Shop 10 Collar Necklaces To Try This Fall. Stones, Pearls, Lace...There's A Style For Every Fashionista!

Shop 10 Collar Necklaces To Try This Fall (Stones, Pearls, Lace…There’s A Style For Every Fashionista!)

The collar trend has been around for a couple of seasons now with new styles being introduced as the weather changes. Don’t worry if you haven’t dabbled in this trend yet, for it is never too late, and don’t dare say the style isn’t for you. Don’t want to look like Peter Pan? Try a staple collar necklace that can be worn with any top or dress. Want something edgy, yet sweet? Try an all statement gold metal or black leather collar with a sheer blouse.  There are collars made with pearls, studs, leather and even jewels to fit any personality and lifestyle. Need help finding the perfect collar for you?

Here are 10 collar necklaces to try this fall.



Kate Spade

Plaza Athenee Collar Necklace