Make-up for Women of Color (Check Out These Beauty Products That Were Made Just For You)

Make-Up Made For Women of Color (Check Out These Beauty Products That Were Made Just For You)

All women have difficulty finding that perfect shade that matches their skin tone. For women of color it can be a daunting task to find a shade that matches your special hue or glow because many beauty lines do not specifically cater to the needs of African American and Latina women. Here’s a few beauty lines past and present who have dedicated their products to catering to women with a little extra melanin in their skin.



Iman Cosmetics

International supermodel Iman released a cosmetic skincare collection for women of color- African American, Latina, Asian and multicultural women.


CoverGirl Queen Collection

While the CoverGirl brand does not cater specifically to women of color, the Queen Collection designed by rapper/actress Queen Latifah and make-up artist Roxanne Flyod cater to women of darker complexions.


b.l.a.c minerals

In search of a natural cosmetic line for African American women? Founder Merced Manning’s line b.l.a.c. minerals caters to women of color and is free of synthetics, preservatives and dyes.


Black Opal

Black Opal is a skin care lined designed by dermatologist Dr. Cherly Burgess.


Interface Cosmetics

Interface Cosmetics is made for women of diverse skin tones.


Mineral Indulgence

Mineral Indulgence is a new 100% natural Atlanta-based cosmetic company for women of color.


Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Many of us may remember our mothers or grandmothers getting dressed in the morning and using  Fashion Fair Cosmetics for their makeup. It was founded by the late founder of Ebony/Jet John H. Johnson and it is still around today.


 Flori Roberts

Flori Roberts was the first beauty product line that catered to the specific needs of women of color. It was also the first of its kind to sell in a major department store.



Black Radiance

Black Radiance was created as an inexpensive cosmetic skin care line to address the needs of African American women.


Posner Cosmetics

Posner Cosmetics was created as an inexpensive alternative for women of color.


Vera Moore Cosmetics

Vera Moore Cosmetics was designed by actress Vera Moore.


Black Up

Black Up is a French company designed to cater to the needs of women with darker skin. It is available in the U.S.


Milani Cosmetics

Milani  Cosmetics offers a variety of shades for women with medium to dark skin tones.


Real Cosmetics

Real Cosmetics is a California-based cosmetic line which caters to women of all skin tones.


Zalia Cosmetics

Monia Ramirez started Zalia Cosmetics which caters to Latina women.


Maria B

Maria B Cosmetics, a Los Angeles-based company, caters to women of hispanic and Latina descent.


This Cosmetics

This Cosmetics is a beauty and skin care line devoted to Asian American skin.



EX1 is a cosmetic line created for Asian women and women of Middle/Far Eastern and Mediterranean descent.


Glam X By Miss Bollywood

Glam-X is a line by Miss Bollywood that caters to Asian, Indian and ethnic skin.


  • UAintGotstaLieCraig

    IMAN make-up is by far the BEST that I have ever come across for women of color. I know a lot of people prefer MAC but IMAN gets the yellow undertones that I have in my skin. I’ve never had a fail with this brand. I absolutely love it!

  • iman makes me look really ashy and i`ve tried a range of colours, makeup forever is the truth!

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