Sultry or Just Trashy? 19 Outrageous Red Carpet Outfits

19 Outrageous Red Carpet Outfits (Sultry Or Just Trashy?)

"Anne V at 2012 Grammys"

If you want to stand out from the crowd on the red carpet, you’re bound to make some mistakes. Yes: these celebrities have rockin’ bods but some things should just be left to the imagination! Also, couldn’t some of these stars technically be arrested for indecent exposure?


Toni Braxton

"Toni Braxton at 2001 Grammys"

Toni’s definitely kept things tight and for that, we commend her. But one gust of wind at the 2001 Grammys and we would have been all too familiar with her backside. This Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress would have been just as stunning with, you know, sides.


Jennifer Lopez 

"Jennifer Lopez at 2000 Grammys"

Today, the plunging neckline is found everywhere, but being one of the first to do it, JLo got a lot of flack for her 2000 Grammys dress. Maybe she just wanted to prove to the world that her body’s not all about her booty.


Traci Bingham

"Traci Bingham at 2001 Grammys"

Traci would have been better off wearing her Baywatch wardrobe to the 2001 Grammys. Maybe she saw a few too many mermaids while on set and got inspired.



"Rihanna at 2011 Grammys"

“All I want for Christmas….” is a snow covered Rihanna at the 2011 Grammys? She’s just one line of fluff away from baring it all, because we don’t see any underwear under there.


Uma Thurman

"Uma Thurman at Swarovski Fashion Rocks"

This is the Swarovski Fashion Rocks event but Uma—those crystals aren’t covering anything up.


Lil Kim

"Lil Kim at MOBO awards"

Most people are terrified of spiders, but it looks like Lil Kim commissioned one to spin her dress for the MOBO awards!


Candice Boucher

"Candice Boucher at Cannes film festival"

The men on either side are thinking, “Please don’t let my wife see this!” The Sports Illustrated model clearly felt she had to prove at the Cannes Film Festival that there was no Photoshopping in her shoots.


Lady Gaga

"Lady Gaga at 2012 Grammys"

Miss Gaga’s outfit at the 2012 Grammy’s isn’t so revealing as it is alarming! She looks like a genuine S&M queen, and her solid corset appears to be suffocating her!


Rose McGowan

She was dating Marilyn Manson at the time. This was probably his idea.


Kelly Brook

"Kelly Brook at British Independent Film Awards"

Kelly may be a Playboy model, but this dress was worn to the British Independent Film Awards, and they’re a bit more conservative over there!


Adrienne Bailon

"Adrienne Bailon at Escape to Total Rewards"

Adrienne’s outfit to the Escape to Total Rewards event just makes us want to escape from ever seeing this image again. Next time Adrienne, try putting the dress over the slip, rather than bunching it all up in the front and belting it.


Jennifer Lopez part II

"Jennifer Lopez at 2011 Wango Tango"

The facial expression on rapper Pitbull at the 2011 Wango Tango just about sums up how we feel about this skin tight, transparent onesie. We can only imagine the view he’s getting…


Lil’ Kim part II

"Lil' Kim at 2001 MTV Movie Awards"

It’s the MTV Movie Awards, Kim. Not Coachella.


Tess Smith

"Tess Smith at 2005 Emmys"

The fact that a blur had to be instilled here says it all. And it’s the 2005 Emmy’s—a daytime event at that. But we do know this: her salon does a great waxing job. We just shouldn’t know that.


Paris Hilton

"Paris Hilton at 2003 MTV Movie awards"

Did Paris learn her red carpet poses from a Sports Illustrated model? At the 2003 MTV movie awards her skirt looked like it was moments from falling off!


Anne V

"Anne V at 2012 Grammys"

Another star wanting to showcase her bikini wax! Hopefully Anne didn’t do any dancing at the 2012 Grammy’s.


Margaret Cho

"Margaret Cho at 2004 Grammys"

Not only did Margaret murder a few peacocks for her 2004 Grammy’s dress, but she left us scarred for life.


Teri Hatcher

"Teri Hatcher"

Terri just grabbed an apron off of the set of Desperate Housewives for her 2006 Grammy’s dress.



"M.I.A. at 2009 Grammys"

We wish M.I.A. would have just been MIA from the 2009 Grammy’s instead of showing up in what looks like a children’s costume for A Bug’s Life.




  • Sara

    Heather Locklear wore the exact same green dress only weeks earlier at an awards show and no one said a word. JLo wears it and 12 years later people are still talking about it.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Goes to show it’s not about the dress.

  • They were all crap..

  • Trash is as trash does!

  • Cameron Triplett Sr


  • Whatever

    Don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Everyone has the right to wear what they like, if someone else does not agree, than look the other way. It’s just clothes and body parts. Get over it.

    • Nikki

      I totally agree! And I think Toni Braxton always looks amazing anyway ~ no matter what she wears! I thought she ruled in this dress! 🙂

  • MichaelLawera

    got it ,,,,flaunt it………..

  • MichaelLawera

    thought it was an ad for cottage cheese

  • Truth

    LMAO! Every one of these s k anks are dressed like they are going straight from the photo shoot to the ho tel!

  • The wolf

    (to the tune of let it snow) let it show let it show let it show!

  • eM

    puh-leez “arrested for indecent exposure”. What a douche.

  • Half of these outfits look like shower curtains to me.

  • In Anne V’s case, “V is for Vagina” (not sayin that’s a bad thing).

  • I don’t really see what the big deal is with most of these, I see more at the beach. Of course, I don’t get the big deal people make about skin anyways.

    That being said, though not offensive, half of these outfits are just tacky-looking.

  • TexasJester

    The comments under the pictures makes me wonder if it’s a woman writing this — and JEALOUS!!!

  • Jay

    Trashy the things these celebs do for these producers

  • Jay

    A mess

  • Jay

    She need more of a body first

  • Jay

    Green dress, Nice Jlo

  • Jay

    No RI Ri

  • Jay

    No mam

  • Jay

    Trashy a mess

  • Jay

    Lil Kim is a notorious mess she’s so done

  • Jay


  • Jay

    No Sir

  • Jay

    Hell to the NO

  • Jay


  • Jay

    He lied to you Kim you are TRASHY

  • Jay

    No old lady

  • Jay

    No he lied to you P

  • Jay

    Wow really, look like something I pooped

  • Jay


  • Yeah, it a bit of an under statement to call some of those outfits trashy.

  • Finder1009

    trashy all around

  • Rebecca Ajayi

    just DAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gracia

    Trashy almost all of them

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