StyleBlazer Exclusive: Mya Teams Up With Koshie O. Brand (Fashion With A Purpose!)

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Mya Teams Up With Koshie O. Brand (Fashion With A Purpose!)

At a photo shoot in a Midtown penthouse, we caught up with one of our most beloved high school icons. With her hair pulled back in a bun of soft curls, sky high black booties, and the only must-have dress of the season, Mya rocked her photo shoot for Koshie O. Brand, an African-inspired line with a great mission. The printed green dress she rocks lovely is dubbed the “Earth and Wind Babydoll,” a name totally appropriate for the soft spoken muse. We love that Mya is lending her beauty and elegance to the line, and she will donate 10%  of the proceeds from the dress to Mercy Corps, to help those in need all over the African continent. Fashion with a cause. We love it already!

We chatted wth the R&B darling about her new fashion collabo, future aspirations in the industry, and her signature style.

Learn all about Mya and Koshie O.’s team up in our exclusive interview below! 

StyleBlazer: How did you team up with Koshie O.?
Mya: Well, my management actually got in touch with Koshie O., and I’ve been doing a lot of work with Africa for the last three years. So everything kind of cross-pollinates. But I think through my management, that’s how it all started.

StyleBlazer: You’re definitely known for your style. What elements of your signature style did you bring to the collection?
Mya: Well, I love color. I love color! And Koshie O. already possesses a lot of color blocking as well as color palettes. And they’re rich colors, primary colors to be exact, which I love. If it’s not neon, I like to play with several. And art, is actually one of my fortes, as a painter. So I’m into color, earth tones are her forte as well. With every line, every season that she’s done. And that’s a strong focal point for Koshie O brand. As far as what I brought to the table? I mean, I’m learning myself [laughs]. I can’t really say. In terms of modeling the clothes, my personal style is exuded and conveyed. But I gave my two cents. But I think the cause of teaming up with Mercy Corps, the proceeds for this particular line going to that cause is what stands out the most for me. I was able to contribute just a little, just a touch.

What does Mya think about ’90s style making a comeback? Keep reading!

  • Monica

    She has not aged a bit!!!

  • Monako

    It’s too bad she has bad credentials, she could be wife material.

  • cakels

  • Love Koshie O. Mya looks wonderful in her work. Kudos