Naomi Campbell Reveals the 3 Main Secrets to Her Bangin Physique

Naomi Campbell Reveals the 3 Major Secrets to Her Bangin’ 41-yr-old Physique (Get them Inside)

It’s no secret that at the age of 41, Naomi Campbell has a svelte model physique that could stand toe-to-toe with most twenty-something models (The pic above is from the recent June cover of Vogue Japan – she looks great right!). So how does she do it? Is it plastic surgery? Well, she has the money to get regular cosmetic work done, but that’s not the correct answer. Is it good genetics? Nope, try again. According to a recent interview with Vogue Italia, she gave out the 3 secrets to her own personal fountain of youth, and here they are:

1) She works out for 90-minutes everyday: We’ve all heard from numerous authorities about the amazing benefits of physical activity and regular exercise. Judging from her long and toned gazelle-like legs, Naomi definitely puts some hard work in.

2) She doesn’t eat meat: According to health experts, meat takes the longest time to digest in the human body, and there is something else too – According to the national Cancer institute, a high red meat intake has also been associated with higher cancer and cardiovascular mortality rates, the two leading causes of death in the U.S.

3) She doesn’t drink any alcohol AT ALL: It must be hard being a superstar fashion celeb and not sip on all the expensive Bubbly and Red wine offered at the bourgeois events she attends. But it’s all about priorities right – if you know what you want, you do what you have to do.

So that’s it , the cat’s out the bag- Are any of you going to implement Ms. Campbell’s fitness and wellness routines into your daily regimen?