20 Of The Hottest Plus Size Models, Past And Present

20 Of The Hottest Plus Size Models, Past And Present (Celebrating Women With Curves!)

The acceptance of curvaceous, plus size models has come a long way. There was a time when magazines would not dare  have a full figured size model on the cover, but things have changed. The fashion industry has finally understood that today the average size of  woman is a size 12, not a 0. So they have made room for women with real curves alongside the Miss Twiggy’s of the industry.  And now we see  voluptuous, average sized women gracing the cover of fashion magazines.

Check out 20 of the hottest plus size models, past and present. 

Whitney Thompson



  • skeletony

    You somehow missed THE most popular plus sized model, London Andrews?!
    This list is like a ‘List of Legendary Pin Up Queens’ which does not
    include Bettie Page.

    • Lycia

      Isn’t “model” a word typically reserved for women who wear clothes in front of a camera?

      • Illogical

        Not on this planet.

  • Me

    You also forgot the beautiful Mia Davis who sadly passed away last year, but was one of the best plus size models I have ever seen.

  • Deborah Jones

    If Liris Crosse is a plus size model than the rest of us most be toads… come on really!
    this is getting ridiculous…come on men please give us your honest response to this
    bull—-. Don’t you want a woman with some curves?

    • okay

      slender (in shape) women look more natural, not to mention healthier. I have nothing against overweight people but please stop trying to make excess body fat into something attractive. I think the guys that prefer “curves” simply have a fetish.

      • Jamie DeeAnn

        You can be within the normal weight range and still have curves Deborah. I know this because curves run in my family and I had them even at 14 when I was within the healthy weight category for my height. also, it is more so the men who prefer slender girls who have a fetish. wide hips relate to how well you and your offspring will survive a natural birth, larger breasts tell the man your ready to mate. As for the hour glass waist, I don’t remember reading the why. I assume it’s so men know your hips and breasts aren’t big simply because your fat…

      • Lol

        You’re utterly stupid. Who gives society the right to put a standard on what looks healthy? Some heavier women are just as healthy as some women who are “in shape”

      • rvajoe

        I’m a man and I prefer women to have curves. Having curves is not being fat or overweight. And also, I have found some heavier women very attractive as well. But stop saying curvy is being fat. Its not the same thing. I would much prefer a woman with curves than one with a flat pancake bottom who is extremely thin, yet somehow “healthy”.

      • pink

        your a douche bag

      • Joe Vapes

        No, I just don’t like women that look like skeletons or mop handles.

      • Illogical

        I fully disagree…. health is defined by tone, not diameter. By your defination, a crack whoer who isn’t showing sores is attractive. So wrong for so many reasons. Yes, fit people can be attractive, but so too can those of larger proportions… and as a red-blooded male I can assure you I prefer softness and curves, as opposed to a fitness model who has more in common with men than women. I want a woman who looks like a woman, not like a man with a small chest implant.

    • Illogical

      Absolutely, any day of the week. Aside from hormones its curves that differentiate women from men. I don’t have any issues with same gender relationships, but when I’m with a woman, I want her to look like a woman… not a guy with a high pitched voice and appropriate female body bits.


    • Aquarius_Girl

      Yes she is absolutely beautiful. I thought for sure she would be on this list.

    • rajendra

      hi you are right medam

  • BigHitter1

    I’d bust everyone of them out

  • ronthedog

    based on these pictures chloe marshall and fluvia lacerda are the prettiest and tara lynn and ashley graham have the hottest bodies. i’d be well chuffed to share my pillow with any of them.

  • Naturale

    Exactly! I compare it to Marilyn Monroe being claimed as a plus size…plus size??!! The woman was 5’6 ,not weighing more than 130lbs ,and not busty at all,they were stuffing all her dresses and corsets with thickest pads,which been on auction for some time too lol! but yeah,it’s funny how things are sold not really “as is”!

  • They are all my favorite because they are BEAUTIFUL. Anyone that doesn’t think so should have their eyes & brains examined

  • twoonebj

    It was probably not fair to only show full body shots for some of the models. Although I usually do not go in for women with makeup, number 11 (Liris Crosse) was definitely a keeper, and is hardly what I would think of as a “plus sized” woman!!

  • tak

    All pics should show full body, like #17, not just a head. Whoever posted them did a poor job. Kim K. should be included also.

    • Once again….there is not need…they are not plus sized women….they are barely average…..and they do not represent that portion of the population….misleading as usual….designers….give the larger women a chance to wear the right thing for the right body!

  • Why are all women “plus sized” if they’re not shaped like a 14 year old boy? I love natural curves. Women are supposed to be soft, not bony or muscular! Most of these women are gorgeous!

  • 277Volt

    A post on gorgeous plus size models but too many are just shoulder-up pics. I clicked on this link to see these gals in their full glory.Do these gals justice.

  • This is ridiculous….non of these women are fat, large or big enough to model clothes that 300lb women want to wear…..show me people like Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe, Queen Latifa, Raven Symone, Christina Hendricks, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, Aidy Bryant, etc….who can physically compare and show how the cloth will really look on someone their size! At my largest weight I wore size 18 jeans, and the cloths I wore would never look right in a much larger woman. This is no about health or beauty necessarily or setting examples, It is a matter of being able t find decent cloths at any given size and be able to look the best we can!

    • Joe Vapes

      This article is about curvy models not obese women.

      • Daisy Hardiman

        Don’t try to correct someone if you cannot read. The article says plus size models, and in order to fit into plus size cloth you really have to be beyond just curves. It is just not fair for the larger women no to be able to model their own sizes because the industry and people like you find a size medium or large person a better fit to represent someone much larger.

        • Joe Vapes

          Sorry you are taking offense but Plus sized models are just that, Plus sized “MODELS”. Not sure what I am missing here as this article has nothing to do about fairness in the clothing industry. 300 pounds is obese by medical standards. I like women with curves but 300 pounds should not be encouraged by anyone including the modeling industry.

  • KatieKat

    a lot of these women aren’t even plus sized,maybe not a zero,but not plus sized.

  • Wow, Liris Crosse is the hottest of them all. Where she at nowadays?

  • Vic

    White woman worship.

  • doglover71

    The problem is they take what is supposed to be “in style” for skinny women and then make the clothes bigger to fit bigger women. They make no attempt to actually make clothes that make larger women look better. Plus Size models sometimes start at size 12. Please….. I look back at my size 12 years and have a good laugh that I could have been a plus size model. The fashion industry is for the few in hollywood that can wear the clothes and the poor kids who nearly kill themselves trying to get into them.

  • Misti Loo

    Apparently anyone wearing more than a size 3 is plus sized. And then we mothers have to figure out how to raise our naturally beautiful daughters with a positive self image if they have hips and breasts. How ridiculous and harmful the fashion industry has become in recent decades!

  • Rick Ambrose

    Good lord, some of these chicks are just straight fat – not plus sized. When you can’t see a distinguishable waist line, you. are. fat. Seriously, America, get a grip.

  • Mernie

    All these women are beautiful. However, I find it interesting that not one of these full-figured models have even the slightest double chin!

  • matts2

    For about half of these women we just get head shots. I guess you are afraid to actually show the bodies. Too bad.

  • guest

    Ummm….Did anyone else see how thin 3/4 of those plus size models are? Or is it just me?

  • Ryan Radford

    My 5 favourite curvy women are Felicity Hayward, Chloe Marshall, Iskra Lawrence, Ella Henderson, Gemma Collins