First Listen: Christina Aguilera Debuts New Single, "Your Body"

First Listen: Christina Aguilera Debuts New Single, ‘Your Body’ (Check It Out Here!)

Christina Aguilera is back, and we are so. not. mad. The Voice judge with the notorious power vocals has debuted her new single, “Your Body,” and from the looks of the single art, she is loving and embracing her body these days. The dance track is in tune with the music currently topping the pop charts, but leaves enough breathing room for Christina to show off her pipes.

X-Tina’s upcoming album is due out in November, and she says it will draw on her personal experiences since her last album, Bionic, released in 2010.

Take a listen to “Your Body” below. Does Christina still have it?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  • I love it!

  • cumgetme

    umm NO!! this sounds DATED!!

  • jajay22


  • Jen

    She is too talent to do this techno pop bs…

    • I agree with her talent she needs better material to work with

  • Raina

    Love her voice

  • Vee

    Someone who has concentrated talent, Gwan Christine.

  • She will always be one of best singers out there but not feeling this song. She can do better. She needs better songwriters (unless she wrote it herself). This song is not right for her.