Stars Who Lost or Gained Major Weight For Their Careers and Film Roles

Stars Who Lost or Gained Major Weight For Their Careers (Hollywood Diet Please!)


The glaring lights of Hollywood are harsh particularly when it comes to weight. The brighter celebrities shine, the more severe the diet, i.e. criticism and pressure to be skinny. But some celebs engage in extreme weight fluctuations to fit a role rather than a pair of skinny jeans. Either way, the Hollywood Diet is responsible for shedding hundreds of pounds, as performers morph their bodies and weight for a chance to be camera worthy.

Jennifer Hudson


The Jennifer that won a Grammy and an Oscar was a jiggly, full-figured sister. Three years later, and a role as Nelson Mandela’s wife gave her the drive to go from a size 16 to a size 6. Instantly, she was also the right fit for a job as Weight Watcher spokesperson.



Christian Bale


Bale was wisely cast as The Dark Knight for his psychotic tendency to do anything to get into the ethos of a character. If the script calls for dark–he’ll go there. He lost an emaciating 63 pounds to play a chronic insomniac in The Machinist. Watching him lurk around like a living skeleton made the movie terrifying.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has always been open about her weight issues, and her ongoing battle to be “skinnier” than her normal, comfortable self. In the early 2000’s, tabloids labeled her “relatively thin” at her lowest of 160 pounds. Since then she has regained the weight and ultimately decided to just do Oprah (200 pound Oprah).




50 Cent


Fiddy took a page from Christian Bale’s book when he dropped from 214 pounds to 160 pounds to play a cancer stricken baller in Things Fall Apart. 







Back when K-Fed had to work for a living, before he fathered Britney Spears’ kids, his on-the-go, A-list backup dancer lifestyle kept him in great shape.

That’s all behind him, and a lifestyle of having more than you ever dreamed has made him fat and sloppy. In 2010 he succumbed to people calling him “K-Fat” and enrolled in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. That didn’t work and Federline then joined Excess Baggage, and Aussie-based show. People spotted K-Fed earlier this year looking less portly.


Jared Leto

Rocker/Actor, Jared Leto packed on 60 pounds for the role of John Lennon’s murderer in Chapter 27. It took him over a year to slim down and get back to normal and he’s sworn to never get fat again.



Star Jones


Star’s legendary shrinking involved bariatric surgery, one of the most drastic things you can do to “fit in.” Even she was embarrassed about it, initially denying going under the knife.


Janet Jackson

At 46, Janet Jackson is in impeccable shape, but we all know there is a chubby girl inside waiting to burst out. In 2010, she admitted to starving herself (eating one apple and a small bag of chips a day) preparing for the Love Will Never Do video.



Nicole Ritchie


Back in 2006, people began to suspect Nicole was bulimic, anorexic or suffering from a nasty drug habit. She weighed 90 pounds and sought treatment for her “weight issues.”


Perez Hilton

"Perez Hilton"

The Hollywood diet inspired Perez Hilton to do more than just gossip. After losing 80 pounds, he launched, which highlights celebrities eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.



Seth Rogen


Audiences got to know Seth Rogen as a curly haired, chunky man-child. With the help of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, Rogen got fit and trim before starring in what is arguably the greatest on screen version of Green Hornet in 2011.


Renee Zellweger



Like Jared Leto, Zellweger learned the hard way that gaining weight for a role (Bridget Jones) isn’t as easy as it sounds. Particularly when it comes to losing the extra pounds. After the role, she dieted to the point of unhealthiness.


Al Roker

An important figure in morning broadcasting, Al Roker famously underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose 140 pounds. He wisely avoided a scrutinizing media by sharing his decision and journey with Today Show audiences.


Ricki Lake


Ricki Lake now maintains a size 6 but in 1988, she was the perfect actress to play chubby Tracy Turnblad. In 1992, she admitted “starving” herself to lose 100 pounds.


Randy Jackson


When American Idol began (2002), Randy Jackson was a hefty 300+ pounds. After just a year in the spotlight as a hit reality show judge, Randy went in for gastric bypass surgery and dropped over 100 pounds.


Kirstie Alley


It took a strict dancer diet and Dancing with The Stars training for Kirstie to lose 100 pounds of excess baggage she’s been lugging around for about a decade.


Jordin Sparks


Jordin Sparks won American Idol for her voice, but it wasn’t until she tweeted pics of her 50 pound lighter body in a bikini that she got a call to audition for a role in Sparkle.



"Fantasia 2009"

Maybe you think Fantasia didn’t need to lose any weight when she won the third season of American Idol. She was a size 6 in 2004 and ballooned to a size 12 by the time she finished her run in The Color Purple on Broadway. Shortly after she enlisted in Boot Camp and a meal delivery service to shed all the extra weight.


Gladys Knight


Like many others, Motown legend Gladys Knight discovered the DWTS version of the Hollywood diet to be the trick. By the time she’d been eliminated from the dancing show, she’d dropped 60 pounds.


Tyra Banks


Proof that the Hollywood diet works so well, it encourages people to lose weight even when they don’t need to. Over the years, she’s been lauded by tabloids for gaining close to 50 pounds.  She admitted she did gain around 30 pounds, but held it wasn’t as exaggerated as the press made it. Nevertheless, in 2012, she’s making fans and the camera happy with a more model-esque physique.




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