20 Terrible TV Spin-offs (That Were Cancelled In Under A Minute)

20 Terrible TV Spin-offs (That Were Cancelled In Under A Minute)

“Queer Eye for the Straight Girl” 2005

Somehow three gay men and one lesbian giving fashion and beauty advice to straight women didn’t quite work out for the short-lived show.

  • The Cleveland Show got cancelled?! Awww man!

    • MurpgarAckAck

      No it didn’t. Whoever wrote this article didn’t do any fact-checking.

      Lone Gunmen was a fun show that didn’t deserve to be on this list either.

  • Kendra

    This is false. The Cleveland Show was renewed and the fourth season will be premiering this fall.

  • Uh, who put this list together? You know nothing about what you’re talking about. Joey lasted two seasons, hardly “under a minute.”

  • Yo

    Actually the Lone Gunman went a full season, and it really was not that bad. The X files it was not, however.

    • Vu

      yeah, I loved the Lone Gunman. it had the mystery and the politics without the creepiness of the X-files. Apparently I was alone in that opinion though

      • DrBatlyMD

        You’re not alone at all…Lone Gunmen was (and remains) one of my favorite shows.

        • Yeah, I’m kinda happy that they tied up the Lone Gunmen loose ends though, at least we got an ending for that series, sorta.

      • Darth_Azrael

        I loved the Lone Gunmen. I thought the first season of Lone Gunmen was better than the last couple of seasons of X-Files overall…

    • Jonathan Tucker

      Personally i loved the heck out of The Lone Gunman. I always hear people giving it flack and calling it terrible, but i think it had its own charm. Certainly not the X-Files, but comparing the two really isn’t all that fair to begin with.

    • Yarnoven

      Yes. The Lone Gunman was awesome. I enjoyed it far more than The X-Files.

  • Dennis

    Also, I think Joey went on for two seasons, 46 episdoes

  • Thomas Houston

    Are these worst in the opinion of the author only? Because half of these shows lasted for a season or longer. That’s hardly “under a minute” even by TV standards….

  • Ag

    What no mention of AfterMash

    • SgtSlaughter

      AfterMash——-The Holy Grail of cancelled shows!!!!!

      • johnwest1959

        Don’t forget that Radar had his own spinoff (WALTER), which lasted all of one episode.

        • Jules

          Half of one episode. They preempted the west coast feed, so it never made it to the mountain or pacific time zones

  • Also, I think Joey went on for two seasons,This is bellis, a mature and rich woman seeking her sugar baby on S u g ar m omm y L OVE 。com under the name bellisima2000..

  • Lance

    Writer needs to do a little research. A few of these “under a minute” cancellations went 2 seasons. Joey, The Ropers, Baywatch Nights, plus one that hasn’t even been cancelled…The Cleveland Show. About to enter it’s 4th season, it just has no premier date yet due to football.

  • Benji Mane

    This is a horrible list with even worse writing. It reads like a homework assignment done at the last minute with whatever source came up on your explorer search. I don’t think the person who wrote this ever actually watched any of these shows. total fail. In other news. I loved Models Inc back in the and Honey Boo Boo child is magic #donthate

    • E.P. Sato

      I’m surprised the write up of “Models Inc” didn’t note that Carrie Anne Moss cut her teeth with that company before helping out Neo with the Matrix.

    • JKiler1

      Honey Boo Boo child is the ugliest little beauty queen I think I have ever seen, both inside and out. She fits in with her ugly family. I hope everyone that watches this show is cursed with children and/or relatives that act just like these horrible people.

      • Bette Davis Rise

        Honey Boo Boo looks like a plumped up Shirley Temple.

      • I think u will be cursed for saying something so ugly. I think there are a lot more worse things in the world then being a redneck

        • JKiler1

          Avid watcher of the show, are you? Enjoy that Season 2 DVD set of ‘Jon and Kate’. So sorry to hear about Jersey Shore – bet you were devastated.

          • you are an idiot, there’s so much karma in calling someone ugly, I’m willing to bet you’re not exactly good looking yourself, those that aren’t good looking are the ones who attack others looks

          • JKiler1

            Karma is fake, and you are dumb.

    • I loved Models Inc. Plus they were wrong about Honey Boo Boo. It already got picked up for S2

      • Jeff K.

        Models Inc was one of those shows that was SOOO BAAD that it made for great comedy. I laughed at that show as much as I did Seinfeld – only it was meant as a drama. Who can forget Emma Samms chewing up scenery, growling “I’ll squwoish you like a bug!” I’m sure it is somewhere around the intertoobs. good times…

  • Joey was on for a full 2 seasons and then released on DVD, so my guess is it wasn’t that bad!

  • E.P. Sato

    Sheriff Lobo didn’t make the cut, and neither did “Galactica 1980.” Both are a bit of a surprise.

    Most of the rest of these shows are no brainers. Joey was unwatchable. I’m surprised it lasted more than a season.

    • M60GPMG

      Lobo was just cool. I miss that one.

    • Bill

      “Galactica 1980” wasn’t a spin-off. It was a set-20-years-later follow-up to the events which transpired in “Battlestar Galactica”.

  • Jessevel

    FAIL. Here comes honey boo boo is actually doing GREAT with its ratings. it topped the Republican National Convention with ratings. LMFAO…

    • Only because people couldn’t tell the difference between the programs.

  • kim sanders

    the cleveland show hasnt been cancelled…and tha article said shows cancelled in minutes which meant in the first season but soe of these shows had 2nd & 3rd seasons. not a good article..major fail. sorry

    • Dina


      I will not waste my time reading the “article”

    • SDR

      Thanks for saving me the effort of making the same comment!

    • sumdumgoi

      Also ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ has become insanely more popular than its parent show.

    • Cleveland Show still on as of May 2013

      • UNCARING1

        Sadly Cleveland was canceled. It’s not returning next season.

        • Jonathan Tucker

          Thank you God. Thank you.

    • Joe

      Actually it has been cancelled. They are just showing the final episodes of this season. It isnt a bad show at all though

  • robert

    Start by doing your research. Joey was on for two seasons. Don’t you have an editor?

    • Agent M

      Yes, an Editor who said “write something that gets 20 clicks per visit.”

  • Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Awful.

    • MP

      OMG, that was SO SO bad.

    • Kaleb

      My wife and I thought it was great. What made it awful? Jeannene Garrafalo (sp?)?

  • Cranky Kate

    Mrs. Colombo wasn’t canceled after just a few episodes. And I loved that show!

    • magusxxx

      Agreed. The confusion is because after the first season it was renamed Kate Loves A Mystery.

  • I liked Models Inc and I was mad that they cancelled it right after someone got shot at a wedding I was mad! It was no 90210 but it was just as GOOD as Melrose Place.

  • Arakiba

    How can ‘AfterMASH’ not be here? Or ‘Galactica 1980’?

    • pbrower2a

      That was probably the most disappointing spin-off — ever, especially when one considers the masterpiece program that it was spun from.

  • john

    Too bad Cleveland show is awesome! It was perfectly times too. Just when family guy was falling off, humor-wise.

    • Seth bugged Fox for years to do the Cleveland show. And he actually doesn’t write for Family guy anymore, he is working on the Cleveland show and the movie Ted was a test to see if he could make movies successfully. So they will both end probably in a year or so.

  • Lazarus

    Just the premise of Honey Boo Boo has caused me to lose all respect for TLC

    • jaydeebee

      And now they have a spinoff of the Duggar family show based on some family that pals around with them–United Bates of America. When will the madness end????

  • How could you omit The Tortellis, the horrible spin off from Cheers about Carla and her family?

    • Stethescoper

      It wasn’t about Carla at all. It was about her ex-husband Nick and his new wife (Jean Kasem)

      • malevolentmuse

        Which was the problem.

  • that guy

    the cleveland show is still on

  • Ecampos012@hotmail.com

    I’ve seen people mention “After M*A*S*H”, but what about “W*A*L*T*E*R”, it followed Radar O’Reilly’s civilian life, it’s premeire episode only made it on the east coast and central, it got pulled before even reaching the West Coast.

  • Yummy

    What the Heck? Dukes of Hazzard Spin-off Enos doesn’t make the cut? Damn… that’s just wrong. Almost as wrong as the season where the Duke boy’s cousins came in due to a contract dispute. Them’s some mighty bad episodes….

  • Kita

    The Lone Gunmen was an AMAZING show!


    The plot for the shows were horrible, that’s why the shows are horrible. The only shows taking place in a hotel that actually were cool were It’s A Living with Sheryl Lee Ralph and the Jaime Foxx Show (funny as hell). LMAO Cleveland is the best one on the list and yall are right he’s not missed on Family Guy. I almost forgot he was on there until I saw a rerun. The worst one that I saw had to be Joey…OMG! I thought is was gonna be funny…smh They would have been better off giving Chandler or Ross there own sitcom. I don’t understand because Joey was funny on Friends. Oh well I guess he’s better as a supporting actor than lead.

  • DCogito

    The first episode of The Lone Gunmen featured a terrorist group attempting to fly a plane into the World Trade Center. Little did they know such a plot was already in the late stages, and the episode was never shown again for obvious reasons.

  • Mike

    Sadly, Honey Bo…I can’t actually say or type the name, makes me angry. Anyway, that show ain’t goin no where. I feel because of garbage like this, that Snooki things dumb little kid is going to have a show called like “Gr0win Up $nook!” or some stupid crap. Ugh, I just want to die already. Get me out of here.

  • Sarah

    You forgot about Buddies with Dave Chapelle!

  • hangontite 2000

    I loved Joey, don’t know why it was considered such a bad show. Have watched every episode and wish there were more. Some peoples’ trash is anothers treasure

    • KyleRawks

      I agree. It had a lot of typical dumb sitcom clichés, but it
      had some truly witty moments. It tried to be too broad in its appeal, and that
      hurt it.

      At worst, it was a guilty pleasure.

    • LeeLeeC

      Exactly I actually liked the show.

    • Agent M

      funny, too that for such a piece of supposedly unwatchable crap, Joey had about 3 times the audience of Parks and Rec or 30 Rock.

    • BabyKitten199

      I really liked it, too. It was fun & lighthearted & I enjoyed seeing Joey’s adventures in Hollywood. If it came out on DVD, I’d buy both seasons 🙂

      • me

        I loved that show too & so did my hubby. It sucked when they canceled it! I would but the DVDs too.

      • Darren Runne

        Joey is out on dvd

    • germs1081

      I did too. I think the problem is they put it in Friends time slot and expected it to have the same ratings and lead off Thursday nights. In my opinion, a new show usually needs to debut at 8:30 or 9:30 following a successful established lead-in, not be expected to be the lead-in itself. Seinfeld became successful by having Cheers as its lead-in, Frasier and Friends both got successful in their first season having Seinfeld as a lead-in. I was never a fan of Will & Grace, but it was the more established show at that time, so it should’ve lead the night, followed by Joey.

    • Richard Clark

      Also Joey wasn’t cancelled shortly after its debut. It was fourteen episodes in on the second season. I’ll call that a not even close ‘fact’.

  • herr_howard

    What about ‘Sons of Thunder’, the spin off of ‘Walker:Texas Ranger’. I don’t even think it lasted more than one or two episodes.

  • Rachel

    Joey wasn’t *good* at the time because everyone missed Friends and was going through withdrawal/separation anxiety, me included. Just watched both seasons last year and they are actually really funny. Just bad timing!

  • Rex Kramer

    The Cleveland Show isn’t cancelled. It just has a horrible time slot.

  • mon

    Typical liberal:(

  • Sam

    Booker, anyone?

  • beachpup

    The Golden Palace was a funny show. I liked it!!

  • KyleRawks

    Whatever happened to fact checking
    in journalism?

    Joey lasted 2 seasons.

    I know this is a puff piece, put still…do your job. Do a little research and get the facts right.

    • they didnt say when it was cancelled, exactly

      • James Smith

        They said “Guess viewers weren’t interested in seeing “how he was doin’” because it was cancelled shortly after its debut.”

        It lasted for 2 years and 46 episodes, so that’s not exactly “shortly after its debut”.

        • Walrus, I.M.

          They managed 46 episodes in 2 seasons? Wow that’s 43 minute show material, not the dribble that was “Joey”

    • Ken

      Fact checking? You are thinking of the 1970’s. See the movie, Network, to explain what’s happened. It’s very sad. PS I think all of Joey aired in the UK but not in the US, but I haven’t checked this, so don’t quote this as a fact.

    • Bellyn

      What ever happened to fact checking? Probably the same thing that happened to actually being able to formulate a complete, grammatically appropriate sentence. Who didn’t catch this: “Want to follow Angela’s from “Who’s the Boss?” mother Mona in her journey as a hotel owner?” It SHOULD read, “Want to follow Angela’s Mom from ‘Who’s the Boss?'” I know this comment comes months after your post, but still could not seem to help myself! And we wonder why children today can barely speak English, let alone write it correctly!

    • Joey ran two miserable seasons because LeBlanc got a guaranteed two season contract coming out of Friends. They cancelled it as soon as they could.

      • False. The series did well in the Neilsen ratings in its first season (2004–2005) and was subsequently renewed for a second season (2005–2006). That was when the show tanked and, to your point, it tanked hard it’s second season.

      • JamesT

        Did LeBlanc’s contract guarantee they HAD to film 2 seasons? I doubt that. It would have been cheaper to cancel it and just pay him off, they would have saved millions on the rest of the cast, crew, rental and all the other expenses.
        I always thought they missed the boat on his spin off. They should have had Joey move to LA to star in a show like Friends. The other characters would NOT be the actors in that show (we would see them in the background, maybe look-alikes, etc) but his assistant, the writers, director and people around him at home. It probably wouldn’t have worked either but it might have been fun.

  • I really wanted That 80s Show to make it…. but it surely did not.

  • MDC

    What about “Women of the House”? A *horrible* spinoff of “Designing Women”
    What about “Living Dolls”? A HORRIBLE spinoff of “Who’s The Boss?”
    “Enos” from “Dukes of Hazzard”?
    There are sooooo many worse than the one’s listed here.

  • I loved Joanie Loves Chachi and The Ropers

  • IllyPhilly

    Cleavland Show is alright. They do exactly what Family Guy.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Honey Boo Boo is apparently a “hit”. Go Figure. Either way you called it wrong.

  • The Ropers was on for two seasons. I loved that show. There was also a spinoff of Three’s Company called Three’s a Crowd, with Jack Tripper and his new wife. There was a British version of all three of these shows.

    Also, I liked Models, Inc. a lot. It lasted an entire season, but unfortunately ended on a cliffhanger.

    • Agent M

      the drag is that the Ropers were miles funnier than their replacement, Mr Furley. Same thing happened to Abe Vigoda on Barney Miller. Fish got a spinoff, which failed, but he never got to come back to Barney. At least Grady got to come back to Sanford.

    • actually she was jack’s GF who wasn’t ready for marriage, so another controversy a couple living together before marriage. I hated that show without the old crew. No Three’s Company fan enjoyed Three’s Acrowd.

      • Even though “Three’s A Crowd” wasn’t as good as “Three’s Company”, the show DID have the same writers and staff as it’s parent show – just not the original cast (except for Richard Kline and Teresa Ganzel as ‘Greedy Gretchen’ in one episode.)

    • Rebecca Hillary

      I know it’s been 2 years since this comment, but I’d just like to point out for the sake of clarity that the British TV shows were first. You know, just so people don’t make the mistake of thinking that the shows were so good they went on to make British versions.
      All six shows more-or-less pre-date my birth, but from what I’ve seen in reruns of George and Mildred (remade as The Ropers), I don’t understand why they ever dreamed of making US versions!

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    This website is an eyesore.

  • Everyone Apparently loves the Honey Boo Boo one so you could be wrong there.

  • I liked Model’s Inc. We used to watch it in the dorm lounge. The best spin-offs for me were Just the Ten of Us from Growing Pains and A Different World from The Cosby Show. There was Living Dolls (with Halle Berry and Leah Remini) from Who’s the Boss but it didn’t last long. I didn’t realize Young Americans (with Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder) was a spin-off from Dawson’s Creek.

  • How did you neglect “Beverly Hills Buntz”? A spinoff from the end of “Hill Street Blues” starring Dennis Franz as Norman Buntz, now a private detective working with Vic, his snitch from Hill Street.

    There was also an idiotic spinoff from “Happy Days”, although it lasted longer than a single season. I think it was called “Shirley and Laverne” or something like that.

  • That ’80’s Show wasn’t a spin-off. The Producers just took the same idea from That ’70’s Show and while it was being developed jokingly called “That ’80’s Show” and kept it when they couldn’t decide on a better title.

    • Kaleb

      Saved me from saying it.

  • jaydeebee

    What’s with all the characters owning (or working in) hotels?

  • JRW_31

    Matt LeBlanc is a terrible actor.

  • JRW_31

    Scott Baio is horrible.

  • jojo

    I can’t believe you forgot one of the WORST! AFTERMASH was mush, luckily it died a quick death.

  • geroguy

    You forgot “Tabatha”, the alleged “Bewitched” spinoff. At least Liz Montgomery had the good sense not to make a guest appearance on this turkey. Awful.

  • MattD

    if i remember correctly Joey was on TWO seasons before getting canned. Fail

  • Woohooboy

    The reason why most (if not all) of these spinoffs failed is because you’re taking characters whose primary job was to be the “second banana” on the parent show and now you’re turning the spotlight on them by making them the focal point of the new series and nine times out of ten, it falls flat.

    When a character goes from supporting to main, they have to have depth and substance to sustain a show. None of these characters possess that. Sure most we’re amusing, but as a backup not as a lead. To compensate for this, writers will try and make them smarter but in the process, it makes them less funny. Case in point “Joey”. Joey functioned way better as the himbo in an ensemble of six rather than as a level headed (and far less funnier) lead on his own series. End result, the show got canned after two lucklustre seasons.

    “Frasier” on the other hand worked because the character was not only funny, but had enough depth and gravitas to headline his own show.

  • Cleveland Show is currently in it’s fourth season

  • I loved this show!

  • This is a terrible article. People, so much misinformation here. This was written by someone who was TRYING to be wrong, obviously. They did well.

  • lee

    oh dear what a lame piece – joey lasted 2 years, the cleveland show isnt close to being cancelled, and honey boo boo? you bet and lost on that one.

  • PhoenixF2b

    You are aware that “Joey” lasted almost two complete seasons. That’s not quite being cancelled “Shortly after its debut”. It wasn’t great but it is far from the worst.

  • da Doctah

    Anybody remember “Gloria”? Archie Bunker’s daughter, now bringing up her young son Joey alone after divorcing Meathead.

    And “Out of the Blue”. Random the guardian angel is a friend of Mork from Ork, but with nowhere near the audience appeal. Jimmy Brogan who played him now opens for Leno when he’s on the road.

  • Somehow, you missed the “Barney Miller” spinoff called “Fish”, “Flo”. derived from “Alice”
    . “After MASH” , “Gloria,” from “All in the Family” and “Enos”, to name a few.

  • jason

    amazed the first cheers spin-ff didn’t make the list… The Tortelli’s

  • peter simpson

    whats great about the internet is its easy to look information up. To do some fact checking. You might want to do that on your next assignment. See if you dont do it the audience will. Epic Fail.

  • Reid

    What about “Michael Richards Show” and “Bob Patterson” the Seinfeld spin-offs?

  • Redhollow

    Joey was cancelled in AMERICA because of a company merger. The show actually did fine. The series finished in Europe.

  • Lord Colostumus Baggington III

    how did “Enos” not make this list?

  • Jones

    There are 2 Spin Off Shows in production currently called “Sam and Cat” and “Gibby”. “Sam and Cat” is suppose to be an iCarly-Victorious spin off while Gibby is suppose to be just an iCarly spin off.

  • repubsaredelusional

    Although horrible, Joey actually aired 2 whole seasons. Who does your fact-checking, Karl Rove?

  • JustAnotheSitcomWatcher

    Umm, the Ropers ran for over a year…

  • MyNameIsTed

    “The writing on this spin-off from popular “Happy Days” was just bad. The actors playing the title roles (Scott Baio and Erin Moran) had like zero chemistry.”

    …”Just bad”…? “Had like”…?! I know this is basically a fluff piece, but it’s still stunning to me how the quality of writing, even for online media has plummeted in this country.

  • You can’t call a pilot (Jackee) a spin-off in a list of shows “That were cancelled in less than a minute” – which is the most inaccurate and insipid title of any article about anything ever. If you did a list of shows that were cancelled after 1 or 2 episodes, even that is a stretch, but this “writer” – and I use the term very generously – cannot get his facts straight. Shows that made it multiple seasons, still on – the writer was just lazy and uneducated in TV and evidently, English. The Bradys had a limited 6 episode run in 1990, not 1989. Even the source link says 1990. And it was not the first spin-off, it was the 4th. The Brady Kids cartoon series. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour in the mid-70s. The Brady Brides in 1979. The reason for this series was the tremendous success of the Brady Bunch Christmas a few years before. They tried to make this a soap drama to fit with Dallas, and that was a terrible idea.

  • Rain

    ITA, a really poorly researched article. Models Inc. lasted 27 episodes. I wouldn’t call that “:a few.” That was a season.

    It only takes a few minutes to check imdb, folks.

    • Tiff

      Yes, and by today’s standards that could have been anywhere between 2-4 seasons.

  • Don’t forget “Gloria”, a crappy spin-off about Gloria from All In The Family as a veterinary assistant.

  • langslow

    In partial defense of the listing of the Cleveland show. They do mention that it lasted 3 seasons. At one point of the cancel/renew season last year the Cleveland show was cancelled. It later got a reprieve. This doesn’t make this a great article. The listing still doesn’t fit the theme of the article, and there are some other odd inclusions/exclusions. I didn’t even know the existence of Walter, but then I have always lived on the West coast.

  • I didn’t know that the Cleveland show was cancel after 3 seasons? I thought it was going well.

  • Dylan

    ummmmm, “Joey” had TWO seasons. So it was NOT “cancelled shortly after its debut” like this article falsely claims.

  • Andre

    How could Enos not make the list? It only lasted 2 or 3 episodes.

  • Tony

    The Lone Gunmen was actually bloody good. Baywatch Nights, too, was frakking genius – terrible, but genius.

    Unlike this repetitive, childishly written article. It’s just terrible.

  • Babylonandon

    In prophesying the doom of Honey Boo Boo in a way which (one hopes!!) will be read by sufficient numbers to insure it not even being aired, you are actually performing a great public service. When I think of the physical pain that I and so many other people would inadvertently incur when channel surfing on to this disaster, well, I want to thank you in advance.

  • I was kind of surprised that “Stargate: Universe” didn’t make it on this list. It did worse than like half of these shows…

  • Hachachacha

    So much for predictions, Honey Boo Boo turned out to be a hit on TLC (shock, shock, surprise, surprise). Like duh, you couldn’t see that coming??

  • FriscoKid

    “Spinned”? SPINNED?!? I don’t know what your first language was, but that is not an English word. Moron.

  • Agent M

    All in the Family was the king of Spin-offs, but not all successful. I seem to remember daughter Gloria, now divorced and living in Cali, had a show that lasted a couple of eps. And “704 Hauser,” starring Archie’s HOUSE, 20 years later and now home to a black family.

    By the way, could you load your pages with more scripts an popups? And a mile of ads between the photo and the NEXT button? I have all day.

    • “Gloria” lasted a whole season in 1982-83, and got canceled along with “Archie Bunker’s Place” that season, even though both shows had good ratings. “704 Hauser” lasted only six episodes in 1994.

  • david Nonya

    None of these were even relevant you should be ashamed for wasting my time

  • Michael Wootton

    Joey did not get cancelled right after the debut. It ran for a good two seasons. I enjoyed the programme and I thought it was enjoyable and had good laughs and a fantastic cast.

    I didn’t think of it as a spin-off to Friends. I found it a fresh programme with one of the same characters from Friends. It basically showed that life goes on after.. And Joey did that exactly. It just would have been nice to have seen an ending where Joey and Alex decided to go back to New York together.

    But over-all I liked Joey, and this article is complete shite.

  • They Chracter Joey was perfect for Friends ONLY!

  • Really lousy piece. Stopped reading after a couple because it was loaded with inaccuracies and it was a pain to scroll down to click page after page — especially when the content was so bad. DUD.

  • So glad to see I’m far from alone in my disgust with this article. Does anyone edit this site? Does anyone in charge read the comments? How does this ‘journalist’ have a job? What I post on Facebook is far more accurate and thorough than this hack job.

    • Mimi

      These people aren’t real journalist with a degree or training in journalism. Most of them aren’t even paid but like the attention they get from these articles. Also, blogs don’t have the money for copywriters or editors so what they type is what you get. I never believe a word they write; I just stop and take a peek to see if it might be viable for a change.

  • 4a11

    I actually liked the 80’s show!! I think the fact it came after the 70’s show, and people took both as similar show was the reason the 80’s one wasn’t that familiar with the audience!

  • i actually liked Joey…

  • You may not like The Cleveland Show, but it sure hasn’t failed, by any means.

  • Joey Fan

    I actually laughed more and harder during the Joey show than Friends. Amazing show!

  • WellEyeNEVER

    Would it kill the page designer to have a slideshow? This technology exists, I promise. I understand you want to sexually assault us with ads every time we click “next page” and I agree this is a puff piece with little or no journalism behind it’s half searched facts… but seriously, you’re the devil.

  • My goodness stick with fashion and leave TV stories for someone who has a clue.

  • a b

    The Cleveland Show is a terrible spin-off? the fact that it is currently in its FOURTH SEASON proves you are kind of retarded

  • Robert DeLaurence

    Yeah, those Mash spin-offs — After Mash and Walter, just bad.

  • dyg70

    Saved By the Bell: The College Years was better than the original.

  • That’s not true “Joey” lasted two seasons, hardly “after it’s debut” it was cancelled

  • Baywatch Nights and Lone gunmen were awesome

  • I’ve avoided this site like the plague because of ads. I decided to come back and give it a try. Nope – it’s still AWFUL. Autoplays, pop-ups (that even FF’s plug in can’t keep up with), and the fact that after 90 seconds, I’m STILL loading all the ad boxes and maximizing ad loads by separating 2 sentences per list entry for a new page – screw that. I didn’t get past 2 – well, that and the fact that even in just two pages the few sentences that got loaded up were WRONG.

  • I love That 80’s Show! I have the entire season on DVD, and I watch it all the time.

  • SteveFromNorfolk

    Your pages take TOO long to load. I can take a nap waiting for them – try cutting the Flash inserts or increasing your server speeds. No more of this for me!

  • Love Matt Leblanc!!!

  • Spinoff

    Wow, you blew it with Honey Boo Boo.

  • Guest

    LOL! Yep, you called it…Wrong!

  • Joey lasted two seasons (not long, but more than a minute), Cleveland Show is still on the air (and hilarious) and Honey Boo Boo, vile as it is, sadly became a major sensation (they should have waited before they made a declaration). There is a lot of crap on this list though.

  • Kelvin Morrison

    You do realize that 1. The Cleveland Show isn’t canceled and 2. by your own admission you said it’s lasted 3 seasons at this point. The article, if you’ve forgotten what you titled it, is 20 terrible spin-offs that were canceled in under a minute. The Cleveland Show is neither terrible nor canceled. If you don’t like the show, including it in this article won’t make it go away.

  • I hope some of you are reading these comments before wasting your time going through this poorly researched article. Besides listing THE CLEVELAND SHOW as “cancelled in minutes” while the show is STILL on the air & has in fact racked up enough episodes to go into syndicated reruns, it lists others like JOEY that last 2 or 3 seasons. Online journalism at its best.

  • mel

    Honey boo boo wasn’t cancelled. **whisper whisper** idiots

  • Cleveland Show has been on for 3 years, and is in it’s fourth season. Honey Boo-Boo is in it’s second or third season. That’s a bit more than a ‘minute’.
    And why does a bad spin-off always start with “Let’s lose some major characters, and have the rest own/ work at a hotel”? Are hotels really supposed to be funny?

    • pbrower2a

      Hotels are good places for moving characters in and out quickly. Characters can be written in and out.

  • I agree with Kim. To be honest, Saved by the Bell: The College Years wasn’t THAT bad. Sure, it wasn’t as good as the original show but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Also missing from this poorly put together list (as Kim below me mentioned), you forgot “The Tortelli’s,” a short-lived sitcom spin-off of “Cheers” (this was before “Frasier” took off) that focused on Carla Tortelli and her out-of-control family after he bartending days at Cheers. It sucked.

    • cbbruuno

      It focused on Nick Tortelli, Carla’s ex husband, not Carla. She wasn’t even on the show (still doing Cheers). You are right though, it sucked.

  • sam

    “joey” was on for two seasons. not sure why

  • Hypnotoad

    Joey was on for 2 years

  • the lone gunman was good i was PISSED when it was canceled (as were most of the x-files fans)

  • Diane Claude

    They couldn’t have been more wrong about Honey Boo Boo, which is inexplicably a hit show.

  • BabyKitten199

    “Joey” had 2 seasons, which is more than “Firefly” got – 2 seasons is much longer than “under a minute.” Danielle Gray needs to do better research.

  • Um…bad call on Honey Boo Boo.

  • Laura

    Too bad you were wrong on this one.

  • So in a post about spin-off that were quickly canceled, they include shows that were on the air for three years? Lame.

  • while it is a sad commentary on the American Viewer, the fact is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s ratings were higher than the Republican National Convention”

    … how can it be called canceled when “it was reported that the family received
    about $6,000 an episode, but that amount supposedly has now increased
    to around $17,500 an episode after TLC quickly worked to secure a
    tighter business relationship with the matriarch of the family, June Shannon, 32. According to TMZ”

  • schmickels

    Honey boo boo is in it’s second season so you called that one wrong too.

  • Kelly and Zach weren’t married at the end of The College Years. They were planning to elope to Vegas when the show was cancelled. After being cancelled, they made a TV movie called Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas in which they got married and provided closure for the characters.

  • That 80’s Show was not a spin-off. The two shows had absolutely no connection at all.

  • Please tell me this Danielle Gray is no longer writing for this site.

  • Piper

    Joey came on September 2004. It was cancelled in May 2006. Not exactly ‘shortly after its debut’.

  • Someone probably already mentioned this but the Cleveland Show isn’t cancelled, it’s on it’s 4th season right now

  • captain janeway columbo!

  • Alf

    You called wrong. Honey boo boo is a huge success as much as I am not happy about it. I am no longer proud to be a Georgian after her. But I am in shock about the golden palace. I did see one episode but thought it was just the ending of golden girls.

  • T Holbrook

    This list is all about badly written shows and, ironically, is badly written in so many ways. Show descriptions that are just cheap shots without actually saying much about the shows. And it doesn’t keep to its premise. It lists some shows that actually had reasonably good runs rather than being cancelled in under a minute. On the opposite end of the spectrum it also lists “shows” that never went beyond a pilot episode. Yeah, it’s not a spin off if it never became a series. And if I recall correctly, not only did Jackee not become a series I don’t even think it was even intended as a direct spin off of 227, rather just a new series for Jackee Harry. And they list Honey Boo Boo on the list having never seen it. So they didn’t know the quality level or popularity of the show. Quality is up for debate based on tastes but it utterly fails in the “under a minute” category as it is a huge hit. This article fails for the reason many bad spin offs fail: not enough effort went into its creation.

  • DH

    Hope the author is not a gambler because she would have lost huge on the Honey Boo Boo bet.

  • CC

    WRONG!! The ridiculous show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is a success though I have NO idea why!

  • Doc Fudge

    That 80’s Show wasnt a spin-off. It had no relation to 70’s show except a similar title. It came out AT THE SAME TIME as 70’s show too. 70’s show lasted, 80’s didn’t. Doesn’t make it a spin-off, it needs shared characters, not a similar name.

  • jay

    You forgot “Turn On”, a Laugh In wannabe, in the late ’60’s. One episode…

  • Pbo

    I love how they “called it” saying honey boo boo wouldnt last and now its one of the most watched shows on TV.

  • Just reading this NOW and Honey Boo Boo is a HUGE hit. Way to “call” it. lol

  • Ummm, Joey lasted 2 seasons, sad but true. Who writes this crap?

  • Sure they were terrible shows, but they were NOT all canceled in a “minute.”

    Mrs. Columbo – 2 seasons
    The Ropers – 2 Seasons
    Joanie Loves Chachi – 2 seasons
    The Cleveland Show – still airing, NOT canceled
    Baywatch Nights – 2

    And so on.

    Really, who writes this crap, and how much do they get paid????

  • Anthony

    Haha your prediction about honey boo boo was way off. Show sucks but is very popular.

  • Can That 80’s Show really be called a spin-off of That 70’s Show when it didn’t have any of the same characters or common storylines or settings? It was a bad show, and short-lived, but this article is supposed to be about SPIN-OFFS.

  • Moby

    Joey made it 2 seasons, that hardly qualifies for ‘canceled in under a minute’.

  • Jim

    Joey also made it to a 2nd season, hardly “canceled in a minute”.

  • Tigerclaw1

    Doesn’t seem right to call a show a spinoff when it was nothing more than something whose pilot was shoved into the original show’s slot for a day, like “Top of the Heap”.

  • Bob61

    If by “it was cancelled shortly after its debut”,you mean 2 seasons,then you’re right about Joey.
    Makes me wonder how many prime time episodes,of anything,Danielle Gray has written.
    As a clue,I put the name into IMDB,and got 0 for results.

    • camnpat

      Was about to write the same.

  • Bob61

    Evidently,Gray sees anything less than 3 seasons as cancelled shortly after its debut.
    We can only hope that this “journalist” is wrapping up season # 2 as we speak.

  • Ray C

    Saved by the Bell: The college years really wasn’t that bad

  • Ray C

    I still think Models Inc had potential

  • Boss Hog

    I was a kid when Enos came out…I loved the Dukes of Hazzard (of course) and I badgered my parents into letting me watch Enos. I LOVED it. I’m sure it was awful, but to a 7 year old, it was exciting, funny, and wonderful. Enos and…Turk, wasn’t it? I remember their “signature move” is that Turk would hold out his hand for Enos to “slap him some skin” and Enos would give him the thumbs up. Get it? A clash between two cultures that manages to work it out as friends. Leave it to the Dukes of Hazzard to teach us all how to get along!

  • RandomRook

    This article is factually incorrect. All of the shows lasted well over a minute, and in some cases lasted several seasons.

  • Bill Wenham

    I would be embarrassed to have my name on this article. It’s not even sticking to the premise of “cancelled in under a minute” as even The Cleveland Show was on for three years as of the date of this article. The writing itself is terrible and little to no actual research went into any of this, which is painfully obvious. Journalism is in a sad place these days.

  • And “The Ropers” did as good in the ratings as “Three’s Company” did during it’s first season – it’s when they moved the show to the weekends that the ratings tanked, and even Norman Fell asked ABC if they would move the show into a different time slot.

  • tevra

    what is the surprise that Joey is lost without Chandler. … of course this is another lame list

  • Bill

    What about the spinoff of M*A*S*H called After M*A*S*H. Must have been worse than the ones you listed because you couldn’t even remember it.

    • Datrebor

      Because After M*A*S*H although not as good as M*A*S*H it was a good show so was not included on this list.

  • AyeRolle

    “which was spinned off”? “spinned”? Really?

  • what

    What about the already pre-release canceled show “The Farm”, The spin-off of The Office that was focused on Dwight Schrute?

  • Gowdy

    You are all just a bunch of babies. What about “Pete and Gladys,” spin off from “December Bride.” There WAS tv before the 1980s or even the 1970s.

  • WoopWoop

    Just now reading this. Not going to point out the factual errors everyone else did. Just going to say that not all of these shows were terrible (The Ropers was funnier than Three’s Company in its latter seasons). The Bradys, however, deserves to be in the all-time Hall of Shame. Turning the frothiest, corniest sitcom of all time into a drama in which Bobby has to deal with life in a wheelchair after being paralyzed (and his wife was played by MTV veejay Martha Quinn, yet) made you wonder if whoever geenlighted it was on drugs.

    Oh, and another terrible sequel/remake/spinoff: The New Monkees, in which some Hollywood yobbos thought they could yank four New Wave musicians off the street, throw them in a house together and expect the same crazy magic as the ’60s series. I think it lasted five episodes.

  • cameronmm

    Amazing that Glenn Howerton (Dennis from It’s Always Sunny) was the lead in ‘That 80’s Show’

  • okay…

    …So about Honey Boo Boo…it doesn’t look like that’s going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Alice had a spin off with Flo having her own short-lived show.

  • Shae Filbert

    Who could really believe Capt. Janeway was married to Peter Falk, anyway?

  • I would have added “girls club”. which was essentially “Ally McBeal Moves West”. People were burned out on the concept. A new location didn’t change anything.

  • LitMatch

    Joey was cancelled after two full seasons, not “shortly after its debut”. Do some research.

  • stargazer1682

    I like the Cleveland Show better than Family Guy – this is the first I’ve heard of it being cancelled…

  • Soapie0

    Seriously?? “Did you watch this spin-off of “Melrose Place” which was spinned off from “Beverly Hills 90210″?” You’ve only got three sentences on this one and you can’t be bothered to use correct grammar? What happened? Three sentences is just too exhausting?

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    Joey was actually good I thought!

  • Alex Johnson

    Am I the only one who thinks that for an article about spin offs that were cancelled “in under a minute”, there are quite a few that lasted for more than one season? And therefore shouldn’t be on this list?

  • Michael Lang

    THE LONE GUNMEN series was actually very good.

  • drew

    sorry most of the things i wanted to say have already been said in the comments…i agree just a bad article and how could your forget the jason alexander show that came out after seinfeld and got cancelled in mid episode i was sure that would classify as a show getting canceled in under a minute…not shows that lasted a full season or even too…your article is bad and you should feel bad

  • Guest

    “The Lone Gunmen” was cancelled because the pilot episode revealed the plot of the 9/11 terroist attacks – fly a passenger jet by remote control into the WTC to boost arms sales – six months before the real thing.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    The Lone Gunmen” was cancelled because the pilot episode revealed the plot of the 9/11 terrorist attacks – fly a passenger jet by remote control from Langley Virginia into the WTC to boost arms sales – six months before the real thing.

  • Jackie Debs

    Unfortunately you were wrong about honey boo boo. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American masses.

  • fairportfan

    Most of these are spinoffs from shows i never would have watched anyway.

  • Crazy_Jake

    BooBoo and her family are a really sad bunch. I would like to see BooBoo in 20 years just to see how she turns out.

  • nobody

    obviously whoever made this has no knowledge of tv shows and there popularity

  • kill_joy_lan

    The horrible programming of this website only allowed me to make it to number 10 before I gave up. Learn how to keep your ads from dominating the page fools!

  • KG

    It drives me nuts when articles like this show up on my screen, listed as “other articles you might like.” I might have liked it… a year and a half ago, when it was written! Why am I looking at it now? Ridiculous. Oh, and Ms. Gray? Honey Boo Boo went on to become more popular than the show that spawned it. Epic author fail.

  • Idigia

    Joey lasted 2 seasons. “Shortly after its debut” means 2 episodes… little bit of difference.

  • T Dagwell

    “…which was spinned off from “Beverly Hills 90210″ I see college degrees, nay, basic elementary grammar, are no longer needed on the internet.

  • hangontite2000

    I actually like the show “Joey” Watched every episode aired. Maybe It’s just because I like Matt LeBlanc and the character on Friends but I wish it had lasted a bit longer

  • GenXtasy .

    I like the Cleveland Show

  • Aydan

    Missed out Knight Rider (2008) which got cancelled after it’s first season by NBC.

  • Marozia

    ‘The Lone Gunmen’ was possibly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

  • disqus_izKB2mVZ9T

    Joey ran for 2 seasons. It was not cancelled shorty after it’s debut.

  • tamalin

    cleveland show is awesome.

  • Alun

    ah… Joey ran for 2 Seasons, so it wasn’t cancelled shortly after.. at all.

  • Stephen Sharp

    Joey was cancelled “Soon after its debut”? It lasted nearly 2 years.