Celebrities Who Abstained: They Waited Or Are Waiting Until Marriage To Give Up Their V-Cards

"Celine Dion"

These stars might be s*x symbols, posing in sen-sual photo shoots, shooting steamy scenes and writing lyrics that could sing the pants off anyone, but don’t be mistaken: these celebs are pretty conservative when it comes to what happens between the sheets. Here are 19 celebrities who waited til marriage or are waiting until marriage to give up his or her v-cards.



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  • KalifaWilliams

    serena williams and angela simmons….i dont believe you…..

    • http://twitter.com/ChocolateBox777 KCOOL

      Me either. They both change men like the wind…

    • BlueCornmoon

      Maybe it’s because they don’t “put out” & so guys are disappointed & leave.

    • Guest

      I don’t think Serena dated Drake. She was teaching him how to play tennis and are friends.

      • Mr. Silk

        Serena was boning Brett Ratner for awhile, there are even reports of how loud she was and the odor left behind. You can find the articles if you google it, from housekeeping.

  • Shon

    This is an awesome article…wish something like this was out when I was in my 20’s. Great role models!

  • busty

    i think lark voorhies also waited to get married!

  • Brandon

    having been with virgins… all I can say is that I don’t want to really marry one… when you get married you should be thinking about being adventurous and experimenting instead of beginning to learn… as long as you are responsible… there is nothing wrong with being sexually active before marriage…


      So Ur that Dude that’ll turn a H0e into a housewife.

      • JAJA~


      • Rosetta Stone


      • noone


    • justme

      But of you love her, does it really matter??? You’re that guy i see.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dennis.schaft.1 Dennis Schaft

    I Think it’s easier to have the page load at once and scroll down and not have to click next 20 times to read the stupid article !

    • <3

      Or at least not have to wait for another full page to load.

    • http://www.facebook.com/frederick.lombardi Frederick Lombardi

      I think the point is that you DID click the next button 20 times to see which girls were on the list still and wich ones were virgins the longest before marriage etc… oh wait that was me.

    • Abush

      Agree. You read my mind.

    • tim_in_seattle

      Its all about ad clicks

  • jrzsfnst609

    Yeah right Serena she was with Common for how long, and then Drake. Angela Simmons “We dont believe u, You need more People”

  • http://www.facebook.com/maggie.griner Maggie Griner

    Celine Dion is speaking about her guardian and mentor who I believe was a married man with children not very romantic.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I always thought Celine Dion’s relationship was icky. I still do. Even more so now.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    “Do you believe that she’s actually holding out on her boo Ryan Seacrest?”
    Sure lends support to those his being gay rumors.

  • beautygurl2007

    tim tebow………….yea sure.

  • SoTrue!

    I do NOT believe the Celine Dion tale. She lived with the man since she was a child (12) while he was still married. Her whole story is very strange. It seemed more like she was sold not mentored. Who gives their daughter to a grown man?

  • bigdawgman

    I thought Venus just said she was like an octopus with her man in bed. Does that mean she’s fighting him off, or giving him that octopussy?

  • TangFiend

    The majority of these ‘celebrities’ are all freaks or religious freaks.

  • delfyn15

    It appears the gift of purity has been one sided. How much better if both parties could have given it to each other.

  • Aimyloo

    Jessica may have waited until marriage- but she seems to have slapped that thing on any man who would pay her attention for a while after her marriage ended.

  • Rosetta Stone


  • re

    I find this so offensive.

  • Say it ain’t so

    Damn after reading this i’m jealous, i wish i was still a virgin.

  • RB

    Celine Dion has got to have the creepiest story ever… that dude she is with is nothing more than a perverted child molester…

  • Jack Carson

    Quite a few of the ladies in that list that claimed to be holding onto their v-card for religious reasons have been widely reported in seedier media to have only been technical virgins, if you know what I mean.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=697048926 Myra G Nwoye

    i don’t believe Serena and Venus Williams…..i’ve read somewhere that one of them(can’t remember Serena or Venus) was dating an Italian businessman and said he was good in bed……

  • Jay

    Until today I did not know who this lady Kathy L Gifford was…and I still don t,since I ve never watched this ” Today” show.

    • william jason o’neal

      She was way more known before the Today Show………..She was Regis’s longtime co-host before Kelly Rippa.

  • Jay

    OMygosh I was in love with Lisa Kudrov in Mad about you…I fell in love with her there but I fell out of love in Friends.

  • BigMoTown

    Damn Tebow I respect your decision and all but you have to think about it. If you finally unleash the man-beast trapped inside your testosterone cycles will increase and you’ll gradually get stronger. After awhile, I GUARANTEE you’ll be able to pass farther than the 5 yards you’re tossing now. hehehe

  • market apartments

    1. Holding onto virginity is not a virtue if you do it because you are terrified of sex/intimacy/somebody else touching your bits.

    2. I cannot fathom how any person stuck with an ignorant partner is “lucky”.

    3. The first time is always terrible. Do it with someone you won’t have to look at every morining for the next fifty years.