Christina Aguilera Streaks Again (Are You Feeling Her Purple Ombre Hair?)

She had a few pitfalls along the way, but we are so glad to see our Christina Aguilera back and on top! The Voice star debuted her new purple ombre do this week at a press junket for the singing competition’s upcoming season. She opted for flowy lavender to complement her signature platinum locks. Now, Christina hasn’t always been known for jumping on the best hair trends in her day (afros and platinum cornrows come to mind. Eep!). But ombre seems to suit her, and her reminds us of her Dirrty days. But a little classier this go round, of course.

Does the ombre trend suit the pint-sized pop tart? 


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  1. says:

    Yes, I love it! It’s different and it’s not too loud. It’s right and unique.

  2. says:

    No, the blonde doesn’t look good on her period….as well as the purple.

  3. says:

    Y she do that to her face? Hair fly fasho…but..

  4. says:

    Why don’t rainbow clothing store just endorse her. She has been the perfect poster child since her debut.

  5. says:


  6. says:

    Kelly Osbourne will be calling her a copycat in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  7. says:

    She’s too old for this. Ma’am, have a _/

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