20 Of Hollywood's Ageless Beauties

Ageless Beauties! The Best Looking Female Celebrities Over 50

"Heather Locklear"

Imagine having every one of your new wrinkles documented by the paparazzi. Aging in the limelight is hard which is why so many actresses lose sight of true beauty between the plastic surgery, too-tight jeans and desperate attempts to look half their age. Few stars have aged gracefully, and these are twenty of them.


  • I have always thought that she was a goddess.

  • angelosdaughter

    Message to older actresses: Put your boobs away. I don’t care how good you look for your age, you can’t compare with the young ones in this respect. Letting everything hang out makes you look desperate. Acquire some standards and cover up.

  • TrayTait

    No Demi Moore? Really? Joan Jett, but Demi Moore is left off this list? I am a straight woman with a husband and a baby, but even I would consider batting for the other team if Demi Moore was involved.

  • arrowman2

    Raquel is better looking than most of these women even at 70

  • CS2013

    Katey Sagal?

  • Janna

    You’ve GOT to be kidding…..with the exception of one MAYBE two, all of these so called ‘beauties’ have had plastic surgery on their faces (nevermind their boobs that look like they belong to 20 somethings). I say these women look ridiculous! And Demi—holy cow–the plastic queen.
    A woman that always gets great movie scripts is Meryl Streep—no plastic surgery there. She doesn’t need it because SHE has quality….nothing can beat that.

  • Robert

    Jaclyn Smith? Cheryl Ladd? Claudia Schiffer?

  • larryroth702

    I am 70 but my son says I don’t look a day over 69. So there!