18 Of The Best Ba-Donka-Donks In Hollywood

"Natalie Nunn"

Forget the uber thin women of Hollywood: we love that these women flaunt their curves. Well one curve in particular. Prepare for the peer-over-the-shoulder photos.



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  2. says:

    i refuse to click all those times also, plus the majority of them are butt injected and butt padded women anyway.. if i wanted to see a donk all i have to do is look in the mirror and mine is real..i wih i would click thru looking for some fake bootys!

  3. says:

    truth be told .i ended up clicking thru.. and the only real bootys on there are tracy ross, erakah badu,buffie the body one more forgot who but it sure wasnt vida, jlo, coco, or that fake booty kim k..natalie nunn has no booty.

  4. says:

    the other real booty was serena williams. you can see her big botty goes with her thick thighs,, not s with kim k, jlo, and jessica biel has had injections also.

  5. says:

    Tracy ross all day. I like hers the best

  6. says:

    does it matter if they were injected? Do weaves matter? They look nice…

    • says:

      It does matter because they are getting credit for not being real..wtf? you mean with this weave crap? white women wear a bunch of weave too.. and yes it would be the same talk if a bunch of women were caling their weave real hair…dont get it twisted..but fake butts are just beyond phoney and weave too..on black and white women! but we talking fake butts here..and you had to bring up weave..smdh!

  7. says:

    Coco, Kim K., Nikki – why are they are this list??? I thought this was for naturallly born behinds? Hmmm I’m confused.

  8. says:

    Coco, Kim K., Nikki – why are they on this list??? I thought this was for naturallly born behinds? Hmmm I’m confused.

  9. says:

    Jessica Biel?????? The phrase “one of these things is not like the others” comes to mind.

  10. says:

    sisters refuse to believe there are some packing white girls.sad stuff. do not come to seattle you will get your feeling hurt. there are a bunch of them up here daily running ,bike riding working out with big butts and flat stomachs

  11. says:

    Lala Donk is fake. She did not have one on MTV.

  12. says:

    There’s only one pic I stayed on for more than five, ten seconds. All day J-LO! The rest are nice, and maybe cuz I’ve seen the Serena pic before. But J. Lo’s doesn’t even look real! And it is! She insured it!

  13. says:

    Jlos butt is 100% real, even in this pic its all hers. Have you ever seen a Jamaican womans butt, they have fuller butts that Jlo. and who cares if other women have a fake booty, does it affect your life?

    • says:

      I’ve sen Jamaican women’s butts and nothing impressive there. Not too much difference that a black American woman’s with the exception that if they have large behinds, they usually have even larger stomachs!

      • says:

        .Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,shakira,Marika fruscio,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sophie Dee,Sarah lime,Monica santiago,Arab,latina,italian,armen­ian,etc women!Also tumblrs dedicated to curvy women like onion booty,ilovegirlswithbigass,ilovethebootys, @ Im sick of jealous black women thinking they have butts! go around the world! visit tumblr blogs! go to east europe! go look up french rosee divine!!! she has a 26 inch waist and 48 inch hips! sit your jealous asses down!

  14. says:

    no jessica biel has a nice behind period!

  15. says:

    No, coco’s is not real. She has implants, not hard to tell. There’s even before pictures on the internet of her flat wide a** before impants. All three are fake. Come on now, let’s not be gullible.

  16. says:

    Jlo is not fake. Need to watch the rerun of In Living Colors if in doubt.

    • says:

      If anything, from looking at the old J Lo and the Janet Jackson vid, I’d be willing to bet that she has had some lipo done on hers to get it to the Hollywood-acceptable size that it is. Also, check her out in the movie The Cell.

  17. says:

    I remember on TRL LaLa’s az was flatter than a pancake, then she started hanging with kimK n all of a sudden she found sum az…lol fake az

  18. says:

    Serena has an AMAZING shape. HATING…. LOL

  19. says:

    Hands down Serena, Erykah, Buffie, Jessica and Melissa are in the top 5 for the most amazing shapes.

  20. says:

    Thank you!! i was waiting for a comment on Natalie nunn!! a chick from bad girls club is a celeb??

  21. says:

    At least Serena’s Donk is 100% natural

  22. says:

    NO BRIA MYLES??!! This list is a joke

  23. says:

    20 pages yeah right

  24. says:

    Forget Hollywood. Female Track and Field is where all the butts at. Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Carmelita Jeter, Allyson Felix Tiffany Williams, and Sanya Richards to name a few.

  25. says:

    I think hands down JLo, Natalie, Tracy and Jessica have the best. Kim k’s donk is too wide and not shapely. Sometimes it looks like she crapped her pants. Sometimes she looks good. But her butt isn’t that great. Look at her from the back when she wears leather pants or her see through grey skirt. It looks like Kim is wearing a diaper.

  26. says:

    Maybe they photo shopped her waist to make her but bubble out more.

  27. says:

    Where da fork is Meagan Good???!!!

  28. says:

    Also, where da fork is Kimberly Elise???!!!

  29. says:

    What is this obsession with big behinds? They look like cartoons to me. I prefer a smooth, tight rearend look myself and most of my friends agree. So over big butts!

  30. says:

    they forgot trinaaaaaaa

  31. says:

    Beyonce is a female empowerment singer? haha right….

  32. says:

    Why Wasnt Rosa Acosta On This List.????

  33. says:

    NOT impressed….

  34. says:

    It appears to me that you were trying to show women with the BIGGEST butts, not neccessarily to most shapely ones

  35. says:

    there were some truly amazing @sses shown here, but(t!) I take exception to the inclusion of the women who continually arch their backs to stick out their rears.

    While they do have great backsides, no matter how they are posed, there are several women on this list who haven’t stood up straight in YEARS!!! A few of them actually look as if they’d be (nearly) flat if not for sticking their butts out!

  36. says:

    Being a ‘Ol Skool Lady who was TEASED as a child for having a big butt when they WEREN’T in style, kids called my butt a “rolled up sleeping bag”, I know what a REAL butt looks like. J lo was photoshopped, Beyonce is wearing a butt pad, and the rest are pads, injections, or fat relocation surgery. There MAY be 3 REAL butts on there, serena’s is real, because it’s all muscle. And sorry people, that is NOT a real butt on Tracy Ross

  37. says:

    hello kim k u forgot about her but put Natalie Nunn WTH!

  38. says:

    GTFOH with that pic of JLo!! that is ASStronomically unbelievable!

  39. says:

    you know, i was expecting the usual parade of anorexic stick figures that usually seem to make up these lists, but…..daaaaaaaamn.

  40. says:

    Seriously? If these are considered the best, I don’t want to see the worst!

  41. says:

    Its called booty-tooching. That’s what JLo’s doing and why her bedonk looks huge.

  42. says:

    I agree, I love J-Lo and yes she has a nice one but that pic is as they say photo shopped! Holloywood yeah..ok but there are tons of females, like myself, from the ‘hood’ with a$$!

  43. says:

    Whoever writes the captions keeps putting apostrophes on plurals of “bootys” or “butts.” Why do people ADD stuff to misspell????

  44. says:

    Is it real? And how could she have that tiny waist w. that body? I think the whole thing is enhanced.

  45. says:

    I hate clicking through all these damn pages. This site owner must think we are stupid. They are just trying to get unique page views.

  46. says:

    Uuuuh…hello? Sade? Halle Berry? Megan Good? All three of them deserve mention.

  47. says:

    Bad choice to put Natalie Chin on the front cover page. That’s not who you put on the front if you want people to look at your article. Come on now. Y’all could’ve put some real folks on there with bootay. Erykah Badu, Trina, I can think of quite a few u could’ve added.

  48. says:

    I prefer the more sleek body, smaller, less frightening curves, with smaller breasts, not these artificial ramped up other worldly looking bodies that cannot be real.

  49. says:

    Can you only include people with real body parts? La La’s butt is fake, Coco’s is fake, Nikki Minaj obviously has a fake butt, and Kim Kartrashian’s is fake. Geez.

  50. says:

    I will gratefully and willingly serve as a bidet for any of the above beautiful blessed woman..call me

  51. says:

    I thought that was snookie

  52. says:

    Kandi’s butt is bigger than that!

  53. says:

    Vida Guera numero uno for me. Google. Images. ‘Nuff said.

  54. says:

    No words can describe it, but maybe one…WoW

  55. says:

    Re: CoCo, is “Faith” the name of her derierre (buttocks) collectively?

  56. says:

    “Real Deal” You hit it on the nose. Only one real (natural) well shaped booty…winner Serena. The rest needs to own up.

  57. says:


  58. says:

    Best in Hollywood? I’ve never heard of most of them and reality “celebrities” have nothing to do with Hollywood.

  59. says:

    Natalie Nunn’s butt is amazing as is Eva Mends these are bad pictures.

  60. says:

    When these list are made can you PLEASE leave out the lifts, fat transfers, injections, and implant butts.

  61. says:

    I have to tell ya you guys can have the bigggggg assssssss. Just ain’t for me.

  62. says:

    *Grabs lotion……………….. this is gonna be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. says:

    Her butt is to low and disproportional for her body size. Without makeup and expensive attire she reeks of trailer trash. Besides “her” what does this freak have to offer.

  64. says:

    So is Julia Austin the pen-name for some ghetto-styled rapper? I sure hope so otherwise what’s the fascination with the gigantic, and utterly repellent btw, fat dumpers?

    What a collection of lard-butts.

  65. says:

    Mistake #1: The plural for ‘booty’ is ‘booties’. No Y.
    Mistake #2: John Barrowman deserves to be in there.

  66. says:

    It amazes me that people now think a big a@# is great. WHY would a woman WANT to have a fat butt?

  67. says:

    I thought they were saying “nice” butts, but instead they are saying “fat A$$”

  68. says:

    I like Kim Kardashian’s

  69. says:

    The appropriate title should be “But Implants of Hollywood.” That begins with photo number one

  70. says:

    I’m not looking at Serena’s backside. I’m just wondering if she tucks extra tennis balls in her chest during games

  71. says:

    Natalie Nunn—-Best figure so far. Nice!

  72. says:

    Beyonce leaves no room for a ride with all that junk in her trunk

  73. says:

    Vida Guerra shows what a natural body looks like. The other women should take a lesson here

  74. says:

    Buffie Carruth lives in “silicone valley”

  75. says:

    implant on African american women have high hips like that .

  76. says:

    bubbler is music

  77. says:

    I like Butt I can put my dinner tray on.

  78. says:


  79. says:

    I absolutely have always loved Tracee Ross. She has one gorgeous booty.

  80. says:

    Shouldn’t mix the real with the fake. Any body can have curves for a price, celebrate the women with natural shapes, now that motivation!

  81. says:

    you need to look at the weekend weather lady on today. dylan drier thats a nice but!!

  82. says:

    All I want to know…. Which AXX is real and not enhanced or fake? BeyoncĂ© is fake like her pregnancy. Kim using too much enhancement. JLo might be the only one with a natural axx. As for the rest of them, REAL or FAKE.

  83. says:

    Stay off your back JLo

  84. says:

    Stay off your back EB and stop making them nappy headed kids

  85. says:

    Stay off your back and leave ppl husband alone

  86. says:

    You left out Freema Agyeman.

  87. says:

    Have these birds paid for that behind…they should be disqualified

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