinese. She doesn’t even know her father’s name. Her mother has refused to tell her.

  • nocebo3

    Chad Michael Murray isn’t a quarter Chinese. That’s not even the right rumor. It’s usually rumored that he’s a quarter Japanese, but that isn’t true either. He confirmed this on his Twitter. He’s just a mix of a few European ethnicities, like most white Americans.

  • Laynee

    Naomi Campbell is West Indian descent from Jamaica, Her maternal Grandmother is Jamaican and lives opposite my Grandmother 🙂

  • Laynee

    I’m confused when did Jewish become a race? I totally missed that day in class!!

  • Kayo

    Okay, so this list should be called, “20 Surprising Multiethnic Celebs”

  • Sarah Brown

    These are mostly multi-ethnic, not multi-racial…what a moron!

  • BkBelle

    I dunno why people are surprised at the Latinos that have blue eyes/blonde hair. It’s not that uncommon.

  • PW

    We are all mixed with something. It always seems to be a big deal with so many people. “What are you mixed with?” Children really get me with this one. Caucasians really think to ask you that one because you don’t look like what they may think you should like as an African American. Well, guess what African American totally means you are mixed. We are not African by any means but, we are American’s so this is just a name to call us. We make up so many different nationalities to become who we are. Which includes caucasians as well as many others.

    • HotMedusa

      Interestingly enough, blacks are the ones who decided to identify themselves as “African-American.” Personally, I don’t like those labels as I feel they are separatist…in fact, I don’t like labels period. People act as if they don’t hyphenate their ethnicity and culture in front of “American,” then they somehow lose their identity, which I find absolutely ridiculous. No “label,” that only exists to generalize groups of people could ever take away who you are…

  • DamnPPL

    I would agree that it is important to know where you come from and your history but why can’t we focus on a person’s heart instead of their bloodline. I don’t care where you come from, respect me and I will respect you.

  • Being racional

    Friends, when is this issue with race or religion willo end. These are silly discussions. At the end we are all humans and mixed and religions is something that will eventually fade away. Question of time.

    • HotMedusa

      Why so defensive? And who are you to say that that person is not a believer in a deity or higher power? I’m just not getting the indignation..?

  • Rascallflattsgirl

    Being bi/multi racial means just that! If you are a product of a biracial union, yes! But because grandmother and great grandmother/father are of a different race, does not make that child bi/multi racial. My mother is Italian, father is black, I am biracial, not my kid’s.

  • chitchat

    I won’t blame Ashley Page for this…just her editors. Did you all know that many Arabs and Syrians consider themselves white? In fact, I’d venture to guess that if not for their cultural dress and style of hair you probably would assume they were white without being told.

    Also, I am half Catholic and 1/4 non-practicing Baptist. Where’s my mixed/multi-racial cookie??? 🙂

    • mooncusser99

      There are various shades of color in Arabs – eyes, hair, skin. But Arabs are NOT a race.

      • Technically, wouldn’t they be asian/eurasian? Possibly indo-european?

    • blah

      If you accept only white, black, asian as races, of course arabs are white.

  • maria

    “Jewish” is not a race

  • paulette33

    I can only guess that this writer doesn’t even know that Mexico is part of North America. Since when is Mexican and Argentinian races? They are nationalities.

    • drobb

      The word Mexican means Mixed people in Latin.Mexican indeed a race

      • alyce1213

        No, it is not. It is a nationality.

      • hahahaha get your facts right ! you can google it if you are not sure.

        The word Mexican comes from the language Nahuatl, the one the Aztecs (Mexica is the more accurate term) used to speak (still spoken by about 1million people).
        FACT: Mexico is a nationality, even that the about 80% of the people in Mexico are Mestizo, you can find a lot of Mexicans from every race.
        What some ignorant people think is “The Mexican race” Is the “Mestizaje” which is also not a race because includes many ethic groups.The mestizaje is the mix between the Spaniards and the native people from the place that now is Mexico (There are differences between those groups).
        Source: I`m Mexican and I have mostly caucasian ancestry, my maternal grandparents were caucasian from Poland, my paternal grandfather was Mexican mestizo (Spanish and native Mexican ancestry like most of the Mexicans) and my paternal grandmother was caucasian (Her parents were from Spain) and btw I´m also Jewish that is also not a race.

  • paulette

    Arab IS caucasian. Is this article a joke? Caucasian does not mean lily white .And if one is thinking that people with “swarthy” skin are of a different race – well it just shows how ignorant people in this country are when it comes to race, nationality and culture.

  • MizKatz

    As noted elsewhere, Ms. Page needs to learn the difference between nationality, ethnicity and race. Intelligent, educated journalists are going the way of the typewriter, sad to say.

    • alyce1213

      It’s sad.

  • My kids are mixed race. Mixed race is soooo cool! People have always come up with stupid reasons to hate each other. Race is one of the stupidest. God does not judge us by race, but rather by what we do. We are all human and that’s the only race that really matters.

  • homo sapiens have been a distinct species in evolutionary terms for a couple hundred thousand years. every person alive today will find some curious genetic markers in their DNA. That aside…it made me laugh! and very interesting!

  • Jewish is a race. They decended from the Hebrews. It is also a religion. Just ask any Jewish person.

    • blah

      No it’s not, there are also Ethopian jews, who are “black”. Most “regular” jews in the US are of Ashkenazi ethnicy, who are white, but there are also other jewish ethnicies, which also look slightly different.
      Jewish is a Religion.

    • alyce1213

      I am a Jewish person and you are woefully mistaken. Judaism is a religion, not a race, not a nationality. There are Jews of different nationalities, ethnicities and races all over the world.

  • if america can adopt more Syrian, you going to have dozens of talented Jobs in america.

  • jay

    I didn’t notice you listing anyone elses religion, so I was wondering why you did it with Lauren London. I am also wondering if she is still Jewish or if she has embraced another religion. Are you trying to say her heritage is Ashkenasic or Middle Eastern?

  • Ohsure

    As many have said, many of these people were mixed nationalities, not races. Get it straight.

  • We are all one race. Its call human. Get over it.

  • mooncusser99

    Re Shannon Elizabeth – “half Arab”? Well, WHAT part of the Arab world is her ancestry? Is she Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, etc? And, “Arab” isn’t a race.

  • Realism

    I agree with all of you who pointed out that Cuban, Mexican, Italian etc aren’t races. I had a debate with a guy on my Facebook who “hates” french people and white people, yet he’s Italian (white). Here in south Florida, there’s Cubans galore, and a lot of them are WHITE but dare you call them white, they’ll become offended. I dislike when people dismiss their race. You should be proud of your heritage, ethnicity/ nationality but never ignore your race, which is purely based on your physical features not where you’re from. EX: If a black woman finds white men physically unattractive, it doesn’t matter if he was born in another country or his family originated from another country, at the end of the day he’s STILL a white man.

  • gr8shoes

    Why does any of this matter & who the hell are half of these people? What qualifies as a celebrity these days?

  • Ummm…news flash…every single person on the planet is “mixed race,” even if your family has been living under the same rock for ten thousand years. The only exceptions are African people who have lived in the same village throughout history and only intermarried with people from there. And if that were true then they probably wouldn’t exist after centuries of inbreeding.

    • HotMedusa

      Say wha’?

  • “Lauren is half Jewish and half Black” – Jewish is not a race, but a religion. You can be of any race and become Jewish, and you cannot become a race. Now, you can be Jewish by birthright, but that doesn’t work how people think – to use an example, if say, your mother was say, a Polynesian Christian that converted to Judaism, then got pregnant, had you, you would then be considered “Jewish by birth”.
    When people respond by saying “then why do so many Jewish people share similar features? – curly dark hair, brown eyes, etc.,” or suffer Tay-Sachs, that still doesn’t demonstrate a race, but rather a religion that started with a relatively small area in the middle-east, thus people TENDED to marry who they were near (but race wasn’t a rule or anything like that…the bible even has a number of stories of this). But that changed a lot over the last 1000 years.
    To use an example, the “race” mistake would be like saying Christians are a race, because for centuries, Christians were middle-easterners/Mediterranean people…the only reason Christians look a little more varied on the whole, is the religion caught on more with other nations and larger groups than Judaism did.

  • Maurauder

    #1. There’s no such thing as race. To imply there is means you have no knowledge of anthropology. #2. Jewish isn’t a nationality, it’s a religion. And last, this is the most illogical list I have ever read. This entire post should be deleted because it REINFORCES racism.

  • Momoftwo

    Ashley Page (the author of this article) is half ignorant, half stupid

  • Uncle Meat

    All 3 of my sons are mixed. Two eldest are Irish/Mexican. My youngest is Irish/Filipino. Why aren’t they in the news? Most americans are mixed. So whats the big deal?

  • Human

    This is all so stupid.

  • Don’t you dummies know that there is no pure race in America? This goes back before the slaves were bought here, we are so keyed in on black and white marrying and think that this is the only way biracial children are made and it’s not!!!

  • There is only ONE RACE, and that is the Human race, we just happen to have different shades pof skin color!!!!

  • Race is an artificial construct invented by humans to classify each other. No two people will ever agree on race. For example to me an olive skinned Italian and a blond Scandinavian are not the same race. To me, a black person from West Africa with a wide nose and large lips and a black person from South Africa with a smaller nose and smaller lips as well as slightly hooded eyes, are not the same race either. But that’s just my opinion. And to many Latinos, their country is their race. For example, my best friend is Mexican and he considers his race to be Mexican, not mestizo, not Indian but Mexican. I am Brazilian and Puerto Rican. On the Brazilian side of my family if you would ask anyone their race, they would say they are Brazilian although many of the “Americanized” ones do say they are Latino. So don’t judge whether a person’s race fits YOUR criteria of race. There is no legal definition of race, it is a social construct and the person who wrote this article definitely based it on his opinion of “race”.

  • graceunderfire.

    My culture of people seem to spend just a little too much time explaining their heritage, mixtures and getting race and nationality mixed up every time. We have to learn to get over ourselves and respect ourselves and not allow the aspect of other ethnic groups in our heritage define us.

  • CJ

    clearly there is some confusion here … race, ethnicity, religion, nationality … have all been used to mean race … such ignorance!

  • in america, one’s culture doesn’t matter, because “one drop of Black blood makes one Black”! what an unfortunate, stupid “rule”.

    • alyce1213

      That so-called “rule” hasn’t been relevant in about 50 years.

  • Spankee

    What surprised me at I did not know most of the celebrities on this list. Guess that happens when you give up TV

  • blah

    Italians are white. Sometimes even blonde and blue eyed, like in mostt other european countries. Have you ever been there? You aren’t mixed “race”.

    • Marta Rizzo

      I think he was joking 🙂

  • blah

    Biggest shock ever: Most of the peoplee on the list are 4% Neanderthal!

  • Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Same with Irish, Italian, Argentinian, etc. Get a clue.

  • I am trying to figure this story out. Their parents are all part of the human race, so no surprise at all. It is their humanity which is important and their contributions to society which should really matter.

  • mysticyat

    Since when are Italian and Puerto Rican races? If you going to count nationalities and cultures as races, then we are all multi-racial, aren’t we……

  • How in the hell is someone who is half Mexican and half Argentinian considered “biracial”. You people are MORONS!

  • anonymous

    Being Jewish is not a race, it is a religion one follows. There is a difference.

  • HotMedusa

    Okay, so at what point am I to be surprised by anyone on this list? I’ll wait…and for the last time, if a person’s faith is Judaism, then he/she is Jewish. It is a religion…NOT a race of people; and people from all races practice/follow Judaism!!! Sheesh

  • HotMedusa

    You are so right on!!! And I’ve said the exact same thing about Theron as well since she’s become a naturalized American (and has kept her South African citizenship…), the “label” African-American truly does apply to her.

  • HotMedusa


  • HotMedusa

    Bravo Rw!!! Very well said!

  • Bridget

    A great many races have genetic illness passed down to the children. I have the genetic trait of both thalassemia and sickle cell. One found in people of Greek descent and the other for people of African descent. We like to discount the importance of race but there are disorders linked to race. Now to look at me you would not think I had Greek in me but I do.
    Now someone give me a genetic disorder found in Christians. That is because it is a religion while there is one for Bloom Syndrome, tay-sachs, just to name a few. Why do we discount the importance of race it is NOT a bad thing to be of a different race. NOR mixed. ONCE we accept that then we will have really reach the point of which race is not important. Balance in all things.

  • Leno

    Where is Shakira? Mother Colombian, father Lebanese.

  • isthisnews

    Sad but When Wentworth Miller went public about being half black…he has had no more work in Hollywood….and prison break ended.

  • Jim

    I was shocked to learn that Jewish is a race. I think Johnny Depp is half Catholic and half Buddhist.

    • alyce1213

      No need to be shocked. It is NOT a race, it’s a religion. Nor are Catholicism and Buddhism races. They are also religions. Johnny Depp’s “race” is Caucasian (i.e., White). The author of this article is ill-informed and very confused.

      • MoorYouKnow

        That can’t be right cause I’m 35% Buddhist, 10% Jew and 55% Muslim and I look and pass like a Scientologist. So you don’t know what you are talking about. 🙂

  • Milo

    How is he multiracial?

  • milo

    How is she multiracial?

  • Milo

    Syrian is not a race! Who wrote this?

    • alyce1213

      A dummy.

  • Milo

    Puerto Rican is not a race. Shame on you Ashley Page!

  • alyce1213

    This article woefully confuses race, ethnicity, religion, and nationality. Author needs much schooling on the differences.

  • n cambell is 100% niqqer

  • Guest

    Big difference between race and nationality. Parents can be from different countries yet share the same racial background. Such a person can never be considered biracial.


    Crazily enough the light-eyed blonde-haired Sara Paxton is half Mexican. ”

    Why “Crazily enough” ???

    Did The people at “Styleblazer” even bother to review this?

    since when is one’s Ethnicity and/or Nationality a race?

    Robyn I missed that Anthropology class! when did the study or Practice of “Judaism” become a RACE????

    Some of these statements under the pictures of celebrities are ridiculously INSULTING AND REEK OF IGNORANCE! and all these Statements that begin with “Shockingly”, “Crazily”, “Strangely” and “CRAZILY”! is there a specific way that every member who identifies with a particular group should look?

    There are blonde blue eyed people from mexico with very pale skin…and there are dark haired, dark eyed people From Europe with very Dark skin(THEY WERE BORN THERE AND THEIR FAMILY CONSISTS OF GENERATIONS WHO WERE BORN THERE TOO)! Just because you saw one Japanese person who looked one way doesn’t mean every Japanese person is going to look like the other Japanese person you saw!


  • Everybody’s mixed people. It’s called biology!

  • MimiB

    There are only 3 races…. negroid, caucasoid and mongoloid… Most black people are a mix of some sort, but in the U.S. we were classified as black for business purposes during slavery. And most of you are absolutely right…most people confuse race with nationality. My daughter’s father is from South America but is obviously black….making him Hispanic. Ignorance will always rule until there are no true races left

  • Tracey

    I’m not sure why you say Naomi is an embarasment, but anyways Naomi is 100% JAMAICAN!!!

  • Tracey

    I left out the extra “r” and “s” for all “HATERS”

  • rockyventi

    Pay attention now. There is no such thing as an African-American! You are either an African or you are an American. Get it?

    • MoorYouKnow

      Yep. We are Moors!!!

  • K. Morales

    Most people confuse race with ethnicity because this is something only done in America. Other countries consider you to be what you are not by race. I’m from San Jose de las matas, DR and we are all considered Dominican unlike here in America I would be considered a black hispanic.

  • clearblue

    Stupid article! Nearly every true American is has more than one race in them. I have Jewish/Cherokee/ Creek/English/Irish/French and German in my ancestory!

    • MoorYouKnow

      Jewish is not an ethnicity. It is a belief system.

  • chibi

    “Jewish” is not an ethnicity….seriously
    But glad that you people took the time to point out the “importance” of knowing people’s ethnic make-up….SMH
    Anyone watch President Clinton’s speech or President Obama’s?

  • Leave the race out of it beauty is in the eye of the beholder and their accomplishments are of their own doing not because of their race.

  • wideband

    Do you idiots (the authors of this article) even know what a
    race is? Chinese is not. Puerto Rican is not. Italian is not. Mexican is not. Argentinean is not. Syrian is not. Indian is not. Cuban is not. Irish is not. Hawaiian is not. Filipino is not. Native American is not, and anybody born in
    America, black, white, red, yellow, or green is a Native American. Arab is not.
    Cuban is not. German is not. Jewish
    is not.

    Most of these are ethnicities, some are nationalities, some
    are even religions. I’d go further, but
    I notice that many of the astute readers of this page have already pointed out
    your stupid and misleading errors. So
    glad that the folks don’t just swallow what the authors are handing out.

  • All simply HUMAN.

  • This article is D as F. There is only one title for us ALL…….HUMAN.

  • bbridge4th

    A mere 5 percent of the Africa Diaspora came to America, leaving the remaining 95 percent in lands south of the border, the Atlantic and Caribbean. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to find family relations in these other lands?

  • Rebecca

    Jewish is a religion. Israeli is an ethnicity.

    • MoorYouKnow

      Israeli is a nation(ality) not ethnicity, sorry. Before it was Israel it was Palestine so just because the borders and maps change doesn’t make the Palestinians Israeli and they’re religion changed in the 40’s.

  • alejavc07

    They should have included Tom Welling, he is native american, irish and german.

    • Diana A.

      In other words, he’s ALL caucasian, not of mixed race! Educate yourself, alejavc)07

      • MoorYouKnow

        If Native American were considered Caucasian they would not have been whiped out or refer to Europeans as “Pale Face”, right?

  • Now, why should I care? What do I do now?

  • stop the house ne9ro celebrations itS sickening! all races came from africa yet its the least thing promoted! look tricks im my blood line is WEST AFRICAN THE BLOOD LINE OF GOD!!!

  • jak

    There is an obvious malapropism here. Though it is not unique to this site, it seems to be rather pervasive here which is a crying shame. Multiracial and multiethnic do not mean the same thing. Neither does race and ethnicity. For the love of all things rational and sensible, someone please give these writers a dictionary, a sociology book and a condensed history of the world course so that they might be able to address these concepts with some informed and intelligent discourse. Thank you.

  • Madeleine

    All of these people are just BEAUTIFUL 🙂 <3

  • slap

    ASHLEY PAGE YOU ARE AN IGNORANT IDIOT!! Why don’t you do a little research regarding the difference between nationality, ethnicity, and race before you post a ridiculous article like this one.

  • noni gk

    I disagreed about the biracialness of this actor the fact that some of his family is from puertorico doesnt make him biracial, im white from french and spanish and german decent and i was born in Peru, I am being white from european decent and here as long as i dont say im from peru im white but the minute I saying i here comemnet like oh you dont look hispanic or that hispanic is a race!! pleae stoooppp the ignorance HISPANIC is a cultural etnicity you can be black white chinese or everythng in between and still be born in africa peru or whever you race is one thing you ethnicity another they dont always are the same.
    Noni Guimet-Keeney

  • nonigk

    Please stop the non sense, like the comentator below,I agreed that race and ethniccity are complicated matters generalizations always end up short of the real truth,if her mother was born in mexico but maybe she was from english decent or german , being born in a place doesnt make a you a specific race, plus if you know anything about european migration to the new world just like in the US europeans populated those regions ,way before like problably by 200 years before city were even livable places in the US, just like africans and the indigeneus people if her mother was a native american mexican , i will say yes she is biracial but otherwise she is white as you can make them. please study history before writing and article.

  • the only thing mixed it the person who made this list and they are mixed up in the head

  • how do you rate down to minus stars for an idiotic concept?

  • Diana19

    When it comes to race, I like to stick with “human”.

  • Joy C.

    Ok the ignorance displayed by this list and many of the comments stuns me…for the record race is the genetic background that you inherit from your family and has nothing to do with where you or your ancestors was born, there are three: Caucausian (white), Black and Asian (and then combinations of the three) and they are found on all continents and in almost all countries – nationality is based upon which country you are born in and is about geography, ethnicity (which is what this list is really about) is a combination of nationality and the culture in which you and your ancestors were raised – this is why we call people Irish/American or Italian/American even though their race is white in both cases…this is an ethnic difference not a racial one….finally religion does not convey race, nationality or ethnicity as you choose to be a specific religion (whereas you do not have a choice in the other three cases – you get them from your parents and your place of birth/upbringing) and those people who talk about Jews or Muslims as a race need to stop it as it makes them sound idiotic. (Oh and by the way you can’t be American/?? (anything) if you weren’t born or raised in the US – aka Naomi Campbell who is British – you would be African/British if you felt the need to label it – and again this is incorrect unless one or more of your recent ancestors was actually from Africa – if they came more than 1 or 2 generations ago then you are just British (or American) since culturally you are no longer African – you would just be considered Black or White depending on your genetic heritage)

  • Diana A.

    Frankie Muniz mixed race? Hardly! Both his oparents are basically the same color-to ME, mixed race is OPPOSITES-say, black and any other color, chinese and mexican together, white and philipino, etc. I’m half Italian(my father was right off the boat) and mostly white with some Blackfoot Indian in there, but do I consider myself “mixed race”? Not at all-my parents were both caucasian, tho from different countries.

  • alen

    why is jewish categorized as a race? if you’re jewish you can be polish, russian, german, israeli, italian, french, danish or anything else! i guess that makes me half catholic, half italian. jesus christ.

  • MoorYouKnow

    When did Jewish become a race? Isn’t that a belief system. Because I think I’m 35% Buddhist, 10% Hebrew and 55% Muslim but I look like a African living in America.

  • Argent

    What about Jasika Nicole?

  • Claire

    Wentworth miller is not half black and white. His father is white I’ve seen him. Don’t know why Miller lies. His father is only 12% black. It was Millers great grand father who was black. Millers pathetic. He has many different ethnicities. But he changes it every time theres a new trend.

  • Claire

    Wentworth miller is not half black and white. His father is white I’ve seen him. Don’t know why Miller lies. His father is only 12% black. It was Millers great grand father who was black. Millers pathetic. He has many different ethnicities. But he changes it every time theres a new trend.

  • Claire Lloyd

    Wentworth miller is not half black and white. He’s actually just white with some middle eastern and latino heritage. His father is white, I’ve actually seen him. Don’t know why Miller lies. His father is only 1/4 black. Millers pathetic. He has many different ethnicities. But he changes it every time theres a new trend.

  • SingHisPraise

    There is no biological basis for any of the definitions of “race”, the whole idea of race is a social construct which differs from place to place. Just one example out of many – a large percentage of the people who are seen as white in the Dominican Republic are seen as black in the U.S. Their race changes depending on what country they live in. So, Styleblazer can make up whatever categories they want, they will be as accurate as the categories anyone else has made up.

    • Marta Rizzo

      I traveled to the DR and I agree with you. But I also met plenty of white Dominicans and any where in the world they would be white too.

  • test

    How do blacks end up with chinese? This is really interesting 🙂
    Like Naomi and Ne-Yo…I was like WOW! 1/4 chinese…how did that happen???

    Am really curious 🙂


  • Kayra

    How is Alexis Bledel being half-Mexican, half-Argentinian considered multi-racial? Since when is either of those a race? That’s like saying someone being half-black (African American) and half-Nigerian is somehow mixed race! Not to mention Latino is not a race!

  • sjb

    Jewish is not a race or a nationality. It’s a religion. Israeli is a nationality.

  • vazlov

    Dumb story. Different nationalities do not mean different races. sheeesh.

  • I call “BS”. We’re a “mixed” family (by these definitions especially!), but you wouldn’t know it from looking at any of us! We don’t check any special boxes on any forms because it shouldn’t matter, we were taught to live on our accomplishments, not on a “designation”. Designations only type-cast you. IF/Shen we’re asked we say we’re “mutts” or “Heinz 57”.

  • REP2

    Dead Baby Jesus, Allah, YHWH, KRSNA, or whatever you are called, will you please inform the people that publish this material that there is no race, and that spreading this sort of thing is spreading divide and conquer amongst the people of the world (who are all one)? Thank you God.

    Your Humble Servant


  • the great master

    Biggest Shocker? Wentworth Miller is a brother….wait ,Prison Break? Now I get it.. Friggin Hollywood…couldn’t help themselves.

  • firstandlast

    Good lord, first and last time on Style Blazer. This list of “multiracial” celebs was so ignorant. Does the writer know the difference between race & ethnicity? NO. Also way too many ads.

  • Berengere French

    Most anthropologists recognize 3 or 4 basic races of man in existence today. These races can be further subdivided into as many as 30 subgroups.
    Ethnographic division into races from Meyers Konversationslexikon of 1885-90 is listing:
    Caucasian races (Aryans, Hamites, Semites)Mongolian races (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, American Indian),Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese)

  • Mrbrinkz

    Jewish is a religion

  • is it really that important? seriously?

  • schlitzsky

    So what! My daughter is Japanese, Irish, German and Italian.

  • coj

    Half Jewish? How can one be ‘half jewish’? It’s a religion. My mother is Italian (catholic) and my dad is black (and a muslim). Does that make me a mulatto who’s 1/4 catholic and 1/4 muslim? LOL!

  • coj

    I think you guys left out one that blew me away. Mark-Paul Gossler. I thought it was totally cool when I found out he’s half Indonesian!

  • crbhill

    This whole exercise was stupid. Your nationality was where u were born. If u want to know your true race speak to your parents and grandparents. Not 1person that I’ve met in my entire life (50 yrs.) is 100% anything. Other than a living, breathing human filled with love and emotion for one another.

    We all need to get over color and labels and see the person within.

    Unless u do wrong by me, I will love u for who u r.

  • Kasia

    The ignorance behind this article are just astounding. How can you be half Argentinian? Argentina, like the United States is a nation of immigrants and is not an ethnicity. You either hold an Argentine passport or you don’t. And the majority of Argentine people are of European descent. When did Syrians become their own race? I consider them white. They are closely related to Jewish people. Again, agree with JennLove, glad I am not the only person who is thinking the same. There is a difference between race/ethnicity/nationality. And I meant Frankie Muniz in my previous post.

  • Kasia

    Just looked it up, Frankie Muniz dad is of pure Asturian, European, Spanish ancestry. Therefore he is not mixed race, he is mixed ethnicity, but he is still white.

  • Kasia

    Sara Paxton’s mother is a European Mexican-Jew. Oh snap. That would explain why she doesn’t look Aztec, but I guess the authors of this article assume everyone in Mexico looks the same. And Shannon Elizabeth is a quarter Syrian and a quarter Lebanese, many Syrians and Lebanese would take offense to being considered “Arab”, and they are closely related to Southern Europeans, making them “white.” I thought it was interesting that Syrian/Lebanese is considered “white” in Bob Marley’s case, but not in Shannon Elizabeth’s case. Hmmmm.

  • As others have noted in comments, it seems like this should be headlined Multi-Ethnic Celebs instead of Multi-Racial Celebs. I guess it is how you choose to define “race.” If you are going to count any type of ethnicity as a race, then wouldn’t most latinos be considered multi-racial. Going back most have ancestors from Europe, Africa or Native American and even some Asian.

  • BeauDCrab

    Why is this important?

    or rather,

    Is this important?

    To whom?

  • Lin

    I like how people dissect this entire thing, and I think it really comes down to it that you are what you are and there is no justifying that.

  • Uhm Really??

    This article is utterly ridiculous. Most of these people are not multi-racial they have backgrounds with different nationalities. Since when is someone with parents from 2 Latin American countries mixed? Mixed race is white-black or back-asian or asian-white etc. Brazilian is not a race!

  • Na

    Ne-yo being bi-racial doesn’t surprise me at all! His slender eyes, I knew he had Chinese in him =)

  • Orlando Silva

    whats up with these slides. so did white people actually think all hispanic were short dark and indian looking,… i mean one of these slides says crazily. why is it crazy??? i mean wow. these people posting this have no shame on what they post. whats the purpose of this post???????? hispanic come dark,brown,tan,red,light,etc. my parents are light and come from a very rural part of southern Mexico. i have family members with green,blue eyes. and have blond hair. and there straight up Mexican.

  • Is Nora Jones half Native-American or half-Indian (and who cares, she’s beautiful!)

    • britchick91

      Her father is Indian

  • You’re confusing multi-ethnic with multi-races. You should know better; but I guess you’ll bend the truth to draw people to your site.

  • Yves

    Hispanics are generally considered Caucasian Being PR, Mexican, Cuban, etc is at best an ethnicity and is really just a nationality. Whoever wrote this article is very confused about what “race” means.

  • who really cares?

  • 1_SPJ40

    What kills me the most, Black folks have a hatred upon themselves. I’m part this, 1/2 that..when you ask any “other” group of folks ..they can tell you exactly what/who they are mixed with..my grandmother on my father’s side was part so & so..my great aunt was from….sometimes we are so quick to belong that we embrace nonsense..just an opinion…

  • Th1rdeyeKL


  • diana

    Jewish is not a race…it is a Religion.

  • im not a specialist but wouldnt half jewish be like half israeli >?

  • Calam8y.Jane

    Many of these celebs are listed as “Half-something” neglecting to mention what the other “half” is-a little presumptious, no? Are we supposed to presume what the other “half” is? Kudos to those pointing out that many of the “races” are actually nationalities. In many cases, any of the nationalities on the American continent (makes me sad that people from the US seem to think that “American” only pertains to them) are multiracial to begin with-indigenous + European invaders+ African slaves+other immigrant groups. The author (and editor)needs to do a little vocabulary work and historical research before submitting their next article. Not all your readers are ethnocentric bimbos.

  • Race is a myth. We areall one species, yu don’t call dogs of differebnt breeds, different races.

  • i really hate how this slide show loads so slowly and is hard to navigate.

  • chip

    Mescudi isnt even a mexican surname.

  • anon a. mouse

    Jewish is not a race… it’s a religion… sigh.

  • sugaddnc

    didnt realize that jews were their own race.

  • I think there needs to be a re-title… Mixed cultures not biracial! “europeans” aren’t the only “whites” for example!

  • Malotto /high yellow /bi-racial / multiracial–they all mean the same?????

  • WIldbill

    Jewish is not a race, it’s a religion.

  • Silrak

    “Yt’s are funny, because how can someone be half Jewish” Well because Judaism is a Race as well as a religion!!! It’s all very confusing & messed up!!!

  • justsayin

    The last one showed the author’s ignorance. Jewish is a religion, not a race or nationality. That’s like saying you’re half black and half Catholic.

  • msmaxiale

    I’m annoyed that black celebrities are listed by skin color and caucasian celebrities are classified by ethnicities. SMN

  • conlee

    Since when is Jewish a race?

  • BeyondPo’ed

    Woops. This is super old. I’m so dum dum.

  • RaymondSims

    People don’t care about race, it’s more about how you act towards others, respect for others also shows respect for yourself.

  • annelie b. berry

    Wake up people! It’s the 21st century. Most people of African ancestry here in the US, Caribbean, Central & South America are “mixed.” And a lot of people who are considered caucasian have either native-American or African ancestors. We’re no longer in the pre-Civil War era of Octoroon balls (one-eight black) and melodramas about tragic mulattos. Cultural mixing — that’s a different thing: when parents come from different cultural traditions. But mixed race – what does that mean anymore in a world where almost no one in the Americas (north, south, central & Caribbean) is?of “pure” race.

  • The question is “Which multi-racial celebrity surprised you the most”…my answer-Wentworth Miller.

  • Nic

    You can’t be half Jewish. Jewish isn’t a race, nationality or ethnicity. A lot of people disagree, but it’s a religion and nothing else.

  • do you think that argentinian and mexican are mixed race? Could you really not know what race means? those are nationalities, not race. It’s ridiculous that people have no idea how to use correct terms. Ethnicity is vague enough, but these celebrities aren’t biracial. There is only one race, btw: human.

    • There is color, nationality, ethnic identity. Biracial is also a misnomer. Black and white people are from the same race. They have only the disctinction of color. God created one race.

      • there is NO such distinction as mutliracial. People — does the magazine create these inane labels or follow the culture?

  • ItsMe

    Hello? “Jewish” is not a race any more than “Catholic” is a race–they’re religions, either of birth or choice. In fact, most of what you suggested is “race” is nationality. You’re promoting stereotypes based on the location of someone’s ancestor’s birth. How does that help your readership understand what these people, or any people living ordinary lives, are about?

  • Royce

    Mexican is not a race but a mixture of people

  • Royce

    Jewish is religion not race even if some activists want to make it so to claim political clout.

  • This is about ethnicity, not race. Kind of ridiculous anyway when you’re talking about Americans, who are almost all a mix of various people.

  • VicV

    In reference to Lauren London just because it annoys me. Being Jewish isn’t an ethnicity it’s a religion. If she’s half white, or Israeli etc… just say that. I think all races pure or mixed are beautiful regardless. I’m not a fan of when people make a religion an ethnicity.

  • jamie

    this is one of the most ridiculous lists I’ve ever seen. Since when did one’s nationality become their race.. Let’s not get it twisted. There are only 3 races and tens of thousands nationalities of which are made up of people of the 3 races.

    1. Caucasian races (Aryans, Hamites, Semites)

    2. Mongolian races ie (northern Mongolian, Chinese and
    Indo-Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori,
    Micronesian, Eskimo, American Indian),

    3. Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese)

    All people fall in one of these categories and contrary to what many think, especially Latinos, most fall within the Negroid race but don’t want to admit it,

    The United Nations, in a 1950 statement, opted to “drop the term ‘race’ altogether and speak of “ethnic groups”. In this case, there are more than 5,000 ethnic groups in the world.

  • I would say this is a poorly constructed piece. As many have pointed out, race and ethnicity are two different things. As often is pointed out, for instance, once can be Black, White or Native and be Hispanic. Someone on this list was deemed multiracial because one parent was from Mexico and one from Argentina. But that says nothing. She could still just be white. Also, whoever put this together also must have built the article assuming certain people had one white parent and it was the other parent who made that person mixed. For instance, with Norah Jones, it was noted that her father was Indian, but nothing was said about her mother. But her mother could have just as easily been Black or anything else. It’s not adequate to refer to a mixed-race person in this shallow way.

  • Linkabird

    Jewish and Arab are neither nationalities, nor races … so explain those two labels to me … Sammy Davis Jr was black, but he was also Jewish … that was his religion. There are “Arab” Jews. The Arab World encompasses the Middle East/Western Asia as well as North Africa.

  • thehypeiswithyou

    i thought being jewish had something to do with you religion, not necessarily with race.

  • Are you kidding? Syrian is a SEPARATE RACE from what? All your data is questionable based on this statement alone. I know a young man from Africa. He is blond and blue eyed, caucasian. He laughs at the “African-Americans”. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. But get it right, being half Syrian does not make you mixed race.

  • You guys are all being stupid. Once you’re black and you are born in America you are an African American, if you are from any Spanish speaking country you are Hispanic/Latino. You guys are getting nationality confused with ethnicity. They are two different things. Things like Haitian American or Jamaican-American don’t exist unless we’re talking about citizenship. Why do people feel like they gotta deny Africa!! If that’s your ethnicity, DEAL WITH IT!!

  • Femmebott

    is Jewish a race or a religion?

  • JJ

    haaa. youre not mixed when your parents are mostly white- just from a different countries. Americans are dumb about this kind of thing. Language or nationality doesnt not decide “race”

  • JJ

    as for the Black/African Americans. Yes it works that same way… Just because your ancestors are from different countries doesnt mean that theyre from different races. Sub saharan african (a.k.a black african) is generally considred one race, even if born in Kingston, Jamaica or Harlem, United States or Savana, Cuba.

  • JonWa

    Just when did Judaism become a race?

  • NYCrules

    Interesting debate on this topic. But I hope you realize that the author Ashley Page is probably a stupid white chick who has no clue.

    • Marta Rizzo

      Actually she maybe black.

  • sara simonds

    BlackWomenofBrazil – What?!



  • tintin

    Only Bob Marley

    • tintin

      Only Bob is a shocker

  • Jay

    Why people associate Judaism with a race is beyond me. It is a religion.

  • Deb MN

    Apparently the author does not know the difference between race and nationality. There are 3 races and almost unlimited combinations, not all combinations are 50-50 or 3 1/3-3 1/3-3 1/3. And here is the bigger question; why care about what racial or ethnic background someone has?

  • Mmmhmm

    …Jewish & black. So…if a black man converts to Judaism and later has a child with a non-Jewish black woman, that child would be considered mixed?

  • Karenindixie

    Seriously now. Aren’t we all multi-racial at some level. I’m Irish, Native American, French and Scottish.

  • Z123456709112233445566770099

    This list states Lauren London as being half Jewish and half black. Last I recalled being Jewish refers to someone who follows the beliefs of Judaism

  • Andrew

    frankie muniz is not multiracial LOL, he’s half Italian half Puertorican (of spanish descent) so he’s 100% caucasian

  • Peter

    Mexican, Argentinian, Italian. Puerto Rican, etc, are not RACES! Good grief, if you call anyone whose parents have ancestry in different countries “multiracial” then practically everyone in America is multiracial, including most US presidents.

  • for all you black mutha fuggaz thinkin you MIXED…let dat dark and lovely perm sweat out and we see juss how mixed you is!! aint NO shame is bein juss BLACK!! wit out dat relaxer you be lookin like ester rolle!!

  • Prosperina

    these people are of mixed nationality primarily, not mixed race. Sheesh. Since when are Puerto Rican and Italian races?

  • Dayana

    My aunt had a bf and they were together for three years but I thought he was black. Turns out he was Puerto Rican and his mother was darker than he was. Never judge a book by its cover. Goes to show we may all come from different places but we are all the same in more ways than one.

    • Darrel Mcnair

      🙂 Puerto Ricans Can be “Black”, “Native”, or “White” looking, Most Latin people are a mixture of all three in varying degrees, especially in the Caribbean. Chances are if Jamaicans spoke Spanish they wouldn’t be considered Black because we (Americans) tend to put people into categories that cant overlap (if black one cant be latin).

      My first wife was Puerto Rican she had red hair and green eyes, her brother had dark skin dark eyes and chocolate colored skin (he resembled the actor Taye Diggs), and both her parents look stereotypical Latin (light brown dark hair dark eyes).

  • just sayn

    None of this really matter’s. If your roots are engulfed with different heritages, background, and culture, then that’s a beautiful thing. In addition, many Americans, whether Black, White or whatever, you will probably be mixed with something. So as far as I am concerned, there is only one race, the Human Race!

  • Hapa

    You forgot the hottest one of all: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is 50% African-American and 50% Sāmoan.

  • tee

    Who isn’t mixed with something else. It’s just that these people know because their mixture is more recent rather than generations ago but there is no “pure” race.

  • Why the need to point out Lauren London’s religion when mentioning her being white?

  • tracy

    When Vanna White was younger , you could not tell but now she is older she looks hispanic “mixed”

  • muzjik

    Mexican is not a race. Neither is Argentinian.
    And that’s as far as I got in this list…since the author obviously doesn’t know the difference between “race” and “nationality”.

  • V Diaz

    Nick Simmons should be on this list. His mother Shannon Tweed is of the Canadian race and his father Gene is a native New Yorker.

  • Carlos Geary

    Cuban, Puerto Rican, “Spanish”, “Latino”, etc. are not “races”. In Cuba and Puerto Rico there are blacks and whites, same thing with other “Latinos”.

  • MarkinTex

    Whoever wrote this article doesn’t know squat. Being hispanic or latino/latina is an ethnicity, not a race. There are white latinos, black latinos, and indios latinos, as well as mestizo latinos. And even if hispanic/latino were a race, how would that make Alexis Bledel, who the article says is half-hispanic (Mexican) from her mother’s side, and half hispanic (Argentinian) from her father’s side, multiracial? Also, Bledel’s mother was born in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Mexico City as a child, and her maiden name is Dozier, so there is also some question of how hispanic in ethnicity the mother is, from what I have read she is of French and German descent. Nor are “Syrian” (ie Steve Jobs) or “Arab” races. These are ethnicities among the semitic subgroup of the white race. Read a little Jared Diamond. And finally, every African-American in this country has at least some white blood in them.

  • Jen

    How is a blue eyed Mexican “crazy?” le sigh……

  • evstok

    I’m multiracial too. My dad was from Canada and my mom was from the US. That makes about as much sense as this article does.

  • Anom

    What about Gabrielle reece?she’s half black.

  • kaukauna spreadable cheese

    Some are surprising, yes. But is it me or does it seem like the phrasing of biracial mostly implied white American (unless otherwise stated) and a non American parent. It’s cultural diversity more than “races.” We are all humans, but have vastly different ways of cultural expression. How does cultural expression and sometimes skin tone imply race?

  • Tai

    What the hell are you people talking about?! Most of these celebrities ARE IN FACT members of 2 or more DIFFERENT RACES! Do some research on their life stories before you assume their just nationality differences and not race.

  • Ta

    I understand that hispanic/latino countries come with people of every skin tone and race..But a majority of people on this slide are literally members of 2 SEPARATE RACES! There’s no denying that Sharon Leal is in facet half asian, or that Bob Marley is in fact half white.

  • Lin

    No Oliva Munn mother is from Vietnam .

  • 808TBQ

    Does anybody here even know the difference between race and ethnicity? I’ll wait. (Here’s a hint, one is a myth and complete fabrication used to prop up ideals of superiority and submission.) PS: The Irish weren’t even considered “white” until the late 19th century.

    • ME.

      I’m really curious… What were the Irish considered before the late 19th century?

      • Unfortunate Truth

        White may actually mean rich Jew. Not sure if the cut off earning is $200,000 or 300,000.

  • Maria Baker

    I guess everybody knows about Jessica Alba, Jennifer Beals by now, but they were suprising for me when i found out.

  • delorb

    All this crap about race generally boils down to which group doesn’t want to be considered BLACK. Jeez. The people of India came from AFRICA. They have dark skin. You do the math.

    And all the mixed people on this list didn’t seem too mixed to me. Two white people from different parts of the white world. That is not RACE mixing. That’s just two Caucasian people getting together. Big whoop.

    • Leire

      Are you serious? My grandfather is Indian and he is white, North Indians are the original Aryans.

      • Darrel Mcnair

        Aryans can be light in color but not white, Hitler used/stole the term Aryan to fit into his twisted world view. “White” as its used means European hence an Asian regardless of color isn’t white. Southern people from India are dark however they are not Black (Black = African).

  • Neither are a race rocket scientists. She is Caucasian.

  • Nubian that is southern Egyptian when I was there went to a Nubian village. A Jamiacan is NOT Nubian hahahah

  • Michael P

    1. Mexican and Argentinian aren’t races, so she may not be mixed race. Many Germans, Irish, French, Italians etc immigrated to Mexico and South America. She could be pure German for all we know

    • RuthDJ

      Many Mexican, Central and South American families are a mix of Native American/Indigenous peoples plus all the European immigrants, the African slaves, Asian immigrants, etc. So you never know what mix a person from Latin America may be.

  • Michael P

    Steve Jobs – Syrians are considered Caucasian by anthropologists.

  • just saying

    Norah Jones is half Indian. Her father is Ravi Shankar, a famous Indian sitar player….

    • rocklesson86

      That is my bad. I remember seeing 60 minutes and Norah Jones was on it. I thought they had said she was Native-American.

  • Tib

    “Apple mogul Steve Jobs’s biological father was Syrian”

    Aaaaand? Not only is that not a race but that’s not even a multi. What about the mother? This list is full of fail.

  • Jessica2248

    i will never get the point of pointing out celebs different heritages or cultures. i don’t care. it doesn’t make them a better or worse person. just stirs up a lot of controversy among other people who think it is important.

  • Experience Speaking

    There is no half-Jewish? Try being half-Jewish.

    You are a Jew, and an outsider, to non-Jews. And you are a non-Jew to Jews because your dad, not your mom, was Jewish.

    Plus, even though I have some blonde Jewish family, most Jews (including me) have olive skin and darker features.

    • Lary9

      LOL. Trudat! This website is edited by morons.

    • rimpy

      I had to wonder in my youth when I read rise and fall of the 3rd reich” whether adolph had seriously hurt feelings being rejected for only being half-Jewish.

    • miss_msry

      Except those with red hair and freckles.

  • oh naomi you are arrogant and a cruel person, but you look awesome

  • ME.

    “Crazily enough the light-eyed blonde-haired Sara Paxton is half Mexican” wow…. NOT ALL Mexicans have dark skin, hair, etc. THERE are different “shades” in Mexico. It’s a very mixed country. So is the rest of Latin America. They are not the Stereotypical dark hair, eye color, etc… Geeeezz get out more!!!!

    • Marta Rizzo

      Except for Argentina which is whiter than the USA.

  • this just shows how peeps dont know the difference between so called race and nationality. which is why iits the uneducated that r racist, as just like the writer they are confused…

    • Lary9

      Exactly! It pisses me off entirely. BTW I wrote my comment before I paged down & read yours.

  • So what? So what’s wrong with being pure irish or pure nigerian? Diversity isn’t having a bunch of mixed raced people, with no appreciation of their culture and heritage. Be proud of your race.

  • Lary9

    Whoever edits this website should take a beginning anthropology course and get straightened out on what constitutes a “racial” category.

  • Lena

    Even the people who may seem Caucasian in Latin America probably have some indigenous blood in them, what makes you light skinned or dark skinned here depends on how much of each race you have, people in Latin America are SUPER mixed. I am one of those light skinned people and I am constantly confused with someone from Canada or some other anglo country. Truth is, my father looks super indigenous, but my mother’s side of the family is white and I was born looking like her side of the family. So you can’t really make assumptions like that based on the way she looks (her hair is probably bleached anyway).

    • Marta Rizzo

      Argentina doesnt have much Native American indians or any blacks there. Also many folks in Latin America are pure white.

  • faust67

    Who cares? I am a white guy married with a an hispanic woman who has a tan skin. My brother in law (black hair/eyes, dark skin had 2 children with his blond/blue eyes wife. A friend of my wife (a white guy) just had a child with his black girlfriend. I knew someone from work (I think he was half black/half white) married with an Asian woman. And I see all the time couples of different skin colors and facial features (because that’s what we are speaking about here, right? not Argentinian with Mexican mix which means nothing). I think I read somewhere that 1 in 12 mariages in the US is multi-racial. That’s great. It brings more diversity (and improves the gene pool, something that most white or black or whatever so-called supremacists can’t understand), The US population is changing and I hope that in the long run, when each family has at least one member who has some kind of white/black/asian/indian/whatever mixed background, this despicable thing that is racism just becomes a complete non-sense for everybody (I know that racism will never disappear, I am not that naive, but it can seriously reduced to an ultra minority bunch of morons)

    • Darnell

      “it can seriously reduced to an ultra minority bunch of morons” I agree , they will be easier to keep an eye on and not let them spread . A good containment program will work real well as it did in Buchenwald and Auschwitz . If it’s not mixed it’s not right .

    • Unfortunate Truth

      Are you really calling anyone who marry’s from their own group a racist! Or only “white” races who do so?

  • News flash: “Hispanic” or “Latino” are not races!

  • Olbiker1951

    It appears that the Ashley has an identity flaw. And, is seeking or attempting to relegate individuals as lesser than someone of let’s say blond hair blue eyed Euro-American parents. Or lets use the term miscegenation or should we say, anti-miscegenation. Which is it Ashley are you a racist or just another inbred idiot?

    • Darnell

      Like you , she’s just another inbred idiot .

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      I think that these celebs gave themselves these identifiers. I don’t think the author categorized them. She reported what they called themselves. J-Lo calls herself “100% Puerto Rican” as her race. OK, I’m 100% American.

  • imagemaker10

    The white Europeans had to invent a term, since there was no concept of race in Europe or any other part of the world, to justify their slaughter, conquest, theft, greed, and destruction of others’ civilizations, cultures, and nations, by classifying those people as being from inferior races, therefore as less than human. Therefore, they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect. Their so-called scholars, psychologist, doctors, theologians, and learned men propagated this concept for centuries to justify genocide, slavery, oppression, suppression, and still do until the present time.

    • Darnell

      Mi amigo es muy racista y debe provenir de una de estas estructuras sociales menor.

  • Silly

    ‘crazily enough?’ ….because there are no blonde mexicans? Dipshit.

  • East Indians have always been considered Asian.

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      define “always”

  • Maria Stringer

    Send all celebrities some new adjectives. The only one they know is “Amazing” except Giuliana who says, “ya know what I’m sayin” after every sentence!

  • Jason

    As already said, this article is confusing race, ethnicity and nationality.

  • JM

    Statistically speaking, most people in the world are probably 1/4 Chinese.

  • Babylonandon

    Norah Jones comes from a very musical background. Born Geetali Norah Jones Shankar , She is the daughter of Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones. She is also Anoushka Shankar’s half-sister.

  • Charlotte

    Whatever they are, they are all very lovely looking!

  • Renee Smith

    half mexican half argentinian is not biracial both are hispanic countries

    • Darrel Mcnair

      So they are all the same to you???

  • Semprasectum

    Argentinian is not a race you ignorant rube. . ..how void are you?. . .very

  • Penumbra

    As others have said, this article is based on extremely damaging and lazy assumptions on the definition of “race”. Are we just talking about skin color here or what? How is someone who is half Italian and half Puerto Rican any more “multiracial” than a WASP who’s got Irish, English, German, and Norwegian ancestry?

    Seriously, people, as far as I can tell this entire site is dedicated to expanding and propagating the shallow mindlessness that pervades Western culture.

  • jlu

    I’m wondering whether the author attended college – or even finished high school for that matter? This is the most stupid article I’ve ever seen in print media. Please go back and research the difference between “race or ethnicity” and “nationality” – one carries with it physical traits that are passed along through DNA, the other is simply an accident of birth locality. I feel like you owe me money for waisting my time and burning my brain cells with this STUPID article!!! hire new writers!!

  • 95truefan95

    Someone please tell this author what the difference is between race and ethnicity. Very few on this list are biracial

  • Francisco

    Gotta love how the author Ashley finds it surprising that someone from Argentina or Mexico can have blue eyes or be blonde.

    She has no idea that 97% of the Argentinian population is caucasian, as is 20% of the Mexican population.

    Therefore, if you take 5 couples of Argentinians married with Mexicans, one of them will probably have direct European ancestry from both parents.

    Ashley proves to have typical American provincialism. As if Argentinian was a race. Gotta love hear people writing blogs regarding things they have absolutely no idea about.

    • Marta Rizzo

      She doesnt know that Argentina is whiter than the USA.

  • Wowidiots

    How is being half Mexican “Crazy”? “Crazily enough she’s half Mexican”. The person who knows this article doesn’t have a clue about race, ethnicity and nationality. Mexicans come in all races, Mexican is a NATIONALITY…educate yourselves! Hispanics come in ALL RACES!! They aren’t all “Native American/European” WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • wowidiots




  • compucods

    Hello everyone.

    Not surprisingly, celebrities are multiracial, though today was largely achieved segmenteación diverse market in the world at large are these Latino, white, yellow, color, redheads, brown, baths, etc..

    For all age groups today are actors and celebrities, are also area of singing, dancing, acting, sports, and little appreciable outrageous.

    And something important! The mixture of these ethnic groups and cultures enabled a toleracia and respect as Christians among us.

    God bless you.

    You can find me in NEXTCDZ

  • marcedirectioner

    estoy muy feliz al saber q zayn se casara con perry estoy muy orgullosa de mis 5 chicos porq son un éxito por su peli this is us (así somos)es muy inportante saber q los sueños se pueden realizar pues es un onor formar parte de esta comunidad

    • Darnell

      ¿Qué tiene que ver con este artículo esta declaración. Su declaración es casi tan mala como el artículo.

  • NDNchief

    Vanessa Hudgens is not part Native American. But, if she wants some NDN in her, I volunteer.

  • Guest

    Wait, Keanu Reeves is a quarter Chinese and a quarter Hawaiian. Does that mean he’s half a person?

  • Guest

    Wait, Keanu Reeves is a quarter Chinese and a quarter Hawaiian. Does that mean he’s half a person?

  • cody

    wentworth miller? never would have guessed.

  • amorsur

    This article feels racist to me, simply because beauty has nothing to do with race .It is everywhere. Being in a place let’s say Argentina or Mexico does not mean: native American. black or white, and honestly who cares? Their appearance is one element of their success: work and talent are the rest..

  • MarshalZhukov01

    This site totally sucks. I give up. You have to refresh and scroll down for every pic and it’s really not worth the hassle for the useless information it’s providing.

  • The racial realist

    This has nothing to do with race. for example Alexis Bledel being Mexican and Argentinian. Mexicans can be Central Indian, of European ancestry or of mixed descent. She is obviously of European ancestry, thus she qualifies as White……Countries of origion are NOT races…….duh.

    • Lydia M. Edwards

      Why is it so ‘obvious’ that the blued folks are not biracial? Just because the actual race mixture wasn’t given, doesn’t mean it is nonexistent. Race is a ridiculous thing to focus on because it is so easily changed (one brief encounter mixes the race), culture is more important.

  • don3345

    Half Mexican and Argentinian?Those arent races, they are nationalities. How much do they pay you to write this crap?

  • Adam

    These people are not multiracial, they are multi-ethnical. I don’t think your writer knows the difference between race and ethnicity.

  • Blackhawk

    Does the author even know what biracial means?

    • miss_msry

      Obviously not, from reading the story.

  • BronxChick95

    Exactly, people think i’m biracial or latina, but i’m black

    • Darnell

      I think people are very wrong, you sho look black to me .

  • BetterBAccurate

    Alexis is of European ancestry, therefore, she is not of any other race except that of her parents. Ethnicity and culture is DIFFERENT than race. She multiethnic and multicultural only.

  • Me

    What American isn’t of mixed nationalities … That is what most of America is … hence being called the melting pot …

  • miss_msry

    Mexican and Argentinian are nationalities NOT RACES.

  • Yorkielover

    How is Alexis Bledel of mixed race? Her parents are both Caucasian, one born in Mexico, the other in Argentina. Her parents are white!!!! It amazes me how ignorant some people can be. Please do research on the subject before writing stereotypical garbage. In Mexico, there is people of EVERY race that are born there. Not every Mexican is indigenous!

    • Marta Rizzo

      I bet this article was written by a black person. WHose ancestors were brought in as slaves by the conquering Spaniards.

      • anen

        LOL More like the conquering British. This whole website is in English!

  • ms20

    “Multiracial?” Most of these “mixes” are just ethnicities, nationalities, not mixed-race. Who writes this non-sense?

  • Zemo Carpathian

    Jobs was 100% scum bag.

  • Darnell

    This is the most ridiculous article ever , must have been a really slow day . These people should all be offended by these racial classifications . By the way I’m 1/2 Ohioan and 1/2 Floridian but I don’t feel any different .

  • Darnell

    I don’t have any black in me but I have no racial bias as I have been in blacks many times .

  • Adam Selene

    Seriously??? Who didn’t know that Norah Jones father was Ravi Shankar ?????

  • girly77

    How are some of these people multiracial. Ne-yo and Naomi Campbell yes. Black and Chinese are races. Alexis Bledsoe and David Gallagher, no. Clearly their latino is european. Cuban and Mexican aren’t races. Latino and Hispanic aren’t races. Therefore, by virtue of being from these ETHNIC backgrounds does make multiracial. Just thought I’d clear that up.

  • Unfortunate Truth

    You said you were “white” therefore must give up all self respecting heritage and past tradition and accept the mantel of shame colluded by the “melting pot” to spread the blame of a few individuals onto as many others as possible to increase the target area of those the rest of the world can hate and ask for reparation from.

  • TonyWestover

    Since when is having a multinational background considered “multiracial”? By these standards, most people in America are “multiracial”.

  • anon

    Who wrote this stupid article? Alexis Bledel is a white woman with two white parents. Nationality does not equal race.

  • philessense

    LOL What a ridiculous list. Multiracial my a$$. I guess I’m multiracial as I have an English mother and a French dad.

    I wish people who write and/or edit internet sites learn vocabulary and spelling. And a little cultural anthropology would help in this case.

    I can’t bear to look at anything else on this site. I couldn’t go past 7, and this website is undependable.

    • Reno Berkeley

      No kidding. As if Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican are races, too. The author of this list obviously has no grasp on the concept of ethnicity.

  • Joe Crowe

    The whole idea seems racist to me. This is hardly a ‘discussion’. What was the point of it? Judging from the other articles, this site is also sexist and age-ist as well. I thought it was about style or something.

  • Reno Berkeley

    This should be titled, “Celebrities Who Are Multi-Ethnic.” Mexican is not a race. Neither is Cuban or Irish. They are ethnicities. This is stupid.

    • Sherry Smith

      Stupidity is this website’s specialty.

  • Cabs

    Just adding to the crowd – the article confuses race with nationality or ethnicity.

  • Idigia

    Multinational is not the same as multiracial. No wonder this is such a racist country.

  • Idigia

    I’ve never heard the last name Mescudi in Mexico, so no, his father being Mexican does not explain that.

  • Tonya Krebs

    Wentworth Miller is not just half black and half white. There is more to it than that. His father is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish, and Cherokee background, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese ancestry. And, these aren’t ‘races’, they’re ‘nationalities’.
    Plus, why is this even a story? Why must we constantly point out our differences? We’re all just people here.

  • Bette

    Actor Charlize Theron is African-American! No?? She was born in Africa, a citizen of South Africa, immigrated to the U.S., then obtained her American citizenship!

  • Marta Rizzo

    Probably white Spanish background. Lots of blonds and blue and green eyes in Spain. They ruled the world once and conquered many lands. Google Caucasian race and learn something. Or google people from Spain.

  • Marta Rizzo

    Most Latin American folks are white or mixed with other white europeans who landed there over 100 or 300 yrs ago.

  • k

    This article is ridiculous! None of these were a shocking surprise. Whoever wrote this needs to get out more.

  • R

    Arab is not a place! It’s incredibly politically incorrect as many Arab countries have conflict with one another.

  • Lobo04

    Ryan Lochte is also 1/4 douchebag. Can’t leave that out.

  • Amy Veloz

    Mexican is not a race, it is a nationality.

  • Amy

    A lot of these people are not “biracial”, e.g. Steve Jobs being half Syrian…Syrian isn’t a race. Some of these are merely ethnic or cultural references. Being truly biracial has a whole host of issue associated with it so some of these examples are really ridiculous & undermine what it means to be biracial.

  • Jenniferfrance

    These dumb asses have confused nationality with race. WTF

  • millionario

    Since when “Mexican” and “Argentinian” were races? Who writes this stuff?

  • millionario

    Since when “Mexican” and “Argentinian” were races? Who writes this stuff?

  • millionario

    The writer of this article fell into the trap that typifies the US view of the world. By this I mean the tendency to pigeonhole individuals based on a label. Does the writer know that there are Chinese, white as well as black Cubans?

  • james891

    Outrageously ignorant!

  • 1st Amendment User

    Neyo is not mixed with Chinese. Watch VH1 behind the Music.. They showed his parents.. he is as black as they come

    • C S

      They said ne-yo’s grandfather.

      • 1st Amendment User

        Like I said, they showed his mom and dad and neither one of them is 50% Chinese. C S who likes his own comment.

        • C S

          Going by looks don’t say you’re not 50% something if you going by that.

          • 1st Amendment User

            Whatever you say C S who likes his own comments

          • C S

            I never go by whatever. I go by just knowing.

          • 1st Amendment User

            As you like your own comment again.. Bye Felicia

          • C S

            As I stand up for my own comment, bye.

          • 1st Amendment User

            Too bad we can’t vote down, your comment surely would get a lot

          • C S

            How come we can’t vote down? I voted down your comments.

          • 1st Amendment User

            They stopped tallying that voting down stuff a while ago, You can click it but it does not show like it use to.. It was a true let down..

          • C S

            hmmm, well, too bad. They need a live comment system.

          • 1st Amendment User

            I agree

  • Party Pooper

    This article is incomplete. It’s stated that some of these celebs are half black, half Chinese, half Mexican.. ect. Well? What’s the other half? Are we to assume the other half is white, black, hispanic, ect. The author writes like a local yokel. It might be unique for a person in a largely white demographic to be considered “half black”… but in a largely black demographic it might be unique for a person to be considered “half white.”

  • momof2

    A person’s race is not synonymous with their ethnicity or nationality. How is someone who is of Cuban and Irish decent multiracial? My children are of Cuban and Irish decent also and have 1 race. Get you terms straight and keep your misinformed generalizations and prejudices to yourself.

  • Chris

    How the hell is Alexis Bleidel, who is half Mexican and Half Argentinian “bi-racial”? Do you guys even understand the meaning of the term?

  • Albo

    When they state “`half Chinese” or “half Mexican” – Why not just say “half white”? Being Chinese or Mexican is a nationality not a colour! I find this post to be racist. First of all the headline – why should we be ‘surprised’ that some people are mixed race? EVERYBODY on the planet is mixed race! What does their race have to do with their abilities? Why should we be amazed that someone who is not ‘99% white’ should be in a position of influence or power? The undertones of this story are just disgusting and really show the mentality of some people in the media and many times it is the black press who perpetuate these stupid prejudices. Time to leave the race card in the card box and play with the hand god gave you.

  • Cristal

    The editor should have caught this “gaff”. These (almost all of them except two or three) “celebrities” are mixed nationalities, not mixed races. Also, this article seems to have been written by a first year (high school) journalism student.
    My grandfather’s nationality is Cuban, my grandmother’s nationality is American, I am a white American. White being my race and American being my nationality. I get so tired of people asking me if my race is hispanic. That is my heritage. Open a book or e-reader people, you might learn something.

  • bwab

    I think folks are confusing “race” with ethnic background and nationalities. Being from an African nation does not mean one is “black” – non-blacks also live in African nations. Hispanic does not mean brown skin. Many Spanish speaking folks are white skin, black skin and of course, brown. Not all folks from Philippians look the same.

    I believe the day and time will arrive when skin colors will not define a person as a black or white or Asian etc. I believe that families may become rainbows of sorts. The “Jones’ family may have two dark skinned children, one white, then one light skin, and one with brown skin. Hey…this is as sane as the division we have now.

  • Do yoou mind if I quote a coupple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?
    My blog site is in the verry same area of interest as yours and mmy users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information youu provide here.

    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

  • alasia min

    Not surprising if you study physical anthropology and are actually observant which. Unfortunately only a minority of people are observant and the rest know nothing at all.

  • alasia min

    Wentsworth is mostly white not half and half

  • Amal

    I just had to click 20 odd times to read this article, why are these web developers doing these idiotic things

  • Gonzo_don

    There might have been 3 multi-racial people in this list. There are only three races: Caucasian, Congoloid, and Mongoloid.

  • Kittiekat

    Uh why was my comment removed? Chad Michael Murrary is not 1/4 Japanese when asked he confirmed he wasn’t on Twitter. He’s Irish and Polish. You bloggers posting these articles need to start posting sources or something from now on. You influence the reputations of these actors when you post baseless information.

  • Christopher John

    i have a friend who is half Chinese & half Irish. I was surprised when he told me this because he looked Chinese to me. I could not see the Irish in him. However, he told me that when he goes to authentic Chinese restaurants the waiters/waitresses always bring him a fork assuming he not full Chinese and therefore does not know how to use chop sticks, which he does very well. It pisses him off when this happens. He was also pissed that Shack made those stupid remarks about (sorry can’t remember the dude’s name) the great basketball player from China. I thought it was a great step forward. Caucasians (whatever that includes or doesn’t include) are not the only racists, Shack proves that.

    Look I am half Italian, half Irish. My older relatives on each side had a lot of trouble with my parents crossing the line & marrying someone not their kind. However, I had relatives on each side help my parents when they were first starting out and supported them. Eventually, everyone accepted them especially once the grandchildren came. I feel lucky because I was my parents oldest child & I remember some of the tensions. I married a woman who has all kinds of Northern European threads, though she identifies most as a Norwegian & Lutheran. I cook like an Italian & identify with the Irish Culture.

  • PolynesianGirlsofAmerica

    Ummm….Keanu Reeves is not a quarter Hawaiian. His exact mix is 75% Caucasian (3/4), 21.875% Hawaiian (7/32), and 3.125% Chinese (1/32).He’s close to being a quarter, but he’s not. And Naomi Campbelle’s mother said that her father had some Chinese ancestry.

  • Harley Mitchell

    Uh, Alexis Bledel is 100% European

  • Ginger Talavera


  • Rolly Arcuan

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