From Cute Little Kid To Hot Hollywood Hunk (Watch These Stars Transform Before Your Eyes)

We looked at theĀ child stars turned into scandalous hollywood femmes, but that’s only one half picture. Today’s eye candy takes you through a tour of all those cute little youngsters turned into leading men.

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  • Busty

    I soooo don’t feel like clicking 20x!!!

  • Kesha Chisholm

    Styleblazer, I love you, but this post would have been so much better if you had actually had images of them as children next to their grown up photos…. #stepitup

    • sweetness

      Thank you!!! I was thinking the same thing. I already don’t want to click through all these, and then you dont’ have before and after pictures. Beats the purpose of looking..

  • Charnita Fance

    Can’t believe you had Usher on this list lol. He’s kinda the opposite IMO – He looked better when he younger…….. but now…… noooo