20 Outfits Kim Kardashian Should Throw Out Her Closet

20 Outfits Kim Kardashian Should Throw Out Her Closet

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian’s boo Kanye West makes her get rid of all of the “ghetto” clothes in her “Kloset.” While the socialite, reality TV star donated 10 percent charity, the rest are going in the garbage. Here are 20 looks we hope Kanye told Kim K. she needs to throw out of her “kloset.”

 We’re totally into the black-leather-skirt-in-the-summer trend, but we can’t forgive those leather leg warmer Givenchy boots Kim rocked in this look. Lately she’s been Ms. All-Black-Everything anyway.


  • disqus_QyAoUwbHv7

    I really think Kanye is making her look stupid and is gonna leave her eventually.

  • Blessed

    Majority of the silly looks are kanyes doing lol. Whenever you can’t be yourself in a relationship it sucks trust me. That’s prob y her sister Khole relationship lasting cause she takes Lamar with stink brethe and all and Lamar isn’t asking her to change herself either.

  • MOO

    Kim K doesn’t have ‘the look’ to pull of any and every outfit, someone needs to make her aware.

    • MOO


  • Puna

    This dress is for someone slimmer!

  • Mytisque

    My daughter started school for the first time today.

  • jus sayin

    this must b y kanye thru all her clothes out

  • drea

    the last fit is on point.

  • Why give only 10% to charity….BS…she threw out the rest!! Why not give it all to charity?

  • Why do they keep using the word/verb “rocked”? Obviously,she’s not ‘rocking’ them,if there is a list of 20 outfits she should NOT wear.

  • Funny that the first 7 pics are all since she started dating Kanye and he’s been weighing in on her wardrobe !

  • dmf0521

    With those looks I cannot believe that anyone has considered her a fashion icon. It is a good thing her dad left her a lot of money – because she cannot dress herself and the older you get the worst it gets!

  • i think it’s the left over of the material used to sew Kanye’s Leather pants

  • Kim K probably had $1Million worth of clothes in her closet and she tossed them cuz Kanye told her to?!?!? And now he makes her wear black all the time. They deserve each other. I just feel sorry for the baby coming from them.

  • LowPressure

    Those boots are ugly…