They Were Hot In The ’80s, But What Do They Look Like Now? ’80s Heartthrobs Then & Now!

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You old enough to remember the 1980s? You don’t have to admit it…I won’t! There were some heartthrobs in the ’80s, including the Brat Pack and John Stamos, as seen above. Let’s take a look at some of the ’80s Heartthrobs and see where they are at now. Did their looks hold strong?


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  1. says:

    I don’t know what the hell StyleBlazer was talking about when they said Robert Downey Jr. did not age well. In my oppinion he is one of the ones that aged the best.

    • says:

      I agree. One of my 16 year old daughter’s friend has a “crush” on him and has (recent) pics of him plastered all over her walls…so I’d say yeah, he’s aging well…

    • says:

      I know! I’ve always thought he was a bit of a pudding back in the day, but after he got a bit more masculine and wrinkly he looks GORGEOUS! He’s riiiight at the very top of my to-do-list, alongside Zack Ward and Alan Rickman… :D (I’m a sick puppy, I admit it.)

    • says:

      I was just scrolling down to write this same comment. Glad someone got to it before me. I think RDJ is a stone cold fox <3

    • says:

      THANK YOU I was said the same thing. RDJ looks great

    • says:

      I’ve read that Robert did not have an easy time of it in prison, which is not a surprise, but is not discussed, since he is not the type to complain. There were lots of fights, maybe more, and the prisoners went for his face. Things had to be fixed, but I won’t complain, either. He’s just out-of-this-word gorgeous, young or old !!

  2. says:

    Robert Downey Jr hasn’t aged well?! Apparently the person who wrote this article did a lot of drugs in the 80’s cause he is gorgeous!

  3. says:

    Take any styleblazer article, google the title, and you’ll find a dozen better researched, better thought out, and better written articles. CNN should be ashamed if their association with this garbage.

  4. says:

    Gotta say.. never considered Downey, Feldman, Penn, Broderick, Sutherland, Haim and a few others on that list to be heartthrobs. Not sure they’re doing anything different than they should be- aging, some extremely badly, some nicely.

  5. says:

    Why would any editor approve the blurbs for these photos? This guy/girl/whatever may quite literally be the most uninteresting writer i’ve come across in all my years of perusing the internet. These couldn’t be more poorly written. Kudos on your punctuation. At least you’re getting something right.
    I will however NOT be visiting this site again. #fired

    • says:

      In agreement. I think this person may actually have some neurological condition that causes a total loss of creativity.

  6. says:

    Strange that the article mentions “Stand by Me” and “Goonies” in conjunction with Corey Haim. Corey Feldman was in both, but Haim didn’t appear in either movie.

  7. says:

    I had a crush on Corey Haim, I don’t understand why Corey Feldman’s movies were listed under Haim’s photo. You would think they would remember The Lost Boys or License to Drive, Silver Bullet, Watchers, Dream a Little Dream and lesser known Fast Getaway, Fast Getaway II, The Double 0 Kid, Just One of the Girls. Come on people do a little research. These were just off the top of my head.

  8. says:

    More importantly, Sean Penn is a major and sustained financial supporter of rebuilding Haiti

  9. says:

    Jason Bateman?

  10. says:

    It really is just unfair that men get so much hotter as they get older. Almost all of them look as good or better now than when they were younger (except Rob Lowe, but he still looks amazing.)

  11. says:

    Corey Haim looked like Beiber! Haha. Poor guy.

  12. says:

    Where’s my Christopher Atkins?

  13. says:

    between the pop up ads on the top AND the bottom of the screen that I’d have to close to even see the story having to scroll down every page, and the extremely slow loading pages (and it’s not my computer, its a new one) I only made it to Michael J. Fox before I gave up

  14. says:

    Corey Haim? He hasn’t “aged” since 2010! How can you include a dead man in a “What do they look like now?”article???

  15. says:

    Corey Haim was neither in Goonies, nor Stand By Me. That was Corey Feldman.

  16. says:

    Well folks, Time DOES march on! Give people a break!

  17. says:

    those faces..bring back childhood memories

  18. says:

    You’re so busy throwing up ads that it’s impossible to navigate your site.

  19. says:

    I don’t think that’s what Corey Haim looks like now. He died 2 years ago. Very bad taste including him here.

  20. says:

    Anthony Michael Hall was a heart throb??? On what planet?

  21. says:

    What – no Travolta? No Swayze?

  22. says:

    Do you people have a proof-reader on staff? The writing is terrible.

  23. says:

    Ya. I don’t care.

  24. says:

    Corey Haim looks great for a dead guy!

  25. says:

    Corey Haim wasn’t in Goonies or Stand By Me. Both were only Corey Feldman.

  26. says:

    Very tacky comment about Downey, Jr. He is going strong and looks handsome. Shame on you!!!!

  27. says:

    They ALL look dynamite, and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better then they did when they were kids. They’re all great looking and I miss them compared to the no-talent, unappealing, forgettable people in movies these days. Jeez. I don’t even watch any movies anymore, and I haven’t seen a local TV program (on ABC, NBC, CBS, etc..) for like the last 7, 8, 9 years, because they are ALL just so awful, just garbage, and the people in them too. They are ALL lousy. And I can’t stand most, not all, but most of the people getting cast in movies and local TV shows these days. I don’t know their names, but I couldn’t watch them any longer then 2 minutes before I had to switch the channel.

  28. says:

    They forgot Judd Nelson, and left out all of the women of the 80s

  29. says:

    Did a child write this? A very stupid child, who insulted the best looking man on the list by claiming that he has not aged well? As others have stated, there should have been some editorial work on the captions. Facts were not correct, the writing was boring, and it was written from the viewpoint of a 12 year old.

  30. says:

    Agreed. A friend of mine worked with him as an extra, and he’s rather snobby & unfriendly too.

  31. says:

    I think Christian Slater looks even better now.

  32. says:

    He looked like a hairy mutt.Too much hair everywhere.LOL

  33. says:

    Life can be cruel, but fans crueler. At least their is still parts for ugly has-beens in movies still. Someone needs to play the has-been.

  34. says:

    Too many things wrong with this to comment! Charlie Sheen, Judd Nelson, Michael Schoeffling, C Thomas Howe??? No females? If you are going to iclude people who have passed away, how can you leave out River Phoenix? Argh!

  35. says:

    Love how they say Christian Slater looks good today right after they say that Robert Downey Jr hasn’t aged well… The author must be blind

  36. says:

    John Stamos is hotter now

  37. says:

    Or in Stand By Me…. Who wrote this page?

  38. says:

    Corey Haim was not in The Goonies or Stand By Me. SMH

  39. says:

    MEOW- PHEW-WE-FARTS! . . .what about those ADORABLE pets that were part of the ’80s , too ?!

    PHICK- relax-sista . . .some of these kinks. . . COULD qualify as pets- but not ADORABLE pets. . . particularly-

  40. says:

    he looked like a dork

  41. says:

    Sean Penn is and has always been so ugly in my opinion

  42. says:

    Don Johnson is still one of the most handsome men around.

  43. says:

    when will tom cruise come out of the closet enough already i can’t respect anyone who is not honest

    • says:

      And how exactly do you know for sure that he’s gay? What’s more, what business is it of ours if he is or isn’t? Do you go around introducing your sexuality to perfect strangers? I mean, that would be the “honest” thing to do, according to you…

    • says:

      I don’t know about that. His “adopted” son Conner looks suspiciouly just like him

  44. says:

    Matt Dillion. I love you.

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