20 Hot White Guys Who Love Black Women! (Peep The Best Couples Past & Present)

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Asia Gregory

We know that some of the most beautiful women in the world come in all sizes and assortment of hues. And some guys can’t get enough of some of these celebrity brown beauties. Paula Patton is the muse for Robin Thicke’s songs, Bradley Cooper couldn’t resist Zoe Saldana on the set, and Robert DeNiro has been happily married to his wife for years.

Check out 20 of the hottest white guys who adore black women.

  • Swedish Dish

    Jessica Olsson is NOT Kenyan, do some research.

    • CherryCherry

      Um yes she is she’s had Kenyan from her mum’s side you idiot!
      Having said that, these men don’t love black women, they love them women they are with who happen to be black! It’s so embarassing to claim that a man loves black women just because he is dating one.

      • Soldier

        I always wondered why the British spell the short version of “mother” with a “U” instead of an “O” (like it does in the dictionary)? Is there a good reason??

        • prettydew

          The ‘U’ IS the proper AND correct spelling in the English language, the Americans spells it with an ‘O’ instead, mainly because they want to be different and make ‘english’ EASIER for the U.S. Did that help?

        • Thandie

          Mummy is the proper spelling! As always, Americans can’t speak nor write proper English language. They mess everything up!

          • Thandie here is something else that’s messed up…YOU. We don’t need “no hateration holleration in this danceree”. Thank you, and to speak in a way you should understand PISS OFF will you?!

          • esalocanegra

            Stop it everybody, play nice please.
            It was all the King’s English before some crazy-ass, brave, and unfortunately at times misguided folk crossed the pond.
            My mother is Canadian, British Commonwealth and all. I affectionately call her “mum” or “mummy” when I want something or am feeling a wee bit melancholy, but mostly I call her “mom” or “mother” when I am trying to get her attention.What I find fascinating is how similar the actual words, and short informal versions of them are for Mom/Mother, Dad/Father in almost any and every language.I think all are understood.
            Oh… and should it matter, I am black and have dated men of other races, most not bad looking at all.Though I do not consider myself all that, I do have my moments.Peace be with you all!

          • I play nice with those who play nice. Otherwise respect
            will kick rocks to those who throw barbs like Thandie above. I am tired
            of people disrespecting America! When ppl are in trouble we’re there in
            force, we’re not perfect but we’re not heartless damnit!! How many other countries can say the same?

        • Nancy Davis Brian

          Mom, Mommy, Mum, mummy, are each pronounced differently. One is not better than the other, they are all just different words. Most Americans say Mom or Mother.

      • ballerina2012

        @ CherryCherry. Thank you for correcting the Swedish Dish. LOL! I added my 2 cents as well. People kill me thinking they know it all and haven’t done their homework – Ugh!

    • Labisi

      She’s part KENYAN. You do your research. She just went back home to Kenya to have her wedding there!!!

    • ballerina2012

      @ Swedish Dish No, you need to do some research before speaking. There is an article out – Google it! showing Jessica and Dirk celebrating their wedding outside in Kenya where they are both embracing her Kenyan heritage. Her father is Swedish and her mother is Kenyan.
      Get it right!

  • Rhianna takes up practically half this list with alleged hook-ups, crushes, drive-by bonings, etc. ROFL

    • kanga

      Mmmmm Denise is looking all cute and chocolaty.

  • Ablackman

    jessica olsson is mixed k e nyan and swedish

  • saintsinno

    The comments are way more interesting than the article!

  • SMH

    Rutina Wesley husbands name is not James its Jacob.

  • duo_viper

    Why is this article worthy? Why is it still “news” that people of different races are, indeed, attracted to one another? Aren’t there better things to write articles about?

    • Mytisque

      Because they are white men with beautiful black women on their arms.

  • Calichick

    So what?
    No one forced you to even read this article…im sure there’s plenty of blogs around to fit your needs…you sound like the usual bitter angry jealous BM to me!
    Matter of fact I know you are because I recognize your name and all you do is go around hating on BW/WM couples! Get a Life!

    • JANEZ

      NICE LOL!

  • GBermudezz

    Ummm why is Zoe on this list??? SHE IS NOT BLACK! Stop insulting her please

    • lucy

      then what is she ? please enlighten..obviously she is not a black person from the depths of any african country, but she is of african decent ..it is quite clear that she is

    • jael

      Oh even though she has 2 black parents? Interesting.

      • Wale

        Both her parents are Bi-racial I believe!

        • Both of her parents strongly identify as black.

    • lia

      she’s from Colombia with mix race background…if you don’t know there’s a lot of African people in Colombia…go down into history please

    • SoTrue!

      She is black and could not be confused for ANY other race. She is of mixed African American heritage and proud. Not ambiguous at all, more like obviously of black heritage. A good thing.

    • rocklesson86

      Both of her parents are Half Black and Jewish. So she part black.

      • Desiree

        Jewish is not a race… as there are black Jews also

    • Rainbow

      I’m voting for Romney so that he can ship all you Hispanics out of here. You stupid bean eating sp*c.

    • Misty

      Black purism doesn’t help

  • Mytisque

    That white man be singing all those hip love songs to his black wife, Paula. Eat your heart out!

    • tat2edFIEND

      To his MIXED wife paula.

      • She’s black period. Black American women like that are considered black not mixed,like you said, of course she’s mixed it’s apparent but there are so many blacks like that living in the black community and have been for years that they consider themselves black, if you see her parents they are probably two light skinned black Americans, if not then the Momma is most certainly black, but I doubt she has one from each race I think their both black

        • Lovely_SimSim

          No, she’s half white and despite having a white mom, she identifies as black and considers biracial/mixed race terms of separation from black people, so she doesn’t use them.

          • JANEZ

            You got! I love them.

        • Rachel

          Biracial(which she is) means having parents of different races. So she is just as much white as she is Black. That’s insulting to ignore part of who she is. She should be proud of her white heritage as much as she is proud of her black heritage. I know I am. Period.

  • Mytisque

    He said when he first saw her when they were teenagers at a high school party, she was so beautiful, he fell in love with her at first sight.

  • Heya

    I’ve noticed that none of them are the bimbo Coco & kim types that black men seem to love. The black women are usually more accomplished.

    • Rainbow

      Black men love trash.

      • Kimmie

        Why must you trash black men just to praise black women and white men? Goodness you sound like trash too!

    • Kimmie

      Some of them are not accomplished, but why does a woman need to be just to date a white man? Why would this article include strange black women that no one has heard of it’s an article about people that everyone has heard about. Also, Kim K is worth 50 million please tell me a white man that would consider her trash? Coco on the other hand is well suited for her relationship with her husband and she’s not trash so keep your negative opinions to yourself! White men date average black women too and many of them don’t have 50 million like Kim K or a reality show like Coco. Grow up you goofy broad!

  • sepia830

    Brad Pitt also dated Thandie Newton while they were filming ‘Interview With A Vampire’. Personally I don’t understand why any woman black or white would want to date Bradley Cooper. Yes Lord he is easy on the eyes but he he obviously has long term commitment issues.

  • isaidso

    Two others: Chris Noth of The Good Wife & Ron Perlman of Sons of Anarchy are married to Black women.

    • ta

      Look at Ron Perlman son with his wife. He looks JUST LIKE HIS DAD… its scary!

    • Dee

      Chris Noth is married to an Asian lady.

      • MissRealuminatti

        she’s blasian

      • touria55

        Chris North is married to an Black American

      • AJ

        His wife is black.

    • guest745

      Oh yeah. Chris Noth. Mmmm

  • Labisi

    Sorry but those whites are not AFRICANS. Just because they invaded the continent doesn’t make them African. I’M THE REAL AFRICAN!!!

    • Caucasian user

      And just because you invaded America that doesn’t make you an American. I’M THE REAL AMERICAN!!!!!!!

      • malo


      • Giggles

        Dude, REAL Americans are Native Americans. According to your name, your ancestors were immigrants!

        • SoTrue!

          So True!

        • ronjayaz

          Sorry, Dude, but Native Americans are the DNA group called “Asians.” The NA came from China. The Chinese came to the “Americas” long before Columbus. It’s especially noticeable along the Pacific side of the Americas. The American Continent along the Andean chain was vacant till the Chinese arrived and left with the strain of NA.

        • Real Americans are and were Native Americans, but his name doesn’t say white it says a user of whites

      • SoTrue!

        Actually…that was you who invaded every crevise of the earth. You are White” . Nothing more.

        • THOMAS WREN

          You hate!

      • browngirl..


      • what race are you and are you even American black white or other?

      • Guest

        You idiot! There is a difference between invading a place and being abducted and enslaved into the place. Of all the races, whites are the only ones that have invaded and colonized places owned by other races and left them destroyed….. or basically wont leave! Go back to Europe, you parasite. You guys are still illegal. Making up laws to cover your behind does not change this fact.

        • Rachel

          Amen to that!!!!!!

      • Rachel

        Who are you referring to when you said “just because you invaded America” ?

      • Rachel

        Africans where kidnapped, brought to America and enslaved by white people you dumb f#@k!

    • SoTrue!

      I think he means regionally not racially. If you are of African heritage and are a US citizen then you are an American.

    • pfeiffer87

      So there’s no such thing as a non-Native American American then? Don’t be stupid!


      You live in africa?

    • Rainbow

      Shut up idiot.

      • Life

        This goes to EVERYBODY We Are All One. (Human-Beings)

    • Coolrain

      Right, and I am a REAL American still my race title in this country is hyphened with African-American as if I am American last. I was born and raised here! I have no direct/recent ties to the country. I just look African. All these race classes should say Black-American or Non-Africa Born. Even a native African told me this.

      • I thought it was blacks who first insisted on being called African Americans. I’ve always felt that it was kind of an insult to them for just the reason you stated but you are the first Black American that I’ve ever heard say it.

        • ta

          They insisted to be call African American because they thought they would have to leave the country if they weren’t called that. (Maybe that would of happened) it was a scary thought. They don’t speak the same language or food or culture of the original Africans. they have lived in America for generations so they should have the right to be called African American. Not an insult. they helped grow this nation! I say they because I am African.

          • That’s right you’re an African so what do you know of why black Americans first started calling themselves African American, that is not the reason black Americans first started calling themselves African American. Read my comment I made to Harvey Lain above. And it was never a scary thought, by them, that’s right they don’t speak the same language eat the same food or have the same culture, and they don’t regret it either. Nothing against the African slaves. Correction they have lived in America for centuries, and that is not a right to be called African that is a right to be called Black American. Another thing don’t say they should have the right cause black Americans are not asking for their rights they are taking them, see you wouldn’t know that cause you’re a African

          • Cliff Palmer

            First we were called Colored then Black “remember Black Power”,then Afro, then African Americsn

        • Misty

          black mostly

        • It was black Americans (out of growth and lack of understanding) who first insisted on being called “African American” to get away from being called Negro cause they outgrew being called that and saw the negative connotation of being called Negro. But it’s the white race out of lack of understanding too who perpetuate this (being called African American) along with blacks

      • I agree with you but it is the black mans fault as well as the whites cause black American people should stop referring to themselves as African American and just black American, and when a white person calls a black person African American the black person should correct them “I’m an American, ‘what kind of American’ black American”. A African American is a African who migrated over here and got citizenship not one who was born over here and his momma, black people have been in America too long (400 years) to keep referring to themselves as African

        • smhinkc

          All the labels starting with white people first it was ni#Ger, then colored, then black, then political correct African American. So shut the fu@# up talking about what name a black person wants to be called how about the name my mother gave me dumb a@#. This country makes me sick thank God I am preparing my daughters on how racist this country full of white people are.

      • Why does one need to specify their race when one’s nationality is the subject? The way I see it, if someone asks my race…I am Black. If someone asks my nationality…I am American. If someone was born in Africa, then moved to America and became an American citizen, then he or she is an African American. I think to label a Black person who was born here in America an African American was initiated, most likely, by a racist white person who wanted to differentiate between “real” Americans and Black people…in their warped minds. If you, your parents, their parents and the ones before them were born in America, how in heck are you “African” american? I’ve seen people who were born in the UK who have to check the African American box….that’s ludicrous. People often confuse race with nationality.

      • Guest

        Please learn that Africa is NOT a country! It is a continent. Frankly, it is quite disturbing when black Americans participate in downgrading the continent. You may not be taught in school but I am sure you know how to read a map! If you don’t refer to Europe and Asia as countries then do not refer to Africa as one. It is the SECOND largest continent in the world (after Asia) with 54 unique and distinct countries and even more diverse people and cultures within each.

    • DCHsr

      So now we are all confused. If whites decended from ancient africa, can only the black ones stay? Are you being a racist?

  • Likklebit

    Why is Riri even mentioned with her hookups? I thought you meant real couples and most of these men ain’t even cute with the exception of Robin Thicke and Brad.

  • malo

    Rhianna alleged “beaus” are just speculations…it’s just like seeing someone with a guy and assuming they are dating, i guess you can’t talk to any one now a days because ppl immediately cast them as your lover! SMH

  • Truthhurts

    White men always seem to get the best black women whilst black men always get the trashy white women( Kim and Kloe K, Coco and the likes!) that even white men wouldn’t touch…whois having the last laugh here??

    • sandra

      i wouldn’t put khloe k in that category….

      • Ted Sebern

        I would.

        • Rainbow

          I would too

    • detwo313

      no no my brother. thas bullsht stereotype trust me.

    • Mytra Nute

      I think COCO is beautiful πŸ™

      • Miss Bliss


    • merrakesh

      Are you kidding? I’m involved with a white woman and she is the greatest! She’s sweet, responsible and beautiful human being! (And if she weren’t I wouldn’t be with her!) And why the hell would anyone compare the average woman… white or black to someone like the Kardashians or Coco…?

  • llame88

    zoe saldana isn’t black; she’s dominican and puerto rican

    • sandra

      tia and tamera are half white: white father and black mother…

    • Rainbow

      She looks black to me idiot.

  • llame88

    zoe saldana isn’t black; she’s dominican and puerto rican

    • esalocanegra

      … and one of the few darker skinned Latin people who actually refers to herself as black. I love that about her.

      • ACTUALLY, Zoe does NOT refer, accept, or consider herself to be black.. Essence did a spread on her… Zoe said this out of her own mouth.. during the interview…. I don’t like to be called AA or black for a few reasons and not because I am ashamed of being associated with the “black” culture. I LOVE THE SKIN I AM IN. all of the other cultures..NOT RACES (we are all of the same race.. which is the HUMAN RACE…) are prodominently called by their respective cultures.. ie..russian, german, indian, asian, mexican, greek, persian, puerto rican, dominican…etc… but we have to be called “BLACK” or “AA”..when we should just be called Americans if this is where you were born..Our culture is referred to mostly by the COLOR black. While the others aren’t reffered by the color that their skin appears to be.. we don’t say, “the yellow,red,olive,brown..etc” person (grant it we do say white person.. & maybe it’s more of an division that Americans created). Either way I don’t like being reffered to as AA…because it makes me feel like that’s just another way to denouce us as full Americans…and if we are gonna be called a COLOR then we might as well be called the color closest to our tone..ie black, caramel,yellow,red,brown,black,midnight,orange..etc… silly right? So why must we have to accept being called “BLACK” instead of just who we are/what ever culture we were born to…All this division.. isn’t for the good of mankind..smh

        • Desiree

          Exactly but she identifies with blacks hence the we. But I’m black and I have said and we’ll continue to say the same as her my family is Puerto Rican dominican Caribbean and still all black

    • Misty

      there are black latinos. Latino is black, white, asian, native, middle eastern, mixed, etc, just that they are native Spanish speakers or decendents of native spanish speakers. There were black slaves in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba Venezuela, Mexico, and many other parts of Latin/Spanish speaking America.

    • desiree

      She is black as that is a color dominican is a nationality… ppl are not to bring these days

  • Startlett

    Wow, Pic #11 (Rutina Wesley/James Fishel) – talk about ‘she-devil’ in the background! Now SHE looks “Evil-ly pissed” – or is that the way jealousy with envy looks! SMH!

    • esalocanegra

      I believe that is True Blood “poster” silly.

  • what

    joseph gordon-levitt and meagan good dated! thats a pair you don’t expect!

  • the title should of been the opposite. It looks like the black women were more famous with the exception of a few and a lot better looking then some of those guys.

    • SoTrue!

      Isn’t that the case the majority of the time? When is the last time you saw a couple of equal beauty?

      • Silvermist

        I’ve known my Husband since I was 14, and he was 17. I will be 57 on 9/11. We were both orphans at a private school where ALL blood is RED. Heads have been turning back then because were a beautiful and loving couple and we still ARE! #notbraggingjustfact

  • Michael Atamian

    What about David Bowie and Imam?

    • I was wondering when they would show up. They never showed them. We could’ve done without 1 of RhiRhi’s exs.

      • Guest

        What do you expect when the site deletes the smart male comments and leave only the dumb ones. They create it so you have a way to maintain your bias views without having to question them.

    • GLFH

      Her name is IMAN, like her fashion line. David definitely married UP πŸ˜€ !!! Love you still, Major Tom.

    • merccougar89

      What about Halle Berry and her white guys?

      • Ms-Know-It-All

        Which one of her guy was white – if I may ask?. Martinez as far as I know is Spanish by race and French by nationality!

        • merccougar89

          Gabriel Aubrey was white and Mr Martinez is Spanish but he is caucassian in color if you look at him.

        • Vea’ Barksdale

          Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter. And by the way, in THIS COUNTRY, THE GOOD OLD United States of America, U R WHITE as judge by UR COLOR, not ur nationality!! This is a FACT!! That’s why racism is SO rampant in this country!

        • Matt Roberts

          Spanish isn’t a race…

      • Vea’ Barksdale

        Halle’s guys DO NOT prefer AA women exclusively as Robert DeNiro, etc. There is a difference!

      • guerline

        she’s not white, neither Paula. they’are mulatos. half white and half black

      • Patsy Schumacher

        She was listed above.

    • She protected him

      Everyone in the industry knows she protected him many times from being cheated by jews.

    • Lorraine Antonia Mereya Corso


  • SoTrue!

    I believe that all of the lovely ladies pictured accept their African heritage. And consider themselves African American women. There is no rule, there is only preference and these women exercise their preference to be African American. I think you just wanted to post that you were mixed for some strange reason…Feel better now?

    • sandra

      @sotrue!: gypsealday has a point. tia and tamera have a WHITE FATHER. does that make them white? not in this society because they don’t look white. but if it were the other way around, black father/white mother, they’d be labeled as “black”. it’s nice they embrace their black roots, but white society dictates race according to how they look or genetic makeup. there isn’t an article (or this one) about white or white-looking people of mixed heritage: irish/german or something like that…

      • Nana

        No what makes them ‘black’ is that is the term they identify with, both (and all of their siblings) Identify and say (on multiple occasions) that they are African American or black…

  • SoTrue!

    Aisha Tyler and her husband Jeff Tietjens should be here.Donna Summer, Diana Ross, their kids and so on & on. Whoopie seems to have a knack for attracting white men as well.

    • tat2edFIEND

      Diana ross and gene simmons from KISS. I remember seeing him hold her baby in the audience at an award ceremony. Smitten with pride. (Yes I’m old)

    • NursieNurse

      She seems to have a knack for women now.

  • nataboo

    Where are David and Iman?!

  • Darcy Mayfair

    I’m not sure why anyone here thinks that being Dominican or Puerto Rican means that you can’t be black. That’s so silly. Of course there are Afro-Dominicans and Afro-Puerto Ricans. So yes, Zoe Saldana is a black Latina. Being Black and Latino/a are NOT mutually exclusive.

    • Most black Puerto Rican people, in America, are taught to believe they are not black, to kin themselves with white or “real” Puerto Ricans and not being black or black Americans,to ignore their black blood by their parents. But from what I learned about Zoe Saldana is that she is one of the rare ones who’s mother taught her not only that she is black but to be proud of it. And so she is she’s proud of being black, Puerto Rican and American which is where she was born

      • Danni

        Um No. Those of us born here do not ignore our african roots. I mean how can we? It’s imbedded into the Puerto Rican culture. Our parents teach us to embrace ALL of our roots. European, African, and Native American.

        • Guest

          Welcome to African American mentality. If you embrace ALL of your roots then you don’t want to black. It’s all or nothing. You must only identify with your black roots no matter how tiny it is and IGNORE everything else as evidenced with the mixed celebs in their black community getting first dibs on all media projects.

          • wpsegura

            Thank you, I am Afro-Caribbean, of Cuban, Dominican, and Haitian decent. I celebrate my African, European, and Indigenous heritage. I get that I don’t think I am Black, I know damn well in America I am perceived as a Black man, but I am not going to deny my background, sorry.

          • mno

            wpsegura, you just totally contradicted your argument with the “perceived as a Black man” statement. Perceived? So because you have all the other influences, you’re no longer black? I’m confused here….

          • People’s Advocate

            He is referring to the perception of onlookers. Perception is what the onlooker is interpreting when they see him. So, that is not what he is saying. He perceives himself as all of those things, the narrow minded, “crabs in the bucket” onlooker only wants to see his African ancestry.

          • Ms-Know-It-All

            Me too wpsegura!

          • People’s Advocate

            Right on!

          • Naya

            We’re the same mixture.

          • Ms-Know-It-All

            If one’s mother is white and one’s father is black you should ignore your mother and UP your father? How stupid!

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            The twisted wisdom is if u look AA (brown 2 dark-brown), u CANNOT go around stating that u r this % of this & that nationality because in THIS lifetime, we are judged by THE WAY WE LOOK!!

          • People’s Advocate

            Why would you define yourself by believing you WILL be judged & discriminated horribly? That is emotionally & mentally toxic.

            Then you mock & lash out at others for not accepting this self hating belief (that you’ve been handed). All because the person failed to deny their multiracial background.

          • Cassidy Collins

            True on the judging by looks statement. That’s why I feel there’s a difference in the men who date biracial-women who are obviously biracial.

        • touria55

          as do your brothers and sisters in North America….having worked with a highly respected geneticist…98% of Americans who are ‘black’ have the genetic DNA of all that you mentioned. Doesn’t matter what they ‘appear like’ phenotypically (outside appearance). And you know what…it’s ok that they identify black,
          expecially judging how beautiful and smart their real African counterparts are. People are fickle, and stupid, what’s hated now,
          will be adored in the future.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            I know FOR SURE, that my ancestors were slaves in this country and that I had a so-called white great-great grandfather on my mother’s side but I look like any other AA woman, not light-skinned or dark-skinned but in-between but DEFINITELY AA. My mother is light-skinned like BEYOUNCE’, married my father, who is a average AA man with brown skin, like me. so it’s all in the genes how we look.

        • Vea’ Barksdale

          MAYBE some are taught this school of thought but many, when they make it to the good old USA AND if they can get away with it, they will PASS as Spanish or just another version of white!

      • latina

        Are you even Puerto Rican, we are not consider black. We are hispanic! Just because your skin is a certain pigmentation doesn’t make you black. No one is ignoring there roots, shut up. What are you going by the slavery rule one drop of African blood makes you black!

        • Yary Hmv Melendez

          thank you! i am puerto rican and my family is also half dominican and we are hispanic not black

          • mno

            OK, latina and Yary, are we talking ethnicity or race here?

          • touria55

            you are black…black….black….lol…..

          • People’s Advocate

            So by taunting them about being black you are proving what, that even you believe that being of African descent is horrible and you want to make as many people lives as miserable as possible by accusing them of being black?

            BTW neither of them seemed distressed, more frustrated that you seemed unable to comprehend the simple concepts they attempted to convey.

          • Nadia

            I am Dominican/Puerto Rican / Haitian and I’m proud to be black. N I date men from whatever culture or ethnicity as long as there’s chemistry, respect n ect ! Proud Black women with Latino blood!

          • Run

            You are a Black Hispanic! You are a Black person from a Latin, Spanish-speaking country.

            That means you are a Black person…part of the African diaspora…

            And quit being ashamed of it!!! Being Black is something to be proud of! A lot if great people in history are Black people…we have contributed greatly to every aspect of human history, science and technology, the arts, medicine, etc.

            People are ashamed of being black because they are taught that there’s nothing great about black people…we don’t do anything well except for play sports, sing, dance and rap!

            That’s complete BS, and once people from Latin countries stop buying it they will except their African heritage.

            Black people are great! We helped build an entire country into the strongest in the entire world without ever getting paid for it, and it didn’t break us. That’s greatness!

        • touria55

          @LATINA…of all the groups in the Americas, everyone is aware of your self hatred. Puerto Rico is a PLACE, idiot, not a RACE.
          Glad you are not black…you are too stupid.

        • Run

          There are white non-Hispanics and black non-Hispanics.

          Then there are white Hispanics and black Hispanics.

          The fact that one is Latino/Hispanic foes not mean they are not black.

          If I am a Spanish-speaking individual from a Latin country, that doesn’t mean that I am not black?

          • People’s Advocate

            I think you are allowing him to antagonize you and at the same time confirm the feelings he has that everyone feels people of African descent are inferior…

            There is no miscommunication. Just allow people to believe what they like.

          • Run

            Your response cannot be directed at me. How are my comments perpetuating an image of black inferiority? My comments are always well-stated, and my arguments well-marshaled. My vocabulary and sentence structure alone are evidence of my intelligence.

      • Run

        If she’s so “proud” to be black, then she must see beauty in black men as well as women. That begs the question of why she doesn’t date black men.

        • guest745

          That statement proves nothing. I’m a black woman. I’m proud to be black. I love the color of my skin, my beautiful features, and am proud of my heritage. However, I don’t date black men. Why? It’s very personal, but it made it changed the way I react romantically to black men and becoming involved- I can’t do it. I’m honestly not interested in who agrees or doesn’t agree or who supports it or doesn’t. It’s my life. I’m just pointing out to you that just because she doesn’t date black men doesn’t mean she isn’t proud of her own “blackness.” In fact, if I recall correctly, when Dennis Rodman was asked years ago about him not dating black women, he commented about being rejected and ridiculed about his looks so often by black women (probably before the $$$) that he started looking elsewhere.

          • Run

            Dennis Rodman is a classic example of a black man who was socialized into hating his appearance, and the deep emotional scars he sustained led him to shun all black women. Any rational human being can understand this, but that doesn’t mean we should excuse or endorse it.

            Rodman was a really bad example for you to use, because everyone knows that he is disturbed…intelligent, creative and talented…but DISTURBED.

            You are on a sparsely populated island, and wrong. And if you don’t want us as black men, we don’t want or need you.

            Just be mindful that there’s something wrong with a person who is so deeply scarred that she has to goth rough her entire life proving a point to an entire class of people (black men) because of the actions of a few.

            Do whatever you want to do, but don’t try to pretend that you and black women like you don’t have some pathology going on.

            When you’re proud of your looks, you are proud of others who look like you. If you are a black woman who has no physical attraction to black men, you hate yourself…period.

            You can’t claim to be proud of all that makes you YOU but reject others who look like you precisely because of their looks. That isn’t even logical.

            Dennis Rodman has shown time and again that he doesn’t like Dennis Rodman very much. So than you for the analogy.

          • DCHsr

            My very best childhood friend of 42 years is black but we don’t discuss color, we talk about attitudes if we discuss anything. To us, we are friends first and anyone that doesn’t like us for our color or thinks they are better than either one of us, they are scared and weak people. We traveled with our families, and have been friends through our divorces, growing kids, college and our favorite concerts and backpacking etc. No matter what, we are friends for life and friends forever. I hate the color thing and you should give it a break. Its weak. Give people their space because in the end, there is no color, only people working on their stuff.

          • Mishie

            I think its great that you came into your own and learned to fully love yourself/and your people. However, not everyone loves in the same way, shows their love in the same way, or learns to love themselves so soon and not everyone goes through the same struggles that lead to race preference. (I am speaking from a black female perspective here).

            Some women can fully love themselves, their people and their culture and choose to date outside their race. Everyones experience is different. It can also depend on the diaspora in which you reside. Self hate can be disregarding black men completely when it comes to dating, but that is not always the case. You can’t bully women into limiting or expanding their dating pool. And disregarding them/their points of view because of a preference, is disrespectful. Instead of giving black women more reasons to distrust black men, be one reason that a black woman changes her mind about only dating outside her race. Don’t belittle a woman because of her experiences, instead give her reason to grow. Calling a woman is clearly a victim “weird” is not furthering your agenda in any way. We can survive without water but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect the beauty of the flower. If you think you can not find water in one place it is only logical to look elsewhere.

            Have you ever thought that maybe you added to this and many other women’s reasons not to date black men? Love can be a better learning tool than reason alone. Unnecessary force will only divide us further, while our opposition grow stronger.

          • Mishie

            I found it. I know its 2 years old, thats why I wanted to check your newer posts to see if you were just a troll account, or someone with good points, but a tendency to forget(?) everyone reacts to situations differently.

            That aside, I love reading some of your opinions on many other things, you should consider starting a video log or something like that. I’d definitely watch. It’s nice speaking to my well educated peers. Also, I wish there was some way to widely educate this and the next generations, because it seems like self hate and a lack of the knowledge of our history is only growing.

          • Run

            The bottom line for me is a political one: you cannot fight oppression and lay down with your oppressor. That doesn’t even make logical sense. Zoe Saldana loves only white males because she buys into the idea that they are superior to men of color – which is completely fallacious, btw.

            White men are the most fearful beings on the planet. if they were so superior they wouldn’t be afraid of their own extinction. They wouldn’t be afraid of being minorities. Choosing a white man over a black man is like choosing a mouse over a lion.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            LOL!! Poor Dennis Rodman!! I know that this guy is a mutant from another planet and sisters were just AFRAID of him, not because he was black! He was too extreme!

          • Run

            Dennis Rodman was extreme in what way? He only wore colored hair, tattoos and wedding dresses in the latter part of his NBA career.

            Zif black women really did reject Dennis Rodman, they did it for some other reason, because those rejections happened before he was 31. His transformation occurred at around that age or even later. He was not always the “Dennis Rodman” that you see now, and he was actually a respectful hard worker…no special treatment, no weird antics….

            What was “extreme” about him or his appearance for the first 31-32 years of his life – when black women still had a chance?

            I remember when he dressed more like Michael Jordan…suits, slacks and a fade, and his behavior was quite unassuming. He really was one who dressed nicely and blended in.

            He learned to market himself as an “edgy” guy once Madonna came into his life, and that’s when he turned into someone else.

            Look back at some old tapes of Dennis.

        • Vea’ Barksdale

          We ALL have preferences! And people DO NOT date people as race-based but the individual person! Besides, feelings are NOT politically correct or so simple as that!

          • Run

            You essentially argue that one likes whatever one likes. That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what’s going on with black and Asian women who expressly prefer white men.

            This isn’t a nice cream flavor we are talking about. There are complex social, economic and psychological factors that contribute to this.

            There’s no way you can convince an intelligent person that a black woman can love herself but not find beauty in those who look like her.

            If you love yourself, you find beauty and greatness in those who are most like you, and a big reflection of that is skin tone.

            I have no doubt that there are cultural factors involved in Zoe’s dating choices…tastes in foods, live for art, poetry, sports types, musical preferences…all which are somewhat race-neutral aspects of our lives (the latter to a lesser degree).

            But there are black and Hispanic men with her tastes. There’s no way to justify her dating preferences except to say that she finds white men more physically appealing.

            Now…get to the bottom of THAT issue and you have your answer! Blacks who find whites more physically appealing are socialized to do do by media…living in a world that denigrates everything black and negatively stereotypes black men and women.

            We are told every day that we are “less than”…less attractive, less refined, less intelligent, less responsible, less chivalrous, less caring/loving than whites. Some black begin to buy into these beliefs, and it often becomes manifest in our dating “preferences”.

            The media constantly flashes images of whites as being the center of everything…the most important and the most beautiful. One can see how people of color would start to despise the way they look as well as their families and friends. That doesn’t make it ok. Only the weak ones will succumb to this.

            Does it ever occur to black women who date and marry nothing but white men that they essentially spit in the faces of the boys and men in their families.

            If an aunt has an open preference for white men, that signals to her nephews that they are worthless. What else do you expect? How does she look them in the eye and tell them that she loves them and thinks they are beautiful, but justify dating nothing but white men?

            That doesn’t even make sense! And it works the same way with fathers, cousins, brothers, uncles, etc. that is taken personally, like, “Did WE do something wrong, or does she just think we are ugly and inferior?”

            They may not tell her this, but they talk about it when she isn’t there. I know.

            My cousin has dated nothing but white men, and now she’s married to one. It hurt us all deeply, but we all put on “a face” for her and say and do all of the right things.

            Her men have always been cool, so that makes it easier. But she still insults us with her preference for white men.

          • People’s Advocate

            Is what you’re saying even scientific or evidence based? I often see black men involved romantically with non-black women, but I would be irrational to personalize his mating choices and to allow MY selfesteem to be affected by the fact that the female isn’t of obvious African descent like myself; not to mention it’s none of my business.

            I think people have all types of preferences: some only like thin individuals, women with specific shapes, men with nice teeth, certain heights, light or dark skinned… I don’t understand why having an affinity for another race (race being a human construct) means you hate yourself.

            It would appear, being so disturbed by interracial couples that are complete strangers, or the knowledge that a non-Caucasian celebrity is dating a Caucasian might indicate the distressed person has deep seeded issues with race, color, stranger control issues (all people of African descent don’t belong to each other or owe each other such loyalty as sacrificing love for others dogmatic views).

            If an aunt is dating a white guy and her nephew’s self-esteem takes a blow because of that, it’s because that’s what’s been taught to him in his home and environment. Why wouldn’t he just assume it’s okay to date outside of his race?

            If someone happens to know they are part Irish, Italian & African, that is amazing; it tells the story of their ancestors journey across the world! They should embrace it.

            Why would you sit around and worry about claiming the race that will be most likely discriminated against? That means you are looking for it, you will see it in every interaction with someone white, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an inferior complex comes along with this line of thinking.

          • Run

            Black women are DEEPLY affected by black males who choose to exclusively date white men. I would suggest that there have been many studies on the subject and that there is at least some data supporting m argument.

          • ARIES BABY

            I am not date who ever you want just leave me the f@ck alone lol. I do agree with the self hate part. Personally I know I am almost too much for any man you would have to be strong to deal with me.

          • scandalhooked

            True abt prferences, but I know many Black people who have told me to my face, they don’t want their kids to turn out dark skin like them, so they intentionally date white or very light. Unfortunately, there is a lot of self hate and loathing in the Black and Brown community which are vestiges of slavery, jim crow, segregation and current culture of White is Good and everything Black is bad. I wish it wasn’t so, but we can all change our thinking one day at a time and learn the appreciate the beauty in all of us.

        • bradleyjenn

          Free your mind!!!!! It’s very sad this day and age we are still divided by the melanin or lack there of in our skin. Bottom line Love knows no color. Just because you date or marry someone from a different cultural background than you doesn’t mean you possess an inner hatred of yourself. How is it that you can come to the conclusion that one group of women who date outside of their race displays self hatred but another group of women that does the same thing does not possess the same insecure feelings about themselves. Sounds very silly to me. Why is it when someone dates another race they are accused of somehow showing some form of disloyalty to their own race. If people would learn to keep their mouths shut and allow others who find love (no matter what color it’s wrapped in) to be happy the world would be a much better place.

          up of women who do doesn’t.

      • Lizzzzz

        Seeing since she’s Dominican and not Puerto Rican I think you mean she’s proud to be black and Dominican lol

      • People’s Advocate

        You should have not used the word MOST because it makes the statement false under these circumstances. Like, how would any of us know what most of the black Puerto Ricans feel about being considered black; how would one accurately obtain that information from such a large group of people spread all over?

    • MissRealuminatti

      Still black dumbass.

      • mno

        Thank you.

  • Jungle Fever !

  • Michelle

    You forgot about George Lucas and Mellody Hobson. They’ve been together since 2007.

  • nitti

    Let’s be real black women let a lot more slide with a white man than they would with a black man. It goes back to conditioning as slaves. The media has you brainwashed, they push to you that this is the only acceptable relationship. Black women with white men is the acceptable relationship. They will not allow it the other way around in a public way. No accident. Take a look, most actresses are with white men because they think it will help their chances of getting work. In LA one of the hidden secrets is that black women don’t even talk to or want to be associated with anything black.

  • anonymous

    wow never heard of rutina wesley and james fischel before but they are both gorgeous

  • lively01

    All the couples are beautiful!

  • lazywin.com

    To be accurate, many of the ladies in this list are not truly black!
    Regardless, they have great taste in men!

    • Rainbow

      So what idiot. Many blacks are not “truly 100% black” due to mixing during slavery. These ladies have color and they look beautiful.

  • Mimi Redrum

    I think this article is cute and all, but where are all the DARK SKINNED women??? I’ve noticed a lot of the women depicted are all LIGHT SKINNED. Show some love for us dark brown girls, please!!

    • Rainbow

      Dirk Nitwinski’s wife is a cute dark skin Kenyan woman.

    • Sean L

      I was just thinking that – I’m white but have only ever been attracted to dark skinned black women with typically black facial features – mixed or fair ones might as well be ‘white’ to me. I think it must be because my first teenage love was dark. But I don’t even notice brown or fair skinned girls. They also have better shape to my eyes. Bur that’s probably unfair as I don’t really notice the others.

      • TA

        you sound like my husband. He didn’t want me to perm my hair anymore b/c he wanted to feel those tight curls under his fingers. The darker the better for him and I am DARK!

    • nikki

      Did you look at the same article as the rest of us? Rutina Weasley, Heather Headly, Dirks wife, Robert D.’s wife, That dude from Grey’s Anatomy, etc. They were not light skinned black women. Were they all as dark as the lovely Viola Davis? Probably not. But they weren’t light skinned. Light skinned is more in the Zoe Kravitz category. All the women I named are by far darker.

  • My name Is Gladiator

    i am a man and I like all women, Black, white, yellow, brown because its all pink inside

  • monitorette

    Yeah, the rest of the world wants to be over-overweight ( a new word has to be invented especially for you americans). ON this topic, you will never lose your Olympic gold as no one is interested to take your place…


    of course Paul Wall is with a black women! Hello he was looking for Miss New Booty!!!

    • JANEZ


    • Ashli McMillian

      That was Bubba Sparxxx, not Paul Wall


  • Brad

    the only thing that’s died is any sense of logic you may ever have had (which is doubtful) And btw, the white man WILL continue to steal your sistas, betta recognize biotch

  • Jb

    A lot of these chicks are only half black that don’t count

    • Run

      They count as long as white people still view them as black…and white people view them as black!

      • CanadianWoman

        As a white Canadian woman, I see a lot less division and animosity between races and cultures here than I hear about occurring in the states. In some places (like in my neighbourhood), white people actually see people as individuals, and don’t waste their time trying to figure out if someone “qualifies” as black or white based on the shade of his or her skin tone. These alleged “views of white people” are not universal.

        • Run

          White people in the states are sick, which is why we have the problem blend that we do. They started all of this.

  • wes

    Most of the prominent black women in Hollywood married to white men… Most of the prominent black men in Hollywood married to strong black women. And they say it’s the black men who are abandoning their women when I think it’s the other way around.

    • Misty

      I personally don’t care who anyone dates, as long as you don’t go hating on anyone to justofy your love for someone of another race.

  • Moondog

    That is an ignorant statement. to each his own, but don’t project your own self hate onto your black brothers.

  • BIGwalt

    It appears that there is a strange attraction between the white-man and the black woman.
    I guess it was a mutual understanding during slavery that the master would have first pick at the most ripe fruit. If a modern day white guy wants to have kids with a black woman, my hat’s off to him.It takes a strong human being to be with today’s black woman,which is the most complicated of all the women on earth.Black men should lift your head up high and continue to love the black woman,when one crosses over to the other side,means we should tighten up our financial situation,get a degree on line if you have to.Stop working for the man and start your own legal enterprise,network with other blk men.Be the best that we can be.Truth be told; Black women love white guys because they can be manipulated much easier than a black guy. Black man don’t want a white man or black woman to strip them of their man hood.

    • Katie Paston

      Sounds beyond dumb.

      • Run

        But his words are so incredibly true! Most ethnic women who go for white men instead of men of color do so for the money. You notice that if they can get a man if color with money, they stick to men of color. Without money, white men would be extremely undesirable to most women, and they know it. Men of color can still pull women even when broke.

    • ty

      I totally agree and a lot of them are in it for the money as well from the experiences and the know of that’s what it is they always say the dam white man treat them better and put them on a higher pedalstool

  • CBK777

    What you either fail to realize or conveniently choose to ignore, is the fact that Black women have been notoriously rejected and excluded from the “beauty” category for years. Certainly NOT because they aren’t beautiful, but because a very euro-centric society has continuously promoted the image of white/blonde hair/blue eyes as being the standard for beauty. Not to mention the countless number of brainwashed Black men who have bought into the lie and as a result have done more damage to the psyche of Black women than the dominant White society.Therefore, an article like this is written to debunk that lie and help Black women to realize they are indeed beautiful and desirable.

    • JANEZ


    • Run

      That’s no excuse, and it supports the theory that black women won’t feel validated until they active acceptance by white men. This bread was written to brainwash black women – the good ones anyways – into giving themselves over to white men. Black women are the final frontier in the crushing of black men! White men have tried for the last four centuries to take black women away from black men, because that would permanently cripple black men. Black women outnumber black men at least 3-1, sometimes 5-1, depending on geography. White men want that leftover black (p)oocee! If they had their way, black men would not even have genitalia.

  • cs

    Yes, what about real relationships that have lasted like Iman and Bowie? Wolfgang Puck and Gelila Assefa?

    How do you even add Gabriel Aubry after he supposedly used the n-word against Halle and the baby? Why not add Olivier Maritnez?

  • detwo313

    Thandie newton always dates white dudes, plus she’s british, and they say its almost a trend to see light skin “beautiful” successful black women like to go for white guys in britain

  • blck ggg


  • blck ggg



    • Wow………… One of you could undo all the strides Black men have made in stopping the Gender War. Be careful with your stupidity…. The best thing you should do for the state of Black Relationships is remain silent…. never ever speak or you will give Black Women ammo to hate us.

  • U caught that too….smh

  • Well said!

  • tat2edFIEND

    They’re not africans. They’re white born in africa. To be african means black…like application says “black/african descent” umm don’t pay me any mind. I’m just Ethiopian

    • Rachel

      NOT TRUE!!!! African is someone born in Africa. Just like an American is someone born in America. Or European is someone from Europe and so on and so on

  • lizzie boredom

    People are still very touchy about this issue. I’m Mexican and since grade school have attracted a lot of black attention. I didn’t think it was weird since my father was in the military. When you’re stuck overseas all you want is another American. Things changed a bit in high school when white guys lost respect for me for even talking to a black guy. I remember when I was about 5, I thought that buy the time I grew up everyone would get along and these things wouldn’t matter.

  • Hey now! I like fried chicken and I’m white as rice!

  • My that sounded SO intelligent! Maybe these women met someone like you, that would account for their taste in men.

  • HotwhiteSugar

    Now do famous black men with celebrity white ladies.

  • AngelSentFromHeaven

    It’s sad that racism still goes on πŸ™ but I believe that there is only one race which is the ‘human race’. The couples are lovely & I wish them the best of luck! πŸ™‚

  • AngelSentFromHeaven

    Halle Berry’s dress in that pic is soooo cute. <33 I would rock that . !

  • ta

    I agree. There is no need to be “mad” no one is marrying just to get one on the other race. They are marrying for love. I know i didn’t marry my white husband to get one over on the brothers. I married him because I loved him.

  • ta

    I agree with the title but not with the ideology behind it. At least I hope these black women are not trying to find acceptance from white men!

  • U.N. Owen

    Someone has already addressed the more serious part of your allegations but in my opinion the comments are from people who felt that the list lacked some better known couples instead of some of the repeats, all of the mentions of Rihanna wasn’t needed to act as filler rather than place longer standing and real couples.

    In my opinion the list is horrible by taking away why these people are together and instead make it a thing about color. I see that Brad Pitt is on the list a couple of times but who is he with now? Would it be right to say that he still ‘loves’ black women? For Rihanna’s case all of the guys that she was with, did they love her? Her skin color? Are they still showing their ‘love’ for black women?

    I came to this list not for affirmation but to see who was on it, the lack of Bowie and Iman among other great couples was disappointing and gives me a clear idea of what this contributor thinks.

  • nay

    Paula Patton hardly counts!!!!

  • sooooooo. when a white guy date a black women jealous bm and bw have to point out nationally and ethnicity. all these people on this list is black to me. why because they look darker then the white men they are with. race is clor and these women are black.

  • Misty

    homophobic references are not cool

  • Cici

    Quite a few of the women listed are Hispanic not Black, umm so that kinda killed the entire bit.

    • Nicki

      Only one woman was hispanic. Some were biracial and just consider themselves black but one hispanic. Also, she is a black hispanic. Hispanic is no longer a race. They claim white, black or Asian on the census like the rest of us.

  • Muna

    I like white guys. Whenever I see an interracial family, esp. the kids, I always think , “They have the best of both worlds” πŸ™‚

  • Telli

    When did Brad Pitt date a transvestite?

  • What about LUKE GOSS and his wife , the beautiful Shirley Lewis????

  • Michael P

    more likely black man

  • Mark S

    Brad Pitt has always had a thing for black women? Sinnita and Robin Givens are the only two black women he’s dated. Among the white women are Gwenyth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis, Jill Schoelen, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. Not sure how that’s a “thing” for black women. It seems to me like he just enjoys a beautiful woman, regardless of skin color.

    • Run

      The ironic part is that Juliet, Jennifer and Angelina all seem like they would date black men.

  • GodSbabygirl Rollins

    I LOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE interracial love. My gorgeous HUSBAND is Middle Eastern Jewish with irresistable sea blue eyes, a delicious body and GOD-like love making skills. I am in heaven whenever HE is near me. I am black and thicke and loving every minute of HIM!

    • Run

      Good for you…liar!

  • alfred espinoza

    I m a white latino and I think rutina westley is the most beautiful women on earth. I watch true blood just to see her.

  • nightcreeperleader

    I see they have galleries for negro bed wenches.

  • philly215

    zoe saldana is not black she is Dominican

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Who’s Sinitta next to Brad Pitt and why does she look like a guy in drag?

  • Aaliyah21215

    Wow! Can I like your response twice?!

  • Yary Hmv Melendez

    Zoe Saldana is not black she is hispanic…do your research

    • Napa

      with teachers like you the poor kids would be really ignorant. Hate to break it to you and burst your bubble here but hispanic and latin aren’t races so you can be both black and latina or hispanic . Do your research about the difference between race and nationality and ethnicity.

  • DCHsr

    Ramses was of Irish heritage. The fact is that whites have been the world engineers for thousands of years. Still are. Nothing has changed.

    • GUEST


      • DCHsr

        Yeah…. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  • Marina Calis

    I think black women and white men together are beautiful…though color should not play a factor in love,unfortunately men of color have become too emotionally abusive to accept a woman for who she is….have genuine love and know how to keep their manhood in one place.maybe I have given up on black men but at 45 I can’t chance it again….My sister now dates a white guy the difference is between night and day…

    • Run

      Black women are very different when they are with white men. They strive to present the image of meek, finite white women.

      Usually they are with white men for financial benefits, and they don’t want to mess up the gravy train. So they are on their best behavior.

      The so-called powerful black somebody you THINK you know aren’t the ones black men know.

      White men wouldn’t last a week with the black women we deal with.

  • keepit100percenttruth

    black women are great for a good f**k & chuck.. but when it’s time to get down to a serious relationship, they belong on the backburner.

  • terry b

    Gives a real meaning for the phrase “Black is Beautiful”!!

  • 1st Amendment User

    Shh don’t tell Zoe Saldana she’s black…

  • Marianne Craigie

    My intention is not to put a damper on this article, however I have to wonder why it wasn’t edited out under the heading poor taste….no wonder we can’t get past base racial issues when the “glamorization”, which seems to be more of a “shock article” continues. Two People in Love, that’s it. Stop perpetuating racism in ANY form!!!

    • ConsciousBM

      Thank you, a lot of black women have so low a self-esteem that they desperately want validation from non-black males especially white men. It’s part of the reason the feminist community as a whole ignores black feminism. You can’t argue for gender equality then go, “Oh it’s not fair that white men don’t objectify us sexually as much as he does you girls. We want to be put on a pedestal too” that’s how eyes roll and you go from a movement arguing for female rights into a collective pity party that the males of their race laugh at and the males of other races know they can get a “sure thing” from. No one cares about interracial love except for self-hating individuals who look at it as proof they have value and bigots that think such a relationship is blasphemy. The super majority do not care and only laugh when people make it sound like some unheard of thing for two people of different races to be together because most modern Americans been in a interracial relationship at some point or another only for them it was just a relationship not a status symbol.All this article shows is how little the minority party views their culture/ethnicity and longs to be a part of something else hence the glamorization hence Scandal’s (tv show) popularity.

  • Samantha

    what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Meagan Good they dated awhile back

  • Run

    Black men: don’t post intelligent comments here, because the black women moderating will just delete them.

    • WOW I just noticed that they deleted my comments and a few others. Style Blazers moderators must be extremely insecure.

  • Thank you, a lot of black women have so low a self-esteem that they desperately want validation from non-black males especially white men. It’s part of the reason the feminist community as a whole ignores black feminism. You can’t argue for gender equality then go, “Oh it’s not fair that white men don’t objectify us sexually as much as he does you girls. We want to be put on a pedestal too” that’s how eyes roll and you go from a movement arguing for female rights into a collective pity party that the males of their race laugh at and the males of other races know they can get a “sure thing” from. No one cares about interracial love except for self-hating individuals who look at it as proof they have value and bigots that think such a relationship is blasphemy. The super majority do not care and only laugh when people make it sound like some unheard of thing for two people of different races to be together because most modern Americans been in a interracial relationship at some point or another only for them it was just a relationship not a status symbol.All this article shows is how little the minority party views their culture/ethnicity and longs to be a part of something else hence the glamorization hence Scandal’s (tv show) popularity.

    (Go ahead and delete my comment again)

  • Miss Bliss

    Another white actor who likes black women is Jamie Kennedy… He always goes after black women and dated a black friend of mine.

  • chanela

    why does it ALWAYS have to be white guys? what about asian,indian,hispanic,native american,pacific islander men? geez

  • dh

    Zoe Saldana does not consider herself black, so she needs to be removed from the list!

    • Napa

      says who? not her since she has stated that she is black.

  • mixedrace

    why not have an article “black men who like white women”? oh there will be thousands..sorry.. Is this one of the article again to prove black women are likable?The insecurities of the African-Americans again and the need to prove..Heck, any race can be ugly or beautiful..why the need to “isolate” one?

  • guest745

    Hello? What happened to Gerard Butler? Well known to have a thing for black women.

  • bahminj

    In our present world it is beyond silly to identify anyone with African blood as just black especially if they are mixed race or biracial heritage! Why should anyone deny the other ethnic gene pools and declare themselves exclusuvely black when they clearly look anything but black ! It’s like a childish game of “i gotcha”
    Probably the best observation for the unmarried is this if your want to breed beautiful ,exotic, and gifted children marry someone who is Black ! Did you know that with out the tint of Black in all colors, the color lacks vibrancy.

    • Run

      You’re right, most blacks are mixed, anyways.

  • Cristal

    Ummmm…Zoe Saldana is not black. She is Puerto Rican and Dominican.

    • Desiree

      Black race dominican nationality. Understand our are you that ignorant. Black race American nationality, white race African nationality… see how they are different?

    • lmao… wow.. ignorance is bliss

      • T Dagwell

        Pick up a sedative.

    • Napa

      are you american or black? british or white? because according to your logic african american people do not exist and the only black people are those from Africa (that yet has non black people too)

    • Run

      Zoe Saldana is black. She’s a black Hispanic. Purrto Rucan and Dominican are just nationalities. They say nothing about one’s “race”, for lack of a better word.

  • Mel

    denise vasi and anthony mandler !!!!!

  • Mar

    I love this list! But Zoe Saldana is latin, she’s of dominican and puerto descent, but she’s not african american.

    • lmfao @ this. U need to research what lies beneath when it comes to the heritage of a puerto rican and a dominican. They’re not brown because they’re always in the sun, idiot. lmao.

    • Run

      She’s black! She was simply born in Dominica. For lack of a better word, Latina isn’t a race; it merely indicates culture, and Hispanic indicates nationality (ironically, outside of Spain, anyways).

      A black Hispanic is a black person who speaks Spanish and identifies with one or more Latin cultures. That’s it!

      If Halle Berry and Rick Fox have no problems calling themselves black, Zoe needs to sit TF down.

  • Ms-Know-It-All

    One’s race and one’s nationality are two completely different things. A white couple can have a child in Africa! That does not mean that the child is black. It means that the child is white but it’s nationality is Africaan.

  • Vea’ Barksdale

    When did Paula Patton become BLACK OR AFRICAN-AMERICAN?!!

  • Run

    Yeah…look at them! She probably thought he would never cheat because he’s white! I don’t know what possesses women of color to put white men on a pedestal.

  • CD

    What is this obsession with Americans and color? For once, can;’t t you people be color blind like people in the Caribbean?

  • Alias Darker

    lol i love how this article is showing couples that broke up , what are they trying to prove here?

  • Guest

    that was pretty much all 20 of them. sickening oil drillers.

  • go away already

    there were like 3 that weren’t at least 25% white. most of them were 50% white.

    • Run

      Most blacks, including yours truly, have at least 10-15% Caucasian bloodlines.

      Who decides what constitutes biracial or “mixed”?

      Technically, human beings cannot be mixed, because 97% of human DNA is the same regardless of ethnicity. There’s only one race: the human race.

      Having said that, our genes are quite different.

  • Cassidy Collins

    Many of these women are biracial. That doesn’t count the same.

  • nnezzo

    Where the hell is Colin Farrell??

  • Marleena

    Beautiful couples!!! Yeah, they did forget David and Iman.

  • quest

    I love when people change the topic.

  • Jazz

    So gorgeous good for them #teamswirl

  • Patsy Schumacher

    Many of the so called “Black” spouses/partners aren’t actually fully Black. They are of mixed race with one parent African American.

    • Run

      Black genetic structure is dominant, which means that so-called biracials are black. This is the reason whites are so afraid that they will one day be extinct. You cannot wash out blacks, but you can wash out white recessive genes.

  • And The Truth Is

    Well there are many black women that are very much more attractive than white women especially since many white women really think that they’re all that which their NOT at all.

  • Jones

    this list is a joke. most of these couples aren’t even together anymore.

  • Run

    You missed the part where he mentioned the qualifier “in Hollywood.”