‘Rush’ Blush We Need! Sunday Riley Debuts Line Of Must-Have Shades

Some women may fear blush but it’s okay—more for us! We LOVE the way blush brightens the face, sculpts the cheeks and pulls an entire look together.

The latest on our list is Sunday Riley’s blush ($30). We’ve known Sunday Riley for being skincare leaders, but now that the brand is being sold at Sephora (aka every beauty maven’s haven) we’ve started to take notice of their cosmetics. Why Sunday Riley’s blush? It contains round-shaped pigments that give a silky feel and diffuse light for natural, luminous cheek color. Seriously, a product only needs to contain the word “luminous” for us to swoon.

The blush comes in six shades with our eyes set on “Rush,” a vibrant coral that typically works on all skin tones.


Would you try Sunday Riley blush, StyleBlazers?


-Danielle Gray

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