The 20 Hottest Celebrities On Forbes Celebrity 100 List (They Got Beauty and Bank!)

Forbes Magazine has released it's list of the Top 100 Celebrities, which is based on money and fame, which includes their presence on Facebook and Twitter. They ranked the Top 100, but we are going to take those 100 and give you the hottest 20 celebrities in that group. So, here are the 20 hottest celebrities from the Forbes Celebrity 100!


1. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez made it to the top spot on Forbes list and she made it to my top spot as well. She was voted the S*xiest Woman in the World and how can you deny that in that outfit?


2. Rihanna


Rihanna made it on the Forbes 100 Celebrity list on the #4 spot and we couldn't keep her off this list. She is hot, can sing and has a rockin' body. She may still love Chris Brown, but we couldn't pass her up.


3. LeBron James


LeBron finally got that championship ring he has been fighting for for years and he topped that off by winning gold with the men's basketball team at the London Olympics 2012! He came in at #15 on Forbes list.


4. Beyonce Knowles


 Beyonce became a mother this year and Blue Ivy has been running her life lately, as she should! She is still one hot mama, which is why she made the list. Check out those curves! She came in at #16 on Forbes list.


5. Charlize Theron


Charlize has gotten pretty ugly for some movie roles, like in Monster, but she is real easy on the eyes. She came in at #75 on Forbes list, but she is too gorgeous to leave off our list!


6. Cristiano Ronaldo


Soccer players = hot. Soccer players with Hot abs = hotter. Cristiano Ronaldo = hottest! His abs are amazing and he made our list and he made Forbes list at the #44 spot.


7. Kobe Bryant


Kobe may have a lot of history in his past, but he is still someone with some s*x appeal. We all saw that with the pictures that came out during the Olympics! He came in at #27 on Forbes list.


8. Gisele Bundchen

Can you see the picture above? Do I need to explain why Gisele made the list? She works for Victoria Secret...enough said! She came in at #61 on Forbes list.


9. Tom Brady


Your wife, Gisele Bundchen, makes the list, so you are determined to make the list too, right? Tom Brady looks quite yummy in a football uniform, with or without his model wife! He came in at #60 on Forbes list.


10. Brad Pitt


Even though Brad Pitt is starting to show his age a little bit more, we still wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers! He made our list and he made Forbes list at the #28 spot!


11. Jennifer Aniston


Brad and Jennifer used to be married, but then he went and cheated on her with Angelina Jolie. Jennifer is still looking hot and I think Brad is missing out! Jen is hot as ever and made the #22 spot on Forbes list.


12. Justin Bieber


Justin is legal now and even though he may look like a lesbian sometimes, I am still putting him on the list. He is coming into his own as he ages and all the girls love him, so I had to include him! He had the #3 spot on Forbes list!


13. Kim Kardashian


This one was hard for me to include on the list. Kim is famous for making a s*x tape and nothing else. She bothers me, but you all out there find her hot. I don't get it, but here you go! She made the #7 spot on Forbes list.


14. Cameron Diaz


I love me some Cameron Diaz. She is funny and just seems to have a personality of someone I would love to hang out with. I think she is beautiful, so she is on the list. Forbes listed her in the #59 spot.


15. Ashton Kutcher

He is a free man now, sort of. He may be linked to Mila Kunis, but until they announce it, he is free to me. He is banking some good money on Two and a Half Men and made the #51 spot on Forbes list.


16. Eva Longoria

Eva is no longer a Desperate Housewife, but she is still looking good working those red carpets! I don't think Eva has ever been desperate though! She made the #81 spot on Forbes list.


17. Rafael Nadal


Just take a moment and look at those look at them again, they are that nice! The tennis superstar made our list for being so hot on the tennis court! He also made Forbes list at the #47 spot.


18. David Beckham


He poses in underwear, he runs around on the soccer field and he has an amazing body. That seems like enough to make my hot list! Beckham came in at the #32 spot on Forbes list.


19. Britney Spears


Britney has had some rough moments in her life: shaving her head, beating a car window in with an umbrella, walking in public bathrooms with no shoes on. Throughout that all, I have always been a fan and she seems to be getting it together and looking smokin' hot for the X Factor auditions! She is still one of my faves! Spears came in at the #6 spot on the Forbes list.


20. Taylor Lautner


How could I not include one of the Twilight stars??? Taylor is so handsome and at such a young age. He won us all over as Jacob, but will be be able to continue to win us over when Twilight ends? He came in at the #67 spot for Forbes.

So, who did I miss? Do you think any of these people shouldn't be on here?


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  • ThaO.G.UncleE

    Lets say the sextape was leaked purposely for money okay…it was seed money to build an empire which she has to an extent and along the way she hasn’t harmed anyone. Jay Z has acknowledged that he sold drugs and used borrowed drug money to start his empire which we know drugs have killed, gotten folks killed and ruined many many folks in the black community yet ya’ll treat him like a king………WHY?