W Magazine Shots of Designers and Their Music Inspirations

W Magazine Shoots Fashion Designers and Their Music Inspirations: (feat. Lagerfeld, Janelle Monae, Kanye, Rodarte, Alex Wang, Diplo)

As Swizz Beats eloquently said in a recent interview, “Art Inspires Art.”
Fashion inspires music, music inspires painting and sculpture, architecture inspires clothing design and it all just goes on and on. This incestuous (for lack of a better word) nature of the arts is explored in a great new shoot in latest issue of W magazine in which they place some of the most relevant and successful fashion designers in the industry with the music muses who inspire them. This is the same issue of W which features Beyonce on the cover, and the images were snapped by talented photographer, Max Vadukul. Without further ado, check out the slideshow below:

w magazine

– Kanye West and the girls from Rodarte