19 Outrageous Red Carpet Outfits (Sultry Or Just Trashy?)

Kelly Brook

"Kelly Brook at British Independent Film Awards"

Kelly may be a Playboy model, but this dress was worn to the British Independent Film Awards, and they’re a bit more conservative over there!



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  1. says:

    Heather Locklear wore the exact same green dress only weeks earlier at an awards show and no one said a word. JLo wears it and 12 years later people are still talking about it.

  2. says:

    They were all crap..

  3. says:

    Trash is as trash does!

  4. says:

    Don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Everyone has the right to wear what they like, if someone else does not agree, than look the other way. It’s just clothes and body parts. Get over it.

    • says:

      I totally agree! And I think Toni Braxton always looks amazing anyway ~ no matter what she wears! I thought she ruled in this dress! :)

  5. says:

    got it ,,,,flaunt it………..

  6. says:

    thought it was an ad for cottage cheese

  7. says:

    LMAO! Every one of these s k anks are dressed like they are going straight from the photo shoot to the ho tel!

  8. says:

    (to the tune of let it snow) let it show let it show let it show!

  9. says:

    puh-leez “arrested for indecent exposure”. What a douche.

  10. says:

    Half of these outfits look like shower curtains to me.

  11. says:

    In Anne V’s case, “V is for Vagina” (not sayin that’s a bad thing).

  12. says:

    I don’t really see what the big deal is with most of these, I see more at the beach. Of course, I don’t get the big deal people make about skin anyways.

    That being said, though not offensive, half of these outfits are just tacky-looking.

  13. says:

    The comments under the pictures makes me wonder if it’s a woman writing this — and JEALOUS!!!

  14. says:

    Trashy the things these celebs do for these producers

  15. says:

    She need more of a body first

  16. says:

    Green dress, Nice Jlo

  17. says:

    Trashy a mess

  18. says:

    Lil Kim is a notorious mess she’s so done

  19. says:

    Hell to the NO

  20. says:

    He lied to you Kim you are TRASHY

  21. says:

    No old lady

  22. says:

    No he lied to you P

  23. says:

    Wow really, look like something I pooped

  24. says:

    Yeah, it a bit of an under statement to call some of those outfits trashy.

  25. says:

    trashy all around

  26. says:

    just DAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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