StyleBlazer Time Machine: Nina Mosley Vintage Style Icon


Love Jones will always and forever remain one of the most classic romance dramas of all time. But the film offered more to its viewers than warm and fuzzy feelings. Minimalistic fashion at its best was on full display throughout the entire movie. But the person who stole the fashion spotlight had to be Nia Long’s character “Ms. Nina Mosley.”

Her entire wardrobe the perfect go-to guide for how to get that I’m cute without even trying look. In the film, the artist and photographer’s classic style truly proved that less is more. With a simple pair of high-rise jeans, cropped tank and backward facing snapback, Ms. Mosley had Darius drooling and reciting toe-curling poetry dedications at The Sanctuary.

Just in time for cuffing season, this shopping guide is the perfect inspiration for cuddling. Enjoy!



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  • Gerald

    i loved the movie LOVE JONES