First Look: Rihanna Reveals Cover Art For Her New "Diamonds" Single

First Look: Rihanna Reveals Cover Art For Her New ‘Diamonds’ Single

That bad girl reign just won’t let up. Rihanna rolls up one in honor of her latest joint, “Diamonds.” According to Rih, the track is “a hippy and happy record,” that should be a feel-good radio smash this fall.  We’re not sure how this single art will go over with the parents of Rihanna Navy’s littlest marines, and we sure don’t want to be around when they try to explain it. But considering her smoke’s diamond contents, Rihanna is perched high on the throne of one glamorous rock star life. Look out for the new single when it hits iTunes this Wednesday at 8a.m. EST.

Photo: Instagram 

StyleBlazers, are you ready for Rih’s new single?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  • lol gotta love her…she doesn’t hide anything…i like her idgaf attitude.

  • BooooooooHiss

    you realize that the Navy and the Marines are to completely different branches of the military, correct? That wasn’t even a little bit clever.

  • Pink

    Smdh, this gurl sends the wrong message to youth all of the time, I wish she would just go away.

    • tracy


  • aquarius85

    Luv her

  • aquarius85

    @pink I wish u go away hater raise yo own Damn kids that’s yall problem now