StyleBlazer Spotted: Beyoncé & Jay-Z At Made In America Festival

StyleBlazer Spotted: Beyoncé & Jay-Z At Made In America Festival

Jay-Z assembled the biggest and brightest music acts in Philadelphia this weekend, in his inaugural Made in America Festival. His beautiful Bey was onhand to support and take in the diverse array of talent, from Rita Ora to Pearl Jam. She showed her BK pride with an off the shoulder white Brooklyn tee, leather leggings, and studded black booties. Minimal makeup, a bold red lip, and chunky gold accessories topped off her look. Simply put, she was gorgeous!

StyleBlazer was on the scene for the festivities, and we spotted Hov and B chatting with the legendary filmmaker Ron Howard, who gathered footage for a documentary of the event. Our hearts melted in a candid moment when the adorable couple rocked out to the guitar-blazing blues newcomer, Gary Clark, Jr. Jay-Z bounced along to the beat, and B’s blonde locks were in full swing!

Click through for more pics of Bey’s A-list festival look. 

  • busty

    I’m sick of them!!!

    • sunshine

      I can’t tell, you’re here commenting and reading about them….lol

    • Ophelia89

      HATER! If you were really sick of them you would have kept it moving! They are happy and in love, God bless them! You block your own blessings when you spend a lot of negative energy on others.

  • They seem so happy now. Especially after the birth of their daughter. Beyonce’s gorgeous but I am getting tired of the red lipstick. Is it me or does her and Rita Ora favor each other?

  • Redfoxxx

    She looks amazing. They are adorable.

  • Redfoxxx

    Love her outfit.

  • fatu sankoh

    i love bey and jay my favorite couple they look beautiful as always i will never get tired of them their is no one like them god bless them blue ivy c and their family for life

  • soikentruth

    Over 10years of being together and happy at that. Now being in a family loving marriage they looked even more happy and in love. Motherhood really works and does Beyonce well. Yes I also agree that if Beyonce would change her hair color maybe go back to that dark color which I thinks does her better and tone down that awful red color lipstick to a more natural or less orange/red looking she would be of prefection.Jay looks so much happier/love since the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy. People are again talking that they are again pregnant, who knows but I will say this they do seemed to be so happy. Also it’s no secret that both Ria & rihanna favors Beyonce.

    • Kells

      She does indeed look preggers.. More than she did before

  • Pink

    Boring old and washed up just like that fake hair, snorefest.

  • SummerisOver

    that dryba$$ wig & ashy lipstick is far from flattering.

  • cairo5

    Oh for the day when a new female comes to dethrone bey. You know the time will come, cos every artist who was at the top of their game prior to beyonce, has had their time, and had to shuffle along for the next one.

  • Water is Life

    Forget them. They are kikiking with Ron Howard. Peep large level game.

  • Kyla

    This writer obviously is in awe of this attention seeking but very ugly couPle. There’s nothing stylish about Beyaki. She needs to take style lessons from the queen of fashion Rihanna. The red lipstick on Beyaki is to hide her non lips as for her adopted daughter Rita Ora she uses red lipstick to hide those ugly wide duck lips!! Sorry but that’s the truth we all know it.

  • Glad they rep each other more publicly now. Black couples look up to them.

  • Can’t be nothing but happy for these two, Black! Beautiful! And in love!!!