Beauty Legend, Marilyn Monroe Inspires An Entire M.A.C Collection (Only Fit For A Beauty Queen)

A long time in the making, M.A.C Cosmetics has finally debuted its Marilyn Monroe-inspired collection set, fit for a beauty queen. The products are covered in archived photos of the posthumous icon. Chic style, sultry appeal and refined beauty described Ms. Monroe to the tee, and the appropriately titled “M.A.C Marilyn Monroe’ collection exudes glamour, sensuality, and beauty at its best. “M.A.C Marilyn Monroe” will be available in stores for a limited time, between October 4 through November 1. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on this collection like us, you can get a head start online on September 27.

Take a peek at our favorites from the collection.

Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn


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  1. says:

    The collection is going to be WAAAYYY bigger than what you guys showed. I don’t think it’s WOC friendly, so I think I’m passing on it.

  2. says:

    MAC cosmetics are trash,like Nars,Clinique,and other brands better. Waste of time giving a woman who was promiscuous endorsements on MAC.

  3. says:

    i cant wait for the new collection its going to be beautiful im so going to buy some pieces

  4. says:

    They can care less about her being promiscuous…..she was and still is one of the most profitable beauty icons.

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