No Days Go By: Remembering Aaliyah, 11 Years Later

No Days Go By: Remembering Aaliyah, 11 Years Later

Came to spread my love, to the fans across the world. Reach out to you, touch the hearts of boys and girls…- Aaliyah 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since the beautiful multi-talented Aaliyah lost her life in that fateful plane crash, along with eight of her close friends and members of her entourage. Today we remember her iconic “street but sweet” style, her  bright smile, and her one of a kind voice that along with Missy and Timbaland, shaped the sound of an entire generation. We don’t have to look farther than the trending crop tops of the summer, Rita Ora‘s baggy jeans and timbs, or Drake‘s brooding samples to notice that her influence is still quite tangible. We salute Aaliyah today and always. Her legacy is exquisitely timeless.

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  • Mrs. Moore

    Still no# 1, nobody can take her place. She is truly One in a Million. R.I.P

  • hazeleyes

    The good go early,while pathetic ones stay to further complicate the landscape



  • jenn

    I met her, she shook my hand and smiled. I can tell in that moment how genuine she was, and her music gave the same smile, her love for her fans was always 100%. she gave us so much. she died giving us her all. I will never forget you Aaliyah.

    • ♥love her music

    • RandomTandem

      I met her too! she was really nice and genuine! I saw her at the VMA’s right before she died! Had I known that would be the last time I would see her, I would have made an effort to speak to her 🙁

  • Ashauni&jebari mom

    One of the best. Nobody will ever compare to this woman. And just to think she was rushing to get home to her cheating boyfriend Dame Dash. Can anyone tell me what Ananda Lewis or Naomi Campbell got on Aaliyah- nothing some washed up has beens. Rip ma ma u r truly truly missed.

    • Cee

      Maybe Dame got tired of tasting R Kelly’s peen everytime he kissed her or smelling his urine everytime he hugged her. Wouldn’t blame him for straying.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Her mom and dad were preparing the apartment and Aaliyah was on her way to her own home, from doing back to back work on QTD and one other music videos. I am not sure where this Dame Dash R. Kelly has play, when she was gettign back home to her family.

  • Passed away on my birthday! R.I.P

    • LABAD

      Then you will never forget her wow…Happy Birthday! -LABAD

  • observant1

    I’m still a huge fan. Aaliyah is one of the only artist that had me instantly fall in love with every song. Nothing had to grow on me. She was getting greater and greater, she was on her way to MEGA stardom, and she was so grounded. She was one of the greats.

  • hahahahaha

    R.I.P AALIYAH!!!!!!!!


    Aaliyah sorely missed never forgotten. Every August I read or listen to something pertaining
    to you. From one singer to another RIP-LABAD……….

  • Aaliyah was and still is the truth..only the good die young..#nuff-said..RIP BAByGirl

  • Shrbarnett

    Will never forget Babygirl!!! R.I.P!!!

  • missaah

    I love u and miss you LiLi. I looked up to you so much growing up and still do. Always in my heart.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    With no PR Team, no branding moderators, no website buy-in, no every hour on the hour campaign, or social media hype or hash tags, Aaliyah is relevant 2012 because of the love.She represent class and the youthful drive. She was the homegirl who did not use her connections in the industry like she could have, no she was on her hustle signing the autographs, shaking hands and hugging fans. She was just as fascinated with big stars as any of us. She did her thing and worked other producers to expand the possibilities, and to have as much fun as possible. 2012, her relevancy is credited to her hard work and the fan appreciation. She gets nothing from it but respect. That is saying something. If you get in the industry pick where you want to be. I say do what she did and get the most out of it and have enough time to appreciate it and your own family.

  • Miss aaliyah deary but your legacy will live on in all your fans.we are happy to have non you for 21years

  • MsPepperAnn

    Why y’all acting like she wasn’t a big hoe and she wasn’t a

    • RandomTandem

      you’re probably a big hoe your damn self. doesnt matter who Aaliyah slept with or didnt sleep with. Her talent and beauty is undeniable! The celebs out these days are way bigger hoes than you claim she was, so whatever.

  • MsPepperAnn

    She bone rkelly and Jayz dame dash all b4 she was 20