10 Wow-Worthy 3D Nail Trends (Try If You Dare!)

10 Wow-Worthy 3D Nail Trends (Try If You Dare!)

Nail designs have come a long way. Nowadays the classic French mani has become a poor pastime, and that once fun single-finger design is a bore in a world of notice-me shades, unexpected finishes and jaw-dropping add-ons. In fact, let’s talk about those add-ons. Three-dimensional treatments are so of-the-moment that we just have to give them the floor.

In order from the most practical to the most artistic creations, check out this gallery of attention-grabbing manis.


In honor of the fast-approaching election, this caviar mani in red, white and blue is the only way we know how to be patriotic— the super chic way!


  • Lame!

    #10 is just a poorly-photoshopped mess. Pfft!