ADDED APPEAL: Big Bold Rings

ADDED APPEAL: Big Bold Rings (With An Earthy Edge!)

It’s amazing how one simple accessory can change a whole outfit. It could be a neon purse or beautifully crafted earrings or even a diamond ring, but whatever it is, it has a special appeal. In this new staple we give you one accessory we love… and run with it!

This Week’s Added Appeal: Big Bold Rings

Here at StyleBlazer, a lot of our friends have gotten engaged and married this summer. Like an annoying amount… And while many of us are perfectly content with our ring-less fingers, we see no need to ignore the tons of gorgeous pieces to rock on a daily basis (until Price Charming rides up). Bold rings serve as great conversation pieces and show attention to style detail.

Look through to see what we rounded up and where to buy.


Mosaic to My Ears Blue Ring