ADDED APPEAL: Decadent Watches

ADDED APPEAL: Decadent Watches (That Look Twice Their Price!)


It’s amazing how one simple accessory can change a whole outfit. It could be a neon purse or beautifully crafted earrings or even a diamond ring, but whatever it is, it has a special appeal. In this new staple we give you one accessory we love… and run with it!


This Week’s Added Appeal: Decadent Watches


If we (and every other fahion pub) had one word to call the fall trends, it’d be “decadence.” Designers littered the runways with brocade, lace, gold, jewels and anything else that would make a regular girl feel like a queen. And while the idea of looking like we walked stright out of a Harper’s Bazaar spread seems appealing, we live in the real world. But it doesn’t mean a touch of elegance can’t be added with gorgeous timepieces.

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‘Natalie’ Stainless Steel Watch, Rose