StyleBlazer Survey: Balenciaga vs Jeffery Campbell Cutout Combat Boots. Would You Splurge Or Save On This Style?

StyleBlazer Survey: Balenciaga vs Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Combat Boots (Would You Splurge Or Save On This Style?)

Cutout combat boots: practical? No. Stylish? Absolutely! The androgynous sartorial shoe first hit the scene on the Balenciaga spring ’11 runway and has remained on the fashion radar since. Looking to play hardball with your style? Wear these with a pair of black harem pants and oversized tank. A simple, yet unorthodox, look that brings style with little to no effort.

But are these buckled beauties worth the $1,275 when their less expensive twin was released earlier this year by Jeffrey Campbell for $165? Granted, the two-tone metal detail is missing and the sleek body is a tad chunkier, but both will fall into your wardrobe adding a tough and unexpected flare. But are you ready to don the cutout combat boot?


If so, would you Splurge on the Balenciagas or Save with the Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots?



-Neijah Williams



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    Even though I like the gold accent buckles on the Balenciagas, I like Jeffery Campbell shoe better. I like Jeffery Campbell shoes, they are so creative.

  • Butterfly Couture

    Throwback to Janet Jackson Rythm Nation ..? I’m not a fan of either but if I had to pick I’d say Ilike the construction of te Balenciaga better