Upgraded Style: 10 Celebs Who Got On And Got Right

Upgraded Style: 10 Celebs Who Got On And Got Right (With Before And After Pics)

We all have horrible photos from years past. Rocking jheri curls, bandanas, overalls with one pant leg rolled up… whatever! No one can judge on past fashion mishaps. Unfortunately, for celebrities these embarrassing moments are captured and held forever by the World Wide Web. The redeeming equalizer for the following celebs is that they all were able to gloriously rebound in to the fabulous world of high-end fashion.

Click through to see which celebs have totally upgraded their style.

Trey Songz in his’90s boy-band member days (j/k)


Michelle Obama’s happy flip and modest cloths

Mary J Blige’s round’ the way flare


Rihanna’s mall approved ensemble


Jay Z and Beyonce’s hood love

Photo: EMI Music

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys prom 94′ ensembles (again j/k)



Nicole Richie’s umm…

Solange Knowles channeling a black swan

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s makeup-less, designer-less, natural love

Andre 3000’s ATL jazzy look

  • no bueno

    wow nicole!! everyone gets around yt hollywood and turns white. From michael, to beyonce to nicole. Nicole actually looked like a person of color back in the day now she looks yt. Everyone else in the world gets drker as they get older but clebs bleach to be yt!!

  • Ej1988

    Lol thank good for the iPad I can just swipe threw all 20 pages.

  • Bella

    The only person who shouldn’t have changed their style was Andre 3000. His fashion was a source of inspiration for many people because he owned it, he looked dapper and it matched his lifestyle and music. He’s still awesome, though.

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